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Water leaking onto the floor of the freezer covering the bottom with ice. Every few days we have to crack the ice and get rid of it .

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The drain tube hole behind the inner rear panel in the freezer has plugged up and when it defrosts the water cant drain down to the condensate pan at the lower rear of the unit to evaporate

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Water leaking onto the floor of the freezer covering the bottom with ice. Every few days we have to crack the ice and get rid of it .

The drain tube hole behind the inner rear panel in the freezer has plugged up and when it defrosts the water cant drain down to the condensate pan at the lower rear of the unit to evaporate ... Whirlpool GX5FHTXVA Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have water leaking under freezer side of door. I turned the ice maker off, turned off the water to the fridge, cleaned out the ice behind the panels, and put it all back together. Every couple of days I chip the ice off of the bottom of freezer; if I forget I get a puddle of water on my hard wood floor. The plug is in the drain hole. Is the heat element suppose to evaporate everthing when it goes through the defrost cycle? How do I quit having water run all over my floor?

Hi,\012The drain hole is plugged with debris or ice...Just had to thaw my own out tonight, it was doing the same thing...\012Take the bottom draw out and maybe the bottom shelf and then you will see the ice buidup in the back and on the floor.. ... Maytag MSD2651 HE Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator GSM23YCPA BS every day appears ice in the bottom area of the frezzer and licks water to the kitchen floor (It has never been installed the ice maker) During 30 days the device was left full of food on in the house for vacations but the energy went off and I had to clean it all (with a lot of water), after this the door magnet (lock) is not working and ice is created in the bottom of the freezer lickyng the water in the kitchen floor everyday

... GE Refrigerators

Leaking water up by the compressor and leaks about every two days from above the refrigerator door down to the floor. was told it is probably a cracked drain pan under the compressor. where can i get a new pan and how do I install it?

Remove all the food from your refrigerator, check if the hose who brought water in pan located in the back is not block inside.unplug your refrigerator for 6hours and wait until the ice in the pipe melt. ... GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a crosley refridgerator approximatly 8 or 9 yrs. old, and it has started leaking water on the floor. We will find a puddle on the floor about every 2 days. Yesterday, (march 24th), We noticed water dripping from the ice maker into the cube mold so I turned the water off to the ice maker and we found a puddle on the floor this evening, (march 25th). Can you help me with this ? i am Jim, at [email protected] Thank you

First make sure than the drain hole in the freezer floor is not clog also check the water plastic lines under the front and back of the refrigerator ... Refrigerators

Does Amana side by side model SZD27MW have a unit to detect when the ice tray is filled, a timer, or both? Mine turned the water on for the ice maker for 5 min., with water leaking all over the floor. Any other ideas? MissingIceMaker Usually, the ice maker only turns the water on right after one gets ice thru the door. This happened when no ice had been gotten for a day. I've left the water valve in the basement that goes to it turned off since then. What a mess!

... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice Dispenser - Water is getting into this side of the Ice/Water Dispenser. Also, water is getting into the bin causing the an ice build-up. Every thing worked fine, until the plumber cut off the water line to the refrigerator to a re-route to a service line for a couple days. Now I have this problem.

I would have to assume that from shutting off the water line and turning it back on you may have gotten some calcium deposits, or another type of build-up that worked its way into your inlet valve. It sounds to me as if your inlet valve is sticking o ... Refrigerators

10 yr old kitchen aid KSRS251 side by side leaks water from freezer onto floor about every 3-4 days - about 5 oz of water which is enough to be slippery/dangerous. I spent a half day completely thawing the freezer by removing all frozen food, turning power to freezer off and using hair dryer to melt all ice including inside back wall. Still leaks. Also ice maker works but doesn't dispense. Doubt this is related to first problem but also would like to know if this is some sort of gear replacem

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Icemaker not getting water. I came home to find water all over the floor from my refrigerator. I turned the water supply off in back of the unit and a couple days later started investigating. Changed the filter (tube filter) under the fridge and the leaking stopped. Water comes out of the dispenser fine, however water is not getting to the icemaker. the icemaker works (motor turns etc) will even make ice if I poor water into the cube tray (manually). I now this is similar to other postings Does

Try\015\012using an hairdryer or defrosting the unit completely , this often get\015\012rid of blockage caused by frozen lines fixing the problem.\015\012\015\012The water lines can also be unblocked from dirt using a thin flexible shaft. ... KitchenAid KSCS25FKSS Side by Side Refrigerator

-My Maytag RSW22A side by side Refer/Freezer stopped making ice. The water still works, the tines still turn every hour or so as if there were cubes there but the tray no longer fills up with water. Just prior to this happening, we had to shut off the water to the house for a day for some repairs. Is there some kind of priming I have to do to get the water flowing into the ice maker again? Could a valve to the icemaker be bad even though the valve to the water dispenser still works? Thanks.

Hi, I am wondering if when you had the water turned of the fill tube may have frozen over. Try switching the unit of for an hour and see if the water returns to the icemaker.regardsGraeme ... Refrigerators

Leaking icemaker Ice maker leaks water instead of filling tray where ice cubes form. Cannot see where leak is occurring. I can get ice cubes if I move bar to "ON" position and check freezer often, then return bar to "OFF" position before leaking starts. Freezer has wound up with huge icicles down the side three times in the last few months. My husband won't leave it off cause he wants ice cubes! He thinks some kind of seal might be worn. I still use the chilled water dispenser every day with no

I had the same with the water line; plastic tubing too close to the compressor for too long making it brittle. It finally gave way and water was slowly leaking out whenever I used the water dispenser. You can buy 1/4" plastic tubing kit and 1/4" to ... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

I have a GE side by side model GSS25SGPASS refrigerator/freezer. The ice maker and freezer are both working fine. My problem is there is water that leaks down to the bottom of the freezer, ices up and eventually melts and leaks out on my hardwood floor. I de-ice it about every 4 or 5 days. Any idea what is causing the water and icing problem?

... GE GSS25SGPSS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore side by side with ice maker Model 106 9552911 and water for some reason will overflow the ice maker and run ontoo the floor. If I shut off the water supply and wait a few minutes it quits and makes ice again for days and then it will happen again. Thaanks for any help I can get. Thanks Ron

Motot module on I'm is dragging. Pull the cover off I'm, 3 screws hold module in place. Should run around 75 to 90 dollars ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Every 3 days ice accumulates at the bottom of the freezer eventally creeps out the door , and of course melts when it creeps under the door to the floor. 1/2 inch of ice is common in about 3 days & must be removed manually from the bottom of the unit.. we've turned the water supply off ,thinking it may have been leaking from the ice maker ,but no difference.Got any ideas ? Thank You jeff

... Maytag MZD2766G Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi we have a maytag french door /bottom drawer freezer unit model# mf f 2558kes its appox 1.5 years old and the frezzer area gets water in the bottom and freezes about a 1/4 of a inch of ice on the entire bottom we have to take the drawer out and remove the ice about every 2 weeks we dont have the ice maker connected so we dont know where the water is coming from if you can help that would be great we dont have a warranty on this we bought it from home depot floor model clearance great price bu

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Frigidaire FRS20ZRG Water is leaking from the internal lower vent area every 2-3 days. This in turn collects in the bottom of the freezer below the basket and freezes. Subsequent water than leaks over the ice, under the door & onto the floor. In an effort to correct the situation I turned off the water supply which did not help. I also turned the freezer section off for several hours to hopefully eliminate any ice buildup, but again no success.

... Frigidaire FPHC2399KF (226 cu ft) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an amana abb2522feb bottom freezer refrigerator and need to access the drain pipe. How do I access this? The problem seems to be the drain line is clogged because we get a pool of water about every 2 days on the kitchen floor below the refrigerator. I have read people have poured hot water in the drain pipe to unclog, but how do I get to the drain pipe

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Makes a lot of ice on bottom of freezer floor, water all over the floor every day, iced up 3-4 inches needs defrosting ever 2 weeks

Drain is blocked - usually with ice and possible you have a fault with the defrost system.take back cover off inside freezer and you will find ice build up at the bottom. melt off carefully with a hairdryer and follow up with hot water flows aw ... Maytag Refrigerators

I have model:ET6JTKXKQ00 Serial #:VSL2359488. Every day I have water dripping (and running) at the back of the frig ceiling from a small white box behind the light. We don't have an ice maker. I get at least 8 ounces every two days. What could be doing this. The frig works well otherwise

That is a blocked defrost condensate drain line. Here is a link on how to fix the problem. Some of the material may not be your answer but pretty well covers most things that happen, Thanks, Sea Breeze\015\012click link below\015\012\015\ ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Unit is leaking water from the front, the water supply line for the ice maker has been disconnected so its not from that, appears to be coming from freezer somewhere cannot see it leaking, just does it every couple days and leaves a large puddle on the floor( one minute will be fine then next time i walk in kitchen theres a puddle on the floor.)

Ice cube getting blocked in the drain line and that is melting and water leaking.\015\012The problem you are experiencing is normally a blocked evaporator drain line.\015\012First of all, if there is an ice maker in your unit, this ... Frigidaire FRS26RBCW Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a jenn air JCD2389GES. Every day I'm getting puddles of water underneath the the unit. Our ice maker is turned off (broken for the third time)but the water line is still open to dispense water. We can't find out where the water is coming from. Ideas?

The condensate drain may not be draining into the pan under the fridge or it may have a leak or could even be not connected to the condensate pan in the evaporator. Another possibility is that your condenser might be dirty or plugged causing th ... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

Model MF12269VEM stainless, french door, bottom freezer, front water and ice dispenser. Water accumulates on floor every two to three days around and under the right side (left side as facing ref). I have checked all water connections to include those through the top door hinge. Unit is 18 months old.

... Maytag Refrigerators

Ice covers the coils in the freezer and then the freezer and refrigerator quit working. A refrig repairman came out and told us to take the cover off of the coils and pour hot water on them to get rid of the ice. We are now having to do that every month, and still the ice covers the outside of the cover. This can not be right.

Turn the temperature inside the fridge and freezer up and it will keep the coils from freezing. the same thing happens in an a/c ... Jenn-Air JCB2282H Side by Side Refrigerator

My model 106.9730680 refrigerator runs good and gets cold every once in a while a small puddle of water collects on floor in front of unit the evaporator tray never has any water in it , I've checked ice maker water line, but it is tight, any suggestions/ Thanks

Hello, this sounds like you have a blockage in the drain tube, remove panel back/bottom of freezer ... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Uhhhhhh why drains water out from the freezer, when the water converts in ice and the water drain out to the floor every four or five days. my refrigerator haven´t an icemaker

There could several reasons for the water under refrigerator. Leaking water connection to water control valves. leaking defrost condensate pan or blocked condensate drain beginning inside freezer rear wall cause by ice or other gunk caug ... Maytag MBF1956HEQ / MBF1956HEW / MBF1956HEB Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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