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I have an Admiral Designer Series Model # HMG62165 21.5 Cu. Ft that's about 12 years old. Last night after there was a bright flash of light , a loud POP and the smell of burning wires upon which I un-plugged it and called American Home Sheild. The Tech has recommended replacing it (though he said they would try to just replace the doors if it's cheaper). When I bought it, it was the biggest baddest fridge on the market. What 'comparable model' do you think they will try and replace it with? Th

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Problem is their ain't nothing out there on the market worth a darn compared to your old tried and true Monkey wards model. Sounds like a defrost heater went out. These things happen. Try and keep that puppy around as long as you can is my advice.

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I have an Admiral Designer Series Model # HMG62165 21.5 Cu. Ft that's about 12 years old. Last night after there was a bright flash of light , a loud POP and the smell of burning wires upon which I un-plugged it and called American Home Sheild. The Tech has recommended replacing it (though he said they would try to just replace the doors if it's cheaper). When I bought it, it was the biggest baddest fridge on the market. What 'comparable model' do you think they will try and replace it with? Th

Problem is their ain't nothing out there on the market worth a darn compared to your old tried and true Monkey wards model. Sounds like a defrost heater went out. These things happen. Try and keep that puppy around as long as you can is my advice. ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

MSD2756DE, freezer warm, open doors and hear clicking noise - lights dim,bright, dim/brite. Repair man said the Tecumsin(sp?) compressors tend to lock up. No need to replace the relay, as it is probably the compressor. $570 repair estimate. He said on the newer models with the Embarco compressors, he would try a relay replacement, but not on my model. Any truth to this? He recommended that we buy a new fridge, so he doesn't seem like he's trying to swindle me.

... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

Model JCD2289AEW - Maytag Jenn-Air Side by Side refrigerator; serial number 11844676wu: trying to replace the Dispenser Control Panel. I have the replacement ready. I have removed all the screws to pull out the housing. Do I pull the rubber actuator pad off? Is there a screw behind it? I cannot seem to get it to release. Any info would be appreciated. It has been 7 years since this part was replaced. The repairman said it was easy enough for me to handle it next time. I just cannot reme

... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

My ice maker in model KSBP25INSS00 stopped working no water is running although is still get water flow in the water dispenser. A service tech came out and jiggled the ice maker and said everything needed replacing. solenoid, board and ice maker. He did not test anything. I would like to find the source of the problem, not just be told everything needs replacing

It can be possible that every thing needs replacing.But i think you are right,because the other possibilities has to be checked first to rule out the faulty ice-maker.First the tube has to be checked.The tube from which the water enters the ice-maker ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Model LG LFX25971ST bottom freezer refrigerator - Purchased in 6/08 - Started hearing a loud knocking noise periodically. Had numerous service calls ending in replacing the ice maker twice and replacing the water valves, and the last service tech taped up the lines in the back thinking that was the issue. Nothing has solved the problem. I noticed when the compressor came on I would hear the knocking noise about 10 seconds after. Another tech came out today and even called LG tech assistance

That a hard one may be the compressor knock in side no fix for that other thin replace the compressor may still under warranty. ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I would like to get a replacement fridge shelf (white wire, inside fridge, not freezer) for a model MCBR1010W Fridge and would like to know where to buy one. went to one parts site and they said model number not good.

Go too:\015\012\015\012https://www.mcappliance.com/orderparts.aspx\015\012\015\012part number C0507.5-2/W $19.95 plus shipping \0 ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

Ice Maker froze up and stopped working, defrosterd the icemaker and it refilled on its own but would not eject the ice cubes. Called service man and he replaced the icemaker that would not work, made a second service call and replaced the icemaker again. STILL does not work. Won't auto fill, manually filled the ice maker but still will not eject ice cubes. Tried to call Kitchen Aid Tech services and that is useless. Does anyone have suggest or a possible solution, the unit is only t

Charles, these models have a habit of the inlet tube freezing over. Make sure the black tube feeding the trough is clear. You may want to disconnect it from the back and see if you can blow through it. I use hot water in a baster to clear them all t ... KitchenAid KSRS25IL Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a 8 year old Refrigerator Freezer Model number ARB9059CS. It has been making a buzzing sound. I had a repair man who replaced the relay. We were away for a few days and came home to more buzzing and the freezer is completely defrosted. The defrost thermostat was replaced in 2008. Now the repair man thinks we need a new compressor. Does this sound correct? Does it pay to fix this fridge? The repair man said it would probably be about $500.00. Why so many problems with this model?

Personally i would replace any item in the home that cost more than $500 to repair,you can save that much in lower running cost for a more upto date version.but ....its your money. ... Amana Refrigerators

I have a kenmore side by side model # 59587998 I bought a new inlet water valve part number 2304833. The problem I'm encountering is that the previous/current connections are threaded. The new part uses smaller hoses and the quick connect couplings. Is there a kit that would make this replacement a bit easier? I tried to find couplings at my local homedepot and the thread was not exactly the same. Should I be cutting the old fittings off ans replacing them completely. Any help/advice would be g

... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

It does not make ice and i have spoken to whirlpool tech's and tried to shunt two leads and check if water will flow. Water did flowed which they said the ice maker is not working and recommended to replace the assembly. I am now looking for the replacement. Am I on the right track?

Good day,Yes, it sounds as if the ice maker failed. Be aware the freezer must be at normal temperature no warmer than 10 degrees for the thermostat inside the ice maker to allow it to cycle.If the temp is normal, then replace the ice make ... Refrigerators

I have a kitchenaid side by side refreigerat or model # KSRS25ILW03 ser # SP2533696. I am trying to replace the water filter. My new filter model number is 4396508. I followed the instruction on the manual. But the new filter would not go to the end. It sticks approx. half an inch out. So I could not lock the cap. Thanks

You have to push in hard on the filter. Also the filter rotates clockwise to lock into place. Align the filter in the hole so that the flat tab on the cap is verticle then push in and turn clock wise while turning. Once it starts to recede press i ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

GE refrigerator Model No. GBS22KBSAWW A relay on the control board was clicking and the evaporator fan would try to start with each click. With the evaporator fan disconected the compressor runs, etc. I replaced the evaporator fan motor, and before I installed it, I pluged it in and the motor turned, but when I put the fan blade on, it would not turn, like the old one. Also, the condensor fan does not turn, but does not make the control board click.

This normally could be a bad start relay and over load for the compressor, dirty condenser coils need cleaning, condenser fan motor is not running or the compressor itself. The Relay needs to be replaced and checked.But if the problem is sa ... GE Refrigerators

Water Leak Hello, I've had an GE fridge Model# TPX24PBDAWW that I found that one of my water tube supply water to the ice maker got harden due to it close to the motor and it's broke so I pull that tube out and try to replace it, once I pulled the tube out of the valve the locking (ring, collete) it's automatically destroy itseft, called GE said that they don't sell that part alone I have to buy the whole valve assembly (part# WR57X10022) which is cost about $100. Is there a place to buy that li

Your local plumbing or hardware store should be able to handle your parts request for those items, unless you insist on dealing with the MFGR...accordianman ... Refrigerators

Model 106.51564104 type 25SSA. The Ice maker has stopped due to a freeze up in the ice tray. I removed the ice tray and defrosted it, but the unit no longer works (turns) . The gears and parts show no apparent damage. I replaced it in the frig and turned it on but it no longer seems to operate. The water seems to be available and runs from the door when called for. The unit may be jammed, but I am afraid to try to turn it manually as it says not to turn it by hand on the back. Any help would be

... Refrigerators

My KitchenAid Superba Model # KSC25FKSS02 stopped making ice. It still dispenses water. In addition, the inside liner of the door is hot to the touch. We have tried replacing the ice maker but water does not flow up to the tray. Having trouble finding the defrost thermostat in the freezer and determining if it's bad. (taken off back panel, pictures of specific parts of what I'm looking for would be helpful)-I'm assuming it is bad. still no ice, still warm to touch. can you help? thank you!

... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi sir I have McCall refrigerator model # 7-7045T of which the temperature being 60F and not going down to 41F A regional service man did not find what the problem is. He said gas is OK (may be leaking very small amount) If minor part such as switch, thermostat so on is needed to replace I would like to do my self Please advise me how I can do Thank you very much Have a wonderful day sir.

... McCall 7-7045T Commercial Refrigerator

I have a True Refrigerator/Freezer Model T-23D and have had a service tech come out every few months to fix the freezer. The compressor has been replaced twice already. The temperature in the freezer creeps up gradually and then levels off at about 19-22 degrees. Like i said I've had service guys come out and they say they find the problem and then after a month or two it happens again! HELP!!

... True T-23DT Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a refrigerator,lights are on the fridge,wont start cooling on whole unit,able to get drinking water.Ihave a tech come and tried ti fix it,said it's might be the condenser and it would be around $400.00 to fix it ,so its better to buy a new one

Hi,\012Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of\012a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go\012wrong. \012\012\012\012If\012you are he ... Frigidaire 26.0 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with PureSource 2 Water Filtration

I posted a message yesterday not sure if anyoone got to read it. I need help with my fridge. I have an LG model number LFX23961 Ihad a tech look at it and said the fridge had a bloackage and we think is the line from the evaporator to the dryer it is a 1/16 out side diameter line copper line, We can't find this line any where Can this line be replaced with a 3/16 ? Can somone get back to me please I appreciate your help. Thanks Alina

Did you try a Plumbing Supply House they usually carry all types and sizes of copper tubing as well as piping ... LG Refrigerators

Can't find the model number - our fridge is old; about 20 yrs. Freezer door won't seal so cold air leaks, ice forms, water drips at the door handle. My husband tried beefing up the magnets, but that hasn't done the job. Can we get a new door gasket/seal? Would replacing it be worth it overall?

... KitchenAid KTRS19KKSS Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Model ER8AHMRQOO 18 Cubic Whirlpool only 4 yrs old. Few weeks ago I noticed when the controls in Refrige needed to shut off/on I could here it trying to over and over it would run and click run and click with in seconds of each other. Well the Refrigerator part is now not cooling at all but my Freezer still works fine, now I am starting to hear that noise again with the Freezer. Can anyone help me? Is it the Thermostat? And I'm a female is it easy for me to replace myself what ever part

Is there is frosty ice on the freezer back wall, if so. Based on your symtoms I would suspect page 1, Item #4 Adaptive defrost control #4388931 Est $85 -120, Other issues, page 2, compressor start device, #22 start device #2225929 ... Refrigerators

Hi, I am looking for a bit more information on troubleshooting GE Profile cooling issue (it is a PFS22MBSBWW model - french door, bottom freezer white on white), less than 5 years old. So the issue is that the fridge keeps clicking evey minute or so, fan is not working at all - that would probably indicate faulty control board and overload relay failure - both relativelly easy to replace, but how can I make sure that the compressor is still good? I had tech testing for shorts and non have show

Did the "tech" try and jump start the compressor? Testing for shorts won't tell you much, especially if there are no shorts. You say its clicking and the fan is not working at all, which fan are you referring? The one near the compressor? Furthermore ... GE Profile Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser 22.2 Cu. Ft. - PFS22MIS

Have a side by side Whirpool (not sure of model, for a friend) fridge that randomly stops cooling. Turning the temp switch turns the fridge cooling back on. Service tech couldn't find problem, but would start replacing parts, which anyone could do much cheaper. Any ideas?

FREEZER /FRIDGE NOT COOLING: Optimum refrigerator temperature at or below40\302\260 F(4\302\260 C). The freezer temperature should be0\302\260 F(-18\302\260 C). Check temperatures periodically. Appliance thermometers are the best way of knowing these ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a sub zero model 2711, the fridge isnt staying cold, it will cool down but not enough then warm back up causing condensation. The freezer works great. i had a technician out 5 months ago because nothing was working, he replaced the compressor and said it had shorted out, it worked fine since until now. any help would be appreciated

... Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore model 106.58964700 that both the freezer and refrigerator stopped working. The service technician said it was the start relay (Sears part number 2319792). I replaced the part with one from a local appliace parts store and after running from approximately 45 minutes, the temperature is 0 and 36 for the freezer and refrigerator, respectively. I also noticed that the compressor and copper tubbing running into the compressor is very hot (so hot it would instantly burn me if touch

Daleb870, Compressors on referigators run hot to the touch. You are experinceing a couple diffrent issues. First off 0 and 36 is a very ideal temp. The compressor and tubing are most likely hotter than normal as it was trying to cool down a fridg ... Refrigerators

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