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Freezer fan speeding up and slowing down and refridgereator light dont work even tho filament is all there

\015 Http://youtu.be/RqHKH7TtL8g\012video link of hte fan spinning hope someone can help,\012thanks\012daj\015

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What is the model number of the unit?

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Refrigerators
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Freezer fan speeding up and slowing down and refridgereator light dont work even tho filament is all there

What is the model number of the unit? ... Refrigerators

My fridge stopped working however the freezer works fine, is this likely to be the thermostat. light in fridge works, i dont know if the fan does but it would be one fan that drives both freezer and fridge i would think? thanks

Hi an welcome to FixYa. I am Kelly. You did not list a make or model number so I have to do my best to try and help. Usually when the freezer is cold and the fresh food comaprtment warms up there are a few things that can cause the probelm. ... Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

Sub Zero 690 replaced lights but fan and lights dont work

The fan will only run when the compressor is running. Check it a couple of times to see if it actually is not going on. There is alos a light terminator located behind the fan cover. We will assume it is the light switch. For the light switch go to ... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

Thermoelectric wine cooler warning light is on, and it won't cool: My thermoelectric wine cooler stopped cooling. Along with this, a red LED indicator on its circuit turned on. The fans work (inner and outer), the inner light works, but the thermoelectric device doesn't cool. No wires are cut, the fuse is OK, the coller wasn't even moved from its location (=no physical reason) Solutions?

It is probably the thermostat itself(what you set temperature with).They endure the most abuse in the system and directly affect the temperature,of which there are several different ways your cooler would react because of the 2 separate sections with ... Refrigerators

LG GR 349SQF. The freezer only cools to 4degree c, and fridge to 8c. Even at the top setting. The fan is working well but I notice when I pulled cover off freezer area to inspect that the freezing element only gets cold or ice on it at the top section and the rest of the aluminium element that snakes downward is warm. Could this be low gas or blockadge? Also the fan at rear bottom of fridge is working and all the light buttons etc, all seem to be fine.

... Refrigerators

HI, I have a whirlpool refridgerator model # ed22gw, It worked fine then 3 days ago it triped the gfci I unplugged and tried different outlets with no other load on them and it would still trip the breaker after only a few seconds ( the fan was working and the light inside) and today I plugged it back in and it is working fine. I dont have a lot of experience working on appliences however with some advice this should be a simple fix. Thanks for any and all info

Refrigerators should not be run on gfci plugs .As they age , they will pull slightly more amps . Also , gfci plugs will weaken even though no previous problem with them . If you have a gfci plug behind the refrig , replace it with a normal type plug ... Refrigerators

My refrigerator does not work neither the ice or anything the food is not even cold and the fan won't make a noise or sound ? but the only thing that works is light what should i do?

The motor is already damage..find RAC tech...for you to find out if i am correct ... Kenmore 25.1 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Rotating Dispenser System

Oh the freezer works fine but the refridgerator is not cooling. the fan is working and even with the temperature control is all the way up it doesn't cool. i dont have the model now but it is a traditional 2 doors with freezer in the top and refridgerator below.

Hello,Sounds like you have a defrost problem since the freezer side is working okay . It probably is not blowing cold air into the refrigerator side , so to check the defrost circuit , unplug the refrigerator and inside the refrigerator s ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool Gold fridge not working at all even at maximum coldness adjustment, while freezer is fine. Red light on, indicating bad filter, but frdge not connected to water supply, so changing that wont fix the fridge. Also noticed that the fan is not working. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks. Habte

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with yourrefrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigerator not Cooli ... Refrigerators

Light won't work even tho changed bulb whirlpool fridge

Check for wiring....... ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Fridge/freezer . freezer ok but fridge not working even tho light comes on

Check damper control, also check freezer side, if there is frost built up it could be 3 things, 1. cold control, 2. heater, 3. thermostat. ... Neff Refrigerators

I have a Bosch Frost free, the fridge works perfectly for about an hour after switching it on and off then the red caution light comes on and the evaporator fans do not come on even though I hold the door switches in, but upon startup they do opperate. Any advice. Type KIKSUM40

A bad door switch or a faulty fan delay switch. If a switch goes bad the fans will never turn on. If the fan delay switch becomes "stuck open" the fans will not be energized. Feel the back of your evaporator coil, if it is really cold and frosted ov ... Bosch Classixx KGV28323 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

No power to refrigator check plq and it is hot Light in sisde dont even work

It could be a loose connection where the power cord is connected to the refrigerator inside or a bad power cord. If that doesn't solve the problem you may consider calling a repair person.Good Luck,GilShultz ... Roper RT18DKXKQ / RT18DKXKT Top Freezer Refrigerator

E331t my fridge keeps on working. lights and alarm suddenly dont function, even the display. In my country the agent has closed down so i need help may be i can fix myself. the fridge is almost new

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Light on,fan's working but compressor not running or even hum. what could be problem of the compressor not running?

Hi,Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. \012\012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing ... Frigidaire FRT15B3A Top Freezer Refrigerator

Help! compressor, even fan in freezer, won't turn on. Light in fridge works though.

There may be a problem with the fuse or the relay of the unit. Check at the back of the unit at the lower part where the compressor is found a black (color may vary) box. Inside it are electrical components. Some may contain fuses. If the fuse do ... Frigidaire 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with Factory Installed Ice Maker

Kenmore French door refrigerator Model #795.78302.802 quit working. Repair man replaced the pc board Part# EBR41531305. Now the refrigerator works but it has no inside lights. When the door is opened the inside lights do not come on and the fan will go off. Close the door and the fan will come back on. The tempature controls have a error code er dh. The repairman thinks it is the defrost heater. Will a bad defrost heater cause the lights not to work? Any help will be appreciated.

No, there is another problem. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

MI have an active smart fridge/freezer. and both fans don't work. last year we had a hurrincane and during the hurricane the fridge was beeping and all the green lights were flashing so I turned it off. it was off for a month as we had no power on the island.When I turned the fridge back on the freezer was cold but the product compartment did not get cold - so I have replaced both fans, the sensor,both door seals - the green lights work the freezer works but the fans wont go can someone please

On the back of your refrigerator under that metal cover is whats known as a motherboard http://www.appliancepartspros.com/part_details.aspx? ... Refrigerators

I have a ge profile psc23pssa fridge and the freezer is not cold enough and the fridge was not cold either...there was a build up of ice in the fridge...the lights go on and off when the door is shut and opened...the condenser fan seems to be working....there is a small fan on the bottom with a light next to it...the light goes on and off on its own and the fan does not work.

3341414141343344143412 ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerator the light is off, it beeps every few minutes, the fan inside the fridge doesn't run but has power getting to it according to the service man. The circuit board has been replaced and still the fan and light doesn't come on. The freezer is working but the fridge temp doesn't go lower then 9'C. The coil in the fridge is cold and working. It has been unplug a few times with no change except the light will work for 10 mins. then goes off again. The repair man is stumped and can't

... Samsung RB2155 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

E521T Hi, I can relate here, where can you get the info on the light sequences which determine the fault? I have green flashing light and found the freezer fan black wire was broken, replaced the fan but now why does it seem the fridge forgot to work? fans working is it locked in defrost mode?

Close freezer door, open fridge door and press the mode button ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart® E522BR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Both light bulbs blew out in the refridgerator compartment at the same time. Replaced both bulbs still both do not light up, also replaced the switch (part #1118894)and still no lights. However the freezer light works, everything else seems to be working (i.e., has cold air; refridge, freezer, and condenser fan working, ice maker working). I checked all connections and they seem fine. Not sure what else to check? Please help!

Check the control board in the rear area of the refrigerator for a bad printed circuit trace ... Refrigerators

In our 22 cu ft GE SxS fridge /freezer, the freezer fan speeds up and slows down frequently and creates a whoooing sound like a quiet hoot owl when reaching the peak speed of the speed up phase of the ebb and flow of fan speeds. Fridge/freezer works ok, it is just this unusual sound pattern that puzzles me. i know that the new models do have variable fan sppe but is this normal?

I have had some of these units making noises like this. One I found was leaking water down from the water inlet tube and in behind the ice maker and behind another panel that shoots up to the ice maker and building up behind that panel and causing a ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

This morning I went to the 561 and the freezer lights stopped working. Refrig side works fine as do the other switches to cycle the fan on/off in both freezer and refrig. Is it possible the switch went bad? can I just open top and switch out connectors from fan to light switch to test? Is there a fuse or relay that could have seized?

... Sub-Zero 561 / F

I purchased a water chiller from you the other day for my father, I set it up at his house and within 30 minutes the light came on to say it was at temperature, I have one of these and thought this was rather quick, later that day I tried the water and it was not cool at all, with that the light went off, I checked the fan at the back and it was not working, I swithced it off at the mains and then back on again with this the fan cut in, this fan then stayed on for 6 hours but the light did not c

Thanks I have Returned the item back under 14 days no quible warranty.Cheers. ... Refrigerators

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