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How do i turn off deodorizer light on samsung fridge

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How do i turn off deodorizer light on samsung fridge

... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a samsung model number srs615dp and I am unable to stop the beeping from the lock light which is on, all buttons are lock and I am unable to change the temp or do anything with the pannel. I have turned of the fridge for a few hours with no luck , I have held in the fridge and freeser button together for up to 10 sec with still no luck


I have the samsung Rs2533sw/xaa. 2 nights ago, we turned off the kitchen breakers to install a light and ever since we turned on all the breakers again, the refrigerator has not been operating properly. The freezer temp seems to be okay, but the fridge side shows a temp of around 50 degrees, even after i have manually lowered it. We tried to re-trip the breakers but we are still experiencing the same problem. Is there a way to reset all of the setting or reset the control panel? or do you ha

\012Sounds\012like you just need to do a reset, press and hold the top 2 buttons\012till it flashes then let go. If you hold it to long it will run a\012diagnostic mode and may lock up on a blinking light. The\012blinking light is a trouble ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung SRS618DP side by side fridge/freezer, was working butmoved house, during the move the fridge must have been damaged. When power is turned on at wall two loud clicks can be heard from behind the touchpad on the left/freezer door and only the very top right segment of the temp display lights up? i am a refrigertaion techbut cant find any literature on this fridge... please help

... Samsung Refrigerators

Vestfrost W155 Wine Cooler: Door Light sensor appears broken. When i open the door the the wine fridge the light comes on, however when i close the fridge door the light stays on. The light button will not turn it off so to get it to go off I need to turn the cooler off and then back on again. Once I do this I can turn the light on/off manually until I open the door again. It appears the sensor is broken - in the middle of the door there what looks to be a magnetic sensor as opposed to t

... Ariston Technologies CBC96 Wine Cooler Refrigerator With Ice Box

Vestfrost W155 Wine Cooler: Door Light sensor appears broken. When i open the door the the wine fridge the light comes on, however when i close the fridge door the light stays on. The light button will not turn it off so to get it to go off I need to turn the cooler off and then back on again. Once I do this I can turn the light on/off manually until I open the door again. It appears the sensor is broken - in the middle of the door there what looks to be a magnetic sensor as opposed to t

Palit ... Refrigerators

How to turn off child lock light on samsung fridge model srs616dhss

... Samsung CoolTech Plus / Basic Bottom Mount Refrigerator SR-L676EV

My Samsung double door fridge display is frozen. The Deodorizer and Twin Cooling lights are illuminated but nothing happens when any other buttons are depressed.

... Samsung RS2578BB Side by Side Refrigerator

My samsung side by side fridge/freezer has a flashing light on the fridge temp control 3rd light down but the freezer has stopped working. The lights still on in the fridge but I can't control the temp on any off it. The last temp I had the fridge on was minimal as it hardly had anything in it so it's stuck on that setting if working at all. The serial number is Samsung Interlect DA68-11152F

... Samsung SRS20DTD Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a 18month old Ariston fridge freezer NMBL 1922 CVW/HA which will not refreeze. Can you help? The freezer was defrosted and now will not refreeze the fridge, freezer and power on lights are all flashing indicating a warm cabinet. The troubleshooting guide suggests to turn off the freezer control switch and then turn off the power. Then turn on the power again, after 8 minutes the fridge compressor starts. We have left the fridge on for 4 hours, to cool the fridge, and then turned

... Refrigerators

Flashing lights I turned the fridge off and tried to turn it back on, the temperature control lights started flashing and the fridge will not turn back on.

It takes a few miniute to turn on ... Kenmore 53092 / 53094 Side by Side Refrigerator

The fridge is blowing the 12 volt fuse as soon as I power up the motor home, The fridge is turned off and it still blows the fuse, I tried to undo the 2 wires that go to the 12 volt block on the fridge and turned the power on to the motor home and it does not blow the fuse and eveything workes fine that is on the fuse example, the stove light,fan,outside light are all on the same fuse, And everything works as long as I have those 2 wires disconnected as soon as I hook up those 2 wires it just bl

Unplug the wire located at terminal J4 (12v positive) on the control board, and see if you are still popping fuses. If so, then the fault lies between the wire you just removed and the fuse that keeps blowing. If the fuse holds, and blo ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a Waeco HDC-270 installed on a boat. MY model has three lights Green, Red & Orange on the top edge of the fridge, also a push button. My freezer keeps turning off, when this happens the Red light goes off. I can't find any instructions manuals that are the same as my fridge. Can you let me know what these lights are for, and can I turn the freezer back on by pushing these buttons etc. Hoping you can help. Regards Rosanne.

... Refrigerators

Sears Kenmore 5560-40 Clicking ice maker - came home tonight and went to put groceries away. Everything in fridge and freezer warm - lights in fridge and freezer on - led information lights on top info panel in fridge off. Compressor off. ice maker still clicking. Turned ice maker to "off" position, unplugged fridge for a few minutes, plugged it back in - led info lights on - compressor started about 15 seconds later - compressor still running. Unit purchased in 2004. Did the ice maker trip a

... Kenmore 55602 / 55604 / 5560 / 655609 Side by Side Refrigerator

I Recently found my water line frozen, turned of fridge freezer and dethawed the fridge after renewing the water filter i turned the fridge back on and there is power and the light is working but the display panel will not turn on and the fridge freezer does not work. Model: DA99/00494B

You may have to reset the temp settings for fridge and freezer and wait for temp to drop. Look in operators manual for start-up instrcutions, or a phone number to call for technical assistance. ... Samsung Refrigerators

I emptied my fridge, unplugged it, and went on vacation for 6 weeks. when i returned it would not work. when i plugged it in, the inside light turned on but that's it. eventually, i found an small orange dial (inset so not to be readily seen) on the top of the inside of the fridge that is not well in sight. i managed to turn it w/a screw driver and the fridge came on. but, now it turns off and doesn't work unless i turn that orangeish screw from time to time. suggestions? was a knob once at

Good day,If that shaft you turn will only turn clockwise, then it is the timer.If so, it sounds as iffy the contacts internally are bad.It's non-repairable, so you will have to remove the top cover, and rem ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a powerpoint fridge model trf295. it seems to be still working but not well, the 5 lights for the freezer are all off and super freeze seems to not work and every now and then the alarm goes off so i have held the button in the super freeze light flashes and then you hear a noise like some thing is turning on or off not sure what? this might even turn off the up fridge till i hold it down again confused

... Refrigerators

MI have an active smart fridge/freezer. and both fans don't work. last year we had a hurrincane and during the hurricane the fridge was beeping and all the green lights were flashing so I turned it off. it was off for a month as we had no power on the island.When I turned the fridge back on the freezer was cold but the product compartment did not get cold - so I have replaced both fans, the sensor,both door seals - the green lights work the freezer works but the fans wont go can someone please

On the back of your refrigerator under that metal cover is whats known as a motherboard http://www.appliancepartspros.com/part_details.aspx? ... Refrigerators

Samsung refrigerator the light is off, it beeps every few minutes, the fan inside the fridge doesn't run but has power getting to it according to the service man. The circuit board has been replaced and still the fan and light doesn't come on. The freezer is working but the fridge temp doesn't go lower then 9'C. The coil in the fridge is cold and working. It has been unplug a few times with no change except the light will work for 10 mins. then goes off again. The repair man is stumped and can't

... Samsung RB2155 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung SR-S20ntd Hi, I've got a side by side fridge freezer, Samsung SR-S20NTD. Fridge cools, but freezer is freezing, but display is all over the place. Opened it up, took the inned panels off. Compressor turns on, but fans don't do anything (fridge nor freezer fan). checked the fans and on a separate power source, they both go. No voltage on the fan connector inside the fridge, nor freezer. Wanted to check the thermostats, but can't seem to find them. (was looking for the small cylinder

... Refrigerators

The freezer is cool and the fridge is warm. Light comes on when I open door. Fridge about 6 yrs old. Condensation turns into frost on back wall of freezer. I clean it out and it comes right back. My food in fridge will have to be thrown out in a day or two. This happened about 2 days ago. I've turned it off for 8 hrs, then on again -- same thing - cool in freezer, warm in fridge

Your fridge likely has a defrost system problem. Either defrost heater, defrost thermostat, defrost timer is faulty or a connection is bad somewhere in the defrost circuit. Leave refrigerator running for a couple of hours before testing components, t ... Whirlpool ET1FTKXK Top Freezer Refrigerator

My Candy fridge freezer CPC240FFK seems to turn itself off - light goes out and no sound. If I turn it up to Super it does work, but the fridge is too cold, and when I turn it down it goes off again. Now it is playing up even when on Super, swithching itself on and off. Can you diagnose the problem? SCW

I recently found out that there is a component in a fidge called a control board this basically tells the fridge what to do i recently had a variety of problems with my candy F/F starting with the interior light not working it turned out to be the ... Candy CPCA240FFK Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a whirlpool fridge freezer, the light that comes on when fridge door is opened, blew at the week end a spark came out of the light panel and left a small burn mark around light panel, the motor and freezer is still working fine, but I have turned it off for safety reasons. Can this be easily fixed

The flash of light may have been caused by a loose light fitting, you should get a technician to have a look at it ... Refrigerators

Just got a new fridge EW23SS65HS electrolux the freezer works great as soon as we plug it in but the fridge is barely cold after being plugged in for 2 hours and the 4 lights in the fridge do not turn on. last but not least, the panel control or wave touch does not light up and does not respond to touch. what is up?

I would call up Electrolux and explain this to them ! If its new they will help you slove this problem. ... Electrolux EW23SS65HS (225 cu ft) Side by Side Refrigerator

The lights im my fridge stayed on and melted the light cover. the buttons on the top of the doors do not turn off the light. I need this taken care of immediately because the covers & wires are laying in my fridge.

... LG 22 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator, LRFC22750

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