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What is the cubit feet for a Kenmore top mount refrigerator 25361802102

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What is the cubit feet for a Kenmore top mount refrigerator 25361802102

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Kenmore top mount refrigerator, 18 cubic feet. how many amps doe it use. question is for purchase of emergency generator. spec Plate states 4.5 amps, is that accurate? Refrig is 115 volts, 60 hz

Good day,That sounds about right, however if your generator is rated in wattage the amps times volts won't work.On an induction unit, such as a refrigerator, the wattage is volts times power factor times amps.Nominal wattage should ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Water leaking from top part of refrigerator - Kenmore 21.7 cu. ft. Top Mount Refrigerator w/Factory Installed Ice Maker

... Kenmore 21.7 cu. ft. Top Mount Refrigerator w/Factory Installed Ice Maker

I have a Kenmore top mount refrigerator. Model is 106.69202990. Water is leaking from a freezer into a refrigerator through I assume holes between them on top shelves. It happened intermittent. What could be a reason?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a 15 cubic feet whirlpool top mount refrigerator model no. mrt15craw0 water is under the food trays also drips from the top freezer into the refrigerator from the vent,what could it be?

The problem is the drain is clogged. Remove the back panel in your freezer and at the bottom of the evaporator coil you will see a hole about ½” in diameter this is the drain tube. You might need to use some warm water to melt the ... Whirlpool 17.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Mount Refrigerator - White

We are getting an accumulation of water in our top mount kenmore elite refrigerator. It seems to be dripping from the freezer. It is accuulating (and freezing) on the top shelf, and dripping and accumulating in the draweres and on the bottom of the refrigerator.

In the back bottom of the fridge there is a drain hose. It is supposed to drain water and drip into a drip tray that is heated and evaporates the water. If this drain hose is plugged, it will cause water build up to leak. One other possib ... Refrigerators

Kenmore Top Mount Refrigerator - leaking water from the Cold Control Defrost Timer/Automatic Defrost Control Housing

It freezes up for a few reasons. First the water is not running down fast enough. That is why the wire was added to add heat from the heater to the drain hole. The metal pan under the evaporator coil may not be lined up with the drain hole well enoug ... Refrigerators

Kenmore 64812 top mount refrigerator ices the freezer compartment

... Kenmore 64812 / 64814 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore Top Mount Refrigerator Model#61284102 Purchased:9/17/02

Defected DEFROST HEATER can cause frost build up on the panel at the back of the freezer,and freezer stop cooling and ice frozen on unit so air could not flow to refrigerator side.Water will coming out caused of unbalanced freezing.You must change th ... Kenmore 61282 / 61284 / 61289 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top Mount Kenmore Refrigerator Model # 363.9731785 Ice Maker stopped working. I've verified that water is getting to the refrigerator (copper) and that the clear plastic water line to the icemaker is not clogged or iced shut. My guess is that the problem is in/with the blue plastic part between the copper and the plastic (with electric leads and a ground wire attached). Is this likely? Is it easily replaceable?

HI. First, you will need to rule out any standard issues that will cause this. Check the internal, and external feed lines for any obstructions. Make sure that the internal lines are not frozen, or kinked. If the lines check out ok, move on to the wa ... Kenmore Refrigerators

My Kenmore Top Mount Refrigerator Model 253 is not cooling as it should. The freezer gets "cold" but not to the point of freezing and the refrigerator gets "cool" but not cold.

Clean the coils and make sure the fan's ( both) are working .. mm ... Refrigerators

Our refrigerator cut off temp is 0 celcious some times it will work very nicely some times getting alarm from ELLIVEL controller ( AHI Hi temperature) it is a compony sealed unit gas is 134a unit is top mounted when the temperature going up then frost accumulated on suctionline what is the problem it is a single door unit iam a refrigeration technician working in HILTON DUBAI JUMEIRAH

... Electrolux (ULG80BC) Commercial Refrigerator

Water leaking in bottom part of refrigerator - Kenmore 21.7 cu. ft. Top Mount Refrigerator w/Factory Installed Ice Maker

... Kenmore 21.7 cu. ft. Top Mount Refrigerator w/Factory Installed Ice Maker

I have a Kenmore Top-Mount Refrigerator model # 106.64252402. The freezer is freezing my meat but icecream and bread thawed, the refrigerator is not cold its just slightly cool. Use to hear it throughout the night haven't heard, its on just not running properly.

... Refrigerators

Kenmore 106.74254402 Top Mount Refrigerator water accumulates on top of shelves and in bottom below crisper drawers. Now it has quit cooling.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore top mount 106.63832302 refrigerator - freezer not working, but refrigerator is. What could be the problem?

... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore Trio, model number 596.76539500 about 5.5 yrs old. The top refrigerator is not cooling, but the bottom freezer appears to be working properly as it will freeze water in the icemaker and keep it frozen. The temp readout on the refrigerator indicates 72 degrees while the freezer is 0.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a top mount Kenmore refrigerator, model no. 106.60272990, serial no. EK2929089. It is about 10 years old and works fine except for one problem that has kept recurring every 2-3 months over the last 2 years. The drain in the back keeps freezing with water accumulating in the refrigerator. I keep using hot water to unfreeze the drain, but, as I said, the problem keeps recurring. I think it's the same problem that I've read other people having, and I've also read that it can be solved wi

Hey barry I had the same problem and i recently broke down and called a repair service, the repair person installed a small aluminum piece he refered to as a heat probe, on the heater coil which is behind the back plate in the freezer, he claims this ... Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator

We bought a Kenmore Energy Star rated refrigerator a couple of years ago. The model # is 970-438721 and it has a top-mounted freezer. The refrigerator seems to be running much more frequently than it should be for an energy efficient fridge. I actually started noticing this because when I am nursing our baby in the middle of the night (several times a night) - the fridge is very often running. We have also noticed that the fridge will run immediately every time that the door is opened for an

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore Elite top mount refrigerator getting ice on top shelf and watr accumulating on bottom and in vegetable drawer. I cleaned the freezer and unblocked clogged ice but it still is a problem.

Had the same problem. It's an easy fix. There's a wire that became unconnected behind the icemaker. You need to remove the ice maker and plug it back in. ... Kenmore 21.7 cu. ft. Top Mount Refrigerator w/Factory Installed Ice Maker

Kenmore top mount freezer model 106.6215 freezer ok refrigerator not cooling

... Kenmore Refrigerators

The ice cubes from our automatic icemaker freeze into a solid block within 24 hours. The icemaker seems to be working fine, the cubes are all coming out. The refrigerator is working great. The freezer seems ok except for this problem. We have a Kenmore, top mount freezer that is 4 years old.

Hi,re melting and then refreezing...\012The freezer defrost cycle is lasting too long..they aHere are some basic tips for ice maker troubleshooting ... Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Hello, I have a Kenmore top mount 20.6 cf refrigerator Model #25371132103 The freezer works fine but the ice box lower is not cooling. What do you think is the problem? Thanks-Steve

... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore refrigerator top-mount fridge with icemaker and water filter leaks water on right side outside fridge very intermittently, as in every other day or even once a week. it's a discrete amount of water- makes a puddle about 1 ft square. don't see water inside fridge, and water dispenser doesn't leak. model 106.76232400

... Refrigerators

I need the inside cubic feet of the top mount refrigerator

Usually the frist 2 numbers of the model number , are the cubic feet , unless it's a kenmore . ... Refrigerators

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