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The water filter broke off inside the refrigerator. We had water going everywhere..We bought a new filter, but can't get the piece out of the refrig. Called the dealer they didn't seem to want to help.

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The water filter broke off inside the refrigerator. We had water going everywhere..We bought a new filter, but can't get the piece out of the refrig. Called the dealer they didn't seem to want to help.

... Refrigerators

Frigidaire SBS MDL FRS26FCDB6 Some time ago, 3 months, we raised the ice maker lever to the Horiz or up position as we did not want any more ice til we corrected our smelly water problem. Anyway, today, i cut the supply tube and attached a water filter to one end and then i lowered the ice maker arm and waited for water to flow thru the filter, and WAITED WAITED. ? please, no water is running thru the tube or filter. Can you help THANK YOU

Reach into the ice maker hook the ejector blades with a finger and pull them up a little you will hear a ratchet sound then watch them go around and listen for the fill valve before they stop let me know what happens ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

No water I changed the filter on my Kenmore side by side after the water stopped coming out thinking the filter was the problem, it apparently is not. Husband is too busy to look at the problem and I hate to call in a repairman when I think and hope with a little step by step help I can do it myself? I just don't know where to start to see if it's plugged or if the button is defective. Thanks for any help you can give me. Barbara

I'm calling in a repairman. ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

There is no water coming out of the dispenser on the door. I have tried removing the filter and installing the bypass piece, but that does not work. It has a MWF Filter Cartridge, which is wet, and the bypass piece also has water in it after trying that. Fridge model # is GSH25JFXBBB. Thanks for your help!

You didn't mention what brand of fridge you have. your fill tube may be clogged or iced up. Has your water supply been shut off recently? There may be air in the line. ... Refrigerators

We have a Frigidaire side by side with the in door ice and water system that utilizes the Pure Source 2 system. Dealer states that the filters whould last forever. After a short period, maybe 4 weeks or so, the water slows to a trickle. I replaced the valve assembly and this did not help I even put an older filter in and the flow was higher than the current unit. Also, check my inlet pressure which is fine. I'm guessing that if the water flow change with a filter change, that they do n

No water filter on a ref will last forever, the company that built the filter would have filled chapter 7 11 or something\015\012\015\012but the filter my or my not be the issue\015\012\015\012what is the size of the ice cube ... Refrigerators

I have a bottom freezer GE Fridge Model GDL20KCSABS. Bought the fridge brand new and after about a year the ice maker stopped making ice except for the occasional phantom ice that is makes like once ever month :) I have checked the water line and it is getting water. I called GE and they said to check the filter, but this model does not have a filter, so they wanted to send a repair guy out. We have very hard water, so I believe that there is some build up in the little blue bulb where the water

It is a simple solution you check your ice regulater and get it to normal from maximum ... Refrigerators

The water tube in my GE (side by side refrig) ice maker keeps freezing. When the ice tray does not get the water, it calls for more. the water ends up spraying all over the inside and freezing because the tube keeps freezing up. If I take the tube out once a day I can sometimes prevent this. I can never leave the ice maker on for extended periods of time. I have lowered the freezer temp and reduced the water feed to try and help but this has not helped.

I'd say that micbeth1981 has some good thoughts on this one. I'd also suggest checking to make sure the tube that extends from the exterior of the freezer into the icem ... Refrigerators

Ice doesn't come out into glass. Makes some ice but is larger pieces stuck together or flat pieces in bottom of container. Green light in back of container is on. I set the freezer to colder temp but didn't help. Turned the whole refrig. off and back on. Didn't help. The water side works ok.

You are not using enough ice.\015\012You may need to dump the bin every week or so and keep fresh ice in the bin.\015\012When you go through several defrost cycles the ice tends to eventually melt and stick together. ... Refrigerators

Ge Profile bottom freezer, french door refrig, water filter

Just replace GE's filter with a standard inline filter that hooks to 1/4" water line tubing. Sounds like their filter has no flow rate either...\015\012\015\012Here's a popular one:\015\012\015\012 ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I noticed little black pieces of slim in my water and ice. I changed my filter and the black stuff is still in the water. I looked at the back of my frige and noticed the clear water line tube has the black slim stuff in it! How did it get there and how can I clean it out? HELP!!! Maytag frige MSD2641KEB Thanks

... Maytag MSD 2655 HES 26 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Elevator¿ Shelf: Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Side/side frigidaire not dispensing water & no ice-replaced filter-opened up back of unit- cleaned up- water coming all the way to the frige from house main- hear regular noise like when it wants to dispense water but nothing coming out- can you help? thanx jp

Your double water valve is the problem. solenoid is probably stuck(located on water valve) just replace with new one. water line is connected directly to water valve which is attached w/a couple of screws. hope this helps. ... Frigidaire PLHS269ZC Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrig doesnt make ice or dispense cold water. Replaced the ice & water valves. Also bypassed the water filter. Help!

To access the rear of the dispenser - it is done from the inside.First remove about 30\015\012screws w/nutdriver that are hidden under door seal then inside of\015\012freezer door will come off. Second remove about 10 sc ... GE Refrigerators

My Frigidaire FRS26ZSG Water Filter Housing has cracked and leaks. (It's the piece that the filter cup screws into.) How do I replace this part. I found it in the Frigidaire manual and it is Part Number 218657500. I can easily order it but I'm not sure how to install it. Any help would be appreciated.

... Frigidaire FRS26ZSG

My refregerator is 7yrs. old. it makes a lot of noise suddenly. we do not use much ice maker and water despencer and recently changed water filter. it still works fine though. anything we can check before calling service man. we misplaced owner's manual. HELP!!!!

... KitchenAid KSRA25CNBT / KSRA25CNBL / KSRA25CNWH Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a refrigerator that came with my house when I bought it 6 years ago. I'm not sure of the model number. It is a side-by-side with ice maker and I want to change the filter. The water & ice have never tasted good, but the ice is terrible now. I can't find the filter anywhere. I have pulled it out of the wall, looked all over inside and can't locate it. The only numbers I can find are on the back. They are 2181912. I hope you can help me!

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a GE side by side stainless steel refrigerator. Model GSL22JFPD BS. About a week ago the refrigerator stopped dispensing water. I did the following so far: 1. Replaced water filter - didn't help 2. Unplugged refrigerator and plugged back in - didn't help. 3. Checked that the water shutoff valve is in the proper position. I can tell water is getting to the refrigerator because when I changed the water filter you can hear the water filling up in the filter. Also, the

Normal\015\012 0\015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4\015\012 \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 /* Style Definitions */\015\012 table.MsoNormalTable\015\012\011 ... GE GSL22JFPBS Side by Side Refrigerator

My ref is a model MZD2665HEW. I replaced the filter because water was not coming out door nor putting water to icemaker. That did not help but just a little. I then replaceed the water valve (pump) an

Check your water supply line its ether plugged or has a kink in it ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator


I just went to another site that offered FREE Whirlpool appliance manuals and looked it up myself. I cut and pasted the information from the manual to a Word.doc so I could edit out unwanted information and enlarge the type as my older sister is the ... Whirlpool ED2FHEXN Side by Side Refrigerator

I changed the water filter and I can't change the red indicator light to green on the outside of the refrig. Help!!! Maytag side by side


Want to know when and how to replace water filter on a ge side by side refrig

Hello,The water filter status light or indicator, present on some models, will help you know when to change your water filter. The light, or indicator, is located either on the temperature control panel in the refrigerator compartment or ... GE Refrigerators

GE Monogram ZISW42DSB built in refrigerator has had deicing/defrost system replaced 4 times in 7 years, just 3weeks ago latest, now have water coming from vents on refrig and running under crisper drawer, repairman can not see any leaks from drain tube and phone call to GE says can not access center column dividing freezer from refrigerator. Must be something blocking this return air area as refrigerator does not seem to be cooling properly, freezer is working great! Help!!

... GE Monogram Refrigerator Built-In Side-By-Side 48" Non-Dispenser

The water dispenser on the door stopped flowing in mid stream. A day later, still no water. Took out the filter and water streamed just fine. Got new filter put in, and again no water. Took it out and water flowed again. Exchanged new filter for another one and water flowed again, but only for one month. Took it out yesterday, and water flows again. Has to be a problem with the filter system (not the filter itself), and I have since heard that this is a major problem with Samsung refriger

Sounds like a "solonoid" is not functioning, either a wire is loose, the switch behind the the "push" device is bad, the "push" device is jammed, or the solenoid valve is bad.\012First Try moving the "push" in different directions, ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, Need help with My GE Frige GSS25SGSD water dispenser. I replaced a new Water filter then the water only dispense about 15 second and stop. Wait about 1 minute and the same thing happen again dispense water about 15 second and stop. Before replacingwith the new water filter, the water dispense continuously but slow. I put the old water filter back and water run for 15 second and stop. What's wrong with the water dispenser?

... GE GSS23SGSSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice and water from my whirlpool side by side fridge taste funny since day one , fam refuse to drink. im done trying to fix the problems. just want to know....will it damage the unit to remove the filter ? we have good tasting tap water and when i remove the filter the water is great. so i want to leave it out but afraid to do so may damage the fridge?

... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, I have a KitchenAid KSSS48QDX05 refrigerator. I am no longer getting water at the door or to ice maker. I am thinking the cause is a clogged water filter (ten years old, has never been changed). Could it be something else? In any case, I want to replace the water filter. Will I have to pull out the whole unit to get at this filter? I removed top and bottom grills, and no filter or water is visible. Thanks.

There is no filter on your refrigerator. I suspect the valve is bad. It is located behind the lower kick plate and is easily replaced.Kelly ... Refrigerators

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