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I have no instructions for my freezer and i need advice

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What is the model number of the unit?

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I have no instructions for my freezer and i need advice

What is the model number of the unit? ... Refrigerators

Model RS662T We had purchassed this Refrigerator/Freezer November 2002. We have the instruction booklet. The light bulb in the Freezer needs to be replaced but we cannot find the light bulb. Instruction booklet refers to the where-a-bouts of the Refrigerator bulb - but not the Freezer. Can you respond to our querie as soon as possible. Despina Makras [email protected]

... Westinghouse Refrigerators

Where is the defrosting clock on my ZI 920/8ff (PCM 925771669) (type B257726)fridge freezer. I've checked out the defrosting heater and its ok. I need to find out where the defrosting clock is located in/on the carcase of the fridge freezer and secondly what do i remove to get at it. I teach electronics and need to know if the defrosting clock is a repairable part and if so is there a circuit diagram available? Many thanks for all your advice and help. Phillip Cantwell, Trim, Meath, Ireland.

The defrost timers are sometimes located in the same area as the temperature controls. A cover in this area will have a round hole giving access to the clutch head screw used to actuate the timer cycle. These timers are not field serviceable and are ... Zanussi Refrigerators

Bosch Freezer GSU 3401 GB We have just been cleaning out the freezer and now need to reset the temperature which was mistakenly reset and is at present showing to dashes -- Please could you give us instructions on how to set the temperature What is the Super button for What is the M button for What is the I button for As you gather we do not have the instruction manual!!! Look forward to your response

... Refrigerators

Hello, I have a Kenmore refrigerator model 795.73264300 and I've been told by a service tech that I need a freezer fan motor replaced along with the ice maker. Total cost is about $400. I've been on line and found the correct fan motor for under $50 and don't care about replacing the ice maker at this point. The trouble is I'm not sure how to get to the motor. Can you provide instructions for removing the ice maker and plastic panels in the freezer compartment needed to replace the motor.

Go here:\015\012http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/Ke ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a magic chef refrigerator freezer model csd2725ar. Both the refrigerator and the freezer will run fine for a couple hours to a couple days. Then the refrigerator will start freezing things. So, We adjust it down. Then the temperature in both the Freezer and the refrigerator will increase to unsafe levels...the freezer stuff will start to thaw...icepops will melt. This happens off and on without us adjusting the temperatures, too. What do we need to do...any advice would be appr

Bad cold control needs to be replaced from what you are saying. ... Refrigerators

I have a 50/50 integrated fridge freezer, i dont know the actual make or model as it was installed by the kitchen company, the company who supplied the appliance to the kitchen company no longer exist. The freezer alarm started bleeping and according to the user instructions i needed to press the super freeze button to bring the temperature back down, leave for up to 24hrs until the temp display came back up to -18 degrees for the freezer, this automatically ceased the alarm but the fridge becam

... Zanussi ZX99 / 5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Need some advice. Have a 7-8 yr old GE Profile side by side. This past week have noticed that refrig. side has not been as cold as it used to, also the freezer side is not freezing new food put in and previous frozen food is thawing. Not making ice either. Had a repairman come by yesterday to work on it. First said the bi-metal thermostat needed replaced, the heater element is about to go out and needs changed, and the evaporator was froze up on bottom and top but not middle. So I unplugged it

... GE Profile PSS26MGS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an integrated fridge with bottom freezer section (4 drawer). The freezer needs defrosting I have just moved into a house with this and there is no instruction manual. The only details I can obtain are from the inside of the fridge which are Diplomat E Yorke DN 147 PA, CB283W, APM 6842. Whether one of these numbers is a part number? There is an orange switch in the fridge. Would this switch defrost the freezer? As I cannot access the plugs as they are all built in behind the bottom

... Refrigerators

Magic Chef refridgerator with small built in freezer model#MCBR 980W. Defrosting instructions unclear; red button suppose to be pushed in for defrosting the small freezer, How is it suppose to actually work? If depressed and you leave it to do it's own thing, It turns its self off before the ice is melted off the freezer and it all just refreezes again. Do you have to turn off the temperature gauge of the fridge also? Do you need to leave all doors open/closed when defrosting?? Any help would

I just defrosted my cooler and looked at the manual. It says that you should do it when the ice is only a 1/4 inch thick. Then it will do it without any effort. Well of course i waited till it was about 1 1/2 inches thick. The defrost button does ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

I have a GE GTH22KBRARWW refrigerator/freezer. The freezer has stopped working. I have pulled the back panel off of the freezer, and the chilling unit is free of frost. The condensate drain is completely clear. The fan works fine, but the cooler unit just doesn't seem to get cold. All of our frozen goods are defrosted. The unit does not have an ice maker. I've been given some tips to check the defrost timer and the thermostat, but I need advice on how to find these and test them. Can enyone h

Most likely it isn't the defrost timer since you have no frost buildup. I think you are looking at a bad thermostat. The thermostat is the dial that you can set the freezer temperature with. Basically if you set it to it's coldest setting and it does ... Refrigerators

The ice dispenser is not dispensing. I thought that the motor may have failed, so I replaced it. That did not fix the problem. I need to get into the door to check the switch, but I don't see how to get into it. I have a Kenmore Coldspot side by side (model 106.56234400) with a spacesaver ice storage system in the freezer door. I need instructions on how to get into the dispenser unit in the door without breaking everything by prying it open.

... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Frigidaire side by side not cooling at all... condensor fan and compressor both running, coils clean, evap fan running, cold control turns unit off and on, defrost timer was replaced, no frosted evap coils..?????????HELP.....NEED STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR TROUBLESHOOTING....PLEASE....THANKS,,,Also have a Kenmore freezer doing same thing...pressures on the freezer are: low side -10(vac) high side 100psi

First I will check the pressures , should be 25 low side and 140 high for freon 134a ,but if you have the same pressures in both sides , the compressor is not pumpping and has to be replaced,and if there is negative pressure in the low side and over ... Refrigerators

I recently purchased a swan sr5035 freezer altho there wasnt any instructions with it, there is a orange light on the outside of the freezer with a thermometer and an arrow pointing down, i would like to know if this is a fast freeze and needs to be switched off as all the food is frozen solid thank you

... Refrigerators

What temp should my freezer be , also the fan in the top of the fridge stated making a noise when it stopped or started its cycle sounded like something was catching on the fans blades , then it stopped working alltogether so i phoned hotpoint to arrange a repair and hey presto it started working again! with no more noise, seems fine now could it be ice? also do i need to defrost it ever it says you dont need to in the manual as its a frostfree model its a hotpoint ffm90 any advice would be appr

I like 0 to 10 Deg. F in the freezer.\015\012\015\012As for the Fan. yes it could be ice or the fan blade hiting the shroud, sometimes the fan blade moves on the shaft and starts hiting the shroud. ... Hotpoint FFM90 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I need to move my refrigerator, and to get it through the kitchen door I have to remove the frig and freezer doors from my Amana refrigerator (model # ARB2214CW) and then put them back on. Can you send me instructions how to do so? The doors need to be off on Tuesday August 26th so there is some urgency to this request. Thanks Kate

You will need to remove the freezer door first. 1.you will need to reach the top of the fridge. there is a cover there that will need to be removed. there might be a screw in the middle of it. if not than it just pops off. 2. ... Amana Refrigerators

Need Help! Hello! I have a Frigidaire Refrigerator # FRT21LR7AW about five years old. The problem is that it's not cooling the lower part and the top freezer is freezing the coils and blocks the vent that lets the air circulate down. I have to keep melting the ice with hair dryer in order for bottom part to get cool. Can someone help me with this problem with any advice or parts that may need to be replaced. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! mjpagan

I would really have to say yor thermostat is faulty now \015\012if its freezing up top and not down low ... Frigidaire FRT21P5A Top Freezer Refrigerator

Need an instruction manual for Hotpoint FFA52 Iced Diamond fridge freezer

... Hotpoint Refrigerators

Need advice on how to replace brandt CFA361XU freezer door seal.i have the new seal but cant remove the old one.cant see any retaing screws.and seal doesnt seem to pop out. thanks

I shouldn't do itseal is foamed in and i'v not had any success on replacing foamed in seals. applies to all makessorry to be negative ... Refrigerators

Smeg CR330A We have just bought one of these as a replacement, the old one packed up after about 11 years. Thought it would be straightforward to fit as it is the identical model, but it looks difficult and there are no instructions, just a bagful of little slidy bits. Not sure how you're supposed to fix the brackets to the fridge freezer doors, and my husband took off the old ones so I don't know how it was done before.. Should it be do-able ourselves, or will we need to get someone in?

... Smeg Refrigerators

Something is going wrong with our 12 years old Kenmore side by side refrigerator. Freezer and refrigerator stop cooling and freezing. Only after I manipulate the dials a little and turn them to "coldest" will the fridge/freezer start working again for a while till I repeat the whole procedure again. Pls. help. Do I need to get a new fridge or is repair an option. Thanks for your advice.

You need check the currant draw on the compressor should between 1.2 to 1.6 amps under a load\015\012you just might have a faulty thermostat control is what is sound like to me. ... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

Need instructions on how to install the hearter kit for my freezer in the garage the diagram I recieved is not very understanding

Is it a defrost heater-If there is a particular part of the instructions you do not understand you can post it for help. For most you remove the cover on the back of the freezer on the inside. This will expose the evaporator coil and the heater ... Refrigerators

My 5 year old fridge with freezer on top is collecting water and i don't know where it's coming from. not a lot of water but enough to make a mess is dripping onto the bottom shelf where the veg drawers are located. I need to know how much your advice is going to cost me before I agree to pay.

Don't ask these guys. The problem is that the drain tube is plugged. This is the same issue I had and got no help. Go to the back of your fridge and dissconnect the black tube. That tube is probably plugged. Clean it out and reattach and your good to ... Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

Need instruction manual for lg american fridge freezer --grl207tuja

Having a problem american lg fridge with the water supply out the front of fridge, how do i get it working ? ... LG Refrigerators

Kenmore 596.50692000 refrigerator. Every time I shut the refrigerator door, the freezer door pop open. What can I do? Do I need to replace the magnetic strip around the door? Who can give me instructions? and where can I get the part at a good price?

Replace a door gasket on a refrigerator....\015\012\015\012 \015\012 \015\012Replace a door gasket on a re ... Kenmore Refrigerators

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