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Ge fridge b228jsaa ON AND OFF SECONDS


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Hi..my fridge has stopped working, (it does not have a light) i changed 13amp fuse and it made noice for few seconds (normal fridge noice) and made a louder noice and stopped in few seconds..same thing happened when changed the fuse again! it doesn't have freezer...any idea? thanks...Ms sudha. ps:it is NEFF refridgerator,not sure abt the model number.

... Neff K3965XO Side by Side Refrigerator

The motor goes on for a second, then it turns off. Then after a while it does the same thing, but never stay on for more then 3 seconds. There is this click sound when it goes off like, it got switched off. Both the freezer the fridge is not cold. It started to happen this morning. This fridge is only 8 months old.

If it is only 8 months old, it is under warranty. Call for warranty work A.S.A.P. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Our freezer was too cold and it sounded like it was running constantly and fridge not cold enough, we saw some ice so we defrosted. now when i turn on it starts and within 6 seconds I hear a click and the lower back fan stops behind the fridge...seconds later clicks on again then off again..air blows in freezer but it is room temp.(clicking sound comes from compressor) what needs to be fixed or can it be? it is a G E TFX24T side by side, over 15 years old. Thank you

NOTE: This is a multi-solution answer since I don't have all the tech from your question to pinpoint your problemBut the solution is in here generically, if you read and study the solutions very,very carefully.First I would check co ... Refrigerators

DRT2102A amana fridge, m/n DRT2102AWWW, started buzzing (for a split second) every 20-30 seconds, refrigerator light dims, freezer defrosted and fridge started too, after about 6 hours it started to work normal again. i'm thinking either defrost timer or compressor relay. any help would be apreciated ?

... Refrigerators

The circulation fan in my freezer runs almost continuously, cycling between full speed for a few seconds, then half speed for a few seconds. Makes a constant 'hoot' noise when running at half speed. I would think the fan should not run this much. Are these fridges equipped with variable speed fans, or is this a pre-failure symptom. Is it possible that this could be caused by a blockage in the air path (the fan seems to be pushing air just fine). Both fridge and freezer sections cool fine.

What kind of ref is it ? ... GE Refrigerators

I have a EI23CS55GS1 Electrolux Fridge and I have just replaced the water and air filter for the first time. I followed the instructions of holding down the air filter and water filter buttons for 3 seconds to see if the replace light goes off and the good light come back on in green. The good green lights up for a second but then disappears and the red replacement light continues to stay on. I was told by Electrolux to shut off the fridge from the breaker but this hasn't made a difference at al

... Electrolux E23CS75DSS Stainless Steel

Whirlpool refrigerator I have a Whirlpool fridge model# GD5LHGXKB01 Serial# SL5157033 stopped cooling both freezer and fridge. Fan working, condenser hot. Cleaned black coils still not cooling. Condenser only comes on for 15-20 seconds then stops and then will come on 1-2 minutes later for same 15 seconds. I removed the back panel inside the freezer and there is no frost buildup at all. Please let me know what is wrong or what should i do thank you Jun..

Iam refrgeration mech have one now doing same thing put piercing valve on found that cop tube is blocked have found other refrigeraton units using 134a gas blocking cap tube systema ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

My maytag side by side fridge water / ice dispenser no behaving. The water light is lit, but instead of just water, it alternates water 2 seconds ice 2 seconds back and forth, but the ice door remains closed and the cubes build up. Water comes out for 2 seconds, stops to 2 seconds and repeats? Any ideas?

... Refrigerators

I have a frigidare gallery series GLHS66EJWO fridge. we had a power shortage where the power dimmed for hours and my fridge is no longer working. This happened once before and I called a repair man and he reset the fridge and it worked. Is it as simple as holding down the reset button in the fridge side for three seconds? I just tried this and am hoping that is the case?

... Frigidaire GLHS66EE Side by Side Refrigerator

MODEL PBF2555HEW Maytag/Amana Fridge. Bought second hand 2 mos ago, only 20 months old today. Worked great until today. Lights are one,LCD's are not showing error code. Fridge & Freezer (bottom freezer draw) are not cooling. Fan seems to be running on the bottom of fridge. We were advised by a fridge repair man over the phone to unplug the unit and set a fan in front of it. Theory is/was that the computer (if there is one) will reset it self if we turn it back on in a few hours and the fa

... Refrigerators

Da99 00258a I have an American style fridge freezer which is not getting cold. The freezer has only dropped one degree from 15 to 14 whereas the fridge has dropped from 15 yesterday to 12 today. Everything seems to be working but when I set the temperature to - 19 for the freezer and 1 degree for the fridge the display only stays at that temperature for about three seconds and then reverts to the warmer temperatures. The cooling fan is working and the fridge sound shuts off when the door opens

... Refrigerators

Hello there, I have a GE model GSH 25 JF side by side fridge. I believe it's a 2005 model. The Freezer and Fridge are running, but neiher is cool at all. There is a clicking noise happening about every second and when it clicks, the light goes dim. I went to the back of the fridge and it is coming from a (looks like a mother board) behind a metal panel. The fridge has been in the garage and it does get 120 plus degrees in my garage in the summer. Thanks, Gary

There is a box welded to the side of the compressor. If you pry off the cover you will see two parts. The top part is called the overload; this is the one doing the clicking. Underneath the overload is the relay which is the part that temporarily ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Motorcaravan fridge auto-igniter continues to flash even when fridge has lit but the gas flame ,visible through small glass in the inside rear of the fridge remains constant.Usually a do-it-myselfer i am wondering if the thermo-couple is on it's way out or is not fully in the flame,or maybe the jet is partially blocked and giving a weak flame. The fridge is working OK.From initial switch-on the igniter sparks rapidly (as normal) and the gas lights, and after a couple of seconds the thermo-coupl

Yes the problem has been solved by cleaning jet and repositioning thermo-couple so that it is well into the flame.It would therefore appear that the combination of a partially blocked gas jet and a badly aligned thermo-couple triggered the auto-ignit ... Electrolux Refrigerators

Sears Kenmore 5560-40 Clicking ice maker - came home tonight and went to put groceries away. Everything in fridge and freezer warm - lights in fridge and freezer on - led information lights on top info panel in fridge off. Compressor off. ice maker still clicking. Turned ice maker to "off" position, unplugged fridge for a few minutes, plugged it back in - led info lights on - compressor started about 15 seconds later - compressor still running. Unit purchased in 2004. Did the ice maker trip a

... Kenmore 55602 / 55604 / 5560 / 655609 Side by Side Refrigerator

Compressor cycles I have a Kenmore Elite Model 106.54609300 fridge. Two days go I noticed that the ice had melted and the frozen food had thawed. It is still cold, but not freezing. The fridge section is also not as cold as it should be. I have cleaned all the coils and the fan. While cleaning, I noticed that the compressor will kick on for about 5 seconds, then shut off. It does ths about every 3-4 minutes. Also, the fan runs continuously. I swapped the relay from aother fridge I have (same par

Yeh The klixon relay is not at fualt its the compressor im sorry to say that in my opinion that the compressor has failed.\015\012the clicking sound is the compressor trying to start but inside its all burnt out and jammed.. If you need any mo ... Refrigerators

Acquired second hand electrolux er3167bn fridge freeze. worked ok for about 10 days then fridge started to get warm, eventually ended up room temp. engineer said to switch off fridge freeze and leave for 36 hours. left for about 24 hours. then seemed ok for about week but same thing happened. he had said ice blocking vent, also drain tray completely dry. any ideas

Yep sounds as though it is iceing up after it runs for a couple of days\015\012you may have a defrost heater or defrost timer not working\015\012the fact it didnot have water in the tray, you prob have a blocked drain as well ... Electrolux ER3167BN Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

25 year old Whirlpool side by side fridge not cooling. Thermostat OK, both fans running, relay OK, overload protector stays closed 10 seconds or so then kicks out for a minute or so then closes again and repeats cycle. Power to overload is 122 Vac when overload is open but drops to 114 when compressor runs for short time. Has the compressor gone belly up causing a heavy load on power. This is garage fridge, formerly kitchen fridge. Is it time to get a new whirlpool for kitchen and move kitchen u

Hi try out the following settings....Check your temperature setting.- Check if no ice present in the evaporator, try the defrosting- Check vents if air is present if no then check your blower if running or icing evaporator.- ... Whirlpool ES5FHAXS Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a 4 year old LG fridge obviously out of warrenty. Repair man was just here. Why does LG wire lights into main board? Why does LG install TWO 60 watt bulbs (120 watts!!) when the notice in the fridge says doe NOT exceed 60 watts? We have had a near disaster due to this inherent manufacture fault. We were away and came home to find top and second shelf of fridge overheated (all food melted and semi cooked) as the interior light remained on after door closed due,to faulty basic manufacturer

LG issued a service flash about this very problem, so you may be in luck. The last one I did for a customer was paid for by LG.. In a nutshell, LG screwed up. The control board that the lights tie into has a bad relay, which causes the lights to s ... LG Refrigerators

I have a GE model GDL20KSCABS that started making a loud clicking noise about 2 months ago. Sometimes the clicking goes on for a long time at a rate of nearly every second. I pulled the fridge out and opened the motherboard panel. The clicking seems to be coming from there. I think the fridge is only a few years old now, any ideal what the problem could be? Its driving me nuts!! but otherwise the fridge seems to work fine.

The main control board has a few relays on it and when they get energized, they click. If there are no problems with the temperature in both parts of the fridge, don't do anything. If you are having a temp issue or don't want to hear the click anymor ... Refrigerators

Have a samsung fridge freezer side by side, freezer at default setting -20 and fridge at +12, trying to set fridge at +3 and will hold this setting for a few seconds then revert to +12,foods are spoiling! can you help me? Emer

Hello emer - some good stuff on samsung diy \015\012\015\012click here samsung fridgefreezer problems\015\012\015\012also check out ... Samsung Refrigerators

Maytag MFF2557HEB Bottom freezer not working so top compartment is not cold either. Fan is blowing to top compartment. Fan on rear of fridge is also blowing. Makes a loud humming noise (never heard before) every 60 seconds for about 30 seconds. Any ideas? This is the second problem I've had with this piece of junk. It's only 2/12 to 3 years old.

... Maytag MFD2560HES Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Fridge beeping Sorry i do not know the model of my fisher and paykel fridge as i bought it second hand and didnt get a book with it. it has active smart written on the inside and has the fridge up top freezer down bottom. for the past three nights the unit has started beeping and always in the middle of the night. I though the on of the doors was open but they werent, and it stopped once i pressed the buttons a few times. and I also noticed that the grren lights were flashing. hope that is helpf

The beeping is an alarm certain lights on the display will be flashing when it is beeping record which lights are flashing this idicates a fault code then post your results and i will tell you what the fault code is and what the problem is likely t ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart® E522BR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hi, I have a Beko fridge freezer. It was delivered flat and when plugged in 24 hours later the freezer seems ok but, the fridge is not cooling the light is on. It's a second hand fridge. Thanks

Hi. thanks for the question . Check , the freezer fan motor, to see if its ok. check the coils at the back, and fan at the back . if all ok. check behind the freezer wall to see if all coils are frosting up .If all te coils are not froze ... Refrigerators

Firstly the totally frost free Indesit fridge/freezer BAN 134 FF UK has to be defrosted from time to time as the fan blades hit the ice build up and become noisy. Secondly, the relay in the circuit board calls but doesn't hold resulting in a loud ticking approx. two times a second which slows to once a second if the fridge door is opened. Switching off and leaving for up to half an hour cures problem for a while.

... Refrigerators

Purchased a daewoo fridge freezer model no FRS-U201C in january , seems to be turning on to much , even even if you just open the fridge door for a few seconds , IS THIS NORMAL also at what setting should have both the fridge and freezer on , IT DOES NOT TELL YOU IN THE USER GUIDE ,

... Daewoo Refrigerators

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