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Unit runs for a period of time, then it causes the circuit breaker to blow

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The compressor has gone bad... it probably will not be worth replacing it...a new unit will be cheaper...
\012 Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then checkout the last two tips.

If your refrigerator is running but warm, then...

Check out this tip that I wrote about that... it is a great place to starttrouble shooting your unit...and something that you can do rather then callinga repair person to do a simple thing for you...

Refrigerator Condenser Coil Cleaning Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Troubleshooting Refrigerator Compressor

Refrigerator Compressor Start Capacitor and Start Relay


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Unit runs for a period of time, then it causes the circuit breaker to blow

Hi,The compressor has gone bad... it probably will not be worth replacing it...a new unit will be cheaper...\012\012 Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many o ... Vinotheque Whisperkool 8000 Wine Cooling Unit (Max Room Size = 2000 cu ft)

We purchased a WKE 8000 in Aug. 08. The corner of the unit was dented upon delivery. We sent it back to Breezaire. They shipped it back saying it was fine. I installed it. After running for a week it would overflow intermittently. Staining my racks below. I sent it back, & Breezaire replaced the condensate tube. I re-installed it and it overflowed a little bit for a short period of time then stopped and has been running fine. Now when it runs it makes a louder than usual noise. Also, if I blow o

... Breezaire Refrigerators

Refrigerator works fine until the door is opened. The unit shuts down when the door is opened and it will not come back on when the door is shut, Recycing the circuit breaker will cause the unit ti start running again--until the door is opened!

From your description , the control board is bad . This board is located behind the refrig , on the left side at the bottom , inside a white plastic case . Only 2 screws hold this case on , and it snaps apart to reveal the board . It costs about $ 80 ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have found this unit overheating multiple times. Each time the coils were not totally frosted, but defrosted them with hair dryer and restarted. Unit runs fine for weeks. Last time, discovered the fan in freezer was not running. Unplugged, plugged back in and unit cooled to setpoint. Is this a circuit board issue or fan problem.

... GE DSS25KGT Side by Side Refrigerator

Electrolux icon e42bs75eps. runs perfectly for about 18 hours, then stops running. compressor will not turn on after that time. If I press the on/off switch, it will re-cycle, compressor will run for 18 hours, then the same thing occurs. I have replaced the printed circuit board, still have the same problem. The compressor is fairly warm when the unit is running, my guess approximately 120 degrees farenheit. The unit cools, make 4 batches of ice, and works as designed, until it stops...then

Is the compressor fan running the whole time? are the door seals hot at all?oh wait a minute you said after 18 hours the compressor shuts off goes into its normal defrost mode around this time which shuts the compressor off and then the interior he ... Electrolux Icon 42'' Professional Built-In Refrigerator Free Delivery

I have a Whirlpool side by side fridge-serial SR3258979. It has blown the electric circuit over the weekend. However if it is disconnected and later reconnected it works again,one time for a day but usually shorter period before blowing the circuit again. I have tried switching every other current using facility off and it still eventually blows the circuit.

When you mean electrical circuit, do you mean the circuit of your house? Well regardless, check the wiring of specifically at the lower back of the fridge where most of the power lines are found. Check also for the box at the bottom which the relay ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have a SubZero 690, approx 11 years old. It has tripped the circuit breaker twice, approximately 5 month apart. No additional load on the 20 amp breaker at the time. Can you suggest if it is the unit, the circuit breaker or the line? Thanks.

Good day,\015\0125 months surely doesn't point to the machine. I would check the wiring and replace the breaker and retest.\015\012Breakers can become weak from age. They are by definition a heat operated device. Due to just happenstance ... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator model #57582. Unit will not blow any air, you can hear the compressor running but no air blows. The water dispenser will not work whenever this happens. It has happened about 4 times and always starts working again in about 8 hours. However this time it was not started working, it's been off about 16 hours. Whenever this happens all the lights work even the water dispenser light.

Hi.Try disconnecting the power cable and leaving the unit to defrost completely for 24/48 hours.If the problem disappears, then it was caused by ice buildup on condenser coil. In that case it is likely the consequence of a def ... Refrigerators

My GE Profile Wine Refrig will run for awhile and then kick the 20A GFCI breaker. This has been going on for about 2 weeks before I discovered the cause. The display works normally (until the breaker trips). Inside the unit, there is a pronounced electrical smell. What are the most likely causes for this? Thanks.

Hello,\015\012\015\012How long have you had this hooked up and used it? Was it new? How long of a cord are you using?\015\012\015\012Matt ... Refrigerators

I have a kscs25inss kitchenaid refrigerator. I opened the door and there was no power, the unit was not running (no compressor, no lights, no water). The circuit breaker did not trip, but I reset it anyway...still nothing. I moved the unit forward about 2 feet to access the back. The unit turned on and started working (lights on, compressor on, water on). What gives?

Hi, Most likely the outlet has a loose wire or the cord for the refridgerator has a loose wire. Check the outlet on the wall see if it moves at all or has any loose wires in the back...if that looks ok replace the cord to the refridgerator.\015\012\0 ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator runs for a time period[1hour or 6 days]then throws the circuit breaker.it will sometimes start immediately and sometimes you have too wait days before it will run again

Bad start relay located in the back of the machine on the compressor you will see some wires that hook to a plastic piece that goes into the side of your compressor replace this and your problem should be all set you can order the relay directly from ... Maytag Refrigerators

The freezer has stopped cooling...meaning the fridge has stopped too. The fan continues to run, but blows warm air. Twice before the fan had frozen and stopped blowing the cold up to the fridge...we had that part replace each time. now it seems to be a different problem. Had noticed in the week before failure that the icemaker had started to leak causing a block to form in the ice tray. Any suggestions? It is a french door stainless steel deep fridge purchase from sears about 5 years ago.

Replace the p.t.c. overload on the compressor body of the units compressor in the rear lower end of the unit,its not letting the compressor start and then not cooling ... Amana AFD2535DES French Door Refrigerator

The icemaker on my refrigerator is leaking every time it fills. I can see that the leak is at the back of the unit. The drip continues for a short period after the water has shut off. The refridgerato has been leveled to rule that out as the cause. What other possible things could be causing this? It is a Roper top freezer model #RT21SKXJW00.

There could be several possible causes here. \015\012\015\012Your water valve could be sticking slightly open when it shuts off causing the dripping. Eventually if this is the case the water tube going into the ice maker cup may freeze s ... Refrigerators

Compressor stopped running in GE GSS25KGMC WW side by side. Fans run. Is there an inline fuse to check? A circuit breaker anywhere? The unit isn't that old.

Remove the main control board , and look on the soldered side , behind the small black boxes . You will be looking for a " bullseye" which is a pin , where the solder has become unsoldered around it . If you find it , resolder and it should work . If ... GE GSS25KGMBB / GSS25KGMWW / GSS25KGMCC Side by Side Refrigerator

Circuit breaker trips when turning unit on. only unit on circuit has triped on several circuits can find no shorts on wiring.


My Amana ARB1914 bottom freezer is icing up. Have done a thorough defrost several times. Door seal seems to be fine. This causes the unit to run constantly.Any ideas?

There could be a problem with your defroster circuit not working properly.check the evaporator fan for proper operation.if you do not here the fan while it is in the cooling mode then it is bad.your temp thermastat can also cause this problem.low fre ... Amana ARB8057CSR Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Maytag MSD2756DE refrigerator start relay keeps failing. Suspicion is that very short (1-5 second) interruptions in the electric supply are the cause My question: Would an appropriately sized uninterruptable power supply installed in the line between the refrigerator and the circuit breaker box resolve the issue? Since the maximum current draw for the unit is 7.2 amps, it would seem that a UPS which could supply 800 watts should be enough to solve the problem. Given that the maximum current

An interruption in the power supply would usually show in other electrical fixtures in the house. A UPS is not recommended for a power back up on a refrigerator. The condition you describe usually indicates that either the compressor is w ... Maytag Refrigerators

Circut breaker kicks off when refrgerator is pluged in. This happened after a wind storm caused a power interuption and decreased power to the point that lights were dimmed by about 75% over an extended period of time.

... Whirlpool Refrigeration 14.4 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator w/2 Full Width DuraWhite Wire Shelves ...

I have an Avanti wine chiller model # EWC18DZ that is about 10 months old. The upper compartment is not cooling, though the fan is running fine. The bottom compartment is working fine. This happened one other time, but after turning the unit off for a while and clearing out all dust, it worked great after restarting. I also had a problem once that was caused by bottles obstructing air flow inside, but now store bottles with necks in and have not had any problem for months. Is this a cir

... Refrigerators


Your refrigerator has a defrost timer located inside the fresh food compartment if bad this will stop the defrost, I did not see a circuit bort for the model ... Whirlpool ED5FHEXMQ Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool GC5SHEXNS00 side-by-side refrigerator that has stopped cooling. For quite some time the center column was hot to the touch, but it maintained the ability to cool. Now it no longer cools and it doesn't sound like the compressor is running. I do hear a fan noise inside the unit and a slight blowing of air, but not cold air.

If the center wall was hot then your defrost heater was stuck on, now with no cooling it could be you burnt out the compressor or the main board could be fried. Not good either way, it might be time for a new one. Sorry ... Whirlpool GC5SHEXN Side by Side Refrigerator

Have a KitchenAid Superba side by side with ice maker. (Don't know year or model number, came with the house we bought two years ago.) We took off the back panel to vaccuum coils and wipe out drip pan (there was a terrible smell). Smell is all gone, but now entire unit will not cool. Everything seems to be running: fan blowing (room temp air). What might we have done in cleaning to cause this? And what can we do to fix it? Thank you.

Hi,\015\012\015\012It sounds like the compressor is not running.\015\012\015\012The compressor is the black metal dome shapped component in the back, it is about the size of a bowling ball. \015\012\015\012- With t ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore 596.57587790 I have a Kenmore 596.57587790 refrigerator, the unit runs and gets to the right temp than it goes off, but after that it starts to defreeze. If I shut it down and turn if back on it starts again and does the same (gets to the temp and it goes off). I have notice when I turn it back on same times it does not work, it clicks off, but if I do it again it works. Any suggestions what could be causing this problem? And can I fix it?

You have pinpointed your problem to the temperature control. Replacing the temperature control may very well solve your problem. A new temperature control ( cold control) can be ordered by your model number from the same place of purchase. If you are ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Just had a new Dometic 2652 refrigerator installed today. Pulled in home and now the whole trailer blows the circuit breakers in the house. We ran in a week (a/c,micro, radio) before we had the new refrigerator installed. Now we can't run anything! Did they wire something wrong

Himay be ur wires are short circuited so call ur dealer ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

Frigidaire GLRS264ZA refrigerator keeps blowing GFI circuit

The fan and defrost heater are run off the same relay on the board. When on defrost, the fan stops. when the fan starts, the defrost heater is switched off, Sounds like the neutral to the board may be shorting. If you have the ability, try powering t ... Refrigerators

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