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Ice buildup, not cooling well - Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

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The ice build up on the cooling coils prevents you fridge from cooling properly. You need to unplug it and allow the ice to melt. When the coils are free of ice, the fridge should work better. Hope this helps you.

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Ice buildup, not cooling well - Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

The ice build up on the cooling coils prevents you fridge from cooling properly. You need to unplug it and allow the ice to melt. When the coils are free of ice, the fridge should work better. Hope this helps you. ... Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

Ice build up in small sanyo fridge - Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

... Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

We got a used whirlpool refrigerator with ice maker last year out of some houses that were being demolished. Was a good looking clean appliance and ran well. Last Saturday my husband got some ice out and then later this week we noticed the refrigerator part - its a 1994 - had stopped cooling even though we turned the cool lower. The freezer is still cold, but things in the door have thawed a little and the ice maker isn't making more ice but I see frost building up in back wall. I haven't n

\012 \012 \012\012 \012\012 \012 \012 \012 \012 \012 \012\012\012Find defrost timer ( ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

On June 5 had ice and frost buildup in the back of the freezer - that caused the refrigerator not to cool the food. Shut off and melted all the ice. Turned back on and has worked. Now just noticed ice build up again. What's causing this?? Refrigerator is not cooling as it should Help!!

Have you cleaned to condensor coil on the back of the box at the bottom where the compressor is at take a vacuum cleaner and clean the coils see if this helps sounds like you have an airflow problem. ... Maytag 22 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator MBL2262HES / MBR2262HES

My Amana ABB2224 refrigerator with freezer on the bottom is accumulating ice in the freezer bottom as well as frost on the freezer back wall. Both the refrigerator and freezer are cooling normally. Th

... Amana ABB2224WE

Sanyo SR-480 compact refrigerator - Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

... Sanyo SR-4910M Compact Refrigerator

My side by side is not cooling well on either the freezer side on the refrigerator side...have both sides jacked up to nine ...it is still cooling but not cold enough!! The ice cream is soft, but the meats and other items are still frozen. Seals are great...the refrigerator is still running...dumped the ice container, maybe thinking that may be it.

Clean the coil behind the fridge or under the fridge (where ever they are) and make sure both fans are running, the one in the freezer and the one underneath ... Refrigerators

I have a new refrigerator and the ice maker is not making ice however it is water in the feed water line. Actually, I got a few small pieces of ice since I got the refrigerator installed last week. Also, the top part of the refrigerator is not cooling enough regardless it is setup to 7 (LG recommend 4). The freezer which is at the bottom is set to 4 and seems to work well

... LG LFX23961SW Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My refrigerator does not cool properly. The freezer does not have ice built up and the fan is working, I can here it blowing when i open the freezer. The freezer almost works too well, it is at its lowest setting and the refrigerator part is set at 7 its highest setting. The items in my fridge seem to be just cool enough. The freezer is a bottom drawer. Please help the refrigerator is only 2 yrs old and it has always been this way. The warranty has expired.

The lowest setting in the freezer compartment may be set to cold holding back cooling to the refrigerator. Try your settings at mid-point on both refrigerator and freezer settings. ... Kenmore 73503 Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I've got a six year old Kenmore side by side 106.56534400 refrigerator. Everything in the freezer melted. Refrigerator compartment is warm. Freezer fan and condenser fan underneath are both running. Condenser coils are fairly clean, brushed and vacuumed. Turned off refrigerator overnight. Restarted. Cooled and made ice for about 6 hours, before starting to melt and get warm again. Evaporator coils are clear with no ice or frost buildup. What seems to be the problem?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

GE Profile 21 cu ft. goes continuously except upon defrost, "once a day" for about 30 minutes. Unit cools both on freezer side and refrigerator side (ice cream ok and milk ok). Repairman replaced "cool control" unit and refrigerator still goes continuously. Under unit has been cleaned well. Any ideas on why the unit goes continuously"?

Open the doors and feel the middle strip.if that's hot check the condenser fan to make sure it's running and clean out the coil in the back.pull out the machine,remove the bottom panel,on the right side you'll see the coil,with a shop vac vac off the ... GE Profile Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser Energy Star 25.6 Cu. Ft. - PSS26LGS

Hello, I have a side by side Model # MSD2758GEB Refrigerator. The freezer is working fine but the fridge does not cool well. There isn't ice jam where the air is coming from. I checked the back of the freezer there is not ice jam and the fan in the freezer works. The drawers on the bottom is 38F and the top drawer is 42F and the fan in this drawers are on. When the freezer is on and its bowing air cool air comes in the fridge but after the freezer turns off so does the incoming air in the fridg

You have a defrost problem. You will need to thaw out your unit by turning the fridge off for a day or night before you install the new parts. if you will give us a call, we'll be sure to send the right parts out to you right away so you can repair t ... Maytag MSD2758GEB Side by Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire Custom Imperial 19 cu. ft. refrigerator w/freezer at bottom and ice dumps in box on freezer door. Stopped cooling as well and so turned thermostat up to coldest setting. All meat had thawed and ruined in freezer especially in bottom of basket. Also ice in box on door will sometimes melt and water and ice will be in box. When I took the freezer apart I had to use a hair dryer to remove the insulation in front of the evaporator coil as it had flat pieces and chunks of ice attached and

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Sanyo 4.9cu.ft. compact refrigerator heats rather than cools

I'd already picked up a replacement (B&D 2.7cf) before I found the website and asked the question,,,, hoped for a quick fix answer and I'd be able to return the B&D.... oh well. With 'designed' obsolescence and 'disposable' appliances, Robert ... Sanyo Refrigerators

After hearing a clicking sound for serveral days, I found that my Ice Maker inmy Kenmore Side by side model 106.552400 was no MAKING ice. However, water is able to be dispensed as well as what little ice has remained in the bin. No leaks are apparent behind the refrigerato and nothing else has been disturbed. On another model, water collects in the floor and crispers but the refrigerator otherwise freezed and cools okay.

The clicking sound was from the icemaker. Check the icemaker arm is not stuck and should move freely. If the arm is all the way up then this will **** off the production of ice from the ice maker. If the arm is down it should be producing ice. The cl ... Refrigerators

After struggling with my Maytag side by side (model MZD2766GES) for the past week, I think I finally have my freezer working as it should. However, it's on its coldest setting because I'm trying to get my refrigerator to cool. It feels warm. Why isn't cold air flowing over from the freezer? My ice cube maker is'nt making ice. Could my ice maker be locked up because of a recent thaw from the door being cracked open for a couple days and it's affecting it's operation? I scraped away the buildup of

If the refrigerator is not cooling, and if there is no air circulation, ten the repair is done testing the damper motor, then replacing either damper motor or damper control ( ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool GD5SHA XLTO2 problems. Last night, awoke to a sort of burnt plastic smell coming from refrigerator. Turned off ice maker and smell stopped coming out. Today, freezer was not keeping things frozen, then refrigerator side quit cooling as well. Turned the refrigerator off to see if it would reset. Did not make any noticeable change.

Sounds as if your overload relay, controlling your compressor has burnt out heres a part number that should getyou back in working order( complete with intructions pn# 8201786 ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

My Sanyo SR-4433S does not seem to be cooling. It was getting super cold, so we turned it down. Then all the frost melted and now it won't cool down anymore. There was ice solidly around a thin tube in the back of the refrigerator. It sounds like it is on, but it's not cooling down. Any suggestions?

It may be low on freon. Ice on the tube is an indicator of low freon level. ... Sanyo 4.4 cu. ft Counter-High Refrigerator, SR-4433S

My Sanyo SR-1030S is frozen. The freezer cools but the refrigerator does not. Ice has built up in freezer and refrigerator.

... Sanyo Refrigerators

Not cooling Frost buildup in freezer, not making ice today, now refrigerator part is starting to not keep cool...we have vacuumed underneath and unkinked the coil in back. Only 3 years old.

Side by side its an adaptive defrost or a evap fan\015\012 open the freezer, push the door button, if you can hear the fan, its the adap,,, \015\012but you would want to inspect the defrost terminator as well.... but you can do that aft ... Refrigerators

The refrigerator is 19 months old. The refrigerator side has quit cooling 24 hours ago and now the freezer has quit working. We have emptied both sides and have noticed ice buildup on the inside of the freezer vent at the bottom, inside. Shut the unit off and allowing to defrost. What could the problem be?

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freeze ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

I have a Kenmore refrigerator side-by-side model 25351399104 that makes a constant clicking noise every 13 seconds. I also believe the fan has not shut off in weeks. It is cooling just fine and no ice buildup. It is coming from the top in between the freezer and main part. (I already shutoff the ice maker and took that out of the equation.)

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a relatively new (3 yrs old) Whirlpool Gold refrigerator (Model GD5RHAXTS01). We unplugged the unit for 3 months while away from the home. Upon our return we plugged in back in and it is not cooling the refrigerator or freezer section nearly well enough. Also, the ice maker is not working. Water is properly flowing to the dispenser on the door and all the lights inside the unit also appear to be working properly. There is frost build up on the back of the freezer (visible from the in

Actually this is not uncommon, and here a few simple things that you can check. i also had this same problem and found that the air dampers were stuck from sitting so long. ... Refrigerators

My Refrigerator has cooling problem. The evaporator not working properly, actually compressor working well and cooling system is working OK. The evaporator fan time to time stop and not working and other symptom is frost de-icing system very short period activating. I believe the system have a electrical problem either from defrost timer. Thank you for your time and consideration

Ok the evap moter will only run went the doors are closed and a standared run time for a defrost is 20min every 6 hours if no electronic pc boards are in effect ... Bosch KSU49630 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Is kenmore refrigerator model 71182 energy star ? the fridge is only cooling to 50. we defrosted the freezer because ice tray water kept missing and frosting up freezer, now fridge doesn't cool well enough even after defrost. We thought we'd just replace it if it's not energy star but if it is we may try to fix it. My research tells me it could me the defrost timer but it seems like a shot in the dark. Advice?

It sounds like the fill tube which supplies the ice maker water , has slid out of the retainer , behind the freezer panel . Pull the refrig out , and where the water line goes up into the retairner , remove the 2 screws . Pull the retainer out , get ... Kenmore 71182

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