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Fridge leaking with loud noise - Refrigerators

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You probably need to call a repairman to check this problem.

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Fridge leaking with loud noise - Refrigerators

You probably need to call a repairman to check this problem. ... Refrigerators

Loud banging noise and water leaking

Not much can be done about compressore noise, short of replacing it. but your drain issue is easily fixed, with that whirlpool heat strap you mentioned.it actually wraps around the heater in frezer section and the idea is that when the unit goes into ... Refrigerators

Samsung side by side refrigerator RS265TDRS started making loud propeller like noise on the cooler side half way up. Notice bunch of ice around the lights on the back wall of it. I unplugged the fridge for a little while and plugged it back in. Also cleaned up the mid section so it can breathe. The noise slowly reduced and the fridge seemed to be working fine for a couple of days. This morning I get up and the temperature on the coooler side was flashing at 36'F and there was water on the fl


My sub zero 650 freezer section making loud fan type noise this morning. It was 38 degrees, (maybe freezer drawer was left open last night?) now down to 24 degrees, still making noise. Could it be my evaporator fan motor going? Just had the fridge repaired for the common pipe leaks. Condensor clean fan works on fridge Temperture good.

... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

GE Refrigerator making loud noise and leaking.

... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

Loud banging noise and water leaking

First of all the noise is the internal compressor motor hitting the steel shell on shut down. in my experience this is annoying and not really a huge concern as far as the compressor dying any time soon. now your drain problem. i would recomend the w ... Refrigerators

My ge refrigerator model # gss23Qsta ss has slowly over a week has increased temps. in freezer and fridge. Temps are now 24 (freezer) and 44 (fridge) and holding for past 2 days. Digital temps are set at the correct temps. 0 and 37. We have unplugged and then replugged cord, cleaned dust off back vents, etc. Nothings working. Fridge has also lost its loud 2nd gear sound just a low fan noise now.

Maybe the defrost heater or terminator has failed and iced up the evaporator. PSS service manual. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

JCB2285KES noise Every few minutes the refrigerator makes a loud buzzing noise for about five seconds then the noise stops. Otherwise the fridge and freezer seem to be working fine.

... Jenn-Air JCB2285KES (21.5 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Model 22 162D9625P005 Profile Fridge that has water leaking into the inside of the fridge. Even though the inside temp is 40 degrees the water on the glass tray partially freezes. I've tried letting it sit with the doors open but the problem returns. Also, at times, there is a loud grinding noise. Everything else on the fridge works OK.

... GE Refrigerators

Loud banging noise and water leaking

First of all the noise is the internal compressor motor hitting the steel shell on shut down. in my experience this is annoying and not really a huge concern as far as the compressor dying any time soon. now your drain problem. i would recomend the w ... Kenmore 64254 / 64252 / 64259 Top Freezer Refrigerator

GE Profile Refrigerator - Small Leak & Loud Noise

Does water come out of the water dispenser?I is more likely that the tube that drains the water down from the self defrost mechanism is clogged. Look in the very back of the reefer cabinet, you will see a trough back there, if it is full ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

On Saturday the beeper started going off even though both refrigerater door and freezer door were shut properly. When I opened the refrigerator door I realized that the screen showing the 5 degree temperature for the refrigeration section was flashing and F2 was also flashing alternatively. I pressed the fan button which you supposedly press during the summer and the beeping eventually stopped. The fridge did continue to make a loud clicking noise every so often, even on Sunday. What is wrong an

... Miele KFN8762SDED Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Maytag refrigerator makes a loud popping noise. It woke me up at 1 am. Refridgerator is 10 years old no ice maker. The sound is pretty loud. Is this a bad sign? Is there any danger here? Should I be looking at replacing my fridge? Hope you can help! Thank you Desperate Housewife

The popping noise you're talking about, could it just be your self-defroster in operation,sometimes if there a lot of ice and it operates a long time, there could be expansion noises,such as the refrigerator walls expanding/contracting from the heat ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice behind panel in refrigerator and loud whirring noise from refrigerator. also periodically leaks water onto the floor


My Lg refrigerator makes a loud noise i.e (thud) once before or in between the starting of the compresor....it is very loud at times...i have called the customer care and they could not hear the sound as the technician stays only for 10 to 15 min..and the sound does not come when he is there.the technician says it could be the PC of the fridge but i dont think so as the PC gives only clicking sound when it starts.

... LG Refrigerators

I just bought a new frigidaire refrigerator. I plugged it in and it began to emit a large loud humming noise. It almost sounds like something is vibrating inside. Is this normal for a branc new fridge? Should a fridge be quiet after initial plug in?

Hi,It depends....it may be loud for a hour or so, but should quiet down as it cools...There is an explanation for this, but it is very long and would involve intricate details about refrigeration systems...If it does not quiet ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

We just bought a new house that came with this refrigerator. It works fine, but every once in a while, the fridge will knock loudly, and it almost sounds as if ice or something hard is clattering inside of it down to somewhere else. This model, though, has no icemaker. Is this a noise I should worry about? I hear this noise a few times a day.

The noise is likely the defrost heater coming on. This melts the ice on the evaporator coil. The melting ice is the noise you hear and maybe the panel flexing from the heat of the heater. This is normal. ... Amana ARB1914C Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My refrigerator has a loud rattle in back when the compressor (i think) shuts off. when i pulled fridge away from wall i can simulate the noise by shaking what looks like an expansion tank. Sounds like a ball rattling inside the tank. The tank sits on floor behind the fridge

More than likely you probably have a bad compressor foot mount . It is a rubber cushion between the compressor and the refrigerator base frame. they wear out, allowing the compressor foot to contact the mounting base which would be metal to metal co ... Refrigerators

I have a knocking (5 quick, loud knocks) sound intermittently on my refrigerator. I think it is when the compressor starts up (not 100% sure). I opened the back panel and everything looked normal except there is some black, sticky tar-like substance on the side of the compressor, as if something is melting. It is on the outside of the compressor casing, but not dripping onto the floor panel. The fridge is a 4.5 year old Samsung side-by-side. The noise is loud enough to wake us up at night. Do we

Chances are that black tar like substance you are seeing if from the capacitor. This is were I would start, as a capacitor is not all that expensive. Make sure it is the same rating as the current capacitor, and be aware that capacitors store elect ... Refrigerators

Our refrigerator is about 8 years old. It is a ge profile bottom freezer. It started making a loud noise yesterday. When I turn the temp down in refrgerator to the lowest setting (which I assume is off) the noise stops. There is water dripping in the back that looks like it may have been dripping for awhile. The bottom tray (under teh fridge) is fillign up with water slowly.

Hi,\012Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigerator not Cooling or Fridge not Cooling ... GE Refrigerators

There is a loud knocking/clicking noise which stops when either the freezer or fridge door is opened. The temperature panel gauge remains the same, -18 degrees for the freezer and 5 degrees for the fridge but both compartments are defrosting and water is leaking from the freezer side of the appliance.

Your main control board is bad,with the doors closed it is trying to signel the compressor to start,that is the sound your hearing-mike ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Water is coming from the bottom shelf of the freezer and leaking out. There is a very loud switch noise like a trip switch from the fridge freezer. There is no water in the condensation area at the back - it is very dry. Do I have something blocked? If so how do I rectify it? The fridge and freezer are working to temperature.

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I have a Magic Chef refrigerator in my apartment that is approximately 11 years old. It has worked fine until apprx a year or so ago when it became louder and was emmiting more heat. We cleaned the coils and that seemed to help with the heat. But it is still making very loud popping and hissing sounds and (more bothersome to me) it makes a loud, sustained humming / motor sound for about 10-15 min. on and off. It seems that the source of the noise is in the freezer part, not the lower fridge part

This problem is creating by compressor bec u said that this unit is about 11 year s maybe the wear and tearing of mechanical parts thats cause of vibration and humming sounds, of ref. heat is only normal try to replace new compressor or replace new ... Refrigerators

Lg lbc22520sw refrigerator warm ,freezer seems ok but ice build up on back wall and was fridge was makin a loud sound when motor was running but seemed to stop making that noise and can barely hear fridge running now

... LG LBC22520S (224 cu ft) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Hot refrigerator I have a Samsung refrigerator RS2630SH.  Originally a loud noise was coming from the back of the refrigerator on irregular basis.  Repairman did not help us while it was still under warranty, although we did provide a videotape of the noise as requested.  Now the warranty has expired, refrigerator stop making the loud noise but the dividing wall heats up to extreemely hot temp.  Also the freezer side outside wall is very hot to touch.  Ice maker does not work as well.  Any sugge

I had the exact same problem and got sick and tired of it. I contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commision and they came out and photographed my refrigerator and asked questions about the fridge. If everyone who is having trouble would write the ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

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