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The display says fridge temp is at 38 degrees, but freezer temp just started rising to 20 degrees.

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Do see any ice buildup in the freezer?

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The display says fridge temp is at 38 degrees, but freezer temp just started rising to 20 degrees.

Do see any ice buildup in the freezer? ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung RF4287HARS stopped cooling. Temp just started to rise. I unplugged the unit for a few mins and plugged it back in - eureka, it cooled again. When the unit reaches the set temperatures in the freezer and fridge, the unit stops cooling. When you set the temp on the panel, the panel will display the set temp, then switch to actual temp and display what the temp is in the unit. Oddly enough, when the unit stops cooling, the panel continues to display that it is cold in the unit. My guess i

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I have a 50/50 integrated fridge freezer, i dont know the actual make or model as it was installed by the kitchen company, the company who supplied the appliance to the kitchen company no longer exist. The freezer alarm started bleeping and according to the user instructions i needed to press the super freeze button to bring the temperature back down, leave for up to 24hrs until the temp display came back up to -18 degrees for the freezer, this automatically ceased the alarm but the fridge becam

... Zanussi ZX99 / 5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a ten year old Sub-Zero 650. The "vacuum condenser" has been displayed for over a year even though the coils have been vacuumed and are kept clean. The fridge has been working fine despite the display. In the last couple of weeks the freezer has been maintaining the temp. perfectly while the fridge has been fluctuating between 40 degreed to 58 degrees. being no expert, it seems there is a sensor that tells the fridge or freezer what temp. it needs to be. Since the freezer is ok, it seems

Look on your sub zero for more model numbers. I have found some information indicating that the refrigerator thermostat may be the problem but need those numbers to confirm. Thanks, Sea Breeze \015\012You can also find ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My GE PSS26MSTSS Refrigerator is acting up. The freezer started defrosting I took all the food out it was still frozen but the ice cream was soft. The digital temp said the temperature was 0 in the freezer and 37 in the fridge. I put thermometers in and closed the door for 30 minutes. Actual freezer temp was 20 ( with no food ) the fridge was 30. Next day the freezer had a huge iceicle that formed from the melting an was -20 degrees and the fridge was 25 degrees.. yet the fridge setting was

... GE PSS26MSTSS Stainless Steel

Ever since I've owned my fridge (coming up on 4 years), the freezer would build up into a big chunk of ice causing the freezer temp to drop and the fridge temp to rise. I would melt the chunk of ice and then drain the water from the back of the fridge. It would work properly for a few months and then start happening again. Now, its happening with more frequency. Currently, the freezer temp is holding around 0 and the fridge temp is up around 55-60.

Your defrost thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced.\015\012Here is a link.. your freezer is located differently but you can still use this video. ... GE Energy Star PDS22SIS Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Actually have the DAR604BLS - Danby Silhouette - looks like the plain fridge version of above pictured beverage fridge. Electronic digital display on front. Unit stopped running. Display reads interior temp of 73 degrees, controls allow the temp to be turned down but the fridge does not start up. Makes absolutely no noises or any sound that makes it look like the compressor is even trying to start. The unit is only 9 months old, but they won't cover any of the 24 month warranty because I

... Danby DKC645BLS Compact Beverage Cooler

Help ! My GE Profile side by side refridgerator model PSC25MSTA SS is almost three years old. This morning the fridge side dispalyed an inside temp of 90 degrees, and three sticks of butter inside had completely melted. Yesterday I notice the ice in the ice dispenser seemed to be melting, however last night the ice was fine. Ive had a similar problem a month ago when the fridge temp displayed 57 degrees and the freezer display showed 32 degrees but later that evening upon returning from work the

... GE PSC25MSTSS Stainless Steel

My GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model:PFS22SBSSS The Refrigerator is not cooling, however the Freezer is mantianing proper temprature at 0 degrees. The temp on the fridge is reading 60 degrees on the inside digital display. I also noticed ever since the fridge portion stopped cooling there's no heat disapating from the top or sides of the fridge like it used to do. Has anyone see this problem?

Your problem is almost surely caused by the failure of the fan that should circulate cooled air from the freezer section to the refrigerator.\012If you check for vents, normally in the rear of the fridge, and hold your fingers in front of them while ... GE PFS22SBSSS Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Fridge freezer fridge is reading 2 degrees on panel but not working and the freezer was showing -18 degrees but is now reading two - - and below under the fridge temp is f1% flashing that is all that is flashing on the display panel

HI jACQUELINE.well i reckon the fridges r a bit temperaMENTAL.:).Before u do anything well u can check weather u have ice build up on the rear panel inside freezer compartment.either way i would first turn it off for 24 to 48 hours.then remove bottom ... Refrigerators

Refrigeration problem My temp readings on the front of my fridge read -18 and +3 but the temps inside both are not what it says, If I switch the fridge on and off the compressor kicks in and the true readings come up, once the temps come back down to -18 and +3 the fridge and freezer starts to become warm again but the temps for both stay the same -18 and +3. I have the same problem and I keep turning it off and on now I'm worried something else happens to the fridge.Could you help me solve the

Sounds like a main board problem cause the temp should not be accurate one minute, then way off the next. I would have someone look at this cause it would be difficult to figure this out without being there to troubleshoot it ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Repair My temp readings on the front of my fridge read -18 and +3 but the temps inside both are not what it says, If I switch the fridge on and off the compressor kicks in and the true readings come up, once the temps come back down to -18 and +3 the fridge and freezer starts to become warm again but the temps for both stay the same -18 and +3. I have the same problem and I keep turning it off and on now I'm worried something else happens to the fridge.Could you help me solve the problem or get

Seems like its not defrosting in the fridge. remove rear panel and look for ice around the thermister. ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigeration problem My temp readings on the front of my fridge read -18 and +3 but the temps inside both are not what it says, If I switch the fridge on and off the compressor kicks in and the true readings come up, once the temps come back down to -18 and +3 the fridge and freezer starts to become warm again but the temps for both stay the same -18 and +3.

It sounds very much like control board problem. The chances of both sensors at fault seems unlikely. Unusual that it is the exact same temp unless they are your setpoint requirements. I would advice contacting reliable fridge guy to check the cabinet ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE Profile refrigerator model PFS22SISBSS. There is a digital display inside that allows you to see the fridge and freezer temps and set them to whatever temperature you wish. Unfortunately the display is completely blank now. If I unplug the fridge from the wall outlet and plug it back in the display will work for a very short period of time and then will go blank again & the compressor doesn't run. When I install a 3-N-1 SUPPCO, the compressor starts & runs, but no display & it doesn'

... GE Profile Stainless Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser 22.2 Cu. Ft. - PFS22SIS

I have a Kenmore Chest Freezer model 253.14772100 sometimes when the lid closes the freezer display goes to OFF and the freezer shuts off. When you adjust the temp it waits a minute then starts clicking back up one degree at a time and other times shuts off. The dig display wors off and on. What is my problem?

... Refrigerators

Whirlpool Gold GC5NHAXSB03 french door refridgerator/freezer. 3yrs old, all of sudden, freezes everything in the fridge. Control / Display shows inside fridge temperature 70 degrees (everything frozen) freezer 0 degrees. Seems to me like a temp sensor in the fridge portion not working?

Yes, the thermostat for the fridge section has failed and it will have to be replaced.\012\012\012 Here it ishttp://www.appliancepartspros.com/part_details.aspx?part_id=4299920And here is the diagram with its locationhttp://ww ... Refrigerators

Hi On a GE fridge bottom mount freezer--cooling coils icing up-- defrost thermostat & heater are okay--main control board has been replaced twice.Fresh food side is too warm--electronic temp. board says 33 degrees f. but thermometer showed 50.Damper control is letting air flow in.Model # of fridge is PDS22MBPBBB.Also comp- ressor is cycling on & off.Even when fridge was de-iced--fresh food never gets colder than 50 degrees F. Rene

Hi,I don't see where you have changes the temperature sensor.They do go bad and when that happens the board can get a false reading and think the fridge is colder then it really is. Then it does just what you are describing... ... Refrigerators

I have a Norcold 1200LRIM fridge in my motorhome. It started beeping and getting a "no co" code in the display. I called Norcold and they told me to contact an authorized service center. I did this and they determined it was the cooling unit. That was replaced by them and there is no more beeping or error code but the fridge is not getting cold enough. The freezer is running about 20-30 degrees and the fridge box it running at 43-48 degrees. Any suggestions? Also about how long should this fri

... Thetford Norcold RV Cooler/Freezer

LG LFC25760TT fridge/freezer french door; 3 years old. No problems until this week. We returned from vacation to find the freezer working fine but the fridge light would not turn on and the fridge was room temperature. The digital display numbers were still showing (35 degrees and -1 degrees). I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. The fridge then started cooling again and the light works. My questions: Is this a fluke? Is this problem likely to happen again? Just wondering how to best pro

Hi Stephen.The problem was either a defective defrost thermostat, or a frozen damper fan.Problem is fixed by defrosting the unit completely. If problem was the defrost thermostat, or a problem concerning the defrost system (th ... LG LFC25760TT Titanium Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a Samsung model RS265LABP side by side ref/free. after you plug it in it works fine for a couple of days. Then it sounds like a small fan under and in back is hitting it's blade on something, like ice build up. The temp starts going up untill it will not keep thing cool. The digital display on the front showes "0" deg.for the freezer, and "43" deg. for the fridg. It seemes to effect the fridg. side more than the freezer. If you take the center panel out of the inside back of the fridg I h

Usually there are two things that go wrong on this fridge.1. Little fan in the freezer that pushes cold air into the fridge\015\012section will freeze up. Bracket it is in has some weird incline angle\015\012and is prone to icing up. Ther ... Haier HTE14WAA Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Samsund SRS579NP both fridge and freezer not getting to right temperature. I don't think that the temp gauge is working properly. the fridge says that it is -1 degree but its deffiantly not that temp. Can anyone help

My first thought is dirty condenser coils (the coils on the bottom of the refrigerator behind the kick panel). You wouldn't believe how much impact a large accumulation of dust and lint on these coils can have on the efficiency and operation of a ref ... Samsung Refrigerators

Bottom freezer temperature rises as high as 35 degrees and drops only to a low of 15 degrees continually. ongoing for a month now. french doors fridge now has temp. fluxes within this past week. temp. goes as high as 45 to a low of 30. is something i can do or is this in need of a technician. my model # is PFS22MISBBB. bought in 2007

Check the defrost thermostat , and any temp sensor that can determine the freezer temperature.If this fridge temperature is electronically controlled, the freezer control board must also be tested. ... GE Profile PFS22MBW French Door Refrigerator

My Miele fridge freezer KFN8762SDED has a problem in the fridge section. The temperature varies between 4 and 13 degrees. If I put on the super chill the temp comes down to normal, 4 degrees only to rise again when the super chill goes off

Hi Jean, Sorry I have no solution - but have an identical issue with my Miele fridge freezer... - In case you have managed to find a solution, I would be grateful if you could let me know what it is, to save me from running around... ?? Best wishes ... Miele KFN8762SDED Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Both Fridge and freezer will not cool - both are at around 45-47 degrees. I press max cold button, LED displays indicate 6 on the freezer and 34 on the fridge, but after several hours temps return to 45-4. I've even resorted to 'rebooting' (power-cycling).

... KitchenAid Architect 24.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

My fridge is a Whirlpool side by side about 25 years old, model # ED19TKXMNR0. Got up one morning, opened the door and the interior was soaked with condensation. I could hear it running but not as loud as usual, like it was idleing. Checked the freezer temp, 40 degrees. Looked like it was not running for 3 or 4 hours. I panicked ! Twisted the temp control in the freezer back and forth a few times, nothing. About 10 minutes went by and it started to run and cooled down to normal. This was last Su

Hello,From what you posted, there is nothing wrong with your refrigerator, your refrigerator was only going through defrost, that was the reason for the interior that was was soaked with condensation, while the refrigerator was idle, it w ... Refrigerators

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