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My GE refrig has started making a loud(er) "clunk" noise when the compressor shuts off. This has been going on for a month or so with no other symptoms. Can you tell me if this is indicative of the compressor going bad or some other issue? thanks!

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Their can be a couple issue's fan knock or compressor knock..even a loose mount

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My GE refrig has started making a loud(er) "clunk" noise when the compressor shuts off. This has been going on for a month or so with no other symptoms. Can you tell me if this is indicative of the compressor going bad or some other issue? thanks!

Their can be a couple issue's fan knock or compressor knock..even a loose mountPlease rate/vote the response Thanks ... Refrigerators

Compressor bad I have a 5 1/2 year old refrigerator and the compressor has gone bad. should I replace or buy new? About 1 1/2 months ago it stopped cooling and I put a hard start (3 in 1) on it, so I guess the compressor was going bad then. Now I have tested with an ohm meter and the compressor has grounded. Could putting the 3 in 1 on it messed up anything else? Any advice? Thanks!!!!!

Its not DIY stuff to replace compressor. here is my video how i do it. replacing little compressor. pretty similar to any residential refrigerators.\012 ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

The PTC on my Haier HSP03WNA has went bad I contacted Haier and they can only sell me the part if I buy a $300 compressor for my $100 fridge any suggestions? It is just a small plastic part that hooks onto the start and run connection on the compressor and has a single wire going to it the other wire hooks to the overload on the common terminal. I know that this is the bad part because I have 2 of these and removed the 1 from the good one and got this one running. But now I have 2 fridges and on

... Haier HSP03WNA Compact Refrigerator

Bad compressor My Frigidaire sxs fridge compressor is bad. It has a five year warranty. (bought in 2005). Could you inform me of the procedure I should go thru in order for Frigidaire to make good on their warranty? Thank you,

Call fridgedaire customer support, they will refer you to a service center that will come to your home and repair your unit, you will need your reciept if you didn't register the product. good luck! ... Refrigerators

Maytag has a recall for compressor relay update possible fire hazard stated on notice,tech comes out and does update,now fridge wont cool. tech states that adaptive defrost timer is bad,he jumped wires going from timer to compressor and compressor starts and works,take jumpers off,and compressor only comes on for a second when plugged in,he replace timer and still same,tech assistant sayes its a defective timer,gets another same problem,i have been without fridge for 1 wk help please

Check the cold control thermostat for continuity.(off/on switch)\015\012When he bypasses the wires at the board ,he also bypasses the thermostat control. ... Refrigerators

Compressor keeps running, and really noisy, seems to be working though, when thermostat set to off the compressor shuts off, so the thermostat should be good right, could it be a low charge, or just a bad compressor going out, fridge is from 1990.

I agree with you its is one of those problems you mention or both,so lets look at cost first:under new EEU regulations an engeneer has to drain you old gas from your fridge back into a special containor he will charge you for disposing it, then he wi ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

Compressor Our frig is making an unusual squeaking noise and the frig's compressor is running and will not stop. Is the compressor going bad?

You may have a problem in the evaporator fan . Defrost fridge for 24 hours and start up. Problem should go away for some time. For a long term solution you need to check if defrost cycle is funtioning well if not suspect the timer or the heater. ... Whirlpool ER6AHKXPQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a danby wine cooler that has stopped working. The compressor kicks on for about 10-20 seconds then stops. I have noticed that the klixon overload protector sparks than shuts the compressor off. Can these go bad or is the compressor shot.

... Danby DWC044BLP Wine Cooler

I have an Artic Air Refrigerator model r22cw7. It is not getting cold, the compressor is very hot and the fan inside was not spinning. I unplugged and let set overnight. This morning i plugged in , heard motor running, fan is spinning and fridge has cooled to 40 degrees in about 30 minutes.rnIs my compressor going bad? relay? switches?

... Refrigerators

Refrigerator is only five years old and the compressor has gone out. The refridge and the freezer is not cooling. What would cause the compressor to go bad so soon.?

Hi,The \012compressor is an electrical device and then can fail at any time....there is no \012reliable way to totally predict the life span... power surges and power \012conditioning can also affect the reliability of the device... ... Maytag MCD2257HES Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a ge profile refrigerator there is no power going into the relay compressor. The four thermistors are good. Where or what should I check with a voltohm meter on the control board or temperature control that tells the compressor to turn on to let me verify what part is bad.

Check the relay and the compressor with a volt meter. Make sure that you are getting proper voltage. 110 - 120 volts at both the relay and the compressor. If nothing happens or everytime you try to test and the circuit keeps popping first check ... Refrigerators

7 year old side-by-side Whirlpool refrigerator. A plastic box on end of wiring harness on the side of the compressor housing is literally melting down. Acrid electrical smell. Is this a relay going bad or the compressor causing the failure of the switch? I have a call in to a service person but cant get an appointment for another 24 hours.

Unplug the unit, and see what is heating up. It could be oxidized contacts on the relay (clean with emory cloth), or it could be overheated wires from the compressor running constantly. Read what Mike of Medina, OH had to say about his unit: ... Refrigerators

My kenmoore coldspot is not cooling. I noticed that the compressor is not kicking on but the relay is clicking off and on. Is this possibly a bad relay or is the compressor going out or what??Any info would be extremely helpful..Thanks for your help..

I would say if you replace the relay there is a 95% chance that it will run again. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Compressor Overload is bad. Bypassed it, everything works. I went to get the part MRT22AIN-34, was told to replace the coil, cap, and overload with ERP410. I get the fan to work but not the compressor. I'm losing the stock in the refrigerator due to 60degree temp. I wired S-C-R as indicated. The other two wires on the ERP says Power supply. I am not sure how to wire this.

... True 598-TSSU6024MBSTADA Mega Top SandwichSalad Unit split top 155 cu ft (24) 4

Help!! We put a new compacitor in the fridge and it is still making the humming noise. Does it supposed to do this for a while or the compressor is going bad? Is it hard to put a compressor in?


Loud buzz an dclicking coming from compressor in refrigerator, not sure of if it is cooling or not. Condensor coils were dirty, cleaned, unplugged for over 45 minutes, plugged back in, ran fin for about 3 hrs and started again.Is the compressor going bad. Unit is only 4 yrs old

YOU HAVE A COMPRESSOR PROBLEM. THIS PART IS COVERED FOR 5 YEARS PARTS AND LABOR. CALL SEARS AND SEE. ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

I have a whirlpool refrig et6jkxkq and i keep hearing a clicking noise.could the thermostat be stuck or the compressor going out or could it be the relay switch is going bad?

... Whirlpool ET6JTKXK Top Freezer Refrigerator


If needs sealed system repair problaby cheaper to buy new. try removing the back wall of freezer section, is there excessive frost build up??? is the fan behind tere even running(if not replace hte fan). if theres frost built up hten look for a defro ... Refrigerators

I have had my Frigidaire FRS26ZRG for 10 years. Last week it stopped working. I had it repaired about 5 years ago and I don't really want to put too much more money into it. I would like to know if the compressor is going bad or could it be something simple. The refrigerator side is not getting cold at all. The freezer is not working properly but you can feel some cool air but not cold enough to keep food. Any suggestions?

... Frigidaire FRS26ZSG

Thumping refigerator. Is my compressor going bad?

... LG LRTN19320 Top Freezer Refrigerator

GS5SHAXNQ00 side by side refridgerator made "popping" sound when fridge side door opened and interior light filckerd & went out. Now has rattle from compressor area when door opened. Replaced interior light and still does not work nor do LED indicators. Fan runs and sound coming from or near some sort of electrical box at lower left rear behind inspection cover. Sounds like an electrical relay not making contact to go full on. Any known culprits for "rattling noise"?

The popping sound could be a blown capacitor. Please check the and look for a burst cylindrical object. It may even have some wax around it. It should be replaced for the fridge to work again properly. ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

3 yr old ge fridge started clicking yesterday and everything got warm i unplugged and motor kicked on. Is this a compressor going bad?

Good day,\015\012It could be, as you said, the compressor going bad or it's possible the start relay clipped to the compressor body is failing. \015\012If it repeats the problem, you could unclip the relay from the compressor ... GE Refrigerators

Loud sound coming from back of fridge. Pulled out from wall. sound like it's coming from the lower left corner when looking at it from the back. Looks like i'd need to take the lower panel off to inspect further. Hard to describe the sound it's making. Sound like a compressor or pump going bad of some sort. ??? Any ideas? The fridge is about 4 1/2 years old. Thanks- Rick M.

Hi Rick,\015\012Sounds like the now infamous 'fan icing up' caused by a design fault of the fridge evaporator cover assembly & evaporator heater.Contact Samsung.You may find that these components are covered by by an extended 5yr. guarantee ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

PCT starter. Inside starter there is a round disk, one side of the disk is down to metal.When I apply 120volts to compressor with statt on 3 I have 120V to ground on both term. of comp. Why did the starter go bad on one side?

... Magic Chef MCBR440 Compact Refrigerator

My refrig stops cooling the fan in freezer stops the compressor stops but when you adjust the temp control every thing works fine for while and then this happens again.Is this the defrost control going bad or could this be the temp control switch witch also turns unit off?

Hi,\012I would check the temperature control...\012\012heatman101 ... Refrigerators

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