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I need to reset the temp in the fridge? What is the procedure? Kris Thanks

Answers :

Turn the thermostat to a colder temperature. Normally a higher number.

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My GE TFX24R Refrigerator intermittantly stays off and the freezer starts to melt. If I alter the dial to reset the temp (move the dial, but then back to the same set point), it sometimes kicks back on. Tried different temp settings (colder) and that only results in a frozen fridge. I suspect a sensor, thermometer or thermocouple needs to be replaced, but I've never worked on a fridge. Please advise?

It has a broken thermostat (thermostat and thermostat dial/switch) which may be already be inaccurate ,have it replace ... Refrigerators

Fisher and paykel q series fridge/freezer, the outside of the fridge gets very warm, and the temp in the fridge the lights go bersek, flashing up and down and you cant reset it unless you turn the fridge off, also it beeps constantly when the lights are flashing up and down, its about eight years old, might need regassing?

... Fisher Refrigerators

Samsung RB1955 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator The fridge and freezer both went warm in one night. I cleaned the back of the fridge and the service panel, changed the plugin, reset the temps and it is working. Do I need to have someone look at it or does this just happen sometimes. My fridge is 6 years old.

Your ptc overload contactor on the compressor is defective,unplug it off the compressor and get a replacement and this will solve the non cooling condition ... Refrigerators

I have a Kitchenaide KSSS42QKB000 built in fridge...it is coming on and everything is running, compressor, evap fan, cond fan etc... the controls are set to -10 in freezer and +38 in the fridge abd the "Max Cool" engaged. After 30 min. or so, the system shuts down and the "Over Temp" light is lit. All power comes back on when reset. The "Call Service" light is NOT lit at any time... I really, really need a service manual for this unit...Help !! Step by step diagnostics would be great if no manua

Click on the link below to view the service manual for this KitchenAid fridge:\015\012\015\012http://s ... Refrigerators

Our ower went out tonight for 20min and after it came back on, the light and temp displays in our Frigidaire fridge/freezer does not come on. The freezer light appears to be working and it sounds like the fridge/freezer is working. Just want to see what needs to be done to get the above to work. Already reviewed manual w/ no solution in there. Tried pushing the 'reset' and 'on/off' buttons inside the fridge but nothing happened. Model: FLSC238DS0; Serial: LA43211561. Thank you in advance.

Hello. when the power came back on there was apparently a surge, that is way too much power came through the line and into your fridge. generally when there is a surge, and you no longer have displays, you have to replace the circuit board, and som ... Refrigerators

I need to reset the temp in the fridge? What is the procedure? Kris Thanks

Turn the thermostat to a colder temperature. Normally a higher number. ... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

Fridge Serial: FRT 1564 JW0 Model : BA81316416 Electrolux repair service in Ontario replaced my first fridge under waranty..this model has an outside air temperature sensor...so if the outside air temp is below 7 deg C. approximately, it stops working, requires a manual reset by wiggling the temp settings, after heating the space... I have it in an unoccupied float house...with temps ranging from zero up... the freezer beside it works fine..but not the fridge, because it aparent

... Electrolux Refrigerators

HI: We have a 6-7 yr old TRUE single door, stainless steel fridge. We noticed yesterday ..that at "4" on the temp dial, the fridge is freezing milk in glass gallon jars. We backed the temp down to "2" and the problem persisted. I also noticed that the fan continues to run, although we ahve turned the temp dial to "0". The compressor does kick off when we turn the temp dial to "0", but the fan will not turn off...it runs constantly. Could we be in need of a temp control or fan switch? We are in N

... True Food VWR Storage Refrigerators with Stainless Steel Doors, 1 to 4°C T72NCVWR w/ FREE UPS

Small fridge My 4 month old fridge westinghouse ( top freezer compact) sorry don't know the model was leaking water into from the freezer into the fridge though where you regulate the temp. On investigation i noted that the temp had been turned down (suspect my grand daughter) i turned it back up to medium now the freezer is making snow around the door and the fridge is quite warm. help please do i need a call out ?

Empty the fridge freezer and defrost completely (suggest overnight). The freezer section has a coil behind the back wall normally and what you have described is a frozen coil. Then restart the system. If the thermostat or temporary fault was the reas ... Refrigerators

Fridge is 7 months old, model WRO34UW frost free. The outside walls get very hot during the day, fridge is well ventillated on all sides, but by the afternoon there is always water laying on the middle shelf (the one below the temp controller unit) so I need to get a towel to dry it up. Also get lots of water laying on the bottom shelf under the crispers which again need to be towelled dry. Is this due to the constant heat and humidity and do I need to change the settings? There is no trouble

... Refrigerators

My fridge doesn't cool. The bottom freezer works and the lights in both compartments work. The "Refridgerator temp" buttons do not light up or work. The "Freezer Temp" buttons light up, but do not respond. I tried unplugging and then plugging it back in. The temp settings reset and the fridge started to cool, but after about 5 minutes, the same problem occurred again.

... LG Refrigerators

Westinghouse fridge Temperature Control: I have lost the manual for my fridge and need to know if 'Cooler' means cooler cabinet temp or cooler weather and adversely the 'Warmer' means cabinet temp or warmer weather? I am trying by turning to cooler (the temp here is 36C+ atm) but I dont want to lose all the food I have in there.

Cooler means coooler cabinet temperature... ... Refrigerators

I have a ten year old Sub-Zero 650. The "vacuum condenser" has been displayed for over a year even though the coils have been vacuumed and are kept clean. The fridge has been working fine despite the display. In the last couple of weeks the freezer has been maintaining the temp. perfectly while the fridge has been fluctuating between 40 degreed to 58 degrees. being no expert, it seems there is a sensor that tells the fridge or freezer what temp. it needs to be. Since the freezer is ok, it seems

Look on your sub zero for more model numbers. I have found some information indicating that the refrigerator thermostat may be the problem but need those numbers to confirm. Thanks, Sea Breeze \015\012You can also find ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Indesit BA139 fridge freezer with very thick frosting on back wall, but not very cold fridge section (despite changing the temp control to max) and normal very cold freezer section. When temp control turned down compressor turns off as it should. Have recently defrosted/de-iced freezer section (was quite thick), but has not made much difference... Need help, baby arriving next week!

... Refrigerators

I have the samsung Rs2533sw/xaa. 2 nights ago, we turned off the kitchen breakers to install a light and ever since we turned on all the breakers again, the refrigerator has not been operating properly. The freezer temp seems to be okay, but the fridge side shows a temp of around 50 degrees, even after i have manually lowered it. We tried to re-trip the breakers but we are still experiencing the same problem. Is there a way to reset all of the setting or reset the control panel? or do you ha

\012Sounds\012like you just need to do a reset, press and hold the top 2 buttons\012till it flashes then let go. If you hold it to long it will run a\012diagnostic mode and may lock up on a blinking light. The\012blinking light is a trouble ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Purchased a Kenmore 5.7 cft compact fridge model number 461.95882 which has digital readout on front . been running about 3 weeks . digital readout tells temp inside fridge . last week display went to EE , cant adjust temp and readout stays as EE. Nothing in manual telling me what EE means and dont want to call service guy if just a reset button or something help

... Kenmore Refrigerators

LG fridg w/ bottom freezer 567 error on temp settings how do I fix this? Called company they said to unplug for 3-4 hours. I did it resets at 4(recommended temp setting) for a short time and goes back.Freezer is cold, fridg isn't.

The problem is most probably your Defrost Control Module.\012It is located behind the plastic panel in the freezer section.\012This panel covers the coils/fan/ice machine (if equipped) and your \012Defrost Control Module (right side of th ... LG Refrigerators

I have just been placed on insulin. I have the Black & Decker BNA17B fridge and I need to know how temps correspond to the control knob inside the fridge. The insulin instructions say the insulin needs to be refrigerated between 36-46 degress F.

Good day,\015\012Mid-range settings (halfway between coldest and warmest) is, on almost all models near 37 degrees.\015\012Due to the sensitivity of your medicine you should as well buy an accurate ... Refrigerators

Freezer temp indicator reading -21 and flashing refrigerator temp 3 deg compressor not running.when mains switched off panel resets and reads correct temperatures ie freezer +4 fridge +12 and compressor starts. fridge and freezer then pull down to temperature set on display/control panel and continue to run then will restart the above sequence.

... Refrigerators

GE Profile refrigerator won't hold settings on refrigerator or freezer. Its up to 70 degrees on both sides. Its a 25.5 Cu ft. PSS26NGPBB. We were gone for the day and came home to find water all over the floor and the freezer meats totally unthawed. Freezer was at 64 degrees, also was 64 on refrigerator side. I tried resetting the temp. control settings as decribed in manual. The temp is climbing to 70. I tried unplugging the fridge and plugging back in to see if it was a computer reset. No. tem

... GE Profile Energy Star? PSDF5RGX (246 cu ft) Side by Side Commercial Refrigerator

2001 GE side by side refrigerator model TGX26KRDA WW Beginning about a month ago the refrigerator temperature rose to 60 deg. F. Freezer remained well below 0 deg F. Checked baffle which was open and checked evaporator coils which were not iced. Cleaned condenser coils which were only mildly dusty. Reset freezer control to 5 (mid range of temp) and refrigerator to 9 (coldest). In about 24 hours temp in fridge side was 40 deg F. Now same problem with 60 deg Fridge. Checked baffle betwee

... Refrigerators

We have an Admiral, Model LTF 2112 ARZ Ser. # 5211 5622GV We bought it used, unplugged it after transport upright for about 2 months. We transported it laying it down for about 20 min. stood it up for over 24 and now the refrid. does not cool enough. We have it set on 7, coldest temp. I looked for switch on bottom to reset? none. I see no controls except at top of inside of fridge. The freezer seems to freeze and stay frozen. The temp in the fridge is about 55.

... Refrigerators

My fridge did not reset itself after a power outage over Christmas so I came home to a fridge of spoiled meat. I have cleaned everything but I am wondering if there is a drip pan or something that I need to clean because it still smells. IF I do need to remove it...where is it and how do I remove it to clean it?

... LG (LRBC22522ST) Stainless Steel

Refridge temp ice forms on inside of fridge, vaccuum condensor light will not reset (have vaccuumed) temp of fridge is in the 49-51 degree range.

Lets go over the way a sealed system works. There is a highj side and a low side. The low side is the side that passes through the evaporator coils inside the machine. Most times on the freezer side only, but sub zero has independent sealed systems f ... Sub-Zero 642

My westinghouse upside down fridge model BJ513VR has been alarming past 3 weeks.can switch it off by pressing reset but keeps alarming later that day(or night)fridge and freezer both seem cold and frozen.have tried altering temp settings but still alarms.have had fridge since august 2006,fridge is mounted appropriately on incline and fridge doors always remain shut and sealed but alarm still keeps ringing,any simple fix,or other suggestions?thanks

Hi an welcome to FixYa. I am Kelly. \015\012\015\012First off I want to say that your model number as posted for some reason is not crossing. If your respond inthe future please state whether the model number is correct or provide the c ... Refrigerators

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