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Avanti refrigerator doesn't stay cold - Refrigerators

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Avanti refrigerator doesn't stay cold - Refrigerators

... Refrigerators

I have a fridge and freezer that won't stay cold and frozen on the upper half The only way I can get the refrigerator/freezer to stay cold it to turn the refrigerator cold control off and then back on. This starts both the refrigerator and freezer. When I am gone for a few days, they never kick on so everything thaws and gets warm. [email protected] ron

Sound like a ref cold control issue and this will bee the total control that will have to be replaced ... Kenmore 24.5 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with PUR Ultimate II Water Filtration

The refrigerator part is not staying cold. The freezer is wrking correctly and is freezing food. I vacummed all the dust out of the back but the refrigerator is not staying cold. It is running constantly but is no gettng cold

This can be a defrost problem or the fans may not be running. If the fans are not running then check the fans. I would need the model number to tell you if you have an electronic model or not because checking the fans is a lot different. \012 ... GE 19.5 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

The refrigerator does not stay as cold as it should, then the freezer frost up. I defrosted work 2 weeks now it did it again. The top part of the refrigerator it iced up setting on 5, then the no frost freezer frosted up again. Tried defrosting again no water in pan in back until it thawed. Also alot of water was dripping off the top of refrigerator everything was covered with water. This time after the 2nd defrosting the refrigerator is not getting as cold as it did the last time.

Hi,There are a few reasons why the refrigerator part will not cool...here are a couple of tips that will help you to figure out why the ref ... Frigidaire 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with Factory Installed Ice Maker

I have a GE side by side refrigerator, model TFX26KRDA, serial LZ245571. For the past few weeks I have noticed an ice buildup on the back panel of my freezer section. Also the freezer isn't super cold and the refrigerator isn't cold enough to use. I have been keeping my milk, yogurt and stuff in freezer and they stay cold but don't freeze. Anyway, I took the back off the frig and the little panel in front and vacuumed everything to see if that would help. I had both settings on 5 which is where

While you have the freezer panel out look at the defrost heaters to see if they are burnt up, there may be 2 heaters on a GE they look like glass tubes with a spring running through them on e at the very bottom and another about halfway up. a good he ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Since refrigerator moved to new house. Center door post between freezer an frig compartment is hot to touch, and the refrigerator side does not stay as cold as it used to. Still cold enough to prevent milk from spoiling but only half as cold as it used to be.

... Whirlpool ES5DVAXW (25 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, my gm side by side refrigerator is not getting cold. The light will not come on in the refrigerator. The freezer ask like a refrigerator now. It doesn't freeze but stays cold. There is ice

... GE Monogram ZIR36NMRH Refrigerator

The inside of the refrigerator is not staying cold. The freezer does stay cold. How do I fix the inside temperature so it will keep the food cold?

If any part of the automatic defrosting system isn't working, the evaporator will turn into an iceberg and no cold air will circulate into the lower compartment. Possible causes in that case could be the defrost timer, the defrost thermos ... Avanti FF1101W Top Freezer Refrigerator

My freezer is working but my refrigerator is not... the food is not staying cold and I have to push the refrigerator close for it to stay tight. what can I do. Frigidare refrigerator and 1 year old

Level the unit using the feet on the bottom. Slightly titlted to the rear will help keep door closed. ... Frigidaire FRS23KF7AB Side by Side Refrigerator

Roper Fridge I have a top freezer refrigerator that keeps icing up in the freezer but isn't staying cold in the lower part. I tried defrosting it and plugging it back in and it worked better for a couple days but it didn't last. The fan appears to be running (at least until the ice builds up too much to let it spin freely) but it doesn't stay cold enough to keep food in.

You have one of the following problems which is indicated by the frost buildup. Your defrost timer has failed, or defrost heater circuit consisting of a defrost heater and defrost thermostat. Start at the defrost timer. May be located in the fridge c ... Roper Refrigerators

The light stays on and the refrigerator runs, but it does not get cold. Moved refrigerator. Plugged in and let sit overnight. Fan ran continuously, but it never got cold.

You have a defrost problem. ... Roper RT21AKXKQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer stays cold but the top of refrigerator wont stay cold it says error cone on display model no 72259

... Kenmore 72252 / 72254 / 72259 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Refrigator not staying cold also the back of refrigerator getting very warm and fan not moving enough hot air out. in a slide. the temperature inside the refrigerator is not staying between 38-42 and the freezer is about 8-10 degrees.

Use the vacuum cleaner.remove the front kick plate and clean all the lent out from under your frig. I think this will fix you up.. Hope this was helpful. Sawdust46. ... Refrigerators

WARM REFRIGERATOR TEH FOOD SIDE OF THE REFRIGERATOR STAYS WARM,NO MATTER HOT HIGH YOU TURN IT UP fan running,cleaned the bottom area. now refrig. will not get cold no matter how cold you change the setting. I put two thermometers- one in the refrig, and one in the freezer. freezer one reads10 degrees and the one in the refrig.part reads 60 degrees. thanks in advance for any help.

Sounds like the damper isn't opening. Put you hand on the Left wall of the fridge side, at the top. If you feel No Air. Then there is your issue. Bad Damper Motor. Also check the back wall of the freezer, there sould be No Frost. If there is th ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

Freezer wont stay cold, refrigerator wont stay cold, fridge turned off, temperature reading is not showing higher temperatures, it is showing normal working temperatures

There are so many different things that could cause this I will need someone to look at these things.Click Here=> GE/Ar ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator isnt as cold as it should be. The freezer works perfect but refrigerator isnt staying as cold.

Check your freezer fan, is it working, you may need to hold the door switch in if there is one,\015\012next check your freezer carefuly for frost \015\012then try to see if you can feel air in the refer with the freezer door closed... ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Refrigerator/Freezer MSX22GA After a weekend of heavy use (10 guest staying at our house) the refrigerator isn't staying as cold as normal. Originally I thought it may just need a day or two to catch-up after being used so much, but a week later and we are still having problems. It does produce some cold but not nearly as much as normal, even with the dial set to the coldest setting.

That king of traffic can overwhelm a refrigerator. But if a week has passed it should have recovered on it's own by now. You may have a problem with the defrost system. All frost-free\015\012refrigerator-freezers with exception for the ones with soli ... Refrigerators

Both the freezer and refrigerator will not stay cold enough, unit is about 5 yrs old. Both sides are warming up, it just won't stay cold enough on either side. I took everything out and let it defrost for 24 hours and everything went back to working for about 2 weeks then it started warming back up. Please help

You must have a defrost problem,open the freezer door,do you hear the fan blowing,if not change evap fan motor,remove second from bottom bin and touch the back wall if you feel ice or snow there you have a defrost problem check the t-stat and heater, ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator and freezer running but... the refrigerator and freezer running but not cold enough to freeze a freeze pop and the refigerator doent stay cold at all spoils food fast 1 day

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freeze ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator stays warm freezer stays cold - GALAXY Microsystems 25.4 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Filtered Ice and Water

You need to check the back of the freezer for frost build up... most of the time when that happens you have a defrost problem or you fan is not working or its blocked, check that by taking off the back panel in your freezer.... ... GALAXY Microsystems 25.4 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Filtered Ice and Water

Freezer cold, Refrigerator warm and air damper stays closed. Refrigerator still not cold enough with air damper propped open.

... GE Refrigerators

The refrigerator doesnt stay cold. freezers fine. the refrigerator will get cold if you don't use it for a long time

The fridge gets its cold air from the freezer through a vent(damper)\015\012between the freezer and fridge.The fan in the freezer blows air through\015\012it. There is a flap you adjust with the\015\012fridge temp. control. Make sure it ... Refrigerators

I have a 10 year old side by side refrigerator. Model No. ED20TKXDN01., Ser. SG0437491. The freezer portion works fine, plenty of cold air. The refrigerator portion is not staying cold, food is spoiling. Vents in the frig are not clogged, but no air coming out of top vent.

Take back panel off inside freezer and check if there is ice build up. if so, melt off with a hair dryer and see if it works then. get back to me if you want ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Talkwhy is my ge refrigerator model gss20 iepaww side by side ( freezer not staying cold enough after i defrosted it after 3 weeks my refrigerator is also luke warm. after i unplug it and defrost it works fine for about three weeks and it goes back to not being cold enough

Well your fridge should defrost on its own if it does not defrost like it should then you have a problem and untill the problem is resolved you will get the same result. You will either need to replace the defrost thermostat, or the defrost heater, o ... GE Refrigerators

My LG refrigerator does not stay cold when it is extremely humid. Our freezer actually starts defrosting food especially ice cream. I believe it has to do with it circulating the outside air, but is there anything I can do to stop it from not staying cold?

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. \012 \012If you are heari ... LG (LRBC22522ST) Stainless Steel

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