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Take the housing off the globe in a kelvinator cyclic defrost

\015 I want to change the globe and don't know how to remove the cover\015

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Take the housing off the globe in a kelvinator cyclic defrost

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I hve a Kelvinator 520 cyclic defrost ***. I have had several of this typoe over the years - always Kelvinator. The problem has been with each *** I have had. The two pipes coming from the back of the *** to the inside of the cabinet leading to the large white rectangular metal piece. These pipes get a big build up of ice and have to be melted off each few weeks. The problem is worse during the summer months but still occurs in the winter. To me this seems to be a design fault as it has occurred

As the ice is formed from condensate from the air in the room, the answer is to lag the pipes........ ... Refrigerators

I just bought a Kelvinator refrigerator Model KTD300MN. I have 2 questions: (1) Do the food items in the freezer have to be taken out when manually defrosting? (2) Does the drain pan have to be emptied after each defrosting? Accessing and taking out the pan is so inconvenient as the ref has to be moved forward. Thank you.

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Have Kelvinator Cyclic 500 Fridge, Does not seem to defrost properly in the fridge part Any suggestions Fred

Has the thermostat been replaced? if so it is probably the wrong 1 ... Refrigerators

I have a kelvinator impression series 210 freezer, the indicator light globe has blown. i removed the old indicator light from the light sky blue & red wires not taking notice what number terminal (e.g. 1,2,3 & 4) on the indicator the wires go back on to with the new one?

... Refrigerators

Our Kelvinator cyclic 401 started freezing food in the fridge part soon after we defrosted it. We tried turning down the thermostat but it still freezes everything inside.

... Refrigerators

I've just reloctaed my Kelvinator Techno-frost fridge freezer from my garage to my kitchen. The freezer seems to be working ok but the fridge is taking some time to cool down. There's a dial on the front numbered 1 - 5 is 1 the coolest or 5? (sorry I inherited this fridge with the house so no user manual)

I believe 5 would be the coolest. On most of your systems the higher number indicates a lower temperature. ... Refrigerators

LG GR-L207EQ found that the defrost coils are either burnt out or shorting to ground as takes RCD out in house, and if i disconnect these it stops. Problem is where is the heater coil as i cant find them. Struggling getting back of freezer wiithout damaging it, does it come off easily or is it glued on?

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Manual for NORGE Cyclic Defrost 400 (2 Door) Refrigerator

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I have a GE side by side refrigerator, model #GSS20DBMD. We came back from vacation and immediately noticed a smell in the house. We soon realized that at some point it had somehow defrosted too long and then refroze everything. At first we thought the power had went off, but none of the clocks in the house were blinking (microwave, stove, etc.). We threw everything out, defrosted and cleaned the interior and let it sit for 12 hours and then plugged it back in. Now twelve hours later my thermome

I had a similar problem years ago and figured the compressor was faulty which usually means time to get a new fridge. However this time after reading about some other causes I learned the compressor is regulated by a timer that controls how long it s ... Refrigerators

Kelvinator cyclic 300 - leaks water at bottom of fridge

... U-Line 75R Refrigerator

I received a fisher and paykel 402B refrigerator from a friend After switching on for some times the house trip goes off. I removed the defrost connection from the circuit board and fridge works well without tripping off the house. I am sure the defrost section of the circuit board has a problem, If you tell me what to do I can repair it by myself. kindly tell me the replacement of the parts for me to get this working well My email is [email protected]

... Refrigerators

Kenmore Top Mount Refrigerator - leaking water from the Cold Control Defrost Timer/Automatic Defrost Control Housing

It freezes up for a few reasons. First the water is not running down fast enough. That is why the wire was added to add heat from the heater to the drain hole. The metal pan under the evaporator coil may not be lined up with the drain hole well enoug ... Refrigerators

We have a whirlpool et1rhmxkq03. I have replaced defrost timer and thermostat. Defrost timer seems to stall and freezer thaws and the compressor stops running. I tap the control housing in the refr

The problem is with the "thermostat" right next to the defrost timer. When you tap on the control, you are actually tweaking the thermostat and not the defrost timer. ... Refrigerators

My Amana refrigerator defrost timer is supposed to cycle every eight hours. Instead it takes about 14 hours to cycle around back to the defrost mode. The defrost mode does last for the proper 20 minutes. This is a brand new defrost timer which I bought to replace the old one, which was only three years old. The old one did the same thing which made me believe it was broken.

My Amana bottom freezer keeps buliding ice and not defrosting at all I have to manually defrost about every 4 to 6 weeks. ... Amana ABB1921DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Kelvinator cyclic 220 Impression series specifications

... Refrigerators

My westinghouse RT 169 refrigerator has worked perfectly for 35 years but now the defrost does not work. The water from the back of the deep freeze when it defrosts is not running away and builds up as ice in the drain until I have to take out the back panel in the deep freeze and defrost manually. The drain pipe is clear. Any suggestions?

... Westinghouse Refrigerators

Side by side, maytag manufactured late 1997 The history, symptoms, and why I am doing this follow the 3 questions I need answered. Questions will be as follows: 1. What could cause the defrost heater to fail repeatedly! Constantly? 2. Is it possible that the tech may be taking away the defrost heater, when it could be repaired, instead? Or a different option that replacement? 3. Will you please send me a repair manual of my fridge or a compatible? Defrost system breaks down. Tech

Angeli, First I need to ask you a few questions about your voltage there in Australia. The replacement defrost heater elements here are made for 120 volts AC. I believe your voltage there is 240 volts ac. That will burn out the elements fast. If the ... Refrigerators

I have a roper refrigarator model RT18DKXKQ01, SER:EM0617197 and the DEFROST action not fuction. I buy a new defrost timer kit (482493) at FSP and it still no working. I change one parts behind de plate in de freezer compartiment and it still no take the defrost action. I like to know what is the problem and i want to solve it. Please advice me.

The first thing I would check is the flying lead on the defrost timer. It needs to be put on the middle terminal of the cluster of three terminals. I believe its number 3. Also take a flat head screwdriver and make sure its securely fastened. If that ... Roper Refrigerators

I have a GE Profile side by side refrigerator model TFX27PF. The coils behind the panel in the freezer section do not automatically defrost as engineered. I have to take off the back cover and manually defrost the coils. After defrosting the normal light will come on and remain on for approximately 3 days. Then the def indication will come on in the status window.

Since you have accessed and defrosted the evaporator coils, check the resistance of the defrost heater, and the continuity of the defrost thermostat. Replace the defrost heater should it read open and the defrost thermostat should it rea ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator compart is warm, freezer compartment cold. Is this a defrost problem or a compressor problem or something else? Both compartments are now set at their coldest settings. If it is a defrost problem, how do you access the defrost components? My model is FRS26ZRGD6 Same problem as above, ours is a 2 door 7cu ft Kelvinator, lower comparment is warm while the freezer is cold but it is not reaching to create an ice. Thanks Gio

You have a bad evaporator motor. It is located behind the panel in the freezer compartment. Fairly easy to replace. ... Refrigerators

I have zanussi freezone frost free zfk 56/52rf the fridge does not get cold the fridge keeps going but its very warm in side if i take the iner plastic part of then i take the ice of the coil then the fridge works ok i have to defrost the fridge every 4 to 5 days can you help please

... Refrigerators

There is water pooling and freezing on the bottom of the freezer section of my frost free unit. It is an LG GR359SQ. I am in the middle of thoroughly defrosting it using a hair dryer. I am not sure this will work. I am following the solution for a blocked water drain in it. I went to take off the inside back panel but after taking out 2 screws I see the side panels appear to be interlocked with the back and I hesitate to go further as I feel a bit over my skills limit. (probably more my confiden

Defrost is OK, but you need to be sure you defrost the water drain outlet !\015\012see this page with images that might suggest the fix.\015\0 ... LG Refrigerators

Defrost does not work properly, continues to freeze up element in lower freezer compartment, shutting down cooling in upper refrigeration unit. We continue (bout every two weeks) to take wall unit off and using hairdryer to melt the ice build up. How do we fix defrost system?

Is the fan working\015\012nex time you defrost in spect the terminator\015\012it looks like a lil button on the coil should have an orange and brown wire,,,, could be stapped with metal clip... if its poped open thats your issue replac ... Refrigerators


... Refrigerators

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