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Samsung rf217ac It's not working it's not cooling

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Get NEW one obviously has broken cannot fix it !

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Samsung rf217ac It's not working it's not cooling

Get NEW one obviously has broken cannot fix it ! ... Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung Refrigerator I have 1 year old samsung side by side refrigerator. one morning I woke up and the food inside the refrigerator are warm. The refrigerator is still working but not cooling. I tried lowering the temp by pressing the digital button outside but it did not work. I turned off for about 12 hours with doors open and still did not work. Although, the water filter indicator needs to be replace. Do you think the water filter has something to do with the refrigerator not cooling? I am

This unit has a history of problems on the refrigerator side. the basic reset is press and hold down the 2 middle buttons on the freezer at the same time. As a general rule the number one problem is in the mother board. usually you can replace it ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung SR-S22FTCS I have 1 year old samsung SR-S22FTCS side by side refrigerator. one morning I woke up and the food inside the refrigerator are warm. The refrigerator is still working but not cooling (AT THE SAME TIME FREEZER IS OK). I tried lowering the temp by pressing the digital button outside but it did not work. Although, the water filter indicator needs to be replace. Do you think the water filter has something to do with the refrigerator not cooling? THANKS VEDO

Dear friend\015\012The water filter doesn't affect the cooling perfomance of ref.ther may be problem of defrosting of ref.compartment.\015\012\015\012regards\015\012sandy ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Samsung RS2555SW Side by Side Fridge. Recently the cooling side quit cooling and i had the defrost heating unit replaced which had iced up and quit working. That solved a problem for a while. Then the cooling side started freezing everything even though the temp indicated 4 degrees. The thermostat or temp sensor was checked and appeared to be working ok. It stopped freezing and worked ok for a week or so and then started freezing everything again. It stopped freezing things but now app

Hello,Your fridge not working is a fridge repair job that you can do without the help of a professional. Often the fridge has a frost-free failure, or the compressor is faulty but there are many other reasons for a fridge not cooling properly. ... Samsung Refrigerators

I have a samsung RS2530BB twin x flow freezer side working fine but refrigeration isn't get cool or working igeraton isn't cool or working

... Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung RL33SB fridge is not working despite cooling lights being on. The freezer however is working. How do I get the fridge part to start cooling / working?

... Samsung Refrigerators

I Have a Samsung RF265AB The fridge part is cooling fine but the freezer just quit working. We called a repair man and they said it was a leak but if it was a leak wouldn't the top part not be cooling either? Is there anythign else we can try. The compresser is working and the fans are working just nothing happening. Thanks

That's because Samsung utilizes two cooling systems. One for the Freezer. One for the Refrigerator. ... Samsung RF265AB (258 cu ft) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a samsung side by side refrig. the refrige side no longer cools. the freezer side still works. the refrig was purchased in 2006. we had it serviced about a year and one half ago for the same problem. the cooling coil that cools the refrige side had to be replaced. apparrently the unit froze up. we had to unplug the for a day, the unit might work again

Hello,Sounds like you have a defrost problem since the freezer side is working okay . It probably is not blowing cold air into the refrigerator side , so to check the defrost circuit , unplug the refrigerator and inside the refrigerator s ... Refrigerators

I bought samsung double door refrigerator model RT23 in May 2008 till last 8 months it was working well. Since last four months it is not working properly and it is not getting cool. When i complained to customer care one technician had come and said you need to keep the refrigerator in max cool as humidity is high and he put the nab to the maximum that is in freezer and in the bottom he put the nab in 6th point but still it is not getting cooled properly. Earlier for example when we put water f

... Refrigerators

My Samsung RS2534WW Refridgerator does not cool below 50. Power cool does not seem to have and effect. I checked the compressor it is ok, The Freezer is ok. Cools to -4 ok. Power Freeze Works ok. The condensers(?) on the back oare clean No dust build up. The fan next to the compressor works. I downloaded the service manual. I did the manual diagnostic check and it is ok, no blinking or illuminated LED segments. The next step I am going to try is to remove the plastic from inside the fridge and s

... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung rfg297 fridge twin cooling fans don't work. Compressor runs and is warm to the touch, but capillary tubes don't feel cool. Condensor fan works. Temp for freezer and fridge are at lowest setting. No help.

... Samsung RFG297AARS (285 cu ft) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

The refrigerator side of my Samsung model RS265LBWP is not cooling sufficiently. The compressor is working and I have vacuumed out the dust from behind the access panel on the back of the fridge. The freezer side seems to be working fine. I have tried the power cool button and the temp remains the same. Please help.

... Samsung RS265LBWP 21.6 Cu. Ft. Side by Side Refrigerator with Twin Cooling System - White

I purchased double door 310 ltr. Samsung refrigerator in 2006. We fixed refrigeator compartment thermostat at low cool and went out for two months in May 2010. . When we returned increased cooling. Even after putting thermostat on high cool, cooling was not sufficient and water started dripping in refrigerator and coming out of the refrigertor compartment. Freezer compartment was working satisfactorily. The local technician indicated that drainage was blocked. He opened the freezer compa

... Samsung Refrigerators

Our refrigerator (Samsung) is only about 3-4 yrs. old. The refrigerator has been acting up and now the freezer isn't working. My husband has pulled the refrigerator out and defrosted behind the drawers where the ice is accumulating and it seems to work for a while. The freezer is now not cooling. He has unplugged it and then plugs it back in and it will work for a few hours, but then heats up to 40 or 50 degrees again.

Maybe it's your motor that has worn away? ... Refrigerators

I have a Samsung Refrigerator model no RT40MAEW ITS not cooling as much as it do previously. it is dual door freezer is working fine but the lower door cooling is not much i have changed the temperature to the max but its still the same.the water bottle portion cooling is not effective pls help.................

TELL US ABOUT DEFROST SYSTEM ... Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung RS2578SH Refrigerator stopped cooling, but freezer is fine, It is 6 yrs old and just bought it used, the guy said it worked fine, I plugged it in 5 days ago and everything cooled, then last night the digital temperature guage started blinking that it was catching up to the temperature. so in the manual it says to unplug unit for 9 minutes to reset, but it will not cool

... Samsung RS2578BB Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, I have Samsung freeze model No SRL551DP >both freeze and freezer. is not working.both has light, it flashes. If I turn main switches on and off it works again for four hours freeze and freezer cools then after four hours it stops working again. Again I have to turn main switches off and on again to work. Year ago techinican changed the thermo fuse. In my view it is not able to turn it on itself after it stops Thanks

Check the evaporator how much frost build up. if it build up block air way. the heat element or defrost thermostat is bad . otherway check the condensor make sure clean ... Refrigerators

Samsung model rs2577sl side by side refrigerator was unpluged then pluged back back in and display panel does not work nor does it cool but the lights inside work and also the water dispenser works nor does it freeze

Hi,This seems problem is with the main control board,Because you say the lights works and display panel works.It seems this is an short circuit on the board or the main control board.Use multi meter to test on the board.Check for t ... Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung RSH1NHMH not cooling on the fridge side.... It had been blinking for a while. I followed the manual and turned fridge off for 10 min and on again. The blinking stoppped, however the cooling is not perfect... It cooled from 16 Deg to only 14 overnight, while I'd set thermostat at 2 Deg...What can I do? Freezer works perfectly

... Samsung Refrigerators

Hello, I have Samsung RL33SBMS fridge, which works 'almost' ok: when it works, it is cooling properly. However, once a day (more or less), it simply stops turning motor on, so everything warms up and melts. However, if I turn it off and on, it starts working regularly. I had a technician, which tried to replace electronics, but nothing changed. Help!

This sounds like a bad defrost thermostat.Your evaporator coils frost up in normal use and\015\012every eight hours or so the entire unit shuts down and the defrost heater comes\015\012on to melt the frost. The defrost thermostat prevents ... Refrigerators

Hi, I have a Samsung SR503NTS Fridge Freezer. It has stopped cooling the fridge section. The freezer section is working fine. I pulled the back out of the freezer compartment, exposing the cooling coils etc, which were partially iced up. I have defrosted this area, however the fridge section is still not cooling after 12H.

Most samsung have a separate evaporator coil just for the fridge side. Check it out. If it's the other kind then The fridge gets its cold air from the freezer through a vent(damper) between the freezer and fridge.The fan in the freezer blows air thro ... Refrigerators

Samsung rsg5dumh twin cooling side by side american freezer. After a power cut digital display isnt working, Just flashing. unplugging doesnt work. have touched buttons in a particular order before wh

... Refrigerators

I have a samsung twin cooling fridge model: RS21NCSV power: 230V/50Hz model code:RS21NCSV1/XEU [A] temperature is playing up!! Freezer is working no problem. The fridge is getting cold but not cold e

You almost certainly have a problem with either defrosting or evaporator fan motor. Please verify your model number so I can pull up your unit to provide troubleshooting information. Thank you ... Refrigerators

Samsung side-by-side RS2544sl not cooling, freezer works great

... Samsung SRS20DTD Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung RS2556SH Hello, The freezer side of my refrigerator has stopped cooling. It was working fine yesterday, but then we discovered that our ice maker wasn't making ice when it ran out of ice in the tray. I unplugged the fridge hoping it would reset the ice maker but it ended up messing up the freezer side. My freezer is now at 54 degrees. I've tried unplugging it and leaving it for ten minutes but that didn't work. I've called a service company and they are coming out tomorrow but informed m

I have a samsung Refrigerator model No. RS2556sh. The Fridge temperature indicator is blinking at 38 degrees. What is the cause for it? How can stop it? Please anwser me through my email: [email protected] ... Samsung RS2556 Side by Side Refrigerator

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