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Cant figure out how to pull out sub zero fridge to unplug to then plug into generator

\015 How to i pull it out to unplug?\015

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Cant figure out how to pull out sub zero fridge to unplug to then plug into generator

... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a RS267LABP side by side Refrigerator. Yesterday, the temp in both the freezer side and the refrig. side started climbing. I unplugged the refrigerator , while unplugged, I took the opportunity pull it out and vacuum all the dust and dog fur from the grill and space under the refrigerator. After about 20 min I then plugged it back in and reset the temps. to the previous levels. After running for several hours, the freezer side seems to have returned to the normal sub-zero temperature that

... Samsung RS267LBBP 26.1 Cu. Ft. Side by Side Refrigerator with Twin Cooling System & CoolSelect Zone

I have a 532 sub zero thats been in garage that stay's cool and it has been unplugged for about 6 mnth .know the freezer door hits inside when i close .how do i fix this problem.i plugged it in figuring it will cure the problem.thanks

There is some adjusting you can do with the hinges. Each hinge has two or three bolts that you can loosen. But have a good look at the breaker strips. Those are the plastic strips around the front of the inside tank. Sometimes the styrofoam (bet ... Refrigerators

I found the refrigerator not cooling. I unplugged the unit, vacuumed the coils, plugged unit back in. The unit began to cool and kept it's temperature for 18 hours. I then noticed it began to cool back down, I unplugged it again for a couple of minutes, plugged it back in and it began to cool back down to normal ranges, zero for freezer, 37 for compartment. But again, after 12 to 16 hours, it started cooling back down. It can't keep a steady temp. Any ideas what is going wrong. Fan motor

DEFROST PROBLEMThe evaporator coil behind the cover on the back wall inside the freezer will ice up under normal conditions. Every 8 to 10 hours for around 20 minutes the defrost timer (or in most newer models the electronic adaptive defrost co ... GE Profile PTS22LCSCC 33" 21.7 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator w/ ClimateKeeper Temperature Managem...

Kenmore 564.93445100 fridge/freezer does not cool Fridge is plugged in, heard the electric hum, but it does not cool. I turned it from max cold to off then on again, thinking it might reset. No go. Unplugged then plugged in again, but the motor does not seem to run now. No electronic noise at all. I pulled it out and the black base (I'm assuming it is the motor) was really hot. Any suggestions for fixing, or do I need to look for a new one. Thx

... Kenmore 564-94449400

No cooling my freezer started thawing,at the same time I noticed the temperature readout flashing.refridgerator section also seemed warmer.I unplugged it and left it unplugged for 2 days,during which time,the coils were cleaned.Now that we have plugged it back in,there is zero cooling.Temps. read 71 &65 in the freezer & fridge after running all night.

I would first check the defrost timer...It may be stuck in defrost position and not advancing to the cooling mode, a common problem...There is a slot, clutched cut, to keep it from being turned in the wrong direction and if you can get to it, place a ... Samsung 26.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator, RS265LABP

Need to unplug drain tube in 2005 roper fridge I have a Frigidaire frs26zgh. I have ice buildup in the bottom of the freezer too. I pulled everything out of the freezer including the shelves and the back panel. This exposed the cooling coils and the fan. I could see more ice and where the water was supposed to drain out the bottom to the drain pan. It was plugged. I tried to thaw it out to see if the ice was backed up in the tube, and am still waiting. When I pulled the fridge out and looked fr

You can thaw it out by pouringboiling water down the drain trough, or use a hairdryer to assist you, ( i actually use the steam machine bought form the t.v.) afte clearing the ice, water will flow down the tube normally ... Refrigerators

I have a sub zero 590 refrigerator. The ice maker stopped working. I replaced the control module and still not working. Then I replaced the whole ice maker and it is still not working. After running a series of electrical tests on the new ice maker module I determined that I was not getting any power to the ice maker. But I am getting power to the plug itself. Turns out there are two corroded connectors on the flat plug that fits into the module. It looks like a huge job to replace the wh

... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Front panel beeps when I push any button or dispenser lever,no water, no ice, no response from any button. Fridge and freezer are working temps are displayed. Filter replace light is on and won't reset, dispenser light is on and won't turn off. There is no lock/unlock button. Tried turning off power (pulled the plug) and resetting the code; nothing. Took off panel unplugged all conections to the control board and plugged them back in, nothing.

Possible bad dispenser board ... Maytag MFI2266AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Main door handle top section pulls out from bolt on sub zero 642

There is a tiny set screw that holds that in place. It is on the bottom of the stand off and just needs to be tightened. ... Sub-Zero 642

Sub-Zero 550 water dripping on right side of freezer forming ice on draw

The drain line has been clogged. There is actually a defrost heater kit for that problem if you can get the obstruction out. Did you call factory at 800-222-7820 or a local factory authorized servicer? The drain is accessed by removing the fan shrou ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hello, I have an Amana bottom freezer refrgerator. We noticed the freezer was not freezing that well. There was a fair bit of frost on the back panel inside the fridge. I removed the panel and in behind was a huge block of ice/frost covering everything tons of ice. I unplugged fridge and melted ice. I plugged fridge back in after all ice was gone and fridge worked fine for about 10 days till we noticed freezer not freezing that well again. I just pulled back panel inside fridge off again t

Either defrost heater is bad, defrost t-stat or the defrost control. Usually the t-stat is the first problem which is connected to the evaporator coils with one lead going to the heater. Hope this helps. Rick ... Amana Refrigerators

Whirlpool ED22PC replaced the entire ice maker 4mo ago working fine.. Now no ice,, no water getting to maker. WATER IS ON. unplugged, pulled the unit out, everything looks OK, Actually turned the water back on when unit out of the refrig. plugged in still no water flow..any Ideas??

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. To start\015\012with check the water line attached to the back of the\015\012refrigerator fo ... Refrigerators

Our refrigerator (Samsung) is only about 3-4 yrs. old. The refrigerator has been acting up and now the freezer isn't working. My husband has pulled the refrigerator out and defrosted behind the drawers where the ice is accumulating and it seems to work for a while. The freezer is now not cooling. He has unplugged it and then plugs it back in and it will work for a few hours, but then heats up to 40 or 50 degrees again.

Maybe it's your motor that has worn away? ... Refrigerators

I have a GE profile Performance fridge with water and ice in door. @ years ago the fridge stopped cooling. The repair man removed the ice maker to look under the floor of the freezer. I had unplugged the unit because it was running non stop but not cooling. I guess because I did that he couldn't figure out what was wrong. So, after removing the ice maker he plugged it back in and left. It's been fine since. Unfortunately I have to buy bagged ice now and don't have a shelf in my freezer, but, it

This manual may give an idea: PROFILE LATE MODEL SERVICE MANUAL ... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

I have a sub zero refrigerator 600 series purchased in 2003.The problem im now having is that there is water leaking from the bottom front of the freezer door on both sides.The unit as of yet is not hooked up to a water supply for ice making.Could this be just condensation or a plugged up drain tube of some sort ?...this fridge has fridge unit on top.

... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Sub Zero 642 is freezing my fruits and vegetables. I have not changed the temperature settings. What's up? I did unplug the unit to reset it but it keeps having the same problem.

Replace cold control ... Sub-Zero 642

Sub-zero 650 freezer gets too cold (-18). freezer compressor will not shut down when unit is powered off. Must unplug unit to turn it off.

Sounds like it could be a bad thermostat on the unit. ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Sub-Zero 611/O is not cooling enough. The temp is 0 in the freezer and 46 in the fridge. I vacuumed very well the condenser. I can't tell which compressor is running. There are two, one larger than the other. The fan is running non stop. Last month there was every day a frosted area inside the fridge of about 6 inches in diameter and up to 1/4 in thick. I would remove it by just pulling it away from the rear panel of the fridge. There was a lot of moist and sometimes even some drips. The fros

You have a hole in your evap coil in your fridge. What your are going to have to do is call a authorized service company and get it fixed. you will need a evap coil and a filter dryer and depending on how long your unit has ... Sub-Zero 611 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Where can I find a schematic of the ice maker on a Sub Zero 650/S? The ice paddle snapped, I received a new one, but can't figure out where it goes. Thanks

Hi klaroque,here is the schematic for your fridgehttp://www.subzero.com/resources/products/downloads/650-PS.pdfhttp://safemanuals.com/user-guide-instructions-owner-manual/SUB-ZERO/650-PShope this helps. ... Refrigerators

I am cleaning the condenser on my 600 series Sub zero (48 wide). I removed the outside grill on the top. Inside is another black mesh type grill with 6 screws that is over the condenser fins. I have removed the six screws but it still will not pull off to access the fins so I can vacuum. I tried vacumming through this grill and it doesn't do anything as the holes are too small to really do anything to the dust covering the condenser fins. Help!

Get the brush from any handy man store that will do the job :)i live in south carolina ...got it at lows...good luck ... Sub-Zero 695/S Side by Side Refrigerator

Water from fridge not going down plug hole into container. How ofter should the water container be emptied at the back of the fridge/freezer I have a sub zero frigerator #550 its about 15 years old. The drain tube is freezing up and ice is building up on the bottom of the unit. it also ismaking the refrigerator smell. Can you help????

That means that you have either condenser/compressor problems, or troubles with evaporator system unit at the back pof the fridge.Try first doing a complete defrost by leaving the fridge to defrost overnight.If situation does ... Refrigerators

Whirpool refrigeator 25.3 cubic feet model # ED5nhe and ed5yhe the temp is dropping... the ice is melting. I turned the temp to the coldest and pulled out the unit and unplugged it and re plugged it.. but it's not cooling down...what should I do? is it the freeon or the compressor?

... Whirlpool ED5FHEXMQ Side by Side Refrigerator

The fridge is a side by side Kitchen Aid that is about 10 years old. It suddenly stopped cooling, first the freezer side then the fridge side. I pulled the unit away from the wall and removed the lower panel, the fan was running and the compressor was very warm to the touch but didn't appear to be running. I unplugged the unit and it was off for about 12 hours. Before I plugged it back in I checked the compressor and it was no longer warm at all. I notice that the blower fan runs continuosly a

I have reviewed your problem and have the fallowing for you to aces.\015\012First, the condenser fan motor, should run continually. This will keep a constant air flow across the condenser coil and ci ... Refrigerators

My Maytag refrigerator does not to cool and freeze that good. I have pulled the unit out and completely cleaned the coils under the unit. Also, I noticed that in the back of the freezer, it is completely frozen over. I removed all the items and unplugged the unit for over 24 hours to defrost the back. When I plugged it back in, it ran fine for about a week, but the back is frozen over again and it's struggling to cool. The fan is running, but does seem to have a lot of airflow up in the refriger

Sounds like it the defrost thermostat is gone, or the timer, start with the thermostat, Not an expenxive part aprox $15.00 ... Maytag MBB2256G Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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