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Fan wiring beko oif22300x

\015 There are two wires to the fan one gray and other brown where do they go\015

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Fan wiring beko oif22300x

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I have model # RS2630WW Samsung regrigerator making a lot of noise that seems to be coming from the back panel area. When I remove the 8 screws, it's seems to be coming from the fan. (I disconnected the wire connecting the fan to the compressor and the noise stops.) It sounds like it could be the compressor, except for removing the wire connection. I tried moving the fan blades manually, and it seemed like the noise would come from the fan. Could any of the moving parts from the fan need lubr

Fan can not be lubricated and they can get noisy.\015\012however, a common reason is the fan blades hitting ice that has built up. check for this ... Refrigerators

I need to wire the replacement Evap Fan in the freezer of my VCBB363R-SS. The old fan has 3 leads WH-YL-GRN/YL. The new fan G5096546 has 2 orange leads. How do I wire this new fan?

You can use the Wh &Yl to be connected to the two orange wires of the new fan and the GRN/YL is grounded to the chassis If you can use a multimeter to test the grn/yl , it will be the grounded line which was used on the older fan . If so leave i ... Viking Refrigerators

Wiring I have a portable Koolatron Cooler and the fan on the motor takes a long time to start turning, the fan falls off, the fan sometimes stops turning and the motor heats up. I took out the motor hoping ot find a place toget another one and no luck and now I want to put the old motor back in but I need a wiring diagram.

Hi Mitchmath,One of our scientists has just asked me to take a look at his Koolatron (which he is using as a field incubator), it seems he is having similar problems to yours. I expect to have it apart tomorrow so will post a wiring diagr ... Koolatron P-85

We are replacing the condenser box fan on a Caravell display fridge 100 litres Model Number 125 - 052 and want to confirm the wiring on the terminal block that connects to the fan. Specifically, we need to confirm which tags terminate brown, black and blue wires from the compressor. Can you assist or advise where I can get a schematic diagram for this model. Can you advise where I can buy a new fan unit in Sydney

You can get the parts at \015\012www.repairclinic.com\015\012\015\012and diagrams at \015\012 ... Refrigerators

Customer have a Jen-Air free standing glass smooth top range. His complaint is: When he turn the bake on, the cooling fan comes on @ about 220 degrees. I measure the temp and temps were okay. This unit has three fans, cooling fan, a convection fan of the down draft fan, So I reiterate, it,s the cooling fan coming on in regular bake mode..... I looked at the wiring schmatic, only thing between L2 and Neutral is the relay on pcb. Why do you think fan is comming on. Customer and his swears that

The area that the cooling fan is made to cool is the electronics and needs to come on. The temp sensor for the fan could be bad if it's coming on with too cool of a temp. Or maybe the fan is now making more noise than it used to because it's getting ... Refrigerators

I have a PLHS69EGSS1 and the control board went out. I discovered that the replacement part for it is part number 5303918340. When installing it, the parts look almost identical except the replacement part doesn't have a red fan connector and wire. Do I have the right part? Is the fan connector and wire not necessary on the replacement?

... Frigidaire PLHS69EGSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Model 596.9535610. Evaporator Fan brown wire not getting power from defroster circuit board pin D. The Evaporator fan works and refridgerator cools if I take power from L2 pin on circuit board and apply it to disconcted brown wire from D pin. I replaced defroster circuit board and have the same problem. There is no power coming into pin L1. Should there be power on L1.

... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

HTS22GBMARCC freezer works fine, fridge barely cool. I read many suggestions from folks on this and other websites that said the evaporator fan was probably bad. I measured the voltage on the connector that plugs into the fan and have 12Vdc from the Red to White wires. The fan wasn't turning so I figured the fan was bad. I bought a new fan and it doesn't work either. I thought maybe the fan wouldn't come on right away, but it still isn't coming on 6 hours after plugging in the fridge. The

Ok your on the right track . the 12 volts that your found is only a part of the diag . think "" you have four wires ( why ) .. this is a engery eff?? model i belive and the compressor will run ad several speeds and s ... GE Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Whirlpool fbb36af20/2 fridge freezer frame of front fridge freezer getting hot, fan at bottom back stoped working replaced fan but when you plug in new fan it starts to work but when you fully push the fan plug in it stops im after a wiring diagram of the power board the fan plugs in to or any sugestions thanks ian

Hot frame is mullion heaters. Keeps moisture from forming on door and causing rust. Sounds like the connector is defective, remove connectors and wire direct. If fan won't run then you need to call a qualified service tech. ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

My refridgerator is not as cool as it use to be and the freezer is not freezing all that hard it completly melted 2 days ago and now its making ice cubes hard. I checked the power to the compressor and its working i also checked the power to fan I have power to fan. The fan doesnt seem to be kicking on Does all the wires have to be connected in order to have compressor and ice maker, and fan. Thank you Mary Im not sure how often the fan kicks on or does it stay on The only thing that I can see

Hi mary, you said there is power to the fan? which fan?..the one near the compressor or the fan inside the evaporator coil?if it is the fan near the compressor, it should be running if there is power. if the fan is sticky, lu ... Refrigerators

I'm replacing the thermostat on a BM23c. The old one has 2 prongs with 2 black wires hooked up. The new thermostat has 4 prongs, 2 on each side. how does it get wired? Also, someone ran a black wire to the fan and spliced into 1 of the wires on the thermostat wire. The unit was getting too cold, was down to 20f. The thermostat was cycling but at setting #1 it cycled between 30 and 40 degrees. Set the thermostat any colder and it will go to at least 20F.

... Beverage-Air BM23

Whirepool Refrigerator Should the compressor fan blow air toward the compressor? I thought it should, but if so, my fan blows air away from the compessor, which I believe is the cause for the compressor not working. The refrigerator was working before, so what could cause the fan to reverse rotation. How can I change the fan rotation. I reversed the wiring (120 volt), but it did not help.

Single phase appliances only turn in one direction. Try cleaning your condenser to get better air circulation. Sounds like your compressor went out on head pressure. ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

Samsung side by side. Model nr Rs22dcms. The evaporator fan motors at fridge and freezer doesnt always work. The voltage tests 17v and the fans kicks in just when the want. Sometimes it doesnt work for hours and then it works for 2 days. The fans was tested. No loose wires and fans are not faulty. Diagnostics shows nothing wrong.

... Refrigerators

E521T Hi, I can relate here, where can you get the info on the light sequences which determine the fault? I have green flashing light and found the freezer fan black wire was broken, replaced the fan but now why does it seem the fridge forgot to work? fans working is it locked in defrost mode?

Close freezer door, open fridge door and press the mode button ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart® E522BR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Wro34uw Hi I have a fridge/freezer Whirlpool model wro34uw. Fridge not getting cold and freezer has ice buildup. Pulled out the back of freezer compartment and found the fan has never been conected. A lot of wires and plugs in there but no plugs free to connect the fan to. Where does the fan connect ? Cheers

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Sears frig condenser fan motor has been substituted from 2199155 to 833697. Original was 10 watt 850 rpm 5 wire, sub is 2 watt 1300 rpm 2 wire. Will this substition work and if so, how to wire in new one

... Refrigerators

I'm looking for an electrical schematic for the back bottom of a Whirlpool Gold Mod. GD5SHAXLB01. The wires are disconnected from the condenser fan, and there are other wires that are disconnected. We got it from our Son. Awsome shape other than that. Ice & water don't work either, but think may have something to do with the wireing. We have an electrician to do this, but need something to go by. Thank you for any direction you can point me in.

Hydraulic Control valve solenoid Electricalschematic diagram ... Refrigerators

Kenmore Frig - Evalerator Fan issue. I have a 596.70003000 model and had an issue with the Evaperator Fan. I thought it failed but after replacing it still did not work. I review the scematic and found there is a Fan Delay bypass test plug so I connected a wire and bypassed it and now it works fine expect it never shuts off. The frig and freezer are both running a normal temps and I see no excessive frost in the freezer. I am suspecting the defrost timer or the door switch. I don't s

Hi,You are right it could be either the door switch or the defrost timer...but the only way to tell would be to actually ohm out the two and see which one it actually is...or become a parts changer which many techs are... and just change parts ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Ge side by side refrigerator........the fridge stopped working, there is power...i removed the bottom back panel and the fan that cools the compressor was making a clicking noise and the fan blade was barely moving (kinda like a clock ticking)....i thought it was probably the motor..... i disconnected the wired plug that goes from the motor to (i think) the compressor, then i reconnected and the motor (and fan) and the compressor kicked on and began to run normally........this also happe

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Make sure the condenser coil in front of the fan is clean. Also, make sure the fan is working strong, not just barely moving. The whole area can be cleaned using a vacuum with a brush adapter. When doing the condenser coil ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a new Frigidaire Model FRT21IL6JM 21 CF top freezer refrigerator. When the compressor turns on - the fan covering in the freezer compartment rattles (vibrates) loud enough to be irritating. When I put my hand on it the rattle stops. I have place a small wooden spacer between the ice cube tray & the outside of the wire shelf to make the ice tray make contact with the fan housing to stop the rattle. Can I drive a self tapping screw through the fan housing to stop the rattle? How can I

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

The fridge is blowing the 12 volt fuse as soon as I power up the motor home, The fridge is turned off and it still blows the fuse, I tried to undo the 2 wires that go to the 12 volt block on the fridge and turned the power on to the motor home and it does not blow the fuse and eveything workes fine that is on the fuse example, the stove light,fan,outside light are all on the same fuse, And everything works as long as I have those 2 wires disconnected as soon as I hook up those 2 wires it just bl

Unplug the wire located at terminal J4 (12v positive) on the control board, and see if you are still popping fuses. If so, then the fault lies between the wire you just removed and the fuse that keeps blowing. If the fuse holds, and blo ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

Compressor Overload is bad. Bypassed it, everything works. I went to get the part MRT22AIN-34, was told to replace the coil, cap, and overload with ERP410. I get the fan to work but not the compressor. I'm losing the stock in the refrigerator due to 60degree temp. I wired S-C-R as indicated. The other two wires on the ERP says Power supply. I am not sure how to wire this.

... True 598-TSSU6024MBSTADA Mega Top SandwichSalad Unit split top 155 cu ft (24) 4

Posted on Jan 29, 2010 KSSC48QMS01 control lights flashing with beeping sound. Solution # 1: Main control board is over temperature. Look for blocked condenser air flow or inoperative condenser fan motor. Refrigerator over 48°F or freezer over 15°F for 3 hours. Run diagnostics and test operation of all components. Both thermistors failed. Run diagnostics and test thermistors and thermistor leads. No feedback from evaporator fan motor. Run diagnostics and test fan motor and/or wiring. UPDATE: Che

... KitchenAid KSSC48QMS Side by Side Refrigerator

Electrical wiring help for an Evap Fan Assembly P/N 12442204

Heya,Normally the fan motors are 12v. That means they are not polarity sensitive. You would have to green wires- your earth, then you would have a red and white your active in and active out, as normally these are wired in series. I could be wr ... Refrigerators

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