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Ice maker in my Whirlpool side by side wont cycle completely.

\015 Hello, I have been wrestling with this ice maker for a few months now. The problem is it wont always cycle completely and frequently gets "stuck" at the point where it should heat the tray, rotate the armature, and kick my drink coolers out. I have taken the unit out, completely disassembled it, cleaned it, and put it back in. It works for a dozen cycles or so but eventually ends up as described above. I'm yanking it out every few days, letting it "thaw" and popping it back in until it stops again. I am a tinkerer and stubbornly tight with my cash so any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!\015

Answers :

It may come down to you having to spend some money on the ice maker but I thought it will be a good idea if you read through the=> Whirlpool Ice Maker Trouble Shooting Service Manual
I am here if you have questions, Thanks Sea Breeze

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Ice maker in my Whirlpool side by side wont cycle completely.

It may come down to you having to spend some money on the ice maker but I thought it will be a good idea if you read through the=> ... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator with a new ice maker. The ice maker works fine but will not drop the ice. If I cycle the arm off/on (up/down) then it dumps the ice a few minutes later. Otherwise, the ice just sits in the tray. The ice maker is Whirlpool #4317943. Any suggestions on why it won't drop the ice or what to test?

Humm thats a good one, but I will try to help you out. First off you say the icemaker is new, so does that mean you bought the icemaker and installed it on the refrigerator. Or is the refrigerator new and it has an icemaker. If you installed the i ... Refrigerators

Replaced water valve to ice maker -used jumper method on the ice maker to test - worked once then not again. checked the voltage coming in and it was 33 volts the ice maker also won't cycle with the jumper to the hole test. What's up? Whirlpool sideby side door ice container model # ED5SHAXML 10

You need to replace the icemaker . Pt # 2198597 . When you open the freezer door . the laser flash 2 times , then pause , then 2 more times continually (normal) ? If the laser does not light at all , then icemaker is in the harvest mode ( may be stuc ... Refrigerators

We have whirlpool gold side-by side model# GS6SHEXNLOO. Ice make is not working. I have changed the control board and the water valves. Water works in the door, just no water getting to the ice maker. I've verified water is coming from the wall as well. The infrared reciever blinks on and off and goes off completely when I block the transmitter side.

Your ice maker is electronically controlled. Check the switch on the inside wall of the freezer to make sure that someone didn't accidentally shut the ice maker off. To check the emitter and receiver open the freezer door and ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

My ice maker doesnt make ice, it wont cycle - Kenmore 56549 / 56542 / 56544 / 56546 Side by Side Refrigerator

Wake up one morning and Boom no ice left in the bin. What happened and What can I do to fix it without calling someone? Some ice makers will get a piece of ice in the wrong place and jam the extraction. Get a hair dryer and heat up the ice maker to r ... Kenmore 56549 / 56542 / 56544 / 56546 Side by Side Refrigerator

My Whirlpool side by side MDL # GD5SHAXKB02 SN # SM0448189 MNF Date 01/02 does not make ice. I do not hear water entering into the ice maker tray or going through it's cycle The indicater LED does not lite and after I disconnected power to reset the LED came on briefly but red and went out.

... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Do you know where I can buy a door for the freezer side of my side by side refrigerator? Whirlpool said I have to buy a complete door for on 1/8" piece of plastic that hold the pin for the flap to the chute from the ice maker

There is a kit for what you are needing but am unable to find the pert number at this time. A number you can call in morning is Marcone Parts 1-800-482-6022. Sorry I don't have the part number but I have gotten the kit from them a couple of times. Yo ... KitchenAid (KSRD22FKST) Side by Side Refrigerator

Ge ice maker wont work model tbx25prbmrww - Whirlpool ED5HHEXT Side by Side Refrigerator

... Whirlpool ED5HHEXT Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool side by side ice maker works but the timer wheel makes a loud clicking sound when it reaches certain parts of the cycle.

Before inspecting the compressor mounts, \015\012unplug the freezer to avoid an electrical shock hazard. \015\012The compressor sits on rubber mountings. \015\012Those rubber mountings are designed to absorb vibration from the compressor. As \0 ... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker not cycling - Whirlpool GS6NBEXR Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi reach up into the tray where the ice is made. Feel for ice, If no ice is in the tray then the inlet valve is bad. If there is still ice in the tray the ice maker is bad. The inlet valve can be located by pulling the unit out and takin ... Whirlpool GS6NBEXR Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool side by side refrigerator. No water to ice maker but water is going to drinking water side. Solenoids ok.. I switched the electrical leads on the dual solenoid and water then went to ice maker but not drinking water. Seams no power going to ice maker solenoide valve. Replace ice maker control module?????

That tells me that the trouble was bad switch in the icemaker that sends power to the valve.if you are familiar with meters than you can also check the continuity and voltages at both reading (continuity) across the terminals on the ... Refrigerators

Maytag MSD2758DR side by side. Water dispenser and ice dispenser both seem to work fine (slight excess water drip after using water dispenser), but the ice maker is not making ice. We push the wire lever down, and after a few minutes, it makes the sounds of ice being made, but no water flows down the tube into the ice maker. It goes through the normal sounds of an ice making cycle, but no water flows into the ice maker and no cubes are produced. As I said, the water dispenser works, so there is

Leaky dispenser-------Your water inlet valve on the back where the water supply comes in is leaking. Replace it. This may also fix the ice maker water supply problem. Try swapping the wires on the dual water inlet valve. It’s on th ... Refrigerators

I recently bought a Whirlpool refrigerator, side by side with an ice maker. Model No. ED2KHAXVQ01. I've only had it for 5 weeks and the ice maker makes ice, but it won't dispense through the door. When I push the lever in it makes a bad sound and no ice comes down. Also, I can't get the ice bin out, even pressing the button on the side. Help! It's too new to break already.

... Whirlpool 21.8 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with EZ-Change Ice and Water Filter

Whirlpool gold side by side ice maker not making ice... have replaced the ice maker... still not working, no water to unit... not frozen up... water dispenser is working fine… was recommended by Bogie Boy: You have a dual solenoid water valve. Blue for the water and red for the ice-maker. It located in the rear lower part of the frig. The water solenoid needs replacing that will solve your problem… I did that and it fix the problem… I had ice… but only for about 2 weeks. Now no ice again!

... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker does not work Frigidaire Model # FRS26HF6BQ3 side by side POWER TO THE ICE MAKER ICE IN THE ICE MAKER WILL NOT CYCLE

The simple and most expensive solution is to replace the ice maker assembly. They sell for between 50 bux on e-bay to 150 bucks at Sears. From what I have seen most ice makers fit the same category and they look like they are all designed and b ... Frigidaire FRS23KF7AB Side by Side Refrigerator

Just replaced the ice maker and now No water going to ice maker or water dispenser in door. I've manually filled the ice maker and it makes ice. I have a Whirlpool side by side model ED25PQXFW01 purchased in Aug 1998 (about 10 years old). Any suggestions?

Replace the water inlet valve ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Water dispenser does not work, ice maker does work. This is a used Whirlpool side by side. I hooked up the water yesterday and the water dispenser worked. Overnight, something went awry and I do not get water, bu the ice maker is still making ice. I disconnected the water line at the front of the door, pushed the dispenser button and no water came from the line. If my ice maker is getting water, why doesn't my water dispenser?

Icemaker is in line with the water and runs from the icemaker threw the door and up to the water valve. So that is why the ice maker is working and the water is not working, most likely the water has frozen inside, And this can be caused by man ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

I have a whirpool side by side 20 rid3. all is ok but we switched the ice maker on yestrday and it wont work. the water is running to the dispenser but the ice maker is not filling up. the fridgefreezer is under 6 months old and the ice maker has worked before. i did get a tube of ice out of the water shoot but its still not working thankyou

Look at the water tube outlet above your ice maker and remove any ice if present. ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Hi, I have an Amana SBDE522V side by side with ice maker. Since I replaced a shorted heater defrost element some months ago the ice maker stopped making ice and the fridge temp alarm regularly goes off. I've finally got sick of it and checked the book and it says the ice maker wont go if the freezer is not cold enough. So I've checked that and the freezer is only running about -5, my 20 year old Kelvinator runs better than -25 so I guess thats a good starting point. Any ideas what to check next?

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Optimum freezer temp -18 degrees F. fridge temp. 37 degrees F. Adjust temp up or down 1 digit at the time every 24 hrs. to let system stabilize.\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\01 ... Refrigerators

I have a Whirlpool side by side with door ice maker and water, that is two years old. The ice maker stoppoed working two days ago. I still get water to the door, but it seems that the ice maker is not getting water, or something.

Normal\015\012 0\015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4\015\012 \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 /* Style Definitions */\015\012 table.MsoNormalTable\015\012\011 ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System


Theres ice in the fan propelar, if you see no ice blocking the propellers its the fan motor itself,if you unplug the fridge and stick something thin between the vents where you feel the air blowing thru and try turning the fan,gently and it spins smo ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

I have a GE side by side fridge (psc23mgpcww). My ice maker wont make ice. Temp is OK. Water is coming out of dispenser and I even used a blow dryer to defrost any ice that maybe in spout that leads into the mold. I also added 4oz of water into mold and shut switch to ice maker off for 15sec and turned back on and then pressed paddle 3 times and saw rake rotate but next morning still no other ice cubes formed. Could it be my water inlet valve vs water shut off valve or maybe even the spring on m

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Check that the water inlet valve is open all the way. The ice machine needs more pressure than the water dispenser to work. In your Fridge owners manual says that if the filter is dirty, the unit will dispense water ... Refrigerators

I have a whirlpool side by side with water/ ice magic plus my freezer is producing ice on the walls and top of freezer. my ice maker is making a noisewhen i close the freezer door (my seal on the ice maker is not sealing) and my refrigerator is not getting cold.

Yes it sounds like the unit is not defrosting. u might need to check defrost timer and then u might even have to change out your defrost heaters and termnation switch. try that ok. lkater gator. ... Refrigerators

I seem to have a water leak inside the freezer side of the frige. I thought it was coming from the ice maker, but I watched a full cycle, the ice comes out, the water refills the tray and it's not leaking. there is a trail of ice from what looks like the ice maker, down the side of the freezer all the way down to the food tray in the bottom of the freezer. Need help

Look at the ice maker fill tube(where the water comes in to the ice maker) between the time it after it fills with water and dumps again. If the water inlet valve isn't closing completely it will drip, drip and drip and the water will freeze after it ... LG LSC26905TT Side by Side Refrigerator

My ge side by side refrig freezer gets on the auto defrost cycle in the freezer and then all the ice cubes in the ice maker freeze into a solid ball of ice. The ice maker does not work after that. Why does the defrost come on so long and so warm?

The evaporator coil behind the cover on the back wall inside the freezer will ice up under normal conditions. Every 8 to 10 hours for around 20 minutes the defrost timer (or in most newer models the electronic adaptive defrost control) will turn the ... GE Refrigerators

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