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How do i fix scratches on my LG LBN22515SB fridge

\015 I used a scrube to clean the fridge doors because they were nasty and i took some of the finish off the door, is there anyway to fix or resorte the finish to the fridge\015

Answers :

Go to your local hardware store and get "appliance paint" and respray the doors. Be sure you only get appliance paint!!

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How do i fix scratches on my LG LBN22515SB fridge

Go to your local hardware store and get "appliance paint" and respray the doors. Be sure you only get appliance paint!! ... Refrigerators

Few surface scratches on fridge door handle and front panel area. how to fix

There is a product called scratch b gone, available from appliance parts sources. ... Stainless Refrigerators

Scratch on stainless steel Kenmore fridge

Brillo a little harsh, finer steel wool would be better ive even used the scour side of the sponge, using wd40 as a "cutting oil" lightly go over scratched area. look close and follow the grain of the S/S. just likje wood S/S has a grain direction ... Kenmore 5553 / 655532 / 55534 / 55539 Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a whirlpool designer style fridge and there is water draining inside the fridge. What can be done to fix this issue? We have tried to fix it my unplugging the fridge for several hours and then replugging it in. This works for a few days, then the problem reappears. Water gathers on the inside shelf trays by the crispers. The Fridge Brand is Whirlpool Designer Style The Model # ET22DKXFW00

... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

LG Fridge LFX25960ST. Error code IF. Ice maker fan replaced a year ago and now IF code again. Friends have same fridge and same problem. I have a new fan ready to put in but think will be a temporoary fix. Seems that for some reason will run OK for about a year and then come up with IF code. IS THIS REALLY THE FIX FOR THIS PROBLEM??? With error code IF showing if I shut off power to fridge for about 15 min and leave ice maker off for a while after power back on. When turn ice maker back on will

... LG LFX25960ST Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

I need an integrated door fixing kit for fis122/uk larder fridge, The fixings are on the fridge, I need the fixings to fit the door.

... Refrigerators

I just bought a pretty old, used GE fridge. (It's a freezer on top model.) The fridge is cold but the freezer isn't cold enough. It just barely makes ice part of the time. Ice cream defrosts and bread doesn't get all the way frozen. It's been plugged in about a week. I don't see any frost inside the fridge or freezer. What's wrong, and how can I fix it. (I'm an unemployed single mom, and will need to fix it myself. I'm pretty handy, and pretty determined.) Thank you!

Hi,\012As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a cl ... GE Refrigerators

A small fridge with ice box, built in in the cupboad causing power cut in the whole house a few times, untill a few months later we could not turn the electric back on and we realise it was the fridge we unplugged and the electric is fine now but would like to know if there is any way we can fix it or is it worth fixing?

This can be a failure of the power circuit in the fridge. Sometimes it can be a surge protector or a capacitor which can be done without much expense. But if the compressor is short or faulty then the cost must be estimated to be worthwh ... Refrigerators

My GE side by side fridge does not dispense water because the line freezes up, how can I fix this? I was lucky enough to see a GE appliance repair man on my block and I told him that my water dispenser doesnt work, but the ice maker works. He said that my water line is probably frozen. So he told me to shutdown my fridge and leave the freezer door open for 2 hours. I did that and it worked, water starting dispensing. But the next day the line froze again, I need a permanet fix, please assist, th

Install the water line heater to the dispenser , part number WR49X10173 . This comes with installation instructions . ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool fridge made in India. 4 years old doesn't go cold. Repair man says lost gas and cant be fixed. Says fridges made in India are a problem as they use inferior materials [ie copper piping changes to steel piping around internals and ends up rusting/corroding out. Is this true and can frudge be fixed at all? Thanks

I would get a 2nd opinion for sure, however if there is a leak, depending where it is it could not be repairable. Are there any error codes displayed? With some of the fridges if a tech is not familiar with them they tend to right them off rather t ... Refrigerators

Hi- I have a Miele k2214s fridge and there's an awful smell coming from it. It looks as though there is mildew on the drip tray and water gathered in it. I'm presuming the smell is the stagnant water, but how do I fix if? I can't get the tray out! Is it an easy fix or is it best to call someone out to look at it? The fridge is about 5 years old, if not older. Thanks!

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Frizzer frizzes completely including the walls. then not enough cool air come to the fridge. so the fridge gets warm. My food goes bad.Then the wall star getting unfrozen. help.!The drainish hole also gets frozen. so no water is drain. Technician have come to fixed it. And since they can not fixed they are saying the problem is the enviroment. I have two windows to the side of it the stove in front of it, just like a normal kitchen. The windows are always closed. We do not cook until 7pm when I

Try cleaning the bottom of fridge of lint and dust,, can cause alot of problems,,may sure you clean the coils at the back bottom of frige,,see if that help,, if not gas not right ... Refrigerators

My whirlpool fridge stopped cooling and a tech came to fix it and told me he installed a booster with no warranty because it's a fix that could last either 1 day or 1 year. Is he right? Should I start looking for another fridge?

Hmmmmm? i dont like the sound of this at all,,,,,what kind of engineer was he then? the trainee or what?,,,what's a booster???\012if the fridge stoped cooling its down to two things,,,the thermostat packed up or the compressor is at fault,,it ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

I have a kenmore top freezer refrigerator model 253 about 1 1/2 years old. The fridge door sticks at the bottom of the door and the bottom of the fridge inside. There are scratches on the fridge bottom from the door rubbing on it. The door must be pushed shut every time. The fridge levelers have been adjusted to allow the door to swing closed on its own but will not shut completely because the door bottom contacts the fridge inside bottom. Is there some way to adjust the door? I do not see

I had the problem my self :)you need to take the freezer door out then the fridg door and add small ring like 1mm to the hinges of the fridg door poot all back and see if it rais the door a bit....what i did is on the top of the freezer t ... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

We have a Samsung Fridge, Model SRS 598 NSS, side by side fridge and freezer. The fridge started making a loud noise when the door was opened as if the fan was coming to a halt. We had someone come out and he said it could possibly be the fan motor or a loose connection. So he defrosted the bottom of the fridge as it had frozen up, said there was a loose connection, fixed that and said it should be fine. That was 2 days ago and $300.00 later. Now it is making the same noise and the fridge i

Sounds like the motor is bad. if you have a warranty have him change it regardless if he thinks it is bad. the motor should not be noisy. If no warranty then have him check motor very good. also low refrigerant charge as well as it running too long ... Refrigerators

My westinghouse upside down fridge model BJ513VR has been alarming past 3 weeks.can switch it off by pressing reset but keeps alarming later that day(or night)fridge and freezer both seem cold and frozen.have tried altering temp settings but still alarms.have had fridge since august 2006,fridge is mounted appropriately on incline and fridge doors always remain shut and sealed but alarm still keeps ringing,any simple fix,or other suggestions?thanks

Hi an welcome to FixYa. I am Kelly. \015\012\015\012First off I want to say that your model number as posted for some reason is not crossing. If your respond inthe future please state whether the model number is correct or provide the c ... Refrigerators

Amana SBDE520N I have amana side by side refrigerator Model SBDE 520N (13years old) It was working fine up to septenber 2008 when problem starts with alarm for fridge parts showing us the temperature in side fridge is high. Other freezer side working no problems. Engineer has found the faults: In side a fridge top left corner has a box with thermostat and small door fix on chanel for regulating cold air from freezer in fridge side.That thermostat no working and cold air not coming in fridge part


My sub zero fridge is leaking water. The drain at the bottom of the fridge is blocked and the water overflows and eventually flows out when the door is opened. How can I unclog this drain. This is a problem off and on and I'm wondering if it happens when the fridge door isn't closed all the way? Do I need to defrost?I'd like to be able to fix this myself instead of calling service. I don't how old the fridge is and I don't have any paperwork on it. I estimate that it is probably at least 10 year

Use a syringe with clorine bleach to unblock the drain.and check that the door seals are touching all round otherwise you will constantly have a frost problem. ... Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Norcold gas/electric Fridge in my rv. The model number is 8662. I had th rv parked in my driveway and didn't realize the fridge was on. My driveway is no where near level and the fridge stopped working. The freezer still works but not the fridge. Could this be the amonnia has crystlized and if so how can I fix it?

I ran into the same issue today on my 8663 (same one but 3-way I believe). The Norcold users manual says to pull the fridge and lay it on it's left side for at least an hour to let the water and Ammonia remix. I gave it a shot and cleaned the half ... Thetford Norcold RV Cooler/Freezer

My defy larder fridge constantly leaks water, it is so bad that there is water leaking out of the fridge, and the bottom of the fridge is constantly under water!!! I am so frustrated, what is the problem and how do I fix it. i have had this fridge for about 1.5 years.

... Refrigerators

Hiya! i've got one of the upside down fridge's! my fridge has started making beepin noises & its not cooling enuff. i have to manually adjust the temp everytime i open the fridge or else it starts beepin as soon as i shut it. can u pls tell me whats wrong & who do i need to call incase i cant fix it myself? i live in sydney in glenorie 2157. pls help coz my fridge is full as i did a big shop just yesterday. i cant afford the things to go off. ta!

If this just started after your shopping spree, you need to allow time for the refrigerator to catch up with the warmer items you placed in the fridge.That little beep is a warning that your preset temp selection has dropped and needs to be adjusted. ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Water is leaking from the freezer circulation hole to the fridge and some of it ices up on the top shelve of the fridge and in the freezer there is ice the is building up in the back part of the freezer but above were it would vent. I have cleaned up the fridge and removed the ice from the freezer but it keeps coming back. I have also replaced the in the grille water filter and unplugged it for an hour to see if it would fix the issue but nothing seems to work. The fridge and the freezer are sti

Hi,The drain for the water to get away when defrosting is frozen shut...Checkout this tip to help you..Water Running in Refrigerator from ... Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Hotpoint fridge To date 4 hotpoint engineers have been unable to solve problem. Fridge freezing to half way own. Food rock hard. Thermostat replaced. Gas replaced and checked. Compressor checked. Fridge working for only 8 months. We can send spacecraft to Mars but I can't get my fridge fixed. Please help Noel McMaster. Hopefully with thanks.

What is the model number of this unit ... Refrigerators

KSCS25FJSS01 - The water dispenser line from the solenoid is cracked about 18 inches from the solenoid, before it enters the back of the fridge. It seems easy enough to fix as long as i can get some 5/16 hose... but what puzzles me is why the water enters the fridge through a grommetted hole and seemingly comes back out the same hole, before it travels under the fridge to the door for the dispenser supply... is there a hidden coupling inside the fridge?

Good day,\015\012The line runs from the solenoid, into the fresh food compartment where a cooling tank is located behind the crispers, where it is precooled so your dispenser doesn't feed you warm water. ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, The Earth Leakage Breaker (ELCB) in our home starting tripping occasionally on the switchboard, then more frequently until the wife hassled me to fix it. I did some isolating, and it turned out to be the fridge causing the problem. When you turn the fridge on....it beeps at you like it does whenever you turn it back on after you have moved it or something, and then after 30-40Sec...there's a relay click in the back of the fridge, and then "ching".....the ELCB trips. Our fridge is a Fi

My guess is the defrost heater. Corrosion would cause a small current leakage to the earth circuit, thereby tripping the ELCB safety circuit (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker). Call serviceman to replace defrost heater. ... Refrigerators

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