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Hi,water is leaking from my samsung RT-26M Refrigerator(from main refrigerator part,not rom freezer).please help me as soon as possible.

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Hi,water is leaking from my samsung RT-26M Refrigerator(from main refrigerator part,not rom freezer).please help me as soon as possible.

... Refrigerators

Defroster leaks my refrigerator leaks water from the inside of the unit. i had an technician check the problem. he said it was the defroster that was leaking the water. what should i do? soon i'll have to replace my flooring because of the water. please help with this problem. water leaking down the left side into veg tray

The defrost water usually goes down a tube underneath the frig & ends up in a pan near the compressor. more than likely the tube is clogged. water or air pressure in either direction of the tube should solve your problem. hope this helps. ... Refrigerators

Defroster leaks my refrigerator leaks water from the inside of the unit. i had an technician check the problem. he said it was the defroster that was leaking the water. what should i do? soon i'll have to replace my flooring because of the water. please help with this problem. water leaking down the left side into veg tray Whirlpool Model ET8RHMXK004. Water is not supplied to the ice maker in the top freezer. The bottom portion is dripping water from the ceiling or top down on the first shelf

You have a clogged defrost drain tube. removing back panel of freezer will give you acess to drain trough, melt away the ice with a hair dryer, youll find a drain hole under there somwhere,pouring boiling water down the drain will clear it pretty qui ... Whirlpool (ET8FTEXSQ) Top Freezer Refrigerator

Refrigerator leaks my samsung rs22dcsw side by side fridge is constantly leaking from behind there is always a puddle of water under the right side of the the fridge. i have absolutely no idea why. please help paul

Could be nothing is broken. There is a drip pan under the refrigerator. It accepts water from the defroster. The water is supposed to evaporate before it gets full. It ought to be cleaned periodically, as it gets nasty with mold. Could be the pa ... Samsung Refrigerators

We bought this fridgerator at Bestbuy in Las Vegas last August. But ice maker didn't work properly one day after use. Now water doesn't come out. I talked to a Bestbuy guy about the problem. He told me go ask Samsung about warranty. So I am trying to figure out how to get a help. Please let me know as soon as possible. My name is Lee. My phone number is 702-614-7857 and email address is [email protected] Thanks.

Good luck. samsung is a hassle for servicers so not many of them want to do it. wty calls don't pay ... Refrigerators

The freezer side is NOT freezing, but the refrigerator side seems to be cooling normally. I tried emptying the freezer compartment and setting the thermostat at maximum cold, but nothing seems to help. Also, the through-the-door water dispenser quit working at about the same time. (The check filter lite comes on when you press the water lever and goes off as soon as you release it, but no water comes out.) There does NOT seem to be any leaks in the line. I checked the filter and it doesn't seem

Dear customer,\015\012\015\012               We recommend you to do the follwoing checks \015\012\015\012\015\012Check the  ... Electrolux Refrigerators

Can you help me, please? I have refrigerator SAMSUNG RL33SBMS. It have worked fine, but than it stoped. On front panel, there are 5 green LED. 4 of them are blinking, but LED in the midle is off. What is heapened? Is it possible to find service manual for this model?

Yes go to hot point hss25gpf and down load the manual clowny daggers ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool Top Freezer: Water is leaking into the freezer and leaking down into the refrigerator. This would happen once a year and I would defrost it by shutting it down and letting it dry out during the summer. Recently I did this again and within a month it it's doing it again. It would leak and then freeze in the freezer and when it leaks down into the refrigerator it would turn into ice...then melt...then freeze again. I need help...I'd like to fix it. It's only 6yrs old and it funct

Your best bet is to install a drain heater. This heater is wired off the evaporater fan, it runs constantly so that the ice melting off the evap. coils stays melted instead of re-freezing when it touches the drain tray. You may or may not be able to ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore refrigerator with the bottom freezer. I just finished defrosting it and it keeps leaking water from the freezer portion of the refrigerator. I figured that I did not give it enough time to thaw completely so I redid it and left it unplugged for 12 hours. There was no water leaking from it at the time but as soon as I start it up again the water leaks from the bottom again as usual.

If you have an Ice maker or drinking water dispenser I would suspect one of them is leaking.. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

No, I need a manual for my samsung refrigerator. when we got it. It didn't have a manual with it and the store didn't know where it was. So we don't know how to turn the frezzer down it is set on -2, we just need a manual to know how to set the frezzer and refrigerator. could you please help me. it is a samsung modle # rb215labp.

Here is the complet repair manual. It has the information and more but I will need to search for a users manual. Have a look at this and let me know if this is helpful or you want me to continue my search. Thank You Sea Breeze ... Samsung RB215LASH

Samsung refrigerator leaks - Samsung RB2155SH Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

... Samsung RB2155SH Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The ice tray in my samsung french door refrigerator with the ice maker in the frezer drawer was broken quite some time ago. I replaced it and now the ice comes out in sort of a sheet opposed to cubes. Have discussed with samsung technicianbut did not get a satafactor answer. wonder if anyone can help. there is a tube with an rectagular attachment and I can not figure where this item goes nor can i figure out the function of this item any help?.

... Samsung RF265AA Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Water LEAK...HELP!!! I have a Whirlpool 2314273-REL Refrigerator. Recently it started leaking water from the freezer to the underneath of crispers. I'm not sure what I should be taking off and looking at. All the diagrams online are different from my model. Please help.

I have had to clear the drain tube on my fridge several times, I have not figured out how to prevent it from reoccuring. UNplug the fridge first!!!!!\015\012To unclog the tube you need to take the freezer lfoor panel off ( mine has 2 bolts hold ... Whirlpool GR2SHKXKQ / GR2SHKXKT / GR2SHKXKB Top Freezer Refrigerator

HELP my refrigerator is leaking when u press the water button it leaks throught the filter in the refrigerrator side all over th place please help me

Sounds like the the O ring is not in right, if it is not it will leak around it, you may need to replace the O ring.\015\012Hope this helps ... Refrigerators

Self defrost freezer leaking water in refrigerator. can't find drain hose to see if it is plugged. been leaking for 2 weeks . had repairman here but did not correct the problem. any help would save this 4 year old refrigerator

There should be a pan underneath to catch the condensate. backtrack the tube from there. it'll usually lead to underneath the evaporator (cold) coils on the inside. ... Magic Chef MCBR440 Compact Refrigerator

I have a GE Top Freezing Refrigerator. The model is GTS12BBMBRWW, if that helps. The refrigerator is constantly leaking. This is because ice constantly accumulates on the top wall of the refrigerator and then slightly melts and drips water into the refrigerator. Also, the fan (or maybe some sort of motor) in the top left of the refrigerator is obviously working really hard and makes a really loud buzzing type sound. These problems started at the same time so I know they are connected.

The drainhole for the defrost water is frozen . When this happens , sometimes the excess water , flows to where the fan is , makeing a rapid clicking noise , or stopping the fan completely . Also , could be the glass defrost heater is busted , not le ... Refrigerators

Hot refrigerator I have a Samsung refrigerator RS2630SH.  Originally a loud noise was coming from the back of the refrigerator on irregular basis.  Repairman did not help us while it was still under warranty, although we did provide a videotape of the noise as requested.  Now the warranty has expired, refrigerator stop making the loud noise but the dividing wall heats up to extreemely hot temp.  Also the freezer side outside wall is very hot to touch.  Ice maker does not work as well.  Any sugge

I had the exact same problem and got sick and tired of it. I contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commision and they came out and photographed my refrigerator and asked questions about the fridge. If everyone who is having trouble would write the ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

My new refrigerator was working fine until we unplugged it to paint the kitchen walls. After being plugged, it would not work. Lights do come on inside the refrigerator but it is not cooling. One repair man suggested that the refrigerant might have leaked and needs to be replaced. After replacing the refrigerant, it seems to cool on and off. Now, the repairman suggests the cooling fan may be defective. Is this possible???

Good day,Looks like a can of worms here. You said "new Refrigerator".If it is under 5 years of age, the whole sealed system including leaks in the refrigerant tubing is under factory warranty.Nobody other than an authorized Fr ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Water Leaking inside Samsung SRS535NW Refrigerator

Here is the service manual for your refigrater which tells you the procedure alongwith photographs kindly download and keep for future use.\015\012\015\012www.nat32.com/srs535nw.pdf ... GE Profile PFS22 33" Artica French Door Refrigerator w/ 22.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity, ClimateKeeper System ...

My Samsung 3 door refrigerator, model: RF26DASH, is leaking what can I do?

... Samsung Refrigerators

My Whirlpool refigerator, Model ER2CHMXPL02, leaks. Water leaks into the refrigeration compartment, apparently from the freezer compartment above. It does have an ice maker. The water leaks down the inside-back and quite a large amount collects in the lower bins unless I place bowels at the rear to collect it. It has been happening since it was fairly new but the company has not helped when I explained the problem to them.

You have a defrost drain that is plugged.You will need to locate the drain and clean it out.Take off the cover for the light and you may see the drain. If not there then pull the refrigerator out from the wall and you should be able to get to it from ... Refrigerators

The refrigerator has power but the compressor, motor and ice maker do not work. the lights are on and the pump is providing water. I know it is an electrical problem but dont know how to solve it. i would like to have a printout of the refrigerator to find the troubleshooting or any other idea for me to check the refrigerator as soon as possible.

On the side of the compressor there is a relay switch. To check if the switch is bad. Unplug the fridge remove the switch and shake it if it rattles it needs to be replaced.Hope this helps if not repost your ? thanks ... Refrigerators

I have water leaking from the bottom of the Jenn-Air JRSD 209T refrigerator.. Any suggestions why it leaks? Some days it does not leak.. others it does? Any help?

... Frigidaire FRS23H7C Side by Side Refrigerator

Sabbath Setting We bought a 2006 Samsung Bottom Freezer refrigerator. It was a floor model. We need the refrigerator to comply with the Sabbath standards. Can anyone help me understand how I can "program" or "rig" the refrigerator to NOT turn on its control panel lights on the sabbath.

I just bought the SamsungRF267AB bottom freezer refrigerator.  Amoung the features that must be disabled for shabbos are the lights, motor cuttoff and inside panel indicators.  On most refrigerators there is a swich that you can tape in the ... KitchenAid Architect KBRA20ERSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

GE Monogram ZISW42DSB built in refrigerator has had deicing/defrost system replaced 4 times in 7 years, just 3weeks ago latest, now have water coming from vents on refrig and running under crisper drawer, repairman can not see any leaks from drain tube and phone call to GE says can not access center column dividing freezer from refrigerator. Must be something blocking this return air area as refrigerator does not seem to be cooling properly, freezer is working great! Help!!

... GE Monogram Refrigerator Built-In Side-By-Side 48" Non-Dispenser

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