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My frig will be working fine then it trips the GFI outlet. you reset the out and it will trip it again a few minutes later.

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Why do you have your fridge plugged into a GFI outlet? It is not necessary if the outlet is hidden by the fridge. A GFI is only used where an outlet is within 6 feet of water and is out in the open. I would replace it with a new regular outlet.

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My frig will be working fine then it trips the GFI outlet. you reset the out and it will trip it again a few minutes later.

Why do you have your fridge plugged into a GFI outlet? It is not necessary if the outlet is hidden by the fridge. A GFI is only used where an outlet is within 6 feet of water and is out in the open. I would replace it with a new regular outlet. ... Refrigerators

I have a MFI2568AEW Maytag refrigerator that started flashing the door alarm today even though the doors are shut. After 3-4 minutes, the lights on the inside of the refrigerator stop working. Everything but the lights appears to be working fine for now i.e. it still appears to be cooling, etc. A reset of the power on the refrigerator resets the door alarm but 5 minutes later, it starts flashing/beeping again. Can someone tell me what the problem might be and how I might resolve it?

Sounds like the switch that activates the light on and off is either out of adjustment or broken. ... Maytag MFI2568AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Three weeks ago my refrigerator went out including the freezer. We pulled it out, used our wet/vac and cleaned it out then turned the reset button and it worked fine. A week later it went out again and we reset it and it worked fine for another week. This past Sunday it went out again after resetting, it worked for a few hours and then it stopped and it has not worked at all. I believed it is over 15 years old

Im not sure what reset button you are using / but cleaning it out was good . and if it started running that was good. when it quit the third time . things that would cause this could be the cold control / very comm ... Amana Refrigerators

I have a maytag bottom freezer refrigerator model MF12568AEW with problems, first I found the door had popped open, when it had previously been closed, the door alarm light came on I shut that off. Then all the lights were flashing on the display and I tried to reset them and nothing worked. I can back 10 minutes later and nothing is working on the control panel. I called Maytag and they are no help, I bought it only 3 years ago. They told me to reset the fuse and wait 5 minutes and nothing h

... Maytag MFI2568AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

The center area of my Kenmore 59282990 is very hot. The ice maker is working fine. I unplugged the unit for 3 minutes and plugged it back in and the unit cooled off in the middle then about 20 minutes later it was very hot again. I could feel some heat coming out of the bottom rear of the unit but the air pressure wasn't very strong. Otherwise, the unit works fine. I'm concerned about this getting so hot that it could cause a fire. Is this something I can fix? Thanks.

The heat in the center of the doors is normal and can reach 120 degrees to reduce condensation. There used to be a energy saver switch installed to turn off/on the heater. They no longer use energy saver switches to save about 50 cents a month on uti ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Vinotemp 12 bottle dual zone. The upper zone works fine, the lower zone was working fine until recently. The temperature doesn't remain constant and stays too cold. The grates in the back are clean. I did a reset, which is unplugging it for 20 minutes with the door open. This worked for a few hours. Is there something else I can clean or check?

I experienced the same problem.The top wouldn't cool and the light flickered.Each cooling fan has a circuit board. Locate the 16v 1000uf compacitor on the board that wouldn't cool. If the top of the compacitor is bulged, it has to be replaced.No need ... VinoTemp Refrigerators

Freezer working fine, fridge not cooling. Left to defrost last night, turned back on this morning and all seemed fine. Fridge was cooling and seemed to be running all ok. Tonight the earth leakage keeps tripping. I have checked the earth connections on the back and all seems okay to me but I am no electrician As soon as I reset to earth leakage, turn on the fridge after a short delay it trips again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... Fisher and Paykel E522BRX Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a jenn-air model JSD2789GES, Ser 26301370CE. The light to change the filter came on and was changed following the instructions exactly. Purged the system with a Vase for about 5 minutes or roughly 4 gallons. The light remains on. I unplugged the refer and let stand for one minute to think about reset?? The light remains on. I got another filter and repeated the entire process as described, the light remains on??? It's been 24 hours now, the unit works fine, cold water and ice working fin

Push light and lock for 5 sec ... Jenn-Air JCD2290HES Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a sub zero 695 and the water dispenser is not working. The ice disp is fine. I turned off the unit and turned it back on and it worked but then when I tried it again a minute later it didn't work. I tried turning the unit off for about 20 min to see if the line might be frozen but it still doesn't work

You have to get all of the air out of the line. Put a glass under the water outlet and press the water button. it wil take several minutes before you will see water ... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

The fridge keep tripping the GFCI. I reset it and one minute later it trips again. I even tried it on a different GFCI circuit, still trip. Thank you

Refigerators should NOT be on GFI-protected circuits. Problems have occasionally been reported when plugging a refrigerator, freezer or other motor-driven appliance into GFI-protected circuits. These appliances generally have a motor that pulls signi ... Refrigerators

After a power loss the LED's on front of refrig reset at 88 88. I have shut off breaker for 5-10 minutes and they won't reset. refrig works fine, LED's read 88 88 and I can't move between ice/crushed ice or water

... GE GFSS6KKYSS (259 cu ft) Bottom Freezer Commercial French Door Refrigerator

Dead refrigerator. Completely dead. Even lights don't come on. Wall plug is fine. Two days ago, electric company put a monitor on our electric meter. Tech had a problem getting it lined up and the power went off and on multiple times within less than a minute. May be a coincidence, but we think not. Never had any problems prior to this and had been working fine. Is there a reset button?

We weren't able to find a "Reset" button anywhere on the fridge, so I turned it off, unplugged it, waited 24 hours, and plugged it back in. The lights came on and I, then, turned it back on. It's working fine and keeping ice cubes frozen. Whew! T ... Kenmore 18.3 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator w/Through-the-Door Water Dispenser

Frigidaire Fridge model #: FRS26HF5A. About every 5 minutes the motor tries to kick in but it just hums. Fridge has gotten warm but all lights and the fans still work. The first time this happened, I switched to a different wall outlet and it started working fine again. Now, several months later, the fridge has started doing this again. I have used an extension cord to try every outlet in the house but this time I can not resolve the issue. I mention all of this because it acts like it's not get

Good day,Using an extension cord will just make the problem worse. There is a voltage drop thru an extension cord, no matter it's quality. Plug the machine into a wall outlet direct. Before trying it, give the unit a 30 minute r ... Refrigerators

Samsung RS2578SH Refrigerator stopped cooling, but freezer is fine, It is 6 yrs old and just bought it used, the guy said it worked fine, I plugged it in 5 days ago and everything cooled, then last night the digital temperature guage started blinking that it was catching up to the temperature. so in the manual it says to unplug unit for 9 minutes to reset, but it will not cool

... Samsung RS2578BB Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung RS2556SH Hello, The freezer side of my refrigerator has stopped cooling. It was working fine yesterday, but then we discovered that our ice maker wasn't making ice when it ran out of ice in the tray. I unplugged the fridge hoping it would reset the ice maker but it ended up messing up the freezer side. My freezer is now at 54 degrees. I've tried unplugging it and leaving it for ten minutes but that didn't work. I've called a service company and they are coming out tomorrow but informed m

I have a samsung Refrigerator model No. RS2556sh. The Fridge temperature indicator is blinking at 38 degrees. What is the cause for it? How can stop it? Please anwser me through my email: [email protected] ... Samsung RS2556 Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator and freezer is not working too well. it stopped getting cold and then i transferred the food to the refrigerator in the garage and unplugged the kitchen. about a week later i plugged it in and it was fine for 2 weeks until the same problem. i unplugged it for a couple of hours and plugged back in.it was good again for 2 weeks until now. when it is not cold it seems to always run and makes a buzzing noise about every 2 minutes and lasts for about 10 seconds

I have a maytag two door fridge it's not working the fan is working but it's not getting cold fridge or freezer can you help me sometimes it tries to cut in makes some kind of sound for a couple of sec and stops again ... Maytag MTB1953HE Top Freezer Refrigerator


Hi there,it seems that you have a faulty switch on your unit. better replce the switch. ... Refrigerators

I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator with a new ice maker. The ice maker works fine but will not drop the ice. If I cycle the arm off/on (up/down) then it dumps the ice a few minutes later. Otherwise, the ice just sits in the tray. The ice maker is Whirlpool #4317943. Any suggestions on why it won't drop the ice or what to test?

Humm thats a good one, but I will try to help you out. First off you say the icemaker is new, so does that mean you bought the icemaker and installed it on the refrigerator. Or is the refrigerator new and it has an icemaker. If you installed the i ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore ColdSpot Refridgerator MODEL # 52552100. It was working fine until we moved it to my friends house, now it's not blowing cold air. Any ideas to what this may be? Hopefully it's just a reset or something we hit?? Now we have it hooked into a GFI outlet instead of a dedicated outlet like its previous position, could this be the problem? Although, it's not tripping the GFI, it remains on, just not blowing cold air.

... Kenmore 52582 / 52584

Hello, I have a Westinghouse Fridge/Freezer model BJ383 (approx 4 years old) and have started have problems with the temporature alarm for the freezer activating. In reading the manual it's suggesting the temperature is getting too warm but it appears fine when I check the freezer, and the door has been kept closed. If I reset the sensor it just goes off again 50 minutes later (as the manual states it will). If I turn off the fridge completely for 5 mins then turn on again, the alarm activate

Hi,I checked the model number given and it does not come up, so I assume it is wrong or incomplete.However, you should get a thermometer in there to check actual temperature, so you know for sure what is happening.Then I would chang ... Westinghouse Refrigerators

LG Refrigerator - Lights on inside the refrigerator however the digital display is not working and the refrigerator is not cooling. I reset the breaker in my basement (althought it wasn't tripped

What is the model number of your unit? ... Refrigerators

HI, I have a whirlpool refridgerator model # ed22gw, It worked fine then 3 days ago it triped the gfci I unplugged and tried different outlets with no other load on them and it would still trip the breaker after only a few seconds ( the fan was working and the light inside) and today I plugged it back in and it is working fine. I dont have a lot of experience working on appliences however with some advice this should be a simple fix. Thanks for any and all info

Refrigerators should not be run on gfci plugs .As they age , they will pull slightly more amps . Also , gfci plugs will weaken even though no previous problem with them . If you have a gfci plug behind the refrig , replace it with a normal type plug ... Refrigerators

Hello, my side by side built-in refrigerator does not work. the temperature raised to 50-55 degree, we make sure the temperature was reset and it still does not cool. I tried to shut the main switch on top of the frig behind the grill and reset, and still it does not work. I removed grocery and cleaned the areas around the vent to no avail. It has been like that for three days. The freezer is working fine.

You will need to replace the motherboard in the lower rear area of the unit,this controls all functions of the unit,so if the digital readout is dark in the refrige compartment and recently(not always) replaced burned out lights in the refrige compar ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

About 1:00 am this morning our fridge tripped the circuit breaker, it ha never done this before. I reset the breaker and it tripped 5 mins later. I left it unplugged for the rest of the night. I plugged it in about 12 hours later and it tripped as soon as the plug touched the outlet. can you help THANK-YOU Lorne

Lorne:It could be the compressor,contactor/overload,main control board bare wire,shorted defrost bar or control, have some one check the plug with an ohmmeter and see just how shorted the unit is ... Refrigerators

Kenmore Fridge model 253.65802508; appears not to have power? Wall plug works OK, trip reset, and plug is well into socket. Extended power lead to another plug , no different. May have been lost due to lightning strike as it broke around same time as the storm. Is there an internal fuse or something else that needs to be reset to make it work? What could have been damged for it to not be working?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

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