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The ice maker has completely stopped making ice. Is there something commonly responsible for its failure?

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I would first follow water line for supply to ice maker. The line should go thru a filter then into a electric solenoid valve then on into your ice maker. I would verify that water was to filter inlet and outlet. If you have water to filter but not out then you will need to change filter. Follow water line to solonoid valve which opens when timer on ice maker calls for water. Make sure you have water to inlet of solenoid valve by slightly loosening compression nut on solonoid inlet. If you have water at that point then loosen compression nut on leaving side of valve and manually set timer on ice maker controls to call for ice and see if you have water there, Next check that water inlet line into your icemaker is not frozen up where it goes into your ice bin. I hope this helps you some. Thank you

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The ice maker has completely stopped making ice. Is there something commonly responsible for its failure?

I would first follow water line for supply to ice maker. The line should go thru a filter then into a electric solenoid valve then on into your ice maker. I would verify that water was to filter inlet and outlet. If you have water to filter but not o ... Refrigerators

Having problems with ice maker. Was slowing down it seemed in making ice... and now it does not seem to be making ice. I tried the fast freeze ... still no ice. Obviously must be a water problem... the ice plunger rotates, but the ice bin is empty. I there something I can take out of the Ice maker and thaw out.. something must be up with the water line. I did replace the filter recently for the water and everything seemd to work ok... thanks Bob

I had the same problem and the Samsung customer service person told me to set freezer to -2 degrees, remove the ice bucket, press and hold test/reset button (look for arrow on top right of ice maker inside the fridge), replace the ice bucket and wait ... Samsung RFG297AARS (285 cu ft) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

We are in Australia and have had an Amana XRSS287BW fridge freezer with ice maker for 5 years. The freezer is icing up near the ice maker, the condensor is not icing up. It appears to ice up and the fan hits the ice making a noise? We have had a repairman fix it, he has been back 3 times and now believes the problem is with the ice maker. He has advised we will need a complete new ice maker. I find it difficult to believe that the ice maker cannot be repaired. Regards, Bob Beck

They do not repair icemakers for the simple fact it is cheaper to just buy a new unit aka icemaker in fact the icemaker when the repairman buys it costs him between 47-90 dollars at which for him to disconnect the three bolts and reinstall the icemak ... Amana Refrigerators

Ice maker For a few days the ice maker was making too much ice; I had tempty the ice out. Then it completely stopped making ice. Any suggestions on what could be causing this problelm?

Check you bail arm .( wire that stops the ice maker) make sure it is hitting the ice when its full. if you can lift it up and it still makes ice then the head is broke and will need to be replaced. ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a whirlpool refrigerator model # ED5PBAXVB00 that is not producing ice. I replaced the water valve on it last July. The ice maker switch is on & red light is blinking. I poured water in the ice maker & it did not eject ice. The freezer seems to be cold enough . I got a new ice maker & installed it but that has not worked. I have water to the valve & water at door spout but do not have water through the valve to ice maker. I do not know if i have to reset something for the new ice make

... Refrigerators

About once a week I find an icicle hanging from the back bottom of the ice maker. It's formed by water running out of the hole where the auger comes out the back. This has been happening for the last 6-8 weeks. It seems to happen when it is full of ice and the ice appears to be melting and running out the hole and making the icicle. It also will form a big frozen puddle under the icicle if there is something to catch it. I now have a little catch pan under the ice maker to keep from making an ev

Hi Lilly.\015\012The problem is the Ice maker high limit thermostat that is supposed to stop the heating coil in the thermostat when cubes had been melting long enough to be released.\015\012\015\012The part is located inside ... Refrigerators

Water is not going into ice cube trays to make ice. ice maker is on with a green light. this is a slightly used refrigerator and never used ice maker. the water works fine. is there something to activate the water flow to the ice maker???the ice maker was never used and still had the factory blue tape on it from the factoryy.

Possible frozen fill tube. ... GE GSH22SGRSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker won't make ice changed filter and have running water.tech came out and used hair dryer to do something in back of ice maker unit from inside,said it usley happens 1 time and normaly never again ,i think something was frozen? does not seem to be any water in the trays?

What is the model number ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a GE side by side refrigerator with ice maker. Refrigerator has been fine and now it just started making a loud like humming noise which is coming from the freezer the ice maker works when I open freezer its really loud could it still be the ice maker even if it works or is it something else I see no off switch inside for the ice maker if that was it

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.it maybe your fan, going bad. or you have a ice build up, and its hitting the fan..if this is the case, you have a defrost issue. or a bad fan.I tried to help you. Pl ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Water dispenser does not work, ice maker does work. This is a used Whirlpool side by side. I hooked up the water yesterday and the water dispenser worked. Overnight, something went awry and I do not get water, bu the ice maker is still making ice. I disconnected the water line at the front of the door, pushed the dispenser button and no water came from the line. If my ice maker is getting water, why doesn't my water dispenser?

Icemaker is in line with the water and runs from the icemaker threw the door and up to the water valve. So that is why the ice maker is working and the water is not working, most likely the water has frozen inside, And this can be caused by man ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

KitchenAid KSCS25INSS01 ice maker intermittent failure. It periodically stops making ice for days. I noticed it occurs when there is heavy use on the RO unit that supplies it. The drop in water pressure causes the ice maker to slow down and then the water in the line feeding it freezes. I had a tech come out once to defrost the supply line in the freezer above the ice maker. It seems however, if I could start a defrost cycle the line would free up. That must be the explanation for the observatio

No you dont want to go there !there is a chance that your water valve is dripping and water are in the line...also there is a heating kit for your fridg that prevent that ask your local tech. ... KitchenAid (KSRD22FKST) Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice machine makes clicking noise. Sounds like something is loose inside the icemaker and hits the side of the casing. The ice maker makes this noise for a couple of hours and then is quite for a few hours. Ice machine makes little or no ice.

... Refrigerators

I have a side by side that has the ice maker in the door, when it makes ice cubes, they come out all connected and this makes it difficult to get ice to despense from the shoot and most of the time it will end up shooting a piece of ice on the out side of the container that you are trying to put ice in. It also will many times gather several pieces if ice in the shoot and lock the despenser open causing a large mess. Is there a way to adjust something to prevent this ? Thanks, Cliff

It sounds like you have too large a fill of water in the ice maker. If you remove the ice maker there is a fill adjustment screw under the cover of the ice maker.( the only way to get the cover off is to remove the ice maker)Very small plastic ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Jfd2589kes Ice maker quit making ice, no water in tray. Freezer is drawer type below fridge. Cold water maker inside fridge works fine, so I know water supply and valve are okay. Supply line to ice maker comes from line at bottom of back of fridge; don't know where it goes or how to access whatever it comes from. Should I just replace entire icemaker unit inside the drawer and is it accessible to replace completely from inside the drawer ?

... Refrigerators

Hi, my fridge stopped producing ice some time ago however I though it was because we had to replace the filter. We did this and is still not making ice. I have tried to get the ice maker to flip out the ice it has in there and it looks as though it cannot flip the ice out. It attempts to but looks like it gets stuck on something or somethings is stopping it from flipping. Is there anything that I can do to fix this problem? Cheers, Emma.

If the ice maker has ice in but will not release / then i would ck the heater that warms the tray . this causes the ice to release then the fingers will remove the during the harves cycle .. when the mold heater is ba ... Refrigerators

I had the power out on my refrig for about 8 hours. Now the ice maker has stopped making ice. Water in the door works, but no water going to the ice maker and not dropping ice. Do I need to defrost the frige, how? Or something else?

There is a dual acting water valve that feeds the ice maker and door water seperately.If your power went out - chances are good the solenoid on the icemaker side of the valve has failed - so it will not open the valve on the demand of the icema ... Refrigerators

Icemaker the ice maker wont fill with water so it will make ice. i checked the valve and it will let water in as long as i put power to it. the ice maker its self wont do it. i have noticed the arm that pushes the ice out started turning but quit. so is there a reset button or is there something else wrong that i cant think of. thanks Dennis Minich

This is a test, if its a new er model, turn maker switch off for 15 seconds,turn on move the flap arm below the maker bak and forth 3 times waite 3 min, this should reset maker ... Maytag MSD2651 HE Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker will not dump ice, it has ice just will not dump into the container also makes a little noise occasionally from the ice maker best description is that it sounds cricket or something

Ice makers are tough to repair. should look at replacement. fairly simple replacement. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have the Elextrolux EI28BS56IS and the filter was full so the ice maker quit making ice. Therefore I purchased a new filter and replaced the old one and the icemaker is still not making ice. How do I fix this? The the icemaker need a reset or something?

... Electrolux EI28BS56IS (278 cu ft) Bottom Freezer Commercial French Door Refrigerator

Have a Maytag side by side with ice maker...it quit making ice within 3 months of installation. Had one repair man look at it...said that it was a common problem w/ Maytag...hit ice maker with his fist a couple of times and it worked for a week or so...now it does not fill trays, nor seem to cycle...cooled water spout does work.

Assuming it's not still under warranty, I would probably replace the icemaker components inside the freezer.\015\012\015\012The repairman's "fix" indicates that there is some kind of problem with the "brains" of the icemaker. It would pr ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

My new samsung rb215lash ice maker makes ice but the bottom of the ice tray becomes one big chunk. Also, makes a funny sound..motor whinning or something after the door is closed..help!

... Samsung RB2155 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Fridge periodically makes loud noise like ice or something droping on metal plate. Fridge does not have ice maker but instructions on side mention an ice making conversion kit. Bottom freezer Kenmore model 596.67942600

... Refrigerators

The ice maker has been working fine, now all a sudden it stoped working. The other night the moter that kicks the ice cubes out was making a funny clicking noise, like something was hung up in the gears. Now the water dispenser isn't filling the tray. I've got the ice maker out, should i let everything thaw out and put it back together, and see what happens ?

Good day,\015\012Snap off front cover. If it has a white plastic gear with a SCREW in the middle, check the teeth in the gear. If stripped replace it with a new one. If it is the modular style, you'll have to replace the module or bet ... Whirlpool 25.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/Thru-the-Door Ice & Water - Satina Stainless-Look

We have an Amana side by side D7535470. One day the ice maker just stopped working and then about a month later out of no where it started to work again. But then that same day my freezer started making a very bad very loud noise. My hubby said it sounded like a fan rubbing something. We looked and in the bottom of the freezer and there was ice on the back wall at the bottom. He said it looked like the ice maker was dripping into it and freezing maybe. We defrosted it but within an hour it was m

Yes, I can tell you that your unit is frozen up and has a bad defrost system in it now. This is a simple repair and your fan is hitting the frozen ice. You should unplug it for a few days and let the ice thaw out completely before replacing the defro ... Refrigerators

I have had the GE top frezer a little over 2 months...Afew weeks ago I noticed a noise starting , a kind of weird noise....(its not the ice maker....I turned that off a week ago and it still does it....the ice maker is off for days sometimes and it has not stopped)that sounds like a rumbling/or something hard to explain. I had a new GE a few years at my other house and nothing like this...I know what the fan, ice falling sounds make etc.its not that.. this has gotten louder over the past 2 weeks

Your refrig is under warranty . Call GE , and they will come out , at no charge , to repair the problem . ... GE Refrigerators

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