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How do I access evaporator section to change fan or remove ice. When door is opened noise winds to a halt. Defrosted unit for 12 hrs, noise went almost away, however, it came back a few days later. Model is Samsung RM 255 LASH. Note: Rear of unit has only small access panel at bottom and no screws to remove elsewhere. Wondering if access to evap section is through inside of box?

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How do I access evaporator section to change fan or remove ice. When door is opened noise winds to a halt. Defrosted unit for 12 hrs, noise went almost away, however, it came back a few days later. Model is Samsung RM 255 LASH. Note: Rear of unit has only small access panel at bottom and no screws to remove elsewhere. Wondering if access to evap section is through inside of box?

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I have a Kenmore 21, bottom freezer. Model # 106.9631611. Over the last few months, it's noise level has increased. I took off the panel at the lower back side and cleaned it No problem there. Next I remove the rear metal panel in the freezer unit. Everything seemed OK there. The noise seems to be coming from behind and above the freezer unit.There doesn't appear to be access to that area, that I can see. Can you help?

I have the exact same problem. Did you figure this out yet? ... Kenmore 62232 / 62234 / 62239 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore 19' bottom freezer refrigerator model 596.62832200 refrigeration fins build up ice chunks preventing cooling in upper section. Only a small amount of air is felt. I have remove the bottom back panel in the past and have completely melted all of the ice. The unit then operates normally for 3-4 weeks, then is running warmer than usual followed by little colling in upper section.

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I have a Hotpoint side by side refrigerator Model HSS25IFMD WW. The freezer side works great but the refrigerator side stopped cooling. Things I have tried: Unplugged the unit and removed the back vent, Vacuumed around the motor and surrounding area to remove all dust. Replaced vent cover and plugged unit back in. Turned temp control up to above normal settings. Waited at least 30 minutes to see if unit would kick on to cool the refrigerator section. Nothing. Could there be a problem with the te

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We have GE Profile Refrigerator/Freezer(bottom section) model # PDS18LBMAWW. The Refrigerator section is room temp (temp control set to mid-point). The freezer section below is cold (ice cubes solid). I cleaned the very dusty compressor coil. Compressor fan is running and the compressor itself is running...I think. It is humming normally and with the lower back access panel off I can feel cold copper lines attached to the compressor unit. Do not feel any air circulating inside the re

I would assume you go into the fridge compartment and remove the inner panels,they may have screws or they may pop out(held with plastic clips.If you get to it defrost the coils and check for a drain that is frozen also.The food particles and such h ... Pds GE Profile Bottom-Freezer Drawer Refrigerator Energy Star 19.5 Cu. Ft. - PDS20MFS

Sanyo model SR-4310W Accidently penetrated the plate that freon is distributed. The bottom of the small freezer section. Noticed immediately gas escaping. Attempted to remove panel but the pipe or hose upper right corner does not budge. 1. Can it be removed for replacement? If so, how? 2. Can the freon be recharged? 3. Will the cost to repair be as much as buying a new one? 2.

Hi,\015\012To answer your questions...\015\012Yes, the panel can be removed, but it will take special tools to do it...\015\012It can be replaced and the system can be vacuumed and recharged...\015\012Check with a local applia ... Refrigerators

I have a GE Monogram model #ZISW42 side by side, with the cooling unit on top. In the last couple of days the fridge won't cool below 42 deg. The freezer makes ice, so I believe the freezer is 0 deg. After removing the styrofoam baffle, on the top front, where the flap diverter is, I get a temp reading of approximately 21 deg. The unit goes through the defrost cycle (35 min. each 10 hrs.) I notice the tube that runs under the drain pan is a lot hotter on the compressor side, than on the ev

... GE Monogram ZISS420NRSS 42" Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator (ZIS-S420NRSS, ZIS S420NRSS)

We purchased a new home which came with GE Stainless Steel side by side refrigerator model # GSS23WSTA SS less than two years ago. Tonight when we came home, the ice maker/water dispenser motor is making a noise. Sort of like a loud motor running noise, near the top of the freezer section. Everything still works properly, including the water/ice dispenser on the front of the freezer door. I inspected what I could by removing the ice tray and everything looks as though it is in proper working ord

... GE Refrigerators

I have a Ge Monogram side by side refrigerator. model #ZFSB25DMD SS. A tapping noise is coming from the custom cooler drawer at the bottom of the frig. I have tried to take it out ( the custom cooler) by removing the 3 obviou screw holding it in. There seems to be an additional fastener holding it that I can't find. Can anyone tell me how to remove this unit so I can fix what is rapping inside of it.

The fan is probably making the noise. See if this diagram helps. \015\012 ... GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

Model 501-65012 Refrigerator section is not cooling but lights and temp.panal are still lit. Freezer section is working. The fan at the back of the fridge is working. I don't hear the noise that I would typically hear. A guy came to check it out and he is suggesting that the electrical panal needs to be replaced and could run anywhere from $60-$600!!! Quite a range. He left the panal off the freezer and I plugged it in. The small fan was not turning....I am assuming that is what sends the cold a

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Amaana Model ABB2224DEQ 3 Years old. Unit stops cooling in the top refrig. compartment. Freezer seems ok. Remove food, let sit over night and then restart. Ran for two months and then did the same thing. Coils freezing up??? There is a noise that comes from the plastic housing in the top/back of the Refrig oompartment. One and off. Rather anoying. Bob F Email [email protected]

Warning! To avoid personal injury or even death, always disconnect your appliance from its power source--that is, unplug it or break the connection at the circuit breaker or fuse box--before you do any troubleshooting or repair work on your app ... Amana Refrigerators

My Frigidaire side by side refrigerator model #PLHS267ZDB2 is cooling on the lower section of the refrigerator and freezer. Any idea what is going on? the unit came with the house and I think it was built in Aug 2004. this happened two days ago and we removed all the food from the frig and unplugged it from the wall. I plugged it back in and the problem is still there.

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a kenmore elite bottom freezer refridgerator, model # 795.77249601, andI think that the evaporator fan is failing. How can I get a schematic of this unit, so that I can know how to remove the access panel, without breaking the plastic parts?

... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Our Amana side-by-side model SXD524VW (Belgium supplied and installed)stopped working. Lights still work. Some light noise (compressor?) can be heard. But it is warming up. Icleaned all out. It was really dirty after 8years operation :-( Is there a manual for this unit? There is a small black box at the front in the middle with a knob on it that will only permit turning clock-wise. What is it for?

HI thanks for your question. that little black box is the defrost timer. turn that knob till fridge starts up. and replace the defrost timer. thanks the appliance doc. please rate my answer. thanks ... Amana Refrigerators

My Icemaker no longer makes ice, I ordered a new "Icemaker control and Motor, thinking that it must the problem,but im thinking I have to remove the whole unit to install the new part to , is this necessary ? My son talked to a friend who had the same problem,the tech. said to reset everything, whatever that means , so my Son took a small screwdriver to a section on the side and slightly turned it thinking this would do it. so i will wait to see if this is all I need to do for now.If not I can

... Whirlpool Gold GB9SHDXP

Condenser fan barely runs on ge profile fridge model number pfs22sisbss resulting in an increased temp in the freezer section when I put a small external fan outside to cool the coils temperature has returned to normal. The questin is is it a bad fan or a bad control unit (motherboard) Thanks

The bearings on the condensor fan motor are dry. You can attempt to lubricate the motor with a parifin based oil using either Union 76 "Turbine Oil" or a product called ZOOM-Spout turbine Oiler that is available in most hardware and appliance parts ... General Electric GE Profile CounterTop Microwave - Model Number: PSHF6VGXBB Side by Side Commercial Refrigerator

I have whirpool refrig model ed5fhexns00 stop making ice seems module got stuck and i hear small noise i removed cover from module and behind is a wheel whic said "do not rotate manually" and wheel seems like try to move and got stucked.pls let me know how to fix it, thanks james.

... Whirlpool ED2FHEXN Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a e381t model refridgerator/freezer. there is a rattle/scraping noises coming from the fan in the freezer part. There is ice behind the protective sheet that separate the fan from the main area. Is there an easy/safe way to remove the protective sheet to remove the ice that has formed behind it? We assume it is this ice that the fan is hitting to make the noise. Also, will it put extra strain on the motor to leave the fridge running while we remove the ice? or do the compartments have

If there is noise of the fan rubbing with the frost build up on the freezer then it is confirmed that the defrost timer is faulty. Now shut off the fridge and leave it powered off while you clean and check the ... Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

I have model # RS2630WW Samsung regrigerator making a lot of noise that seems to be coming from the back panel area. When I remove the 8 screws, it's seems to be coming from the fan. (I disconnected the wire connecting the fan to the compressor and the noise stops.) It sounds like it could be the compressor, except for removing the wire connection. I tried moving the fan blades manually, and it seemed like the noise would come from the fan. Could any of the moving parts from the fan need lubr

Fan can not be lubricated and they can get noisy.\015\012however, a common reason is the fan blades hitting ice that has built up. check for this ... Refrigerators

Hi, I have an Amana bottom freezer Model BX22S5L and the Fresh Food section will not cool anymore no matter what the setting. The freezer section is fine so the compressor is running. Not sure if I should remove and replace the Fresh Food control. Would appreciate any help. If you think that is the problem, how is that control removed? Thanks so much, Bob

This could be a damper issue, and it could be a defrosting problem causing it to ice up and freeze shut. It could also be a control board problem. This site has some good reference diagrams and parts lists for your unit:\015\012 ... Refrigerators

The refrigerator section quit working though freezer sections works. Model lfc23760sb. Purchased 3/30/2009. There is some ice build up in freezer but very little. Refrigertor had been making noise prior to quiting for sometime. Currently there is popping noises coming from the back close to the frezer. Is this the circuit board problem reports by other? Is it worth fixing.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigeratornot Cool ... LG LFC23760SB Side by Side Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

ARS8265 requires frost buildup to be removed from the supply outlet between freezer section and refrigeration section. The doors are opened only briefly but still regular plugging of the outlet. Seems the unit is in prolonged defrost. Anyoner know how often the defrost is set for these units. Do you think possible defrost terminatin stat (does it have one)? Solid state defrost board present, can it be advanced out of defrost like the mechanical timers were?

The defrost on your model is began by the part=> 67001036 Defrost Timer All of this is hiding behind the contr ... Amana ARS2464BW Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE Model PSC23MG Refrigerator. The freezer section does not get cold enough. Starting several months ago the refrigerator was noiser than normal. I appeared that the noise was coming from the evaporator fan in the freezer section. The excessive noise stopped a month or so ago but it sounds like the evoporator fan is still running. The temperature in the freezer is barely cold enough to freeze items in the freezer. This also has caused problems with the ice maker because the ice pa

... GE Refrigerators

I have a Sharp model SJ-39F8W fridge it is an Australian model. lately the freezer is working perfectly but the fridge is not getting very cold at all. The thermostat in the fridge has no wiring it only closes a small door leading up to the freezer cabinet. I checked the thermostatic cut out on the compressor & that is still closed but the power has been cut to the compressor at intervals. On the top rear outside of the fridge there is a small plastic unit with 3 copper terminals inside which ha

As you noted there is a vent the cold air from the freezer comes through to cool the fridge and I assume it is open. The fan in the freezer blows the air through it.There is also a return vent at the bottom which allows for complete circulation. Make ... Refrigerators

My freezer door will not stay shut. Dometic Model RM2453. This is the model with the freezer compartment inside the unit. Springs in freezer door seem weak or broken.Can I safely remove the plastic spring casings inserted in the refrigerator liner to remove the freezer door without damaging anything?

Yes you can.remove two screws from under one side pull it away slightly and it will come away.you will then have one housing on both sides left in the fridge wall,they will have a little pressure on them from the springs. just prise them away. you wi ... Dometic RM2452 Refrigerator

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