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My sub-zero 501 is just barely cool no matter what the setting. The interior is cooler than room temp., about 50 degrees. Turning the dial up, even as high as 10, doesn't increase the chill.

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Without knowing more I would guess your freezer fan is out or your evaporator coils are frozen over or both.

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My sub-zero 501 is just barely cool no matter what the setting. The interior is cooler than room temp., about 50 degrees. Turning the dial up, even as high as 10, doesn't increase the chill.

Without knowing more I would guess your freezer fan is out or your evaporator coils are frozen over or both. ... Refrigerators

Model FRT18KB2DW2 Mfg:04-05. Unit sits in unheated basement: Temp in room dips to high 30'sF. Freezer compartment does not come on and food thaws. Moving temp dial in freezer has no effect. Increasing the referigrator temp dial in referigrator from standard to colder turns on the freezer fan resulting in food freezing. The freezer then freezes contents. After a day or so freezer thaws. Increasing referigrator temp dial starts freezer fan and freezer freezes again. WHAT IS THE FIX?

Good day,\015\012The problem is one based on balance. The machine has to run long enough each day to keep the 2 compartments in balance.\015\012 \015\012Any refrigerator such as yours needs a room temperature of 55 ... Refrigerators

Why does the top freezer work extremely well, even freezing water on the lowest setting but the lower part only gets to 47 degrees? As the freezer is turned to high the lower part increases to 52 degrees. Thanks, Bob

I would guess that your freezer fan motor is not running. when the fan motor is not circulating the cold air, you will get almost the right temps, but not in the right areas. check to se if you hear a fan motor running and have good air flow. if t ... Refrigerators

I have a GE Monogram ZDB24A under-counter drink refrigerator. Recently, it started freezing all the drinks we keep in it. Even on lowest setting (1), the compressor will continue running and cool the temperature down to 25 degrees or colder. If I turn the temperature knob toward "off" it will click off the compressor. Resetting the dial to "1" makes the refrigerator behave normally, increasing the temperature up above 40 degrees or so before it clicks back on. I'm assuming this is a bad therm

Hi Rich\015\012\015\012Sounds like it needs a new thermostat. \015\012If you are competent with electrics its a fairly easy repair, only 2 wires and the ground. \015\012See your local fridge wholesaler and ask for a thermostat ... GE ZDB24A Wine Cooler

Refrigerator temperature was turned down to lowest number (1) and now the refrigerator will not come back on and chill inside when temp dial is increased to higher #'s. Light is on so it is plugged in.

Repalce the thermostate nob which has teeth to hold the nob in desired level. Due to constant usage of turning the nob it would have broken. Please replace the thermostate nob and do not change the setting on and often to avoid such situation. It wil ... Refrigerators

MY FRIGIDAIR REFRIGIRATOR, wont cool or freeze.. we have reset it unplugged it and even cut the light to that outlet and we still cant get it fixed..the freezer temp is at 35 degrees and the fridge temp is at 65 degrees..we set it to the temp we want it but it just doesn't cool..and the ok light is green meaning that it doesnt have a problem..PLEASE HELP?

Is the compressor running, If so then I can only suggest that you have a loss of refrigerant. 1st Check that the compressor is running, If it is 2nd check that the condenser is not blocked and that if a fan is fitted, is it running. If none of these ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a 3 yr old ge Profile side by side refridgerator model #psc23sgrdss with the following problem. on 3 occasions in the last 3 wks I've found the temp. in the refrig section very high ( 56 degrees and yesterday 85 degrees). I turned on the turbo cool feature and this brought it back to normal; The freezer temp was okay except this last time when it climbed to 11 degrees. It seems to be okay now, but obviously something is not functioning right. Do you think it could be the fresh food fan &

I had same issue this past week. Refrigerator up to 45 freezer up to 15. Ice would melt and then everything would get cold again. Ice formed on everything. Next thing you know it was warming up again. I knew the rubber seal on door flap that open ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

My Black & Decker bna17b mini fridge simply does not cool enough. The manual claims it should get down to 37 degrees Fahrenheit in a 70 degree room. I put the setting on high (coldest) and my milk spoiled in one day. I tried unplugging it for a few days then starting it up again. It has plenty of space where it is so it can circulate the air so I have no clue why it continues to not work properly. The temperature is MAYBE a little below room temp.

Sorry Brian & Charles, but you missed the boat on this one.\012This Black & Decker refrigerator uses Peltier Thermo-electric modules on heat sinks. If you blow off the dust and the unit still does not cool, these modules have probably gon ... Refrigerators

I have the samsung Rs2533sw/xaa. 2 nights ago, we turned off the kitchen breakers to install a light and ever since we turned on all the breakers again, the refrigerator has not been operating properly. The freezer temp seems to be okay, but the fridge side shows a temp of around 50 degrees, even after i have manually lowered it. We tried to re-trip the breakers but we are still experiencing the same problem. Is there a way to reset all of the setting or reset the control panel? or do you ha

\012Sounds\012like you just need to do a reset, press and hold the top 2 buttons\012till it flashes then let go. If you hold it to long it will run a\012diagnostic mode and may lock up on a blinking light. The\012blinking light is a trouble ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator freezer. A couple weeks ago, I realized the freezer temperature is -20 degrees. The freezer control was set on 5, half way between Warmer and Colder. I turned the dial as far as it would go toward Warmer, but the temp remains the same. The dial will only move part way toward Warmer. The dial does not move easily and I suspect it's not functioning. Is it possible that it's just stuck? It's 8 years old and never been adjusted. Or can it be easil

Tis is way to cold . if control does not control it then replace the control. the compressor must be running 24/7 .. mm ... Refrigerators

Hello, I have an Samsung rs2533sw. the ice maker stopped working. it is at 8 degree. at this juncture, the manual reset switch does not work. if I let it unthaw then it works. once it gets cold it doesn't work. It also looks as if the ice tray does not empty and the tray turns, the water poors out to fill the tray, but runs all over because the tray doesn't empty when it is turned. while it is warm, room temp, i depress the manual switch and it works as should???? help?

Hey heads up! The ice-cube maker has two parts... In fancy terms the business motor end, and the back-stop. Your back-stop is all busted. Mostly because it's been used successfully as a backstop for a few thousand times. The piece costs about $2 ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

High temp in fridge will not cool.freezer is cold but had to turn temp way down to make it work -10 degrees

The service manual shows that your model has a evaporator coil behind the rear wall of the fresh food section. We need to see if the evaporator is defrosting normally. If you are able to change the fresh food section temperature by lowering the freez ... Samsung RS265LBBP Side by Side Refrigerator

Power Problem I have purchased a Frigidaire FRT8G7HWO. THe problem I have is once i turn it on n set the temp dial, the fridge will begin working n coolin to that level. However, once that level is reached, the fridge will stop cooling which will result in it gettin back to room temperature. If i move the dial after, the fridge will quickly start working again, only to shortly after stop. Any suggestions what this could be and what i can do to fix this?

You will certainly have to replace the thermostat. Typical problem is once temp. is reached, it takes forever to come on. ... Frigidaire FRT8B5E Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a brand new hoover black fridge freezer - only 3 days old and the freezer section is fine but i cant get the fridge to get below 7 degrees it makes no difference if i turn the dial to low or high. It is in a tight space but air is circulating on both sides and the rear what do you think is wrong or is it safe to run at 7 degrees?

... Hoover HCA390K Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Both fridge and freezer are turned up to maximum cooling but they just aren't cold enough even though the weather is mild. Icecream is very soft - barely frozen and fridge temp is about 8 degrees Celcius. Fan in freezer compartment works fine (turns on when door shut).

Sounds like a failure to defrost.Look on the freezer rear wall inside the freezer for ice bukdup.If there is ice the defrost components ,must be replaced. ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart® E522BR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My freezer temp registers 28 - 36, I cleaned out coils, I notice that there is a fan in the back bottom right side, not sure what should make that run. My Ice is slowly melting. I had the freezer setting at 0 degrees. What makes the freezer temp run so high, Fridge adn Freezer doors are closed all day. Moderate use in the evenings.

That fan behind the refrig , is the fan that cools the compressor . It should be running any time the compressor runs . If not running , replace it . The center divider between the fridge and freezer ( front strip ) should be getting hot to the touch ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Actually have the DAR604BLS - Danby Silhouette - looks like the plain fridge version of above pictured beverage fridge. Electronic digital display on front. Unit stopped running. Display reads interior temp of 73 degrees, controls allow the temp to be turned down but the fridge does not start up. Makes absolutely no noises or any sound that makes it look like the compressor is even trying to start. The unit is only 9 months old, but they won't cover any of the 24 month warranty because I

... Danby DKC645BLS Compact Beverage Cooler

Freezer Freezes (really freezes) but refrigerator barely gets below 50 degrees and the unit runs 24/7.... Very little air flow from vents coming from freezer to refrigerator even though the same? Vent that supplies air to ice maker seems to be blowing just fine. Temp control for freezer seems to be stuck.. temp control for refrigerator doesn't make a difference unless it is turned all the way to off.

Hi,There are a few reasons why the refrigerator part will not cool...here are a couple of tips that will help you to figure out why the ref ... KitchenAid KSRG25FKSS Side by Side Refrigerator

HI: We have a 6-7 yr old TRUE single door, stainless steel fridge. We noticed yesterday ..that at "4" on the temp dial, the fridge is freezing milk in glass gallon jars. We backed the temp down to "2" and the problem persisted. I also noticed that the fan continues to run, although we ahve turned the temp dial to "0". The compressor does kick off when we turn the temp dial to "0", but the fan will not turn off...it runs constantly. Could we be in need of a temp control or fan switch? We are in N

... True Food VWR Storage Refrigerators with Stainless Steel Doors, 1 to 4°C T72NCVWR w/ FREE UPS

Kelvinator split system reverse cycle A/C/ model KSR 27G Why doesnt it heat. The temp was set too high at 30 degrees.

... Kelvinator Refrigerators

Refrigerator cools, but not cool enough, even with temp adjustment turned to coldest setting. Freezer only gets down to 0. Fridge at 44 degrees

If the evaporator coils behind the back panel of the freezer\015\012are icing up because of auto defrost failure that will stop the circulation of\015\012cold air and eventually affect the freezer too.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012The f ... Refrigerators

My jenn-air jfc2089htw often times freezes the food in the refrigerator section even though the temp is turned up to 42+degrees---seems to happen when there is a lot of food and is always an issue on the top shelf?

The dampner in the center back top shelf area is not closing properly . should be replaced . this is a electric motor control dampner . . very common problem the new dampner is improved . mm hope this helps and ... Jenn-Air JFC2089HTW Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

ARS2667AW Amana Side by Side refrigerator Freezer. New in July of 2000. Recently stopped working, had a repairman out who speculated that it was the cold controls or the defrost control unit. After going thru a few days of my knocking on the cold controls....or turning the red dial on the defrost control unit......He replaced the cold controls. It worked for a few days consistently, but then.... it will work and be chilling on the refrigerator side at 34 degrees, then stop and get up to 50 degre

... Amana Refrigerators

Even when temp control dial is turned to off, it continues to run and is freezing everything in the refrigerator.

... Kenmore 58522 Side by Side Refrigerator

My GE Model PSS25MGNAWW Artica Profile Refridgerator has begun freezing the contents of the bottom Sealed Pan and Fresh Produce Drawers. Put setting up to 2 and Chill Dial to Cold (left) but temp is stayng at 29-31 degrees. Where should I look?

Freezing in cripsersG.E artica:Models Affected: All 23 25 27 and 29 cubic foot electronic side-by-side refrigerator units with plastic Liners manufactured in 2001 or later. This includes all Profile- (Arctica and Eterna") models Consum ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

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