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Kenmore elite water dispenser works but the icemaker doesn't

\015 We have a kenmore elite 1 year and 4 mo old. the waterdispenser works but icemaker does not fill with water. i thawed the freezer out for a day but still no water to ice maker. what should i check next.\015

Answers :

It is either your water valve in the back of the fridge, the module on the icemaker.

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Kenmore elite water dispenser works but the icemaker doesn't

It is either your water valve in the back of the fridge, the module on the icemaker. ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side by side #52552. Water came pouring out of the icemaker, inside the freezer, and was leaking out through the dispenser. The water dispenser works fine The rake arms work fine Since cleaning everything up, no more water is getting to the icemaker. Also, the middle plate between the fridge and freezer is hot--but this has been true for awhile without disrupting the icemaker. Why is water getting to the dispenser but not to the icemaker? thanks patti

Hi Patti,A couple of things could be going on here. I will assist with trouble shooting if you are up for it.First of all, the hot rail between the freezer and fresh food sections concerns me. This is an indication that the co ... Kenmore 56539 / 56532 / 5653 / 656534 Side by Side Refrigerator

The icemaker in the door of our Kenmore Elite Trio frig just stopped working, exactly 13 mos. after we bought it. We did not get an extended warrantee, because we have never had a new appliance fail so soon. The bottom freezer works fine, and the water dispenser in the door also works. What could be the problem? We can't really afford to repair it now.

Is the ice unit turned on? I pushed the off button by mistake and PAID someone to "turn it back on for me" The guy laughed all the way to the bank :( Also he said a good place to start , before I call next time, is have you checked to see if there i ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Kenmore elite model 596.76592600. 3 days ago ice maker did not work, installed a new water filter yesterday and ice maker started working several hours later. Last night the water dispenser stopped working and no water coming out today. The ice maker is working perfectly......but no water coming out of the dispenser inside the refrigerator. new water filter is 24 hours old...what could be causing this problem??

... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Kenmore side by side model #515541 01--replaced water filter -water dispenser works great but no water coming into ice maker - what could be problem? we purchased this used-is there something we have to do to start the ice dispenser - we did turn the ice maker to "on"--wht could be the problem- thank you--teh dispenser part works -just no water going into icemaker and therefore no ice Thank you for your help email us at [email protected]

If you're refrigerator isn't perfectly level on the floor, it won't make ice. I had to have a service call from Sears to tell me that. ... Kenmore 57029 Side by Side Refrigerator

Kitchenaid model ksrs22q - everything including icemaker works fine EXCEPT all of a sudden the "chilled water" dispenser stopped dispensing----the dispenser still makes all the sounds as usual - but no water....this just happened all of a sudden - not like flow was slowing down and THEN stopped.... it worked - now doesnt can you point me in a direction?...Im thinking maybe a bad coil on the solenoid dispenser valve?.....if so - where is it located?

... KitchenAid (KSRD22FKST) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore Side By Side Fridge 106.56596501 - 3 1/2 yrs old and the icemaker has stopped working. Checked the ice maker unit inside freezer, replaced water inlet valve, replaced clear tubing to icemaker, replaced water filter, checked for ice blockage in tubing and still nothing. No noise similar to what we used to hear when the water flowed into the ice cube tray. Water dispenses fine through front door dispenser. Any thoughts?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Sears Kenmore Elite Refrigerator - Model 106.57713700 When I press the dispenser switch I hear a click and nothing as long as it is depressed. When I release the switch I hear another click a moment after release. No ice will dispense. The light goes on when switch is depressed. Water dispenser works fine. Sears Kenmore Elite Model 106.57713700

It appears your selector microswitch has failed in this instance.For replacement parts - head on over to PartSelect.com or RepairClinic.com and enter in your full model number for a full parts listing.I recommend both sites because ... Kenmore 57029 Side by Side Refrigerator

Water not dispensing from door. Icemaker works and ice is dispensed. Kenmore side-by-side not sure which model it is. I select water and I just hear a humming. Could this be a valve issue even though my ice maker works?

Water valve ... Kenmore 53092 / 53094 Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a 5 year old Kenmore side by side refrigerator with water and ice dispensor. The icemaker stopped working about 6 months ago. The water dispenser works fine. We've checked to make sure the icemaker control arm is in the correct position and changed the filter. Thank yu for any advice you may provide. Semper Fi in SC

Hi! Once you figured that the control arm and filter are set in place, any change on performing the procedure? Is there any ice? just doesnt want to dispense? HOpe to know more. Thanks! ... Refrigerators

Water is leaking from our water dispenser. A large amount. An 8 oz cup fills up within an hour. It is coming from the water dispenser on the outside of the fridge. The ice maker is working fine but the water wont stop coming out at a fast rate. What do we do? Do we need a part? we have a kenmore elite model number 106.56702500. It is a side by side fridge. Please help!

Your water valve on the back of the refrigerator is plugged up, there are two sides to it, one side is for ice maker the other is for chilled water dispenser.You may be able to clean it out, if not then you will have to buy a new valve.Hope this help ... Kenmore Refrigerators

New Kenmore Elite ice dispenser not working but water is

Ther is no ice comming out, it suddenly stopped. Kenmore Elite I dont know whats wrong with it I know that water may not be getting into it but how do I solve this problem ... Whirlpool ED2FHEXN Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite - Interior water dispenser stopped working

Frozen water tank, some of these had an insulation kit that will prevent this from happening. Make sure you have water coming out of valve to tank, if so it will probley be a frozen tank. Make sure fridge is on factory settings. If it doesnt thaw out ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore Coldspot 106.55539400 side by side refrigerator is not making ice. The ice maker has no water in it nor ice in tray. The water dispenser in door works and is cold. The little blinking red light on side blinks twice with door open. With flap closed it still blinks twice. Black tube to icemaker seems to be free of ice, but no water in it or coming out. Nothing seems to happen with icemaker, no clicks or other noises. Has been on for long time, more than a day. Tired of making ice in pl

... Kenmore Refrigerators

We have a Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer refrigerator. Model # 596.76593601 The interior cold water dispenser is not producing any water. It worked well until this morning. The refrigerator and freezer are still working fine. There is water in the kitchen sink.

Hi there,\012The refrigerator has a dual water valve. The water dispenser side of the valve may be defective, but, my experience has shown the problem to be in the water reservoir, located in the bottom of the fresh food section, which, m ... Refrigerators

My kenmore refrigerator 106.56166500 quit dispensing water. Icemaker works fine. I disconnected the water line at the bottom of the front door via the quick disconnect and I get water from the supply side when the dispenser lever is pushed. what next? could it be frozen?

The line inside the freezer door is frozen . Turn the temp in the freezer , to warmer for a few days , and it should thaw . A dispensor heater is available , pt # WR49X10173 . Instructions come with the part . ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an older kenmore (amana) side by side refridgerator freezer. My son was playing "hide the rock" and it got caught in the blades of the icemaker. Now the icemaker does not work, water will not come out of the dispenser in the door, and the freezer won't work. Surprisingly, the fridge side is working. What do I do?

You will have to remove the fan and get the rock out. It may have burnt the fan motor up. In that case you would have to replace the fan. ... Refrigerators

Kenmore Elite refrigerator ice and water dispensers not working

Check for a child lockout button it will look like a tiny padlock ,press and hold for 3 sec.(could be the freezer door light switch) ... Refrigerators

Kenmore Acceler-ice side by side refrigerator 126.56542400 Water dispenser is working but no water is coming in to the icemaker. Icemaker is at top of freezer side. Help - what is the first thing to try?

... Kenmore 21.7 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with Acceler-Ice 3xi Ice System

Kenmore model 106.56702500 icemaker will not work. There is no water filling the tray. The auger works, the light is on, water dispenses from the door. HELP!

You wil need to check the dual water valve at the back. However, a good place to start is by removing the fill tube from the back and make sure its not full of ice blocking the flow. At the same time have it cycling and listen for the buzz(very faint ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

My Kenmore refrigerator will not fill the icemaker resevoir with water. It dispenses the remaining cubes just fine. The filtered drinking water works fine. There is a on/off switch in the freezer that is dedicated to the icemaker. It has a red light next to it that is flashing. What is that telling me? There is nothing in the manual about a flashing red light. Model # 56549400

The first step you should try is to switch of fthe refrigerator for an hour and check if the water is coming in.\015\012\015\012Check the dual water inlet valve at the rear of the refrigerator for an open coil with a ohm meter. The side ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore elite water dispenser not working

We had the same problem after 4 months. A technician came out and told us that our water line within the refridgerator was frozen and that every once in a while we'd have to take a hair dryer to it (!). Of course we told him that was unacceptable s ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

A couple of months after I purchased my Kenmore Elite Bottom freezer I got the error message Er 1F and the ice maker stopped working. Because I shipped it out of the country I was not able to have it repaired under warranty. Phone calls to the service centre led me to buy a new fan motor which I installed but still got the same message after a couple of hours. Any idea what I can do ? The water dispenser is working ok. Hope you can help Steve

Hi,\015\012Error code 1F indicates an abnormality of the BLDC fan motor for ice making, caused by a poor BLDC motor connection, DriveIC, and TR. This information can be found in the service manual on pg. 32 of the service manual: ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore Elite Trio model 795.77563600 that has the ice maker in the refrigerator door. The ice maker has been working fine for quite some time. All of a sudden it stopped making ice. The water dispense on the door continues to deliver water. I am not able to move the automatic swing arm. What may be the problem? Can I remove the ice maker and take to a repair shop? If so what are the steps for removal?

... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite Model 596 76593601 Water dispenser not working at all since changing filter. WOrk with really low pressure prior to changing fliter.

Turn the icemaker off for more than 30 seconds, then turn it back on and\015\012 press in on the white lever three times. The icemaker should cycle and \015\012run water. If it does run water the first thing you should look for is \015\012blocked air ... Refrigerators

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