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Fridge and freezer not getting cold. Making all the right noises and fan is spinning.

Answers :

Sorry to read about your problem. you can have many different problems.
1. Bad temp control
2. Failing compressor
3. Defective start cap
4. Defective overload protector
5. Defective control board

I suggest you call a service company.

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Fridge and freezer not getting cold. Making all the right noises and fan is spinning.

Sorry to read about your problem. you can have many different problems.1. Bad temp control2. Failing compressor3. Defective start cap4. Defective overload protector5. Defective control boardI suggest you call ... Refrigerators

Hi i have a problem with the above fridge/freezer all the lights are on it makes the appropreiate noises at the right time the fan is working fine no previous problems but now the fridge and the freezer are no longer functioning the freezer has defrosted and the fridge no longer gets cold . Help anybody?

Hi, if the freezer fan is on, you need to get behind it and remove the panel where the compressor and condenser coil and fan motor are located. They both should be up and running also. If not, feel the top of compressor and see if it is hot but Caref ... Refrigerators

Hi. I have a Kenmore Coldspot Model 106.79172990. There is a fan in the freezer which has just started to make a very loud sound when the fan is spinning. It sounds like a bearing problem. When I stick a soft wooden stick through the vents in the cover in the back of the freezer to stop the fan, the noise stops. Can I safely presume that this is the "evaporator fan" and is it fairly easy to get to for replacement? In other words, can I get to it by removing food and parts from the freezer to rem

. Yes to both questions . You're right about the bad bearing. Also you are right about the evaporator fan. Actually it is called a circulation fan . You'll have to remove the food and racks in the freezer compartment to access the evaporator cov ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Not cooling in fridge part, but getting hot on freezer door. Freezer is cold but getting very hot on freezer door lip? makes a spinning sound like a bad fan?

May be your timer anda timer(timer can be anywhere,inside or out by compressor or behind toe kick it has 5-6 wires and a 1/4 inch hole with a flat screw head in it. use flat screw driver,turn it until it clicks...it will turn one way only...that shou ... Refrigerators

GE Model GSH25JSTE SS. Fan make a howling noise. When I put my hand over the grate in the top of the freezer, the air flow appears to be surging. The freezer remains cold. The noise is getting louder. I made sure the exterior air intake was clear.

... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Your Question I have a Samsung refreg. Model # RS2556SH on the refreg side,The temp. was only getting to 49 degrees and then The fan was making alot of noise. I took off the main panel inside and the element(it looks like a zigzag part) inside was frozen the fan was hitting ice. so I let it melt but I notice that now there is a 2 inch burn mark on (right side of element) on the refreg. What do I need to do? I tried resetting the freg but still won't get cold enough

Hi,It sounds like your heater has gone bad, the heater keeps the frost off of the evaporator (cooling coils). When the frost builds up it blocks air from flowing through the refrigerator causing the cooling to be lost. I have attached a picture ... Samsung RS2556 Side by Side Refrigerator

Servis mo330 fridge compartment not getting cold. freezer seems to be fine. its making all the right noises but just not getting cold. Please help.

Hi,Read the Below Guide Written by Me:-http://www.fixya.com/support/r3886637-refrigerator_not_cooling_enough_or_notLet me know, if needed further assistance.Hope i helped you.Thanks for usi ... Refrigerators

Frigidare Our frigidaire makes a noise like something is cutting on and running then it shuts off...lasts for 10-20 seconds...It was doing this for a few days then opened freezer door and all the ice from the icemaker was melting. Also the right side was not cold....I unplugged it...cleaned all the coils in the back, cleaned and took everything out of frige and plugged it back in...It does the same thing...you can hear the fan running inside the freezer....hear the noise in the back coming on an

Only 5 years is important, sounds very much like you have a bad compressor, It's trying to start asn cant so it shuts down(therees the noise your hearing. 5 year manufacture warr. so see if you can find your bill of sale. and give manufacture a call ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Frigidaire Gallary series top freezer style. The freezer is frosting up and the refriderator is not getting cold. The fan behind the freezer was making noise I'm told the other day. The freezer is frosting up in the back section.

Hi, Unplug the refrigerator. The automatic defrost is not working properly. You will need to remove the rear panel inside the freezer section and test the defrost heater and bi-metal switch. The bi- ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I bought a Frigidaire model FRS6LF7J almost a year ago and it's the 4th time I have to call a technician. The ice maker area starts making a Very Loud noise and after that just stops working and the freezer defrosts, and the guy said it builds up ice where the fan is. How this can be solved, since he looks like has not a clue? ' He doesn't know if it builds up moisture or what,, but the fan gets covered with ice. We have that in a normal cold, as well as the fridge area Is this a common problem

It should still be covered under the full manufacturing warranty but...DEFROST PROBLEMThe evaporator coil behind the cover on the back wall inside the freezer will ice up under normal conditions. Every 8 to 10 hours for around 20 mi ... Refrigerators

SR385NTS Samsung top freezer fridge fan spindle inside fridge not spinning, fridge not cold but freezer is working

... Refrigerators

I have a GE Model PSC23MG Refrigerator. The freezer section does not get cold enough. Starting several months ago the refrigerator was noiser than normal. I appeared that the noise was coming from the evaporator fan in the freezer section. The excessive noise stopped a month or so ago but it sounds like the evoporator fan is still running. The temperature in the freezer is barely cold enough to freeze items in the freezer. This also has caused problems with the ice maker because the ice pa

... GE Refrigerators

Had my refrigerator turned off for a few months then when I went to plug it back in it turns on makes the fan noise but no cooling for the fridge or the freezer. No weird clicking sounds just won't get cold.

... Maytag MSD2650H Side by Side Refrigerator

My ge refrigerator model gsl251frfbs is making a continous ticking noise from the back side. Fan stoped working on freezer side and it doesnt seem to be getting cold anymore. Can anybody help?

... Refrigerators

RS264absh Refig side is getting hot freezer is cold . fan motor on refig side making noise when ice box is closed freezing near the refig motro

... Samsung RS2578BB Side by Side Refrigerator

Afd2535deb not getting cold ( freezer or fridge) makes a clicking noise....both fans are working

... Refrigerators

Lg lrdn22712sw compressor is hot, fan is running but refrigerator and freezer are not getting cold the compressor is making a clicking noise every 5-10 minutes

... Refrigerators

My GE side by side fridge model GSH22JFTA BB stopped making ice a few months ago. Water is fine. Haven't had a chance to get it fixed, but now both freezer and fridge side do not get cold even on highest setting. This started about a week ago. Doesn't seem like the fan is blowing any air around either. There is some frost on the back of the freezer wall, but it is not cold enough to freeze any food. Bottom drawer of fridge is the only really cold area. It's only 2 years old - is this an ex

Find a parts supplier (usually service providers can order or may stock the part you need) and get a defrost heater assembly, part number WR51X10101 for your refrigerator. Unload the freezer and unplug refrigerator from power. Take out the fr ... Refrigerators

Originally the refrigerator was not getting cold at all and the freezer was warming up as well... I took the inside back pannel of the freezer off and found the condencer fan was not running. It seemed to be just stuck; I touched it and it began to spin. I put back the pannel and now: the frig gets down to about 40 degrees set at the coldest setting, but no lower and the fan and fridg as a whole are running continuesly. Is my fan shot (not creating enough air flow)? Thanks, Cole

Was there any ice on the evaporator which is near the fan. The fan blows cold air into the fridge side through a damper in the wall between the freezer and fridge. Make sure the damper is open.Below the evaporator fan is the evaporator co ... Refrigerators

Hello. My fridge freezer is playing up. It's from John Lewis and is about 4 years old. The fridge was not reaching the right temperature and it was making a funny noise, so took it apart and found that the plastic fan housing was broken. I replaced this so it's no longer making a noise but the fridge is only cooling to +15 degrees (though feels a little cooler) and the freezer is -25. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whatthis could be? Thanks Jon

... Refrigerators

I bought the fridge in 2006. In 2008 it began making a loud vibrating noise. Repairman replaced the fan motor blade.Took 30 days to get part! It was never quite right after that. Had problems with defrost not working properly. Lately it is struggling to keep the fridge side cool. It will get very hot, chocolate melts! then return to normal. Finally turned it off because it is making the same noise it did the first time I had it repaired two years ago.

Could all be in the fan motor. If it's bad again, I would change the motor and blade. Then fire it back up and test for correct cycling.\015\012That may take a week of running until you get a true picture of whats happening, but they do have a ... GE Refrigerators

Clicking Fridge I have a 3 to 4 year old Kenmore fridge. To date there doesn't seem to be any problem with the fridge working properly; everything stays cold in the fridge and frozen in the freezer. However, over the last couple of weeks we have noticed that it has been making a clicking noise. Every few minutes it sounds like it's clicking on and then right after it clicks right back off. It does this quite frequently and occasionally it makes a bit of a thud noise. Any help would be greatly ap

I used to have a whirlpool fridge, they are the ones who make kenmore too. It used to make a loud thud noise. It was the compressor turning off. sometimes it was loud enough to wake me up at night. It did this for years and I never had any problems w ... Refrigerators

We have a samsung side by side fridge freezer dispenser model and the fridge side has stopped working but the freezer does appear to still be functioning. The fridge temp control keeps restting itself to 18 after a few seconds even though try and put it down to the lowest temperature and it was making a dreadful fan noise for a few days which would stop if you opened the door, now there is no fan noise and it is not cold.

Hi. If you remove the light unit ond the lower casing which has four screws two of which are under the small vent covers that unclip. The light unit by the way has two screws under the difuser and that unclips. Mark the top before removeing with tape ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

GE Profile tnx22pa---top frezzer---Ice maker leaked and froze up what sounded like a fan. Made a noise like fan was hitting ice and then fan stopped. Defrosted entire freezer and fixed filler tube. Frig off for 6 hrs and used hot water pans and hair dryer. Turned frig/freezer back on and neither section will get very cold. NO FAN NOISE at all. It would seen that fan is broken. Don't have repair manual so I don't know if fan is serviceable. any ideas??? Thanks--Bill G

The fan is at the bottom of the refrigerator beside the compressor.and you can see it easily be revoing the four screws out of the bach flap.\015\012for help as what part is located where click the link\015\012.if the fan is faulty get it ... Refrigerators

I have the Sub Zero 550 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. Just recently, the Freezer section started getting warmer and the ice maker stopped working...all at roughly the same time. It had been set to "5" regularly. I turned the freezer to 0, vaccuumed out the coils/air intake up top, made sure the fan at the top was running (which it is), set the freezer temp back to 5 and am waiting to see what happens. The freezer only gets cold enough to freeze ice when I set it to 10 now. And the ice make

Hi,\012Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of\012a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go\012wrong. \012\012\012\012If\012you are he ... Refrigerators

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