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My KitchenAid fridge model #Ksrg25fvms05 stopped

\015 My KitchenAid fridge model #Ksrg25fvms05 stopped producing cube ice out of the dispenser. It still makes cubed ice and the bin is always full. The water dispenser works along with the crushed ice feature. The fridge is less then two years old. Just wondering where do I locate the solenoid and any tips removing the front panel? There seems to be two clips underneath but can t seem to locate any screw etc. I don t want to break it by being too aggressive! Thanks \015

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My KitchenAid fridge model #Ksrg25fvms05 stopped

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Kitchenaid Superba Model KSRG22FKWH04, stopped, lost the food in the freezer, fridge is not cold. What is wrong. Lost my job and can't afford a new fridge.

Are the lights on and if so the power is ok . can you hear a clicking noise . if so it can be the compressor trying to start . and inside the freezer you should be able to hear the fan and under neath also ther is fan tha ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

My Kitchenaid fridge model KSRS25CNBT. Freezer side not working, cold air blows in but it is not cold enough. Every time Compressor start, it ran about 10 seconds then stop. Thank you

It sounds like a blockage in the freon line or a bad compressor. either way you will need a professional to solve this problem. ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

My Kitchenaid Fridge completely stopped working. It is completely dead. I did check to make sure the electrical receptacle was working. Repair clinic said it could be Wiring, Thermostat (didn't say which thermo), Defrost timer, Compressor or Overload and/or relay. Model #KSRF26DTWH00.

It's the defrost timer. Nothing else can shut off the cooling fan in the rear, the circulating fan in the freezer and the compressor at the same time. Try looking near your temperature control for a small hole that you can fit your small finger into. ... Refrigerators

KitchenAid side by side fridge model # KSRA25FKS00

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Kitchenaid side by side KSRA25FKSS01 2004 fridge, have had for one year. Every three months (approx) the fridge stops cooling ... lights on, nothing running. Has happened three times. Once unplugged, mreplugged it starts to work again. Most recently, it stopped cooling while we were away. When we returned, we unplugged, replugged. Can hear fan, compressor running. Bottom of freezer cooled after 24 hrs, fridge has failed to cool. Why does fridge stop cooling every few months? Why is bo

You may have a failing condensor fan, This is what happend to me until it finally stopped colling the fridge alltoghather the condensor fan was the issue see after time of use the fan just gets intermittant due to temperator changes and what not. Ch ... Refrigerators

The motor (I think it's the motor and was also told by a technician, who declined to fix due to bad knees) is making a lot of unnatural noises. After weeks of a "popping" type sound, the fridge started making the sound of "a stick in a fan" - very loud. I would unplug and then re plug and the sound would stop. Then the noise came back and would not stop when unplugged, then stopped after 2 days and now squeaks constantly. The fridge is a Whirlpool Gold Model# GS5SHAXNLOO. It was manufactured

Hi, the motor that controls the fan is getting bad as you already know and you need to change ASAP. Contact Whirlpool to request for the part and replace it.Take care ... Refrigerators

Fridge Serial: FRT 1564 JW0 Model : BA81316416 Electrolux repair service in Ontario replaced my first fridge under waranty..this model has an outside air temperature sensor...so if the outside air temp is below 7 deg C. approximately, it stops working, requires a manual reset by wiggling the temp settings, after heating the space... I have it in an unoccupied float house...with temps ranging from zero up... the freezer beside it works fine..but not the fridge, because it aparent

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We have a whirlpool side by side fridge freezer im not sure of the exact model, its two years old. It makes a loud humming noise which is very annoying. Is this normal - it stops occasionaly and always stops when you open the fridge door, but starts again once the door has been closed. The noise is loudest from the freezer side and doesn't stop when the freezer door is open. Have you any suggestions as to why this is happening??

... Whirlpool ED2FHEXL Side by Side Refrigerator

My fridge has ICE running in the back INSIDE the fridge. Looks like it's coming from freezer. Any ideas how I can fix it? Thanks! I can give you the model if needed! My other fridge stopped making ice, but the water still works. I can give you model on that too! Thanks

What is the model of your second fridge? Thanks ... Refrigerators

Fridge will work for two or three days after defrosting. Then ice starts to build up on the freezer evaporator cover and after a couple of days of this the ice maker stops making ice and a day later the fridge stops cooling properly. We have to defrost it again to get it working for a couple of days again. Fridge model Whirlpool ED5FHEXVQ00.

The auto defrost timer of your fridge is faulty and must be changed.\015\012The auto defrost timer works with about an 8 hour cycle where the forst in the cooling coils gets defrosted by the help of an heating coil placed below the evaporator.T ... Refrigerators

We have a samsung side by side fridge freezer dispenser model and the fridge side has stopped working but the freezer does appear to still be functioning. The fridge temp control keeps restting itself to 18 after a few seconds even though try and put it down to the lowest temperature and it was making a dreadful fan noise for a few days which would stop if you opened the door, now there is no fan noise and it is not cold.

Hi. If you remove the light unit ond the lower casing which has four screws two of which are under the small vent covers that unclip. The light unit by the way has two screws under the difuser and that unclips. Mark the top before removeing with tape ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

My 1.5 year old Sanyo 45 bottle wine cooler fridge (Model SR-4500) began making a significant transformer like sounding buzz or hum a few months ago. I tried unplugging it for a brief period and then plugging it in again to see if that would stop the hum. That did stop the hum initially for about an hour and then it would revert back to the hum. Then about a week ago , I noticed that the fridge was running very quiet and when I checked the rear of the fridge I noticed that the compressor/m

... Sanyo SR-3500 Wine Cooler

WE have GE model:GBS22HCPBWW. The upper part doesn't cool although it has power and light. GE technician was at our home and he determined that thermomist went bad . After he replaced the part the fridge didn't start cooling. Three days after he came back and claimed that motherboard is bad, replaced it and still doesn't cool in fact the light bulb in the freezer stopped working too. 2-3 weeks ago we had short circuit in our home when the light bulb broke so we noticed that fridge stopped coolin

... GE 22.3 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - White-on-White

Hi..my fridge has stopped working, (it does not have a light) i changed 13amp fuse and it made noice for few seconds (normal fridge noice) and made a louder noice and stopped in few seconds..same thing happened when changed the fuse again! it doesn't have freezer...any idea? thanks...Ms sudha. ps:it is NEFF refridgerator,not sure abt the model number.

... Neff K3965XO Side by Side Refrigerator

I Have a Haier Refrigerator, not sure if it is this model it looks the same but is stainless steel. Recently the fridge has stopped cooling. Have had it for a few years and has of late it slowly began to be less cool, until now it stops working competly. The open spaces in the roof of the fridge seem to be frozen. Any help to what is causing the problem?

... Haier RRTG18PABB (207 cu ft) Refrigerator

I am from New Zealand and have a Samsung side by side fridge. Model no SRS585HDSS. The fridge compartment seems to have stopped refrigerating. I did notice it make louder than normal whirring sounds a couple days prior to it stopping. I was told that by pressing the power freeze buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds would force it into a diagnostic mode. I did that with the display turning off except for one lone flashing blue segment coming up. It beeped 29 times and then returned to normal

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Kenmore refridgerator coldstart Model #10670102001 fan stopped working, spun it & it started working again but twehty minutes later whole fridge stopped working. The space between top freezer and bottom fridge had gotten very hot

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator, model gc1shaxmb00. Recently, a clicking noise started from the back of the fridge. The clicks would last for a minute or two, then stop. This would happen 3 or 4 times a day. The fridge is working just fine, except for one thing. When the clicking occurs, the water dispenser sputters when dispensing. If either door is opened, the clicking stops and the water dispenses normally. This has been going on for over a week and now the clicking is

HI. This will be an issue that concerns the main power control board. There are multiple damaged components located on this board. You have stated that you observed weak fan rotation, during your inspection of a particular fan motor. Thi ... Whirlpool ED5FHEXMQ Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator I have a Whirlpool fridge model# GD5LHGXKB01 Serial# SL5157033 stopped cooling both freezer and fridge. Fan working, condenser hot. Cleaned black coils still not cooling. Condenser only comes on for 15-20 seconds then stops and then will come on 1-2 minutes later for same 15 seconds. I removed the back panel inside the freezer and there is no frost buildup at all. Please let me know what is wrong or what should i do thank you Jun..

Iam refrgeration mech have one now doing same thing put piercing valve on found that cop tube is blocked have found other refrigeraton units using 134a gas blocking cap tube systema ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

I have a bottom freezer GE Fridge Model GDL20KCSABS. Bought the fridge brand new and after about a year the ice maker stopped making ice except for the occasional phantom ice that is makes like once ever month :) I have checked the water line and it is getting water. I called GE and they said to check the filter, but this model does not have a filter, so they wanted to send a repair guy out. We have very hard water, so I believe that there is some build up in the little blue bulb where the water

It is a simple solution you check your ice regulater and get it to normal from maximum ... Refrigerators

Indesit fridge/freezer model ban 12nf the fridge has stopped getting cold but the freezer is cold and the compressor is working its frost free but suspect it might be frozen and stopping the air flow to the fridge could this be the problem if not then what might cause this?

Numerous faults can cause this - faulty defrost timer or module, open circuit defrost heater, open circuit thermal cutout, internal wiring, faulty defrost sensor etc ... Refrigerators

I have an Amana bottom freezer fridge model ARB2517CSR the freezer stopped working I cleaned the coils and the fan was working and the fridge was making a buzzing sound. The sound stopped, so did the fan and it hasn's started since. Been an hour. The compressor seems really hot.

If the coils were really dirty, the compressor is probably just overheated. Let it cool down overnight then try again. If it still won't stay running it needs serviced. Could be the start relay or internal overload/overheat sensor in the compresso ... Stainless Cruise 49 Marine Refridgerator - Measures 20 " H x 15 " W x 18 " D. - Steel model - CR0...

My Frigidaire model FRT18L4JB1 stopped working. I noticed that the freezer had stopped getting cold, while the fridge part was fine. What could be wrong with it? We've hardly used it at all, bought it pretty much right after it came out in Aug. of '08, and keep it in the garage as an extra fridge in case of guests, summer parties, etc....

Many times the refrigerator is turned of with the freezer door shut. This causes the fan motor to rust on the ensd of shaft. Remove back panel of freezer (unplug first) put a little 3n1 oil on the fan shaft give a spin then plug in and make sure the ... Refrigerators

Amana Side-by-Side Fridge Model SBD21VPSE Problem started when water stopped flowing from in-door dispenser and ice maker stopped making ice. I emptied fridge and freezer, left unit off for several hours. Water now flows from in-door dispenser, but ice maker appears dead.

If there is a reset button on your ice maker try pushing it. Many ice makers have two holes for reset. A general rule of thumb is if the ice maker fingers are stopped in a slightly vertical position then your ice maker unit is working. If the fin ... Refrigerators

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