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Top left shelf is accumilating water, can't figure out wht is causing problem. Water isn't leaking anywhere else.

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Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with yourrefrigerator and why it is not cooling

Refrigerator not Cooling or Fridge not Cooling

How to Defrost Refrigerator Defrost Timer Problem

Water Running in refrigerator from Freezer


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Top left shelf is accumilating water, can't figure out wht is causing problem. Water isn't leaking anywhere else.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with yourrefrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigerator not Cooli ... Refrigerators

My freezer seems to be accumulating water under the drawer. it is coming from the back wall on the right, but there is no leak anywhere else. I do not have an automatic icemaker installed. What could be causing this problem?

Plastic water bottles on upper shelves sometimes have small leaks. Remove all above water containers. Maybe you spill some water replacing ice trays? Identify the source of water..that will be the cause of problem. ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have Samsung RS25445SH side by side refrigeratorl. We purchased January 2006 and never had problems till now. Water is slowly leaking from both sides in the front at the bottom underneath, near the white door height adjusters and also water is pooling in small amounts, but enough that I have to sop it up every so often, inside the fridge side on the white bottom in the corner. No leaking behind or anywhere else inside fridge. The leaking is enough that unchecked runs all over the kitchen f

... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Kitchenaid Superba Side by Side Fridge: a lot of water is leaking from the freezer side; we can't seem to locate the problem; our ice maker/water dispenser is not plugged it (we don't use it)... what else could be the problem (we were told to check the compressor, and coils, but we don't know where they are exactly). Freezer is cold (we hear a motor running)... but most of our food have defrosted and is causing the water leakage. Please help us.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator\012\012Refrigeratornot Cooling or Fridge not Co ... Refrigerators

We have a Maytag French Door w/bottom freezer (mod# MFC2061HEB).. The internal water dispenser has a real slow, but constant drip from the dispenser nozzle. We've replaced the filter and adjusted water pressure, but nothing has worked. There are no other leaks or water anywhere else. What could be causing this or how is this fixed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Water dripping from a water dispenser is caused by a leaky water inlet valve which is on the back where the water supply is connected. It needs to be replaced. ... Maytag MSD2454G Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a Frigidaire Professional model PHSE39EGSSO side by side refrigerator. We have noticed there is a drip from the water filter area. We replaced the filter about 2 months ago and up until about 2 weeks have had no problems. Should we replace the filter or is something else causing the leak. It is fill up the trays in the door with water over a period of time.

... Frigidaire PHSC39EGS Side by Side Refrigerator

Defroster leaks my refrigerator leaks water from the inside of the unit. i had an technician check the problem. he said it was the defroster that was leaking the water. what should i do? soon i'll have to replace my flooring because of the water. please help with this problem. water leaking down the left side into veg tray Whirlpool Model ET8RHMXK004. Water is not supplied to the ice maker in the top freezer. The bottom portion is dripping water from the ceiling or top down on the first shelf

You have a clogged defrost drain tube. removing back panel of freezer will give you acess to drain trough, melt away the ice with a hair dryer, youll find a drain hole under there somwhere,pouring boiling water down the drain will clear it pretty qui ... Whirlpool (ET8FTEXSQ) Top Freezer Refrigerator

Haier refrigerator model htq18jaaww-06 is leaking water inside. the drain tube on the bottom in back isnt plugged. what else is the problem?

... Refrigerators

I have a maytag refridge model MSD2433HE. It is leaking from the under part of the icemaker and causeing water to drip down to the shelfs forming ice cycles. Ofcourse this is causeing it to freeze so I have had to unplug. I have taken the front part of ice maker off and see where nothing should be leaking. Also if you use the front water or ice part water will start to come out around outlit to ice dispenser. Help! Also how do you take the pan out or do you? It has water in it I just cannot figu

... Maytag MSD2454G Side by Side Refrigerator

I know this is strange but here goes. I have a Kenmore Coldspot side by side Refrigerator. This past summer, it was leaking water out the front freezer door. We turned off the water and called a repair man. When he came, it would not repeat the problem. Slowly, a strange smell has arisen in the Fridge and freezer and has tainted the ice and water taste too. It is not my cleanliness! I have cleaned out both sides to no avail. Could there by a leak or a hose problem or something else? Thanks.

Turn off the fridge. Remove the freezer bins in the bottom. Defrost the drain line with a hair dryer.It is on the lower back portion of the freezer. Break up the ice on the freezer floor and dispose of it.Discard any old freezer food. Change ou ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a GE side by side model GSS25SGPASS refrigerator/freezer. The ice maker and freezer are both working fine. My problem is there is water that leaks down to the bottom of the freezer, ices up and eventually melts and leaks out on my hardwood floor. I de-ice it about every 4 or 5 days. Any idea what is causing the water and icing problem?

... GE GSS25SGPSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Why is or fridge leaking water out the bottom. Bottom mount fridge, checked the water try in the back, no cracks, no leaking, Twice in four days days it leaks water on the floor. No problems cooling, everything else works great.

I've seen this occur when the refrigerator door is getting closed fully Either a food item is preventing complete closure, (though it may look closed) or a seal is failing. Check the seals by pulling a dollar bill out from in between the seals. If i ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I had water leaking from under the Frig. I moved the Frig and found that the water line had broken. Each time the water pumped to ice maker it ran out onto the floor. I pinched off the plastic line from the water intake thinking it would stop the problem, but it didn't. The water kept coming into the freezer causing a massive ice build up. I have removed the ice twice already, but it continues to happen. I am a renter. When I told my landlord about the problem, she told me that she had just pu

Look under the sink, that's probablly where it's hooked up from, there is more than likelly a splitter that comes off the cold water line. You can turn off the cold water, and pick up a new line at home depot for a few dollars, and replace the one th ... Refrigerators

The water coming out of the water dispenser in our GE Profile PSC25PSWA fridge is hot--hot enough to take a bath in. We don't know why the water is suddenly not being cooled and think this is causing problems in our icemaker too as sometimes it is full of water and leaks all over the freezer. Both the fridge and freezer seem to be cooling fine though. What is causing this?

Is this a new fridge that was recently installed? Because the only thing I can think of that could be causing hot water coming out of the water dispenser is either the installer/tech hooked up the fridge water inlet line to a hot water line somewhere ... GE Refrigerators

KitchenAid Superba ice maker leaking and causing a large block of ice in the ice bin. I watched as the water was filling the ice cube tray and I see a drip dripping down into the ice bin while the water is filling the tray. It doesn't drip at any other time. Is there an easy way to remove the ice maker to see what the problem is? Hairline crack somewhere? Is this a common problem? I have seen a lot of similar problems here, but not this exact problem, at least not so far. I am still searc

... KitchenAid KSRS25ILSS Side by Side Refrigerator

We have the WH95TP unit on our boat. It has worked great for 10 years. Last weekend there was water leaking from behind the unit. We turned it off and turned the water flow off and left for the week. When we returned, we turned both the unit and the water back on. The inside of the unit seemed to get really warm and had a slight smell. Then water began leaking from inside the unit. We turned the unit off again. Any idea as to what is causing this problem?

Was the unit running when it was warm? If it was then you need a tech to look at the sealed system. If it wasnt running then you need to adjust the icemaker ejector blade so its straight up (12 oclock) Thats when it will allow the compressor to come ... U-Line Refrigerator Ice Maker

We have a problem of water leaking unto the floor on the freezer side. Water also freezes on the floor of the feezer and i have to chip it out freqently. There is also water leaking out around the dispenser causing the stainless steel coating to bubble up. Can we repair this ourself?

I had the same problem I went to the GE website and they said i needed to fill a turkey baster with baking soda and water and shoot it into the hole all the way in the back on the bottom of the fridge..they have a diagram...this happend to me about ... GE GSL25JFPBS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a kenmore refrigerator model 106.54532400 with a ice and water dispenser. the problem is my ice machine is not making ice and water keeps leaking out of the ice chute. cause the container that holds the ice is flooding with water. how can i go about fixing this problem. the temp is as low as it can get. that was the first thing we thought of the temp might be too high. when i try to touch where the ice cubes are being made it feels as though the ice is there but then when i check again to

... Kenmore Refrigerators

We have a Whirlpool GD5SHAXL side by side that has leaked alot of water overnight underneath. The leak is not coming from the copper line that comes from the wall and goes into the back of unit. We haven't changed our water filter after it warned us, is that the problem or something else? We have turned off icemaker and disconnected copper tube and left our fridge plugged in. BIG WATER MESS! BROUGHT IN THE SHOP VAC, NEED HELP WHAT TO DO NEXT?

... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

Leaks water water comes out on the left side at unpredictable times sometimes its 2 times a week sometimes it goes for 2 weeks without leaking has anyone else have this problem? with water on the floor it is a accident about to happen can you help me Judy

You likely have a plugged drain inside the bottom of the freezer. You may need a hair dryer to thaw it out, then clear it with a stiff wire. Otherwise your drain pan below may be cracked. Hope this helps! ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

Water leak My fridge has been leaking for quite some time. I have a top freezer with no ice maker, so I don't know what is causing it or even where it is leaking from. Clear water consistantly drips down from the top of the fridge area on to the first shelf. It looks like it is coming from the middle of the top area, and there is not a hole or anything. The fridge is old - manufactured in 1998. The drips are sometimes less frequent than other times... it will fill up a large tupperware over

First check the seal is sealing tight. To do this use a piece of paper and close the door it should have resistance when pulling the paper out. If all is good your drain is clogged up. To clean this remove the back panel at the bottom you will see a ... Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator

My Maytag MZD 2766GEW is leaking water inside the freezer and outside the refrigerator ! What is causing this problem that has also caused me to replace the filter every month and the ice maker does not make ice and the water will not come out the dispenser! The warranty has also run out ! the is not even five years old! What should I do? I also am very disappointed in this Maytag appliance! We have had recalls on this appliance!

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator\012\012Refrigeratornot Cooling or Fridge not Co ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have a Gaggenau Refridgerator/freezer SK534-164. The freezer section leaks water. Initial investigation showed that there is some heating coil behind the bottom shelf, which begins heating and melting some of the frost, in return causing water to leak from the freezer. I don't have the user manual, so any helps on the settings would be highly appreciated. Regards, Shahzad

... Refrigerators

Where would I get an inline pressure regulator for my refrigerator. My refrigerator model #FRS23K5CQ2 started leaking out of my icemaker cartridge compartment into my front door shelf. one of the solutions said that if your water pressure is too high for the shut off valve in the icemaker. I noticed that the city was going around to all the houses and did something to our water lines and two days later my refrigerator was leaking so i think that I have the same problem. I stopped at Sears where

... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

Water is leaking in the bottom of the freezer, also coils are freezing up with ice, this problem is causing water to leak onto the floor from the freezer

When the cold coil is freezing up this is caused by a failed defrost system ( a bad heater or terminator . or the aditive defrost control . it also will freez the drain in the back of the freezer and this will cause th ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

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