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Hi, I have an Admiral GC2224GEKB, I've fitted a new circuit board and tried to programme according to directions. The info inside the fridge says the code should be 28 but the circuit board doesn&

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Hi, I have an Admiral GC2224GEKB, I've fitted a new circuit board and tried to programme according to directions. The info inside the fridge says the code should be 28 but the circuit board doesn&

... Refrigerators

Samsung refrigerator the light is off, it beeps every few minutes, the fan inside the fridge doesn't run but has power getting to it according to the service man. The circuit board has been replaced and still the fan and light doesn't come on. The freezer is working but the fridge temp doesn't go lower then 9'C. The coil in the fridge is cold and working. It has been unplug a few times with no change except the light will work for 10 mins. then goes off again. The repair man is stumped and can't

... Samsung RB2155 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

We have a GE Gss25lgmf bb side by side refridgerator. When we came home the other night everything in the freezer was melted, and the fridge side was borderline cool. I tried unplugging it for about 10 min to reset the cpu but it got worse. I know the condensor fan is running, and I tried to check voltages on the circuit board, assuming I got the right info, the fresh food thermistor #1, freezer thermistor, were low jumpng from 1.6 to 2.1v my sheet says it should be between 2.8 - 3.5vdc, and aga

If fans are both running, compressor should be also. If not (and line voltage is OK, 118 to 125 vac) then you should replace the motherboard) ... GE GSS25LGM Side by Side Refrigerator

Kitchen Aid KDDC24CVS. The fridge works but the control panel is not working. There is a printed circuit board both at the bottom front of the fridge and for the control panel inside the fridge door. The casing for the wires that run to the control panel cracked and as a result some of the wires were exposed. I repaired the wires and heat shrank each one but the control panel is still not working. I am assuming that one of the printed circuit boards have gone but not sure which one. Is the

... KitchenAid KDDC24CVS (48 cu ft) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Maytag MFI2569VEQ1 refrigerator with a Serial Number of KY2224097. I replaced the Rear Board (I think it is the HV Board) because the refigerator portion would heat up to 51 degrees for a few hours then go back down to 38 for a day or so then warm up again. NOTE: The freezer never warms up at all. It always stays very cold. When replacing this board I need to have the Run-Code for this refigerator. The sticker on the inside of the fridge that is suppose to have the run code had been

These people can help you and it is free of charge\015\012\015\012http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearch/model ... Refrigerators

Applied power to a Shinco KFR-50GWZ/BM and there is an ERROR CODE "P0" on the inside unit display. I checked the voltage at the unit and there was 209.9 vac there. Checked name plate info for the unit and it is 230 vac. Would the low voltage here cause this error? If so I can get the Power Company to change the tap on the Transformer to give me 230 vac. I see on a chart that this ERROR CODE "P0" indicates DRIVER BOARD IS FAULT. Where is the DRIVER BOARD located and can this fault be reset? Than

... Refrigerators

Hi My samsung double door fridge with Model No RS26FANS, has a problem, it doesn't cool like it is suppose to the freezer says -16 and when you put it to -25 it goes back to -16 and the fridge temperature said 1. So I am not sure if it is the pc board, because the fridge is still cooling but not like it is suppose to and not freezing like it is suppose to, or does it need gas or something. This fridge is about 4 years old.

... Samsung RS2556 Side by Side Refrigerator

Personality code i changed the circuit board in the back. when i plugged in the fridge it was flashing pe0000. when i try to hold the door alarm and freezer minus to set personality code for 3 seconds nothing happens. is there an alternate way to set the code?

Drcool,Thanks for these instructions but there is one error: it's not the Fresh Food door you open. It's the *Freezer* door. ... Maytag MFD2560HES Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

The unit keeps blowing the 3 amp fuse. I've checked and cleaned the back of the pc board. No debris and no sign of corrosion, broken board, cold solder joints or loose components. It doesn't matter whether the inside on/off selector for the fridge is on or off. I can't find any frayed/broken or faulty wire or plugs. Thanks Bob

... Dometic RM2852 Refrigerator

Firstly the totally frost free Indesit fridge/freezer BAN 134 FF UK has to be defrosted from time to time as the fan blades hit the ice build up and become noisy. Secondly, the relay in the circuit board calls but doesn't hold resulting in a loud ticking approx. two times a second which slows to once a second if the fridge door is opened. Switching off and leaving for up to half an hour cures problem for a while.

... Refrigerators

Ge refrigerator makes constant relay clicking sound compressor does not run.Hi I have a 2002 ge with a bottom mount freezer. I plug it in with controls set to off position, I turn on the control which this is the encoder type dial controls, and then there's this constant fast paced relay clicking sound comming from the circuit board in the back, also the light inside fridge pulses with the clicking. The dc condenser fan does not turn at all, but evap fan runs. I disconnected the solid sta

... GE PFSF0MFZ (19.5 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Norcold N821 Refrigerator. Built after 11APR06. When using A/C voltage I get an error code "A." I had to reset the unit to get the gas portion to function. on the diagnostics menu it says A/C power is not present. I have 115 VAC present at the fuse. The fuse is good at 0.1 ohms. Is there a schematic available for the circuit board? I would rather replace a component than spend $200.00+ on a new module. Thank you for your assistance. Daniel Smith Williston, ND.

Yes there is a schematic but it may not be the best approach to the solution. You may be losing a chip on your board because of what I call bad batch and Quality Control failure.Also the boards owner may not want their board ... Refrigerators

Air is not circulating properly. will not make ice cubes due to cold air not making it into ice compartment. there is a circuit board inside rear access panel and when the test button is pushed, it seems to test all functions. at that time the air circulates ok but all display led's are lit and none of the buttons do anything. if test button is pressed again, a 22 is displayed in the fridge and freezer setting display. if pressed again a 33 is displayed. pressed one more time to go back to

Hello,Welcome to FixYa.\015\012 \015\012Based on what you're describing, I'd suspect the issue is with what LG (that's the builder of your model of Kenmore) refers to ... Kenmore 73503 Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Given this Frigidare side by side, ice and water. Lable inside says it's 19.8 cu ft with measurements of 32 x 33 x 67. Model number MRS20WRGWO. I can't find anything on this machine. The Frigidare model numbers are nothing like this. They don't list list cu ft in their product list. It seems to work ok, looks fairly new, in good shape. I'm just baffled why there is no info on it. It doesn't seem to exsist. I had to enter a different model number to post here because it came up invalid.

Sometimes they put the info in where the motor is. Don't know why. Guess it is so easy to get to ha ha. That may not be it but worth the look. Good Luck!! ... Frigidaire FRS26H5AS Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool S20B RS21 A/B Fridge Freezer. The Temperature displays and filter light have begun to flash on and off about twice a second. I have a highly qualified Engineer who would happily repair this for me if a solution is available for this fault. I know someone who had the manufacturers out to repair the same fault under warranty (mine has run out) and the service centre is suggesting £195 (Sterling) to send someone out just to replace the circuit board. My friend says this will take him abo

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

We had an error code F13 coming up on our fisher and paykel fridge, we've changed the circuit board and now it beeps and the beeps get closer and closer together

... Fisher Refrigerators

My Samsung RS2445 Side by Side Refrig fails to restart after a power outage to my home. This requires someone familiar with the Samsung control board logic. After the power interruption, the ice chute door clicks and the beeper beeps and it displays error code 1. The manual says it waits 5 minutes but it doesn't seem to get that far into the restart diagnostic routine. I have learned how to reboot it and it starts right up. It starts right up when I reboot the system. The refrigerator runs

Hello. You should check the diagnostic logic board and also the motor. The root cause of your problem is the power surge that occurred when the power came back on. You may have to replace the control board. J. ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Given this Frigidare side by side, ice and water. Lable inside says it's 19.8 cu ft with measurements of 32 x 33 x 67. Model number MRS20WRGWO. I can't find anything on this machine. The Frigidare model numbers are nothing like this. They don't list list cu ft in their product list. It seems to work ok, looks fairly new, in good shape. I'm just baffled why there is no info on it. It doesn't seem to exsist. I had to enter a different model number to post here because it came up invalid.

That O on the end is actually a ZERO ---0. You will be find something after you change that. ... Refrigerators

Liebherr fridge parts? The plastic on the glass shelf has cracked and I need to replace the shelf but I don't know where I can do this... I'm also not sure what model the Liebherr fridge is either because the manual doesn't say. The fridge only says premium, it is silver and has a bottom freezer. I don't want to buy the a shelf and then it doesn't fit. Thanks, Karen

... Refrigerators

Have a Whirlpool Gold fridge manufactured in 2000 according to the sticker inside fridge. Same sticker says model# is GT22DA or GT22DC. Freezer is working fine. Fridge part is not keeping food cold and in fact some food is spoiling as the temp inside fridge seems to be near to room temp. Water is condensing in fridge and pooling in bottom of fridge floor. The fridge thermostat is set to coldest setting. Any things I can check or clean? What is the most likely fault?

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Just replace the fuse, I just did it today (3/6/10). Unf. Radio shack only had an 8A slow-burn fuse so I used that for now but the fridge is working. I nuked the leads on the fuse so I soldered on some of the lead of a thermal fuse that I also got ... LG LFC23760SW Side by Side Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Hi On a GE fridge bottom mount freezer--cooling coils icing up-- defrost thermostat & heater are okay--main control board has been replaced twice.Fresh food side is too warm--electronic temp. board says 33 degrees f. but thermometer showed 50.Damper control is letting air flow in.Model # of fridge is PDS22MBPBBB.Also comp- ressor is cycling on & off.Even when fridge was de-iced--fresh food never gets colder than 50 degrees F. Rene

Hi,I don't see where you have changes the temperature sensor.They do go bad and when that happens the board can get a false reading and think the fridge is colder then it really is. Then it does just what you are describing... ... Refrigerators

Electrolux EI26SS55GS0 I have a 4 year old stainless steel side by side model EI26SS55GS0. Unit stopped running (fridge and freezer). Customer service tells me I had a bad user interface and electronic board needed to be repalced. They sent a replacement user interface board and master control board indicating both would have to be replaced. I had a professional install both and the unit still will not run. Continue to get error codes on the control panel and fridge and freezer still wont w

... Electrolux Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore model no. 596 52672202 side by side fridge that's an '03 or '04. Over the past few days it gradually got warmer on the fridge side..the freezer still freezes but isn't as cold as it could be. I gradually adjusted the temp colder, but no help. Before I saw this FixYa tech support just now, I earlier ordered 2 parts: "Board, adaptive defrost Number: 67003375" (looks like a circuit board...ordered that because the plastic cover over it had a small scorch-stain, and the board has a

Hi..In your problem you just check this following\015\012\015\012Check the ... Refrigerators

On a standard frost-free fridge's lower section (main door) there is a funnel shaped type of cup on it's upper-back ceiling section that evacuates the overflow of water when the ''defrost timer'' goes on. the one I have to fix keeps overflowing inside the fridge not to say that it keeps freezing anything in that area (say a glass of water as a test). I've cleaned the outgoing drain hose as well as it's ''S'' plastic shaped section installed outside on the upper back of the fridg but, no succes

Hi thanks for the question did you remove the funnel shaped piece cause thats where it builds up remove thst piece an clean thanks the appliance doc ... Refrigerators

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