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My whirlpool fridge freezer 20ri - d3j vent on inside left of fridge is frozen over. how do i rectify ths please?

\015 20ri-d3j 220- 240V - soh2 vent on left hand side of inside of fridge is froze over. This vent is located half way down the fridge. The appliance is 2 years old.\012\012Would appreciate your guidance in solving this problem.\012\012Thanking you,\012\012Kathy Hyland\015

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My whirlpool fridge freezer 20ri - d3j vent on inside left of fridge is frozen over. how do i rectify ths please?

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

The freezer has been leaking water inside the freezer and drips into the fridge. Once inside the fridge it is frozen. The ice make is not hooked up, but the manual states information about a self-defrost cycle? This has been going on for a while. please help. stephen

Yes, the fridge will go into an automatic self defrost cycle, that is totally normal. the water resulting from that should be evacuated at the rear, thru a small draining hole.\012\012\012In your case either the draining hole is clogged by dirt ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I'v got an american whirlpool fridge/,somehow the freezer door was left open (not sure for how long),but when discovered lights inside were flashing/clicking.the water dispenser/temperate control on the front has no lights lit and doesn't seem to have any power.if i turn the power off then back on the lights stop flashing/clicking inside,until i open the freezer ?help please

A serious problem\012You have to take assistance from a technician. Due to overload as the door was left opened either the compressor motor or the condenser is burnt out. Please have it checked up. You will not be able to repair it yourself as it may ... Whirlpool ET1FHMXLQ / ET1FHMXLT Top Freezer Refrigerator

Defrost problem problem first started when the door to the freezer was left open all night.. i shut it down for over 24 hrs.. and let it completely defrost.. frost built up on the back wall of freezer.. after plugging back in and letting run.. it does fine for about 4 or 5 days.. then i notice the back wall frosting up again... after removing the inside panel.. the whole unit is frozen solid.. it seems to be an auto defrost problem... is there anyway to reset..?? fans are working good.. fridge

No there is nothing to reset. It could be one of three things. Let the unit defrost completley. Take the same back pannel off. Check to see if your heater at the bottom is discolored or if you can see thats its broken inside. The next thing it could ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Last night, the freezer door on my older GE Profile fridge got left slightly open. This morning, it was making a loud noise and some of the food inside was starting to thaw. I turned it off for awhile and then back on - still making noise. I went to work and when I came home it was making a REALLY loud noise, but everything was frozen inside. I turned it off, cleaned it out, let it warm up and then started it again. It started up fine, no noise, but in about 30 minutes I looked and it had s

The door being left open would have caused frost to form around the evaporator fan motor and that would be the source of your noise.If the lights are still working then it is probable in defrost, wait about 30-45 min and see if it turns back ... Refrigerators

Our GE refridgerator (GSS23WGTABB)is not cooling. The freezer side is 23F and fridge side 43F. Inside the freezer side ice has formed on the back. The coil has frozen possibly. Please help

All is not lost. Find the sercie paper work under the frige in the front, on the back, or inside the back by the compressor, it will be folded up in a small bundle. This will show the location of the defrost timer. Advance the timer until it click ... GE Refrigerators

My side by side fridge has stopped chilling down, the power is Ok, and moter seems to be working, but no cold inside. A few months ago the freezer side stopped, but as i did not use it , i just left well alone. Is there a cheap and easy solution please.

. Cut everything off for a few minutes then turn it back on and listen for a click from the compressor relay as the compressor tries to start.Is the compressor motor running.If no check starter/overload relay. Check to see if the condenser fan ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello, I read your posts and you really seemed to be a guru in Refrigs...Please let me know if you can help me. I have GE Hotpoint - hsm25gftsa sa, the inside freezer wall keeps freezing. I opened the panel and all the coil is frosty and frozen. If i shut down the fridge for 6 hours or more then it starts working fine. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hello uzairgasm, I understand that you are having a problem with your GE Hotpoint HSM25GFTSA is freezing the coils. You will need to follow the tip below as your Evaporator coil this is the item in your Freezer that is freezinf up. The fa ... Refrigerators

Temp The coils on the inside of the fridge are freezing. The temp gauge reads one temp and a thermometer i set in the freezer and fridge are diffrent. The fridge is set at 36 degrees and temp on inside get as high as 50 degrees, Freezer is set at 14 and temp get as low as -12 degrees. Please help.

I've had my Samsung RS267 LASH side by side for almost 2 years now and the coils froze recently. The temperatures displayed - relating to the refirgerator side - bounce around when the coils freeze. My freezer thank goodness is still working properly ... Samsung 26.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator, RS265LABP

We have a hotpoint cxt 21ga or tbf-21d refridgerator at a mountain cabin. The coils inside the freezer and all the way down the back plain are frozen in ice. The freezer compartment stays cold of course, and the refridgerator compartment is warm. We are in the process of a long thaw. The fan behind the panel in the freezer is working. How can we tell if it is just frozen up because it is left closed for long periods and the Power Saver switch has been left on, OR the defrost sensor or h

You need a new thermostat and posible a defrost timer ... Refrigerators

We were just given this fridge by our landlord, it was carried upstairs one flight to our apt, and it now leaking onto the floor from the left side, as well as inside the fridge (freezer seems fine). We cant seem to figure out where the leak is coming from other than that it is on the left side. The leak is pretty substantial... we placed 3 sheets of paper towel inside on the top shelf last night, and by morning they were drenched, with water leaking to the lower shelves and pooling in the left

... Haier HTQ21JAAWW Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Bosch fridge-freezer (frost-free; model kdn 32 X00) which is 13 months old. After six months the fridge wouldn't cool down despite the freezer working properly. The first time Bosch came out without charge and said we had left the freezer door open and then said the solution was to defrost the freezer. Recently the same thing has happened despite no one leaving the door open! Is this always going to happen or have we got a dodgy fridge-freezer? Please help!!!

... Bosch Evolution 500 B20CS50SNS

I have an bj504cm-l upsidown fridge freezer the top isnt getting cold enough i have replaced the seals 1 week ago and the freezer has ice build up on the top left and right and should the freezer fan be blowing air inside the freezer its not going to the top of the fridge and should the fridge controls have a cover over the thermistat right side where the sensor is should it be covered

... Refrigerators

My maytag side by side psb2151grw fridge is not cold on the fridge side, but the freezer is working fine. fridge is set at 8 and freezer is set at 6. Sometimes there is frost in the freezer, I just scrape it off and then its fine for a few weeks.Could it be that the vent goin g to the fridge is frozen shut??????Help me please!!

Hello,Sounds like you have a defrost problem since the freezer side is working okay . It probably is not blowing cold air into the refrigerator side , so to check the defrost circuit , unplug the refrigerator and inside the refrigerator s ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

Frozen Fridge Hi Hope you can help. I have a Candy Fridge Freezer (self defrosting). My fridge is completely frozen, even with the temperature set to 2 or 1 it's completely frozen everything in my fridge. Please advise. Thanks denise [email protected]

The temperature controlis most likely bad since you cant control it. the control is the knob you turn to set the temp with. you should be able to replace it yourself fairly easily. ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool side by side fridge/freezer. freezer works great, fridge isnt cold('50) the vent between the fridge and the freezer at the top left rear keeps getting clogged with frost, and the ice door in the freezer door makes a moaning sound when freezer door is closed. also, the fridge door becomes extremely difficult to reopen after initially closing(vacuum lock?) please help, the thing seems to run an awful long time yet shuts down from time to time so i think the defrost timer's working

Good day,\015\012The vacuum lock effect is normal. Indication of a tight box.\015\012The thermostat would cause the machine to run for a long time, since that area isn't cold enough. \015\012This is my sugges ... Master Bilt Indoor Step In Cooler 70""W x 70""D x 92 and three quarters""H med

I left my freezer door open by accident on a beko cda540w fridge freezer freezer defrosted now when i turn the fridge back on it does not seem to freeze and the fridge stays warm i can here the fridge motor running but i can here what seems like water running around inside

You may need to manually defrost the evaporator coil. If condensation built up from the door being left open, it may have frozen the coil solid. At that point even the evaporator defrost bar won't be able to remove the ice. Remove the cover, if it is ... Refrigerators

I just bought a pretty old, used GE fridge. (It's a freezer on top model.) The fridge is cold but the freezer isn't cold enough. It just barely makes ice part of the time. Ice cream defrosts and bread doesn't get all the way frozen. It's been plugged in about a week. I don't see any frost inside the fridge or freezer. What's wrong, and how can I fix it. (I'm an unemployed single mom, and will need to fix it myself. I'm pretty handy, and pretty determined.) Thank you!

Hi,\012As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a cl ... GE Refrigerators

My RFA60 fridge freezer had a red light on the freezer for a few days but a green light on the fridge. My freezer has defrosted and the red light is still on but the green light is still on the fridge but it isnt cold inside. any ideas please

Turn it off for 24hr then turn on again ... Hotpoint RFA60 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

We have a Whirlpool gb22dk refrigerator freezer. The bottom freezer keeps meat frozen but will not keep sea food ice cream bread ect frozen. This fridge came with our house which we purchased 2 years ago and is about 4/5 years old. This problem only started a couple of days ago. We normally kept the freezer at about 4/5 on the dial but last night turned it up to max and at noon today more of the sea foods had thawed. The ice cube tray remains frozen. Please help

1st.Check the freezer door gasket for any place it maybe torn or not making a 100% seal when you close the door.That would make temperature drop. 2nd.take off bottom kick plate so you can look under the refrigerator.Using a flashlight make sure ther ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

We have had a repairman come in 2 times now and the problem still seems unresolved. The freezer wan't defrosting so the fridge was not cold enough(mid 50s temperature on a laser thermometer. First visit the connection between the freezer and the fridge was blocked with ice (he claimed we must have left the door open). This last visit the whole back of the freezer was frozen over. This time he replaced the defrost board. The fridge is not cooling down.

Check for frost on the lower back wall of the freezer again. You may have either a defective defrost terminating thermostat (located in freezer at top of evaporator coils behind lower back panel of freezer) this should read closed when testing ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool fridge model wro34uw leakage help please. I've noticed that most people that have posted have water hooked up and ice/water dispensers - my fridge doesn't have these features, just a standard freezer top and fridge bottom. It appears to be  leaking from the centre top rear of the fridge, flooding the glass shelves. The freezer is also creating a sheet of ice that I need to gently tap away every few days. I don't have a manual as the fridge came with my rental, the real estate have left

At the back of the fridge check for a small drain hole that allows the water to flow out to the top of the compressor They do block up from ice and food residue (peas -milk etc) I would have a very serious talk to the rental agency as the fridge repa ... Refrigerators

My fridge is warm and my freezer is cold, please help My housemate left the door open yesterday on the freezer, and I spotted it a few hours later and close it, next morning milk was gone off, then a day later everything in the freezer had defrosted. Have fully defrosted it now and plugged it back in, freezer is starting to get cold, but the fridge is still warm :-(

Hi,There are a few reasons why the refrigerator part will not cool...here are a couple of tips that will help you to figure out why the ref ... Zanussi ZI918 / 12K Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My hoover hca33fsk fridge freezer stopped working after moving house and being left in the garage for 12 months. When it was turned o nthe freezer only cools to a fridge temp and the fridge does not cool at all. I would be grateful for any advice please.

... Hoover HCA390FFK Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Noticed water under the fridge this morning and I opened up the freezer and noticed everything had thawed out and that it was not cold inside at all. Same with the fridge side . Not cold. So i pulled of the bottom cover in front and noticed a good inch of dust clinging to the coils so I cleaned them off and it still did not work so i opened the freezer and took off the back panel and coils are not frozen but noticed that the fan was not turning on.The motor above the coils in the freezer stoppe

There is a starting capacitor for the compressor. This is the clicking that you are hearing. If it is clicking and the lights are dimming then it is very bad news. The compressor is froze up. It is caused from not cleaning the coils regularly. ... Amana Refrigerators

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