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Air conditioner wont start

\015 Condenser won't start\015

Answers :

Start capactor is bad

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Air conditioner wont start

Start capactor is bad ... Refrigerators

Freezer running at 0 to 10 below but fridg wont go below 42. Cold control tested good. Cleaned bottom was really dirty brushed an vacumed no improvement. Air flow from vent in rear of refrigator compartment is very weak. Is this just the cold air flowing downward due to a broken fan. Should cold air flow be strong.Just wanted to know before I start taking things apart to test fan. This a GE freezer on top[ model TBX18K. Thanks for any help.

Sounds like a defrost problem. Check to see if\015\012there is any frost buildup in the back wall of the freezer. If so, it is not\015\012defrosting as it should.\015\012\015\012\015\012 \015\012 ... GE Refrigerators

I have a upright freezer that the compressor wont kick in and start, i can hear it click and try but then clicks back off, the fan runs because i can feel air inside the freezer but not cold air

Hi,\015\012The clicking that you are hearing is the compressor trying to start and then shutting down when the overload kicks back off. \015\012The compressor is either siezed up or the motor has failed. Either way it will need to be repl ... Refrigerators

Can i add more refriger to my air conditioner its cold when it starts but not cold enought

Adding more coolant to a frig. requires special equipment, training and technically a special license. You might say that industry is tightly wrapped. \015\012\015\012The cost of doing the work yourself would be more than the cost of a ... Goldstar GR131CN Compact Refrigerator

EWJ21CRA Room Air conditioner on start up the compressor shakes

... Electrolux Refrigerators

I have a 7.8 cu ft danby lp gas refrigerator and last summer it started not cooling as before, it was a gradual process, first lower end of frig then the freezer would not cool, now it is not cooling anywhere. I cleaned out the orifice and air intake at orifice(it has lint in it). I scubbed the tube with the brush provided. The flame now is a good 2 to 3 inch blue flame going up in the tube but it still wont cool. This unit is about 5 years old but only used periodically in the summer time (ab

Good day,\015\012Looks like you've covered the normal problem.\015\012One trick, assuming the gases did not leak out when you where away, is to invert the machine(turn it upside down) and leave it like that overnight. Rig ... Danby DCR34 Compact Refrigerator

5.5 tr Hitachi air-conditioner Scroll Compressor heat after 15 minutes from the start time i could not found the problem please give me a good suggestion about this fault. Thanks & Regards

Hi there,you should call your repair guy to have this problem checked. ... Refrigerators

First thing is the water dispencer quits working, all lights still work and the ice dispencer still works. The unit then quits blowing cold air. Does not blow any air at all. You can still hear the unit running. Everything starts thawing out and I have to take the ice collector out or it will run out the freezer door. After about seven hours it all starts working again. Strange because it all starts with the water dispencer stopping, do not know what this would have to do with the compressor not

Hi,The water valve for the water for both the ice maker and the dispenser is at the back at the water line, one solenoid could be burnt.Pull the fridge out and check the valve, have another person hit the button and then see if the valve ... Refrigerators

Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator model #57582. Unit will not blow any air, you can hear the compressor running but no air blows. The water dispenser will not work whenever this happens. It has happened about 4 times and always starts working again in about 8 hours. However this time it was not started working, it's been off about 16 hours. Whenever this happens all the lights work even the water dispenser light.

Hi.Try disconnecting the power cable and leaving the unit to defrost completely for 24/48 hours.If the problem disappears, then it was caused by ice buildup on condenser coil. In that case it is likely the consequence of a def ... Refrigerators

Compressor wont start, checked the capacitor, its good,changed the relay,compressor still wont start,it is a kenmore refrigirator

If the compressor is getting power and refuses to start it is likely stuck and smacking it with a rubber hammer may temporarily free it. It will ultimately need replaced. if there is no power the reason will have to be determined, start with the defr ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Kenmore refigetater/freezer replaced starting capacitor with new one but the unit sometimes starts up properly but after reaching temp will not restart. you can hear it clicking to start but wont. the unit will cool down properly when it does start up but will not restart

Hello ikenfixit,\015\012\015\012I have a problem white the Compaq R3000 (intel)2800.\015\012\015\012I get a blue screen 4 or 5 times a day.\015\012i have reinstall XP Sp2 Pro (a clean instaletion) but still\015\012 ... Refrigerators

Gas fridge Its switched for lpg. The burner wont stay on. The flame failure device has been changed and is working there is a spark . when i try it with the combustion chamber open or off it will light ok .its a sealed chamber about the size of a large match box with a air in take and air exaust out letits as if there is to much gas or air . i have tryed everthing to control the air encluding reducing pre airnation (thats spelt wrong) and my gas presure at the valve is 31 mil bar not that much a

Check the point at which the spark makes contact with the burner head. You may have to reposition the spark igniter, be careful not to brake it. ... Refrigerators

I started defrosting my freezer (it was completely iced up) and at one stage as some of the ice came loose a hissing sound started... what does this mean?. I can place my finger off the hiss which feels like air coming out and it stops but when i remove finger it starts again

... LG LRFC25750 Refrigerator French Door

Water wont come out suddenly. replaced filter and started to work. now have to hold water button for about a minute, loud rattling noise starts and water starts to flow again

... Bosch B22CS50SNS Side by Side Refrigerator

Have Kenmore Elite bottom freezer 596 73509200 and it has started defrosting every so often (like once every 8 hours. The refrigerator works fine, blows cold air and makes ice and then all of a sudden the ice thaws and the fridge is blowing not so cold air. I had a friend come over and he blew out the lines, removed the freon and put new freon in and it worked for about 8 hours and then did the same thing over again. He also istalled a new filter, etc. He is an air conditioning man so I thin

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling..\015\012Yes, the defrost timer/control can stick or even go wacky completely ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Whirlpool ed2vhg found thawing at 9 pm. lights and fan blows inside but air not that cold. Inside temps are around 50 degrees F. Tried unplugging it for 3 hours then reconnecting it. Fan started blowing air again but never got very cold air inside. This am about 9 am heard a clunk noise and fan stopped for about 20 minutes then restarted.

... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a santo aeg electrolux kbf3362m fridge freezer it is 5 yrs old an alarm keeps going off and wont start back up once defrosted and the temperture wont go back to normal and the light inside fidge wont stop flashing

... Refrigerators

Frigidaire model FRT21LRGW stopped getting cold in freezer and refrigerator. It sounds like the compressor tries to start but does not continue to run. The air does start to get cold while trying to start but then kicks off. It tries this every 2 minutes or so. I replaced the capacitor but this did not work, is it the relay on the compressor that the cap plugs into?

Capacitor is just a run capacitor most likely it is the relay, unless the compressor is bad. replace the relay and see if compressor runs ... Frigidaire FRT21HS6D Top Freezer Refrigerator

The freezer is cold but the refridge side is not. If I tap on the servoe assy in the fridge side the servo will open the door and cold air will start coming into the fridge side but later I will find the air has stopped coming out of the air inlet and tap it again and it will open again.

... Frigidaire Gallery GLHS38EE Side by Side Refrigerator

My Frigidaire FRT21NRG gets cold in the refrigerator, the freezer also gets cold (i put a bag of ice in there and it has remained in ice form for a couple of days), but it wont make ice or it wont freeze whats already in there (ice cream, pops, icemaker wont come on). I'm assuming its not quite reaching its lower temp needed? I lost power for about 1 day recently and the problem started after the power was restored to the home...prior to that everything was working perfectly.

... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

The motor compressor is hard to start need to apply a starting capacitor. could you help me how to tap the starting capacitor to motor compressor 1hp of air-condition

Go to AC suply house and buy a Super boost start kit. You will need to know your tonnage of your unit.Very simple to intall. Russ ... Refrigerators

The fan moving air from the freezer to the fridge runs but doesn't move air when the cover is on. With the cover off it moves air from the freezer to the fridge. Problem just started yesterday. Hadn't done anything to freezer except the wife added so groceries.

... Maytag MFF2557H Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My brand new daewoo fr-4506s/fr-4506w was delivered today wasn't home for 5 hours got home fom work fridge not cold , turned off for 1 hour compressor started up and getting cool in the frezzer just want to know if there is meant to b much air flow in frezzer compartment?coz most frost free frezzer i know have alot of air flow to force cool air into the fridge half . thx gazza

... Daewoo Refrigerators

LST243C-2 Air COnditioner

... LG Refrigerators

I have a frigidaire model FRT21LRGW, the compressor was changed in 2005, evaporator& heat exchanger was changed in jan.2009. Last week apr.2009 the unit started giving problem AGAIN. Freezer and fridge not cooling enough. Fan is blowing air(but not cold air). I can also hear the compressor kick-in. I am not a mechanic but was hoping if someone can help before i buy a new fridge.

Do you know around how much will it cost to fix it in canadian dollars?\015\012and if it is even worth it? i know the sealed system is covered under\015\012warranty, but only parts and labor, not the service call charge ($95). ... Frigidaire FRS23KF7AB Side by Side Refrigerator

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