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Can the inner moulding of fridge door be replaced

\015 The inner moulding of fridge door is broken where the bottle shelf slots in . I nowhave a perfectly good fridge freezer with no bottle shelf\015

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Can the inner moulding of fridge door be replaced

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I have a GSS22JEPA WW fridge in my rental. I have had a repair guy come to the house several times and $800 later, the fridge still does not work. He replaced the compressor, the control board, then he found that the damper door was not opening. I replaced this part myself. There is no real troubleshooting going on, just a repair guy throwing parts at my fridge. After replacing the damper door, I can manually open the door but it will automatically close. The freezer section works good, it

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I have a GE fridge model PDS22SBRALSS serial AG041288 new in 2004. The fridge part is too warm. I have learned the damper door opens and cools the fridge. I have replaced the main board twice now. I have checked the sensors against the resistance temperature chart and the ohms match. I replaced the sensors anyways. I have taken the damper door apart and have seen it close once when the plug was pulled and seen it open when the plug was pulled.( of course I pushed the door half way everytime to g

I would say FAN motor as well because when they wear out they take WAY TO MUCH VOLTAGE. and heats up the board he is talking about, shoot what does that motor cost? I priced it at like 445 bucks and some change for shipping but that is j ... Refrigerators

Door Handle My fridge freezer's door handle on the fridge side is breaking and needs replacing. I have no idea who to contact to get a replacement and fix. Fridge is now out of warranty.

If you enter the make and model no. then people may be able to direct you to a suitable website. Alternatively enter your make of cabinet and add freezer spares and Google search it. Hope this is of some help. ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

My integral fridge has a small built in freezer at the top. The freezer door handle broke and the door would not shut properly. An engineer came out but brought the wrong part. He returned three weeks later, replaced the freezer door and advised that we defrosted the fridge as ice had formed - no doubt due to the fridge having freezer cold air leaking into it for several weeks. However after defrosting , when we switched the appliance on again the fridge no longer works. The engineer returned

It is possible that in defrosting the built up ice on the freezer that you accidentally punctured a coil and that allowed the gas to escape. If you check the area you defrosted you may find a small nick. As the tech said, it should have nothing to ... Zanussi Z57 / 3 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have just purchased a Liebherr pull out larder fridge to replace the one I already had, I am having problems getting the door seal to stay in place at the top of the fridge. When I push it closed firmy, the seal touches the metal surround of the fridge but as soon as I let go the top of the fridge door pulls away from the actual fridge by about 1 cm thus allowing warm air into the fridge. It was a really expensive fridge but I chose it because I liked the pull out design-am now starting to reg

The door may be twisted or the seal may need to be adjusted try a hair dryer on the seal it will heat it up and readdjust the seal-gasket ... Liebherr Refrigerators

The top hinge of my Neff integrated fridge freezer has broken so the door won't open and shut properly. Neff are sending replacement hinges but as a temporary repair I intend to swop the hinges around -replacing the top hinge with the middle one. It looks staightforward but is there anything I need to be aware of - for example do I need the unscrew the fridge door panel the wooden panel that bears the hinges?

The top hinge of my Neff integrated fridge freezer has broken so the door won't open and shut properly. As a temporary repair I intend to swop the hinges around -replacing the top hinge with the middle one but can't see how to remove the hinges. Can ... Refrigerators

I have a GE fridge. The model is GSH22JSTA SS. Two days ago the door water stream was getting weaker and weaker and finally stopped. I then replaced with a new filter inside the fridge, SmartWater filter to be exact. But there is still no water coming out the door vent. Also while I replacing the filter there was water shooting out from the filter base too. I wish it is not some major problem.

Checking the filter would be the first thing and you did that. If you have water at the ice maker that means at least the water is getting to the refrigerator. It could be that it has two fill valves. One for the ice maker and another one for the wat ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

My larder fridge (only 2 years old) suddenly started freezing up. The door seal never fitted very well so having made all recommended checks I talked to an engineer who advised I replaced the door (a complete unit). i've done that and there is no longer ice on the inside of the fridge but although the door closes properly (I've checked the light goes off) the fridge won't get cold at all.

It may not be defrosting, check that out. ... Refrigerators

In my side-by-side the freezer is working and the blower was just replaced. But now the bottom of the fridge side is so cold it freezes things including the water that circulates thru it before coming out the water supply on the front door. The middle and the top of the fridge are warm. No air is coming out of the top vents in the fridge, where the fridge setting control is and no air is coming out of the middle hole that circulates thru the milk holder in the door. Obviously I have way too much

Hello,i suspect it's the fan to the fridge that is faulty,because the side by side refrigerator has two fans that powers both the fridge and the freezer.so definitely the one that controls the fridge might have stopped running,and also for the freez ... Amana ARS266ZBS Side by Side Refrigerator

New refridgerator delivered this morning to replace the same model that was a lemon. The fridge is making a sound on the fridge side. When I open the door to the freezer side the sound stops. When I close the freezer door the sound starts in the fridge side again. It's a sound that is loud and I've never heard before.

Sounds like you may have a faulty air damper. some of the tick and others sound like a helicopter. this is quite common on whirlpool, kitchenaid and maytag fridges. the mfg. did come up with a revised version of the damper and since your fridge sh ... Refrigerators

The door has come off my fridge because the plastic part, holding the metal thing in place, is broken. I don't know the proper word for it but the metal thing acts like a pivot for the opening and closing of the door. The fridge is model ZI 3165 type B 500600 X No 861120012. Are replacement metal and plastic components available and could a layperson fix the door if given them?

Hello. \015\012 You should be able to fix it yourself. Go to http://www.coastparts.com/ or http://www.marco ... Refrigerators

HCA39FA Hoover/Candy are really appalling when it comes to the service for this model. My door seals haven't been working properly for months, and the fridge isn't even 3 years old. I have had 2x regasses for the fact that my fridge isn't getting cold. I now have no freezer working either. I ordered new doors as they apparently took months to arrive - back in February, and 7 months later - eventually got a replacement fridge/freezer as they don't produce the doors for that model anymore. Now my

... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello GE fridge model PDS22SBRALSS bottom mount. How is it that if I replace a evaporator fan motor that this will cure a problem with the damper door not opening? The whole fridge has been tested. The therimistor sensors tested good ohms and voltage and replaced anyway. no help. the main control board replaced twice. no help. The damper does open and close by itself. I have seen it. I usually see it close more so than open. The fan runs fine. Ohms on the fan is 1.02Kohms. Book says 1.5 to 2Koh

Yes the fan motor can cause this problem. The fan motor does a few jobs, helps circulate the cold air in the fridge and freezer, tells the compressor when to kick on and kick off, and controls the damper. See the motor has wires going to it from the ... GE Profile PDS22SBRR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

E522B - About 6 mths ago, a the clip on the bottom hinge of the freezer door broke into two , depositing the one end on the kitchen floor . Fridge seemed to operate OK regardless. Today, the same clip on the fridge door did the same - simply when the door was opened ! Are these truly important, what is their function, and should they be replaced ?

I know this thread is super-dead. Mine broke off a while ago and it means the door doesn't stop until it is 180 degrees open. The bit that broke off is the door-stop part of the lower hinge.\012\012I just put this here in case it helps some ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The light bulb burned out on LG Model LFC23760ST so I decided to clean the fridge as well as replace the light bulbs. I shut off the fridge at the circuit breaker so the door alarm wouldn't go off. I cleaned it, took maybe 1.5 hours, replaced bulbs, and then flipped the circuit breaker, the fridge will not come on. It is only 14 months old. I spent over an hour with LG guy and no help.

It is a bit difficult to trouble shoot via a premium question, because we cannot see any responses. If there is a comment box now, that might work, but if you reject the " solution " the poster will not be able to view or see your response or any o ... LG Refrigerators

I have a LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model # LRFC21760ST. There are a few dints on the Stainless Steel door. Would like to look in replacing for a new panel. Can you order just the panel or do you have to replace the whole door? If you are looking at the fridge it is the door on the right side. I live in Victoria BC Canada

... LG LFC21760 Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Fridge not working since i replaced door

Hi I would be checking the switch that starts the light when door opens. good luck ... Candy CPCA220K Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a gss25 Fridge and it has been no problem since 2005. This AM my wife was cleaning the refrigerator side when the upper lamp went out. I replaced the lamp and it still did not work. I tested the old lamp elsewhere and it was OK. Also, the lower lamp was lit. I then tested the upper socket with a meter and it was dead. My wife then closed the door after the cleanout and when we opened it again, it was lit. Is the door switch actually two switches or is my fridge haunted? Thanks

... GE Q Series GSS25QGT Side by Side Refrigerator

My fridge door liner has a molded bottom shelf that has cracked and separated within one year of general use. ie, salad dressings, ketchup bottles ect on it. This is a one piece door liner that will need to be replaced. I am meticulous with all my household items and wonder how my comercial grade fridge is falling apart allready with no customer support or knowlege from Sears of the sales and repair statistics on this model. I am afraid that if I go ahead and fix it this will happen again in

All major appliances come with a manufacturers one year warranty. So if its been within the year then contact the manufacturer cause your still covered. ... Kenmore Elite 44723SS Commercial Refrigerator

My fridge and freezer will not cool. The fridge and freezer will turn on when the doors are open and turn off when doors are shut, but it never gets cold. We replaced the control board, thermistat , temp control and also the start relay.. still nothing.

Have you also replaced the overload on the compressor,depending on your model which overload it should be ... GE Refrigerators

The Freezer temp is always going up when you open the door to the fridge or freezer. We have had this problem since we first bought the fridge. Many service calls and many replacement part have not yet fixed the problem. I think something is wrong with the doors. What do you think?

Hi there,first of all you check the -CondenserSelf-defrosting refrigerators all have a set of coils and a cooling fan, usually under the refrigerator, that need to be cleaned regularly. If these coils get coated with dust, dir ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Ge fRIDGE The board was just replaced due to the defrost timer being messed up and not working at all. And as far as I know that has fixed the defrost problem that was going on. And if the fridge was unpluged for all that and defrosted one would think that nothing would or could still be in those vents. But nothing about this is making any sense to me. The fan stays on and when the door closes on the freezer the air suction in to the freezer is sooo strong it pulls the door pretty hard. Everythi

Hmm, usually these things are straightforward but I have to admit I'm feeling a little stumped on this one. How long has it been since the controller board was replaced to when the refrigerator box started warming up again? Pull the thin ... GE PDS22SIS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

How do I replace the light switch on a Subzero 680 F side by side, with the older rectangular switch? I have the correct part and it seems like it should simply snap out from the trim above the frig door without much disassembly. Am I wrong? Do not want to call for expensive service visit. Already replaced ripped gasket on fridge door.

... Refrigerators

I have a fitted kitchen with baumatic larder fridge next to baumatic cooker which is approx. 6-7years old. I need to have it checked out as I get heat not cold inside when switched on. The cooling mechanism is not working.This may necesitate replacement but would need to be fitted by someone who can fix the unit door to the fridge door. Can you help or give me the nearest agent. Thanks.

Could you please tell us where you are from and any model number if possible ?\015\012\011\015\012\015\012thanks, ... Baumatic Refrigerators

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