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Thank u for answer but tried that it's not making anything not cold enough Frizzer won't stay at frizzing keeps going up and down but not higher than 30 but even at that no ice at all help if u can d

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What is the make and model number of your unit?

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Thank u for answer but tried that it's not making anything not cold enough Frizzer won't stay at frizzing keeps going up and down but not higher than 30 but even at that no ice at all help if u can d

What is the make and model number of your unit? ... Refrigerators


... LG 24.7 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer - Titanium

Hi, First my ice seemed to be overflowing and caused the tray to slip down with its weight hence I switched off the ice switch and removed the ice tray and emptied it. Now there is no ice even after I switched on the ice switch. To top it all the water started leaking too from the refrigerator door faucet. Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on here. Plzzz help!

... Frigidaire PLHS269ZD Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

All of a sudden after I emptied the ice bucket from the freezer, the automatic ice maker stopped making ice. I don't even hear the water going through any more. This is a Kenmore Elite side-by-side model #52692100. The water dispenser works fine. Please help.

Ther should be a lever that actuates to tell if bucket is in or not check to make sure its not broken and actuates right!!!! :) ... Refrigerators

Ice maker my icemker has been working for along time now...just recently the icemaker just stopped making ice...I dont even hear the water going to the icemaker anymore. It's all hooked up in the back, the water dispenser works, but just no ice....can you please help me?

Lots of things can cause this. check the supply tube to i/m if frozen.first lift the shut-off arm up & down and listen for a clicking sound, should hear a click. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi just got a whirlpool 20ru-d3jj American fridge/frezzer, i have plumed in the water pipes for it and turned on the water but on water is coming through the fridge at all? not even going into the ice maker or water coming out the tap bit? but the water is going into the fridge? i dont have instructions for this so can u please help?

... Summit Commercial Summit Professional Wine Fridge

We have a Frigidaire side by side with the in door ice and water system that utilizes the Pure Source 2 system. Dealer states that the filters whould last forever. After a short period, maybe 4 weeks or so, the water slows to a trickle. I replaced the valve assembly and this did not help I even put an older filter in and the flow was higher than the current unit. Also, check my inlet pressure which is fine. I'm guessing that if the water flow change with a filter change, that they do n

No water filter on a ref will last forever, the company that built the filter would have filled chapter 7 11 or something\015\012\015\012but the filter my or my not be the issue\015\012\015\012what is the size of the ice cube ... Refrigerators

I have an amana refrigerator with and ice maker. The ice maker will not fill with water. I have installed a new ice maker and it still will not fill with water. I have 120 volts going to the ice maker but only have 17 V going to the water valve. HELP!

Is there water or ice in the ice mold? If not put water in\015\012it and see if it dumps the ice after it’s frozen. If there is ice, lift the cut off arm and let\015\012it drop to see if it will start.\015\012\015\012If it d ... Jenn-Air JCD2295HES Side by Side Refrigerator

Water line from house supply sprung a leak just before going into the ice maker control unit in the lower right cornor of the frig. After replacint the water line the water did not flow into the control unit. No water is going to the ice maker now. The ice maker does not respone to on or off commands at this time. Help!!

What once was a leak is now no flow and no response when trying to turn on ice maker? Is the valve where the ice maker line taps into turned back on? If it's back on, first turn it off, take loose water line as close to ice maker as possible, then ha ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

LFX25970 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator This morning it began to make a clicking noise coming from the ice/water dispenser and cold air was coming down from the opening. I pushed the lever for ice and it stopped for awhile. Started again making louder noise. I pulled out the ice bucket and replaced. I turned the ice maker to "off." Had to go to work. I'm going home at lunch to check on it. Help!

You may have an issue with one or more of the following:\015\012\015\012* icemaker\015\012* dispenser actuator\015\012* ice chute door assembly\015\012* ice dispenser solenoid (if the solenoid is stuck in an open positio ... LG Refrigerators

I have a 2 door samsung fridge Model: RT63WBPN comes with a water dispenser. Recently my problem is the fridge temperature I always set at COLD, sometimes the arrow pointed at COLD- COLDER... but I dont know why these few days all my fruits and water jug that I placed on the shelves inside the fridge all turned into ice... even the fruits like apple, grapes all hardened and when I bite it, I can feel the ice.... even my eggs shell are covered with ice too.... Can someone help me to solve

... Samsung Refrigerators

Good day I hope you can help me with my Water Well ice maker Model No.: hic HZB-12 it was un plugged for a few days now if I try to make ice it empty the ice container if there are ice in and when it is suppose to fill it with water the red light ?ice? came on even if I reset the power it keep on doing it. Sometimes it make one batch of ice and after empty it the ice light came on again.


I have the Whirlpool ED5FHAXV side-by-side refrigerator. It has stopped dispensing water but the ice maker is still producing ice (very odd as they are from the same supply). Even though I was 99% it wouldn't help, I replaced the filter.. I was right -- no change. Thank you for any help you can provide.

... Refrigerators

ICE MAKER The ice container is always frozen, lowered the freezer temp to 4 from 7. Ice maker works, when it is in the bin, the motor to push the ice to the dispenser is slow, grinding and produces crushed ice even when needing whole ice. I took the bin out, cleaned and just leeting it dry. Meanwhile food items in the freezer have frooze from too cold tem. Please help me my problem

To solve the frozen food problem, turn the temp back to 4. this should be the factory recomended setting. the only dispensing crush ice is probably a bad solinoid. you will find this behind the back wall. it engages to lift the thin metal rod on the ... GE GSH25JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

The ice maker stops making ice, and the freezer goes into a melt-down mode. This goes on for days. Sometimes, I buy a bag of ice, pour it into the ice maker bin...and PRESTO, the ice maker begins to function, dispensing freshly made cubes along with the store-bought. This is a recurring problem on a 4-yr old, $2200 fridge. We don't leave the door open, we make sure the bin is seated properly, ice maker turned on, temp set as low as it can go. It's driving us crazy! We've even rolled it out and u

You may have a p c board failure . it has not completely it will . the board gets stuck in defrost and you have a melt down . ( main board d wr49x10152 ) / if not the board ck when it hapens the evap fan in back of freez ... GE Profile PSF26PGSBB 36" 25.5 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Tall LightTouch Dispenser, Fros...

I recently bought a Whirlpool refrigerator, side by side with an ice maker. Model No. ED2KHAXVQ01. I've only had it for 5 weeks and the ice maker makes ice, but it won't dispense through the door. When I push the lever in it makes a bad sound and no ice comes down. Also, I can't get the ice bin out, even pressing the button on the side. Help! It's too new to break already.

... Whirlpool 21.8 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with EZ-Change Ice and Water Filter

WHIRLPOOL GS5SHAXNQ00 CONQUEST ICE - WATER DISPENSER PROBLEM: Our 2004 ice - water dispenser starting dripping water from both sides after we came back from 3 months away. The ice cubes were somehow melting a bit even though the freezer temp was 0 to -10 degrees. We took the ice cubes out and now thick frost is forming in the ice bin but no dripping. On the water side, it just drips - not huge amounts but enough that we need a small towel there. I'd appreciate any help.

... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Please send to saide386 Dear Mr. salde386 Thank you for your solution to the defrost problem with my GE TFH24PR (detailed model tag is missing) refrigerator. I bought the heater assembly and installed it with no problem. I also need help with the icemaker which has stopped making ice. The water outlet on the outside door of the freezer works fine, and so does the ice door flipper mechanism and the motor that rotates the ice pushout rod. However, even when the ice bucket-filled-up automa

I see that you are intended to ask salde386 only.so do 1 thingclick here to visit his profileask him directly but the company will make you pay for it.\015\012Thank you for your solution to the defrost problem with ... Refrigerators

Please send to salde386 only. Dear Mr. salde386 Thank you for your solution to the defrost problem with my GE TFH24PR (detailed model tag is missing) refrigerator. I bought the heater assembly and installed it with no problem. I also need help with the icemaker which has stopped making ice. The water outlet on the outside door of the freezer works fine, and so does the ice door flipper mechanism and the motor that rotates the ice pushout rod. However, even when the ice bucketbail shutoff lever i

I just got your message,they made a mistake when it was sent to me,i'll get back to you tonight when i get in and will be happy to help you. ... Refrigerators

We have a 1997 kenmore fridge sisde by side model #25357687790 had problems with fridge part got fixed, needed defrost thermostat now the ice maker works good but it builds ice consedation around area where ice should come out,that dispense does not work even though does make ice, can you help,should we get warranty plan for $250. a year to not keep having problems? thanks Lucy

... Kenmore 5553 / 655532 / 55534 / 55539 Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore side by side model #515541 01--replaced water filter -water dispenser works great but no water coming into ice maker - what could be problem? we purchased this used-is there something we have to do to start the ice dispenser - we did turn the ice maker to "on"--wht could be the problem- thank you--teh dispenser part works -just no water going into icemaker and therefore no ice Thank you for your help email us at [email protected]

If you're refrigerator isn't perfectly level on the floor, it won't make ice. I had to have a service call from Sears to tell me that. ... Kenmore 57029 Side by Side Refrigerator

I purchased a brand new Frigidaire refrigerator this month (December) and for the past couple of weeks the ice dispenser and water dispenser were working just fine until today. The ice maker stopped creating ice and the water dispenser is no longer releasing water. I checked the water line and confirmed that water is still going through the line and reaching to the refrigerator so that piece is ok. I even tried dispensing the left over ice that was created thinking that maybe there was too much

Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly.\015\012 Your Refrigerator is still under the manufacturers warranty so there is little you can do before contacting customer service. Having said that; there is something you can do before calling for se ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a Amana bottom freezer model ABB2524DEW its 5 years old. Ice maker was only making partial ice cubes yesterday. Last night and today no new ice cubes made. It seems like the ice maker is not even turning on.Cannot here the moter turn on or water being fead.Need help, thanks

... Amana ABB2224DEW / ABB2224DEQ / ABB2224DEB Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Ice maker my ice maker is not making ice and the drinking fountain on the external part of the door is not giving water, but there was a slow drip there. This morning the freezer defrosted so I reset it on a higher freezing setting. I am still not getting either ice or water. I check the water lines to make sure they were not clamped etc.... This is a GE side by side purchased new in June of 2003. Hope you can help. Thanks

We had a similar problem when we first purchased ours. It turned out that where the water line had been punched through into the house line, the punch ended up having to be backed out a little and then punched through again. The initial installatio ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung RF4287HARS Ice Off light will not turn off. Have held Cubed Ice button as instructed and light will not go out. Can not make any ice. HELP!

Please double check that model number. It is coming up as a range. ... Samsung Refrigerators

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