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We want replacement of new defective refrigeretor pls tell me procedure

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You make a warranty claim for repair via the manufacturers website first. They attempt repairs and if it can not be repaired it is replaced with an exact or equal or model. Since you did not mention make or model number I can not help you with what website to make your claim on. The warranty information should be with the Owners / user's manual your NEW refrigerator. It states exactly what to do for a warranty claim. You will need make, model date of purchase and installer information when you make your claim. Possibly even the purchase price. If it has not worked since the day of delivery you can go back to the retailer that sold it to you and demand they take it back and replace it. They may push for warranty repairs but I can tell you from personal experience any reputable retailer will work closely with you to resolve the problem on a NEW unit.
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We want replacement of new defective refrigeretor pls tell me procedure

You make a warranty claim for repair via the manufacturers website first. They attempt repairs and if it can not be repaired it is replaced with an exact or equal or model. Since you did not mention make or model number I can not help you with wha ... Refrigerators

Frigidaire compressor model # FRT21LRGW5...replaced overload relay..compressor still buzzes for 15 sec then clicks...gets very hot soon after. Just blows warm air...did not come with icemaker. Places want to charge $200 for new compressor and $50-$60 just to walk in the house...Fridge is past warranty (8yrs old). Any chance of replacing the compressor myself? Do new compressors come with refrigerant already inside? I'm finding compressors with electrical for $150-$180 online all over the place

... Refrigerators

I bought a defrost timer and the new one came with an extra wire that hooks to one of the posts on the new timer before installing. I have no refrigerator schematic to tell which post to hook it to. The instruction sheet says: Figure - 1 The wiring harness coming into the timer has a WHITE wire: this will be a continuous run hookup. See procedure 1. Figure - 2 The wiring harness coming into the timer has a RED wire: This will be a cumulative run hookup. See procedure 2. Can you

Use figure #1 as this unit uses a timer instead of adaptive cumulative defrost motherboard so use the white wire configuration #1 ... Refrigerators

Fride I recently purchased a Kelvinator Fride, it was delivered to me on the 25.10.07, my first installment only to be paid by the 01.12.07.The fridge has already packed up on me, I called the store, they said they would repair the fridge, can I insist on another new fridge, as that is the reason i bought a NEW fridge so I wouldnt have problems, i dont want it repaired.If they do bring me a new fridge can I tell them that instead of making my 1st installment on the 01.12.07 I am going to make it

Yes of course you can insist for another new fridge! you're paying for it! tell them your reason of buying a new unit. if they don't then ask them for a refund and buy to another store! talk to the manager! don't be scared! Scare them!!! ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator is not cooling at al. Light works but that's about it. got a quote but looking around for better prices. Was told.... "Needs new evaporator, acso filter & freon 12" The quote for fixing it was astronomical from this place and I wanted to check around but every place I call won't give a quote on anything (even) parts over the phone and I don't want to waste another $75 trip fee for someone to tell me the same thing I already know.

... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

My new refrigerator was working fine until we unplugged it to paint the kitchen walls. After being plugged, it would not work. Lights do come on inside the refrigerator but it is not cooling. One repair man suggested that the refrigerant might have leaked and needs to be replaced. After replacing the refrigerant, it seems to cool on and off. Now, the repairman suggests the cooling fan may be defective. Is this possible???

Good day,Looks like a can of worms here. You said "new Refrigerator".If it is under 5 years of age, the whole sealed system including leaks in the refrigerant tubing is under factory warranty.Nobody other than an authorized Fr ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a U-Line CO75FB under-counter refrigerator/icemaker. The thermostat control is broken. On my unit it is marked as part # 2717, but U-line tells me this part has been replaced by part # 80-26005-02. On the 2717 terminals are in two "rows," the red wire on top and in the lower "row" the yellow on the left and the blue on the right. The new part does not have the same layout of the terminals. Can anybody tell me which wire goes where?

Hello\015\012The control you have #80-26005-02 has the same number position as the 2717. The numbers are listed on the new control.\015\012The red wire goes on #1, the yellow #2, and the black or blue black goes on #3. The numbers may be ... U-Line Refrigerator Ice Maker

I have a Frigidaire PLHS267ZCB4 Side by Side fridge. The whole fridge was only getting cold at the bottom but the entire upper section is only 60 degrees. I replaced a defective evaporator fan motor but the new motor doesn't turn on when connected to the wiring harness. I bench tested the new motor and it works. What actually controls the activation of the fan? What else could be the problem?

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I replaced the ice maker water inlet valve ( 2315576) and the Quick Connect water outlet leaks. The valve was replaced 6 mo ago and has just recently developed a leak. Is it fixable? I really dont want to buy a new valve because it works.

Don't replace the valve that is a bigger problem, do your really want another hole in your pipes NO perhaps when you connected the new clear tube you did not connect it securely enough buy a new kit about 10.00 and just replace the tubing. P/S drain ... Refrigerators

Can anyone tell me the trick on taking off the plastic cover plate over the ice/water dispenser area? I have tried to look for the tabs to push out and then remove, but it is not working. One of the tabs is already broke and I do not want to break another one. It is not adhesive holding it on. I am trying to replace the switch for the water dispenser, so if you know how to replace that, I could use help there also, but first I have to remove the front plastic cover to get to it. It is on a kitch

Insert a butter knife between the dispensor grate and the dispensor cover about 1 " from the side and push inward , to unsnap the plastic clip on each side (at the bottom) . Then lift upward , to unhook the top portion of the dispensor cover . There ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Icemaker replacement Hi, You told me to replace the icemaker with the new one, and this is the best way to fix to problem. Just tell me please if it is easy to do it or I have to ask a technician to do the job. I would like make sure before I buy one. Thanks again. Giap

This is one of the easiest units to replace. Loosen the two screws above the ice mold, swing out and off the fill tube, then disconnect the wiring harness. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I want to purchase a new LG refrigerator under exchange offer. I have got Godrej fridge which is not working. Can you please tell me any LG fridge shop in Kamla Market so that I could purchase a new refrigerator. Thanks Rajender Kumar

... LG Refrigerators

Make: Hotpoint Model: HSM25GFRF SA Ice maker is not making ice fast enough and from what I can tell the temperature of the freezer is not cold enough. I replace the main board with model WR55x10942 which is supposed to be a direct replacement and it asks you to cut the thermister wire on P1 during the install procedures. I did that as instructed but ever since I have had the above mentioned problem. It also says to check the temperature board but I do not know where it is located or how t

That is strange that it would want you to cut that thermistor wire... it said to do that regardless of what model you are installing the unit into?!Very bizarre, checking into this but let me knowTim ... Refrigerators

I have a GE PSS26SGR and the bracket that precvents the door from opening too wide at the bottom is broken. I have a new part and want to know how to replace i the part. do I have to remove the door? if so how do i remove the door

... GE PSS26SGR Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Zannussi ZEBF 249W fridge/freezer which needs the thermostat changing. I cannot see where the capillary tube of the thermostat goes down to and I feel that I shall have to open the unit from the side which is tight because of the foam that has been used to seal it. Before I do anything too drastic, can you please tell me the easiest way to access the thermostat so that I may replace it with a new one. Thank you. Best regards from Ian.

\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012hi sir\015\012here is the picturitation of changing thermostat ... Zanussi Refrigerators

I want to change the water accuator on Frigidaire model PHSC39EESS1. Can you tell me how to replace the part?

... Frigidaire Model: PHSC39EHSS

I have a whirlpool side by side refrigerator and my ice machine stopped working. I get water from the cold water dispenser. Noticed the water line to the ice machine was frozen so I replaced it with a new line. Still doesn't work. Please tell me what I can try next. Thank you.

Perform the optics diagnostic mode to determine whether the optics circuits are operating properly. The optics system consists of of an emitter and a receiver. The emitter transmit a beam of infrared light and it is detected by the recei ... Refrigerators

I need the troubleshooting on when you call a repairman. They iced down the compressor to get it operable again, didn't chage with froen replaced fan motor, took them 3 service calls to tell me it was a leak in the evaporator coil of my bottle cooler. Shouldn't a repairman check for leaks in evaporator coil first or at least the pressure. I had to call the same company for my keg cooler. They iced down the compressor, didn't charge with freon, then they returned to say I need a new compressor, w

They should have checked this in the first instance,if I was you I would point this out to the company and request a refund on some previous work done. ... True TD9538 Beverage Cooler

Evaporator fan making noise kenmore 795.7730 Can I order one and replace it? Also, unit came with wrong light bulbs which melted control unit. Sears fixed it, but required that we buy the 250 dollar warranty or pay 250 for the service. Warranty now past with new issue. Am defrosting unit in case Ice is on the fan first, but want to know if I can but the part if I ned to. Appears held into place with one screw at back of freezer.

You can remove and replace this part; just secure that this is the correct replacement part require. Find this part HEREAnd ... Kenmore 24.8 cu. ft. TRIO Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Sub Zero refrigerator model 550. Replaced the thermostat for the refrigerator. If I crossed up the two wire on the back of it will it not operate correctly? Can anybody tell me which terminal should receive the black wire and which the gray wire. Will hooking them up backwards damage the new thermostat. Thanks

Its ok to reverse the two wires . there is no right or wrong. but there is some times a green ground wire that goes to the housing . . but white is common and blk is power . on our control the two wires may be the same ... Refrigerators

My start relay went out, and the replacement is a different version. I read about others having the same problem. I want to make sure that I have to put one of the overloads into/on the new part. It came with 2, which one. The instructions do not address this.

Sears has a complete model number system that is confusing I know. Sears made it that way. Not sure why but look around the cold food door while open and look near bottom on the frame just above the kick plate. The number looks like this, (model No. ... Kenmore 50522 / 50524 Side by Side Refrigerator

We are replacing the condenser box fan on a Caravell display fridge 100 litres Model Number 125 - 052 and want to confirm the wiring on the terminal block that connects to the fan. Specifically, we need to confirm which tags terminate brown, black and blue wires from the compressor. Can you assist or advise where I can get a schematic diagram for this model. Can you advise where I can buy a new fan unit in Sydney

You can get the parts at \015\012www.repairclinic.com\015\012\015\012and diagrams at \015\012 ... Refrigerators

Hello, I've got a fridge Bosch Logixx and my vegetable trays are broken. I wanted to buy new ones. Could you please tell me where I can find some. I live in Newbury, Berks. Or maybe I can order one and be delivered by the post. Thanks for your help

Hi,\015\012\015\012I've got a Bosch fridgefreezer too and yes - they do tend to break a bit easily for my liking. (2 cracked now in 4 years)\015\012\015\012These suppliers seem fair for the UK, delivery was fast too, and god i ... Bosch Refrigerators

Ge side by side (psh25sgsa 3 yrs old) and the ice melts every few weeks in the freezer. Empty out the ice and everything is fine again for a couple of weeks. Checked the coil underneath and everything is fine. The fan in the freezer is a little noiser than usual. Something tells me it's related to the main control board. I heard that GE had a recall for defective control boards, but cannot find anything on GE's website. Replaced thermistor #4 and #5 but problem continues.

Hello. It appears that you may indeed have a defective control board, or it could be your defrost thermometer, Read on please. As you know, the self-defrost system has three functional components: 1. Defrost timer\015\012\015\012\015\012\0 ... GE Refrigerators

I hear a hissing sound from the filter and water is leaking into the drip tray from the filter. I haven't replaced the filter in a long time, so I think the leak might stop with a new filter. I've tried turning the filter cap counterclockwise, but it doesn't seem to want to budge. I haven't tried really reefing on it because I'm afraid something will break. Besides, when I twist it a bit, I see the two tubes connected to the filter turning as well, and there's not much give in that tubing. I wo


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