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I have sharp SJ-PE75LH.It has been 4 months i am using it.Bt my problem is last night suddenly electricity was cut off and since then the plasmacluster button turns on.And when the electricity came th

\015 The other buttons are working properly bt the plasmacluster button does't working and the fridge is also running\015

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I have sharp SJ-PE75LH.It has been 4 months i am using it.Bt my problem is last night suddenly electricity was cut off and since then the plasmacluster button turns on.And when the electricity came th

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I need to change the water filter and theblack thing that turns (at the bottom of fridge)I came off. I can view the filter but can;t budge it or get the black thing back on. what position should I place it in to fit it into space and do I push or turn it in a certain way? Do I push the button at the same time? An instruction book did not come with the refrig. since it was damaged

Hi, read your complaint. You are dealing with the lint filter here. First off, take a shallow pan and put up close and underneath filter. Because the handle is broke off, get a vicegrips, or channel locks, to start turning it counterclockwise slow ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Appliance: Frigidaire 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator Problem: How do I adjust freezer temp in my mini-fridge with top frost free freezer, has turn dial for refrigerator but no turn dial for freezer and my ice cream is too hard... There is some strange "button" (I use the word button loosely, since it's just a piece of plastic that kind of depresses) behind the turn dial for the refrigerator, but there's no instructions as to weather that button is to be pressed 1, 2, 3 or however many time

The turn dial that controls your fridge temp also controls the freezer temp. The freezer air is directly forced into the freezer compartment and then sent to the reigerator. Adjust the dial for the fridge not to be so cold and it will adjust the fe ... Refrigerators

I have a Dometic RM2310 refrigerator in my camper. When I originally turned on the power to the refrigerator, the grate on the outside of the camper became very hot to the touch. The refrigerator never turned on either by electric power or propane. I was told by a refrigerator repairman to take the refrigerator out & turn it upside down, since it had not been used for quite some time, put the refrig back upright & reinstall. This did not help either. A friend said that there is a fuse on the fri

Oh dear, a Dometic (nee Electrolux) fridge doesn't have a compressor, it's an absorption type refrigeration system, there are no moving parts.The suggestion to tip it upside down is partly right.When sitting for extended perio ... Dometic Refrigerators

On Saturday, I tried to turn the alarm off in the freezer section whilst loading it. And it didn't work, so turned the power button on and off. Since then the temperature has been slowly working its way back up to -15. Last night it started making a big noise, and is still doing it. It stops when I open the door, but starts again when I close it. I only moved into the house 6 weeks ago and there's no manual. Can someone please HELP???

... Liebherr SBSes 74S2 Premium NoFrost

Fridge smell Yesterday our electric went out for about five minutes and came back on, everything was fine. In the middle of the night last night, my dad said his light flickered and he went out into the kitchen a little while later and noticed the fridge was off so he flipped the braker and turned it back on. When we woke up this morning, our whole house smelled like chemicals, almost like super glue and it's coming from the fridge, we turned it off now, but it smells soooo bad, it didn't go awa

Check the pipes at the back of the fridge, it could be that one of the pipes has a crack and is leaking gas or oil. If not check the inside of the fride for a brown oily residue. This indicates a leak. Don't turn the fridge back on becasue if the ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello! I have inherited a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator with a manual that says the model is 106.5702*601 or 106.5703*601. This model has a built-in filter with "push button" replacement at the bottom of the unit. Instead of using this filter, I wanted to install my own in-line filter. Following the directions, I turned off the water supply; cut the plastic water line (at the back of the unit that runs from bottom to top); and turned on the water supply to test. To my surprise, no wat

He may have re designed it just as you are trying to do. look for a second line.Also the water may be frozen or clogged if it is still cold.let the water run for a while it may or does have a tank to store water in that's how she keeps it cold, allow ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator compressor cuts off , ice starts melting ,frozen food gets mushy. After a while it starts again and runs a day or two fine. then compressor cuts off again , same thing. I cleaned the condenser coils. It starting working properly again. This morning it quit again. this time I turned the red button on the defrost timer just a bit to the right( clockwise) and it started working. What could my trouble be?

... Amana ARS266ZBS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a LG LMX25981ST Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator. I had a problem with no drink water come out. The ice maker is working ok (before I hit the water button the water come out; but it was stop. Then I cut off the water supply valve; waiting couple days then I turn on the water. After that I hit the water button but the water is not come out. (Do you know what is wrong about it?). I did to change the mother board but it?s still same the problem. The ice maker is stil

... LG LMX25981ST Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My Samsung Da99 /00258A side by side fridge stopped working when the power supplier cut the electricity off in the area .When the electricity came on everything was working but the fridge is not cooling . .What could be wrong as everything switches on the main panel is on.?

... Refrigerators

A small fridge with ice box, built in in the cupboad causing power cut in the whole house a few times, untill a few months later we could not turn the electric back on and we realise it was the fridge we unplugged and the electric is fine now but would like to know if there is any way we can fix it or is it worth fixing?

This can be a failure of the power circuit in the fridge. Sometimes it can be a surge protector or a capacitor which can be done without much expense. But if the compressor is short or faulty then the cost must be estimated to be worthwh ... Refrigerators

GE ZIS420D after enter diagnostics mode can not back out even turn electric breaker of for 2 minutes turn back on temperature panel shows 66/66 and beep if trying to press up or down temperature button

... GE Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore #10685696810 refrigerator that shuts down. I have discovered the red reset botton on the back side of the thremostat panel. I have pushed it a couple of times due to shut off. Is there a special way of pushing the reset since it has ccw indentation groves on the contact surface like it is suppose to be able to turn with the appropriate tool? When the button is pushed it starts up and runs fine until it quits again and needs anouther reset. Since I have no schematic I can only su

There is NO reset button on a refrigerator,yours included.What you are pushing is the defrost thermostat. It is designed to be turned clockwise when necessary to force a defrost cycle.If you can push on it and the refrigerator works corre ... Kenmore Refrigerators

After the electricity went out and came back the water dispenser stopped working. I have changed the water valve in the back since a mechanic told me that is what could be bad. Ice maker is working fine as I have emptied the ice and it is still functioning properly. I have not replaced the filter since it was replaced just a month ago. I have not had any problems till now with the refrigerator.

Water tank may be frozen or blocked by the ice cubes in between ..Pull out all the fresh food crisper drawers and run a hair dryer on the tubing and water tank if it has one..Warm it up and try the water again..\015\012Get to the w ... Refrigerators

Back reservoir Hello my husband and I just bought this used refrigerator, as soon as we hooked the waterline to it and pressed it for water to dispense, none did. I opened the door and water just came out. Turns out a white "S" shape reservoir that stands behind the 3rd compartement has a tear in it and the water comes out from it. If froze on the bottom of the refrigerator, It's been 2 weeks and these people have not fixed it. I want to know where I can get this part new since this model has be

Kiwy, your part number for this reservour is 4838jj1003a. Since they had a lot of problems with this tank they replaced it with coiled plastic tubing. You can find the replacement part at repairclinic.com, it will show you a picture of it. Or you ... LG LRBC22544 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My BOSCH Intelligent freezer 32 won't switch on, the door was not closed properly, so the alarm came on, I have since, defrsted the freezer, but the alarm won't stop, and the unit keeps switching off. Please assist. If I press the alarm button, the unit also switches off.

I have a freezer bosch 32 intelligent fast freezing, that no sign, I need to be able to reference the board omprar, no one in Brazil can give me a solution, could you help me? ... Bosch KSR34464 Refrigerator

Seems the top portion of the refrigerator is not staying cool and the unit seems to be running all the time. Not sure if the freezer section is having the same problem since all items are still frozen. I turned up the internal setting to 5 from 4 which is what I usually have it set on. Is there a reset button or should I put the interior temp to 6>

... KitchenAid KBLS19KTSS Refrigerator

I have a GE Profile refrig with bottom freezer.Today, the power company turned off the power to the streey and when power came back on, my display in the left refrig door is brinking 88 on one side and the other side is blinking 88/82.None of the display buttons alter this display or function of the frig. (IE ice/water selection, temp settings etc.

I had this issue after a power outage with our GE Profile Model GFSF6KKY Dispenser Model. No solution that I could find online helped me so I started trying different button combinations. Pressing Adjust Freezer and Adjust Refrigerator buttons at ... Refrigerators

Where is there a reset button on a hotpoint frig... after having my electric off for months.. now its turned back on... its not cooling the frig and freezer lights are on.

... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

We have the GE 5A. It makes ice but not enough. Almost like it needs to be reset. We had dumped all the ice into a cooler for an outing and ever since, hardly any ice is being made. Today when we tried to troubleshoot, a new problem came up: the light inside now won't come on when you open the fridge doors! UGH! That will teach us. My sister in law had a manual for hers and reset her ice maker by pushing her ice maker button from crushed to cube 4 times. Well ours goes from water - cub

If ice mker makers ice ice mker may be ok / ge the freezer tempt the lower to 0 the faster it makes ice . also air flow over the ice maker will help it . ck door seals . .. clean the coils under neath and m ... GE GFSF6KKY (259 cu ft) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have LG French Door Refrigerator Model LFC25760SB. I have the ice build up problem on the floor of the freezer. Is there a way I can only turn off the Freezer so that it can thaw to resolve the problem? I do not like to cut the power since I have no where to store all the refrigerated items. I have just a few items in the Freezer which I can keep in a smaller refrigerator. Help please George

George,\015\012The short answer to your question is no. It sounds like you are having the same problem I had almost 1 year ago. The defrost controller in your fridge has gone bad. I have an LFC25760 and had ice buildup in the bottom of the f ... LG LRFD25850 French Door Refrigerator

Sometimes it will shut down and defost everything. i have turn it off and then cut it back on. Is there a reset button

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Defrost timer hi, came across a fisher and paykel fridge, all completely iced up and was restricting evap fan, when defrosted evap fan ran fine and had continuity through the heating element. however when i turned defrost timer around so it clicked into defrost i was not geting any voltage to the element. and then after about 5 to 10mins or so the defrost cut out and refrigeration began again. would u suggest that the defrost timer is stuffed? would a defrost termination t/sat have caused it to

... Refrigerators

Model 501-65012 Refrigerator section is not cooling but lights and temp.panal are still lit. Freezer section is working. The fan at the back of the fridge is working. I don't hear the noise that I would typically hear. A guy came to check it out and he is suggesting that the electrical panal needs to be replaced and could run anywhere from $60-$600!!! Quite a range. He left the panal off the freezer and I plugged it in. The small fan was not turning....I am assuming that is what sends the cold a

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have had a power cut and since the power was restored the display wont now switch off. normally by holding two buttons down at once it switches it off but it wont do anything. its just flashing 12:00 and wont move to any other mode.

You need to set the time ... Refrigerators

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