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As I can test this engine? DA31-00020E

\015 Hi, As I can test this engine?. Thank you very much.\015

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As I can test this engine? DA31-00020E

... Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor - DA31-00020E

Samsung side by side fridge freezer sr-s2028css. having seeked advice from refridgeration engineer was told compressor was not working, had a new compressor fitted by another engineer but still existing problem remained, that is a clicking sound when compressor trys to start. having called out original engineer diagnosed faulty compressor again. As this seems unlikely to me and engineer that fitted the compressor, i would like a secondary opinion. Many Thanks Barry

Did they change the start relay as well as the compressor? On Samsung refers the start relays do not come with the compressor. If they didn't its possible that the start relay is clicking. ... Samsung Refrigerators

Whirlpool Gold refrigerator model GS6SHAXLB03 ice maker I have tested the optics per the whirlpool repair manual twice and both times they test OK. I can force an ice harvest but after the forced harvest the ice marker fills but will not harvest again unless forced. I remove the ice maker and test the thermostat(between T & H) and at room temp it is open. I also test the heater (between L & H) and got 138 ohms. Replace the whole ice maker ? or is this a thermostat and can you replace the thermos

Replace the ice maker . You can take a lot of time , measuring continuity , ohms , voltages , etc , but if you just replace the icemaker , jobs done . ... Whirlpool GS6SHAXLS Side by Side Refrigerator

GSH25JFTACC freezer coil icing up. Heater tests good. Thermostat tests good. Temp sensor on coil tests good. Temp sensor in fridge section tests good. Temp sensor in lower left corner of freezer - I cant find where the leads go.

Motherboard. Sounds bad, change it. ... GE Profile 23.3 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

Kitchenaide side by side, model # ksra25fk---freezer too cold (-10 to -15) & fridge side sometimes gets above 48 setting of the "overtemp" alarm. I ran the internal diagnostics test and everything checks out ok except during the air baffle test the baffles open and close, but the evaporator fan does not run. However, the evaporator fan runs during test 03 for the evaporator fan motor. I dismantled the back panel of the freezer--there is no frost buildup and the defrost coil heats properly. Both

You said it yourself, the 'air door' or baffles as you called them aren't not opening up to let some air out of the freezer, into the fridge. That's why the freezer sis so cold and the fridge is warm. The door is controlled by a thermistor. You will ... Refrigerators

Posted on Jan 29, 2010 KSSC48QMS01 control lights flashing with beeping sound. Solution # 1: Main control board is over temperature. Look for blocked condenser air flow or inoperative condenser fan motor. Refrigerator over 48°F or freezer over 15°F for 3 hours. Run diagnostics and test operation of all components. Both thermistors failed. Run diagnostics and test thermistors and thermistor leads. No feedback from evaporator fan motor. Run diagnostics and test fan motor and/or wiring. UPDATE: Che

... KitchenAid KSSC48QMS Side by Side Refrigerator

Test test test please do not answer - Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

Ok this has been on for a long time and i have no answere .. so i'm not going to answer but because its my birthday i thought i's say high. the food looks perrty good and i hope there is a birthday cake in ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a RSH1DBRS American style fridge freezer that an engineer has repeatedly been called out to since June 2010 then August now we have been told that because the problem still exists the engineer wants a new job number and washes his hands of it and Samsung says warranty has expired (the June call out was a goodwill gesture) each time the engineer is called out something new is fitted re: defrost sensor, defrost heater and a device that was fitted in August where do we stand please and if a

Depends what country you are in,if in the UK, then you have the sale of goods act.(suitable for the purpose,regardless of time warranty)why dont you email samsung uk.i am sure they would not like a stressed out housePERSON.lol. ... Samsung Refrigerators

HM325NI Hotpoint Hi there, our fridge stopped working about a month ago....we had an engineer visit who said he thought it was the compressor so he ordered the part and 2 weeks later another engineer came to fit the part and the fridge worked again. 2 days later thr fridge stopped working again and the freezer became less efficient. Another engineer came out last week to look at both parts and advised that compressor was never fitted and thought that problem maybe a blockage so he re-gassed it e

... Hotpoint Refrigerators

Cb900c I have a 1981 Honda cb900c custom and need to find the "engine number" in order to title it. Is this a general number for all 1981 cb900c customs? or is it more of a serial# I can't find it on the engine. Do you have any knowledge as to where the # is located on the engine? Thanks Dan

... Refrigerators

We tested the heating coil by: putting the probes in the pin connector for the black wire and the white/gray striped wire and it got continuity, the ohm meter beeped. Our ohm has 200 with the beep, 2k, 20k, 200k, 2000k + up - do you consider 200k to be Rx1 ? When we test the continuity of the element the reading is 22.3 @ 200k - we're assuming this means the element is good? We get no continuity reading on the black wire and the white wire - expected? is this ground ? Assuming we tested ev

> Our ohm has 200 with the beep, 2k, 20k, 200k, 2000k + up - do you consider 200k to be Rx1 ? \015\012\015\012The range designations are 'full scale' and with the normal range ending at 1999 for inexpensive meters, the 2K range ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

Air is not circulating properly. will not make ice cubes due to cold air not making it into ice compartment. there is a circuit board inside rear access panel and when the test button is pushed, it seems to test all functions. at that time the air circulates ok but all display led's are lit and none of the buttons do anything. if test button is pressed again, a 22 is displayed in the fridge and freezer setting display. if pressed again a 33 is displayed. pressed one more time to go back to

Hello,Welcome to FixYa.\015\012 \015\012Based on what you're describing, I'd suspect the issue is with what LG (that's the builder of your model of Kenmore) refers to ... Kenmore 73503 Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool ED5SHAXML11 and the ice maker does not work. I performed the optics diagnostics test and the results indicated they were bad. I replaced the emitter and receiver boards and retested and got the same results. I doubt the new boards are bad! Is there something else I need to test? If the optics don't work, how do you test the other components?

... Whirlpool ED5SHAXM Side by Side Refrigerator

Odd/puzzling problem with GE Arctica PSC23NSTE Opened refrigerator door and upper light was out, housing and shroud were very hot (this has happen twice in the past 3 months)...I checked the bulb for continuity and found it to be good, then I tested for voltage at the at the bulb socket (zero volts). I waited 30 minutes for the bulb socket and surrounding area to cool off, then tested for voltage (119 volts). A Fluke T5-600 meter was used for testing. Any ideas?

... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

My true fridge failed the pat test, apparently is is just outside the realms of the pat test. As this is a new fridge I have been asking around and have been told although outside the pat test it is safe because of other factors.. could you shed any light on this please. regards Mandy

... True Refrigerators

GE Side by side Refridgerator (Artica) model PSC25MSTA. Freezer and refer side not cold. Noticed coil under ice maker hot. Did a test on ice maker per GE web site instructions, Tested OK. Noticed cold air in freezer during test. Shut off ice maker last night. Freezer now at -7 degrees, Fridge at 37 degrees. Can the ice maker cause the freezer and refer to warm up?

Yes, it sure can. The icemaker turns on a heater to warm the mold, allowing the ice cubes to be pushed out. If the icemaker does not finish it's cycle for any reason, the heater keeps adding more heat, which will affect the refrigerators performanc ... Refrigerators

My ge model GSS22JFMCWW has frost on the inside of the freezer. I understand it to be a problem with the defrost thermostat, heater or timer. Is there a way to test each unit to see which is bad? Can I test resistance etc?

We ll see how u need to check the defrost timer....\015\012\015\012Before testing the defrost timer, unplug the freezer \015\012 to avoid an electrical shock hazard. \015\012 A mechanical def ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

With frig door open the light is not illiminated and the digital settings are not lit. There is a clicking sound that stops when the close door button is pressed. Removed light and tested in another device and it tested good. Is there a fuse or other item that is easily replaced?

In the back of the unit next to the compressor is a little white box. It has a circuit board in it. I moved the unit out took off covering and put my hand on the white box. I could feel it vibrating and so I went to and got a new circuit board, and p ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

Replaced water valve to ice maker -used jumper method on the ice maker to test - worked once then not again. checked the voltage coming in and it was 33 volts the ice maker also won't cycle with the jumper to the hole test. What's up? Whirlpool sideby side door ice container model # ED5SHAXML 10

You need to replace the icemaker . Pt # 2198597 . When you open the freezer door . the laser flash 2 times , then pause , then 2 more times continually (normal) ? If the laser does not light at all , then icemaker is in the harvest mode ( may be stuc ... Refrigerators

I have just bought a brand new Maytag american fridge freezer but when my plumber fitted it he noticed the door on the freezer side doesnt shut properly and there is a gap all around the door. I contacted Maytags customer services dept as the product was only 10 days old they say that they cannot offer a replacement as all faults have to be reported within 7 days. Their only offer was to send a service engineer out to my appliance. The engineer came last week and didnt know how to take the door

Under sale of goods act, appliance has to be fit for the purpose. exchange of a faulty new appliance is not automatic but repair has to be carried out within a reasonable time and the normal ruling of a reasonable time is 1 month.\015\012demand ... Maytag Refrigerators

My samsung frige freezer RL41WGTB first broke down at about 7 months old - They changes sensors etc but no kidding it took 6 visits to get it fixed - the final engineer said it needed gas so he did that explaining it should be weighed but see how it goes ! so it went again for 10 weeks - this time the fidge has packed up - freezer still going - engineer did not turn up ! then rang and made another appt - came and said too much gas - but said he was not a gas man ! nevertheless released some gas

I suspect fault is nothing to do with gas and as this unit uses r600a, gas needs to be dosed exactly - no good just squirting a bit in!\015\012if freezer is ok, i guess fault is with the fan jammed. ... Samsung Refrigerators


I`ve had no dealings with this particular machine but, Is there any power getting to the heater?? If not, you`ll probably find a relay on the PCB, I`ve had it in the past where this relay can fail, the coil goes open circuit. Also if it is gettin pow ... Refrigerators

How do you test the defrost heater to see if it is functioning? We had same issue several years ago and the defrost heater was the issue. Before we buy parts, is there a way to test to see if that is truly the issue?

You can remove the wires from the heater and using a volt/ohm meter set for ohms,test the heater terminals. If it reads it is good. If it does not read it is bad.Or,you can force the fridge into the defrost mode and wait for the heater to come ... GE Refrigerators

Ice/food defrosting The food is not freezing solid, it is always only partly frozen, and the ice melts, then suddenly re-freezes causing a solid block with a lot of ice elsewhere in the freezer around the food. I have had an engineer (not GE) out to look at it, who said he couldn't find a problem! It is currently turned up to #8. I can't find a local GE specialist engineer in Kent and am getting frustrated. The same thing happened about six months ago and then rectified itself - I had to throw a

I think it is the defrost cycle timer switch. When it goes bad it sticks open and runs the defrost cycle which temporarily warms the walls of the freezer. Bad thing if it sticks. It is a part that costs about $50 that you can find at an appliance ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Kitcheaid KRSU25 this frig is a side by side less than 2 years old the freeze is cold by the fridge is not . how do I check to see if the fan (between fridge and freeze is running? the fan on top left corner is encapsulated in foam?. Do I need to destroy the foam to test the fan? How do the test the electronic board and replace it ? if it sis the cause

... KitchenAid KSRD22FKBT / KSRD22FKWH / KSRD22FKBL Side by Side Refrigerator

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