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There's NO cool air at all in either the fridge or freezer. It's plugged in and the lights are on.We just bought it new in April, so what could be wrong already?

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You should call the factory service for the brand of refrigerator you purchased . You have a minimum of 1 year warranty on parts and labor . If anyone else works on the refrig , it could void the warranty .

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There's NO cool air at all in either the fridge or freezer. It's plugged in and the lights are on.We just bought it new in April, so what could be wrong already?

You should call the factory service for the brand of refrigerator you purchased . You have a minimum of 1 year warranty on parts and labor . If anyone else works on the refrig , it could void the warranty . ... Refrigerators

Hello, Recently bought a new whirlpool 2273. It is frosting up at the back. The door is properly closed and I would be grateful if you could give me some idea of what could be wrong. Best regards Christina

Fridge working but freezer wont allow me to turn it down from 3 degrees c what can i do. it is an american whirlpool ... Whirlpool GB2SHDXTS Stainless Steel

I have a new Continental ice maker - bought 2 years ago, but was plugged in for first time yesterday. Motor won't run. Added water to proper level. Plugged in. Set cube size. In one minute red water light comes on. Turn Off. Repeat proess. Same results.Repeat process 25 times. Same result 25 times. Moror don't run. No ice.

Check the water pump, I had the same problem, the water pump was bad but unable to find replacement parts at this point. The pump is a ZB-1200 made by Zhongboa Motor Factory, \015\012\015\012Good Luck ... Continental PortableCE-IM65151 Ice Maker In Stock

KitchenAid KSRS25QDWHO3 Lights work but stopped cooling. Didn't hear a fan or anything so I unplugged it. Two days later, I plugged it back in and it cooled for 24 hours and then stopped again while emitting an acidic smell. What's wrong with it and do I need a new fridge?

From you small description it seems that the problem is electrical one. \015\012Like thermostat control that might stuck and need to be replace.\015\012or relay or capacitor for compressor.\015\012So you need a good technician in yo ... Refrigerators

Hello I'm trying to change the light bulb in the conus fridge. It has been out for maybe a month and a half and I bought a new bulb today, tried putting it in but doesn't seem to work. Have I got to turn the fridge off for awhile to install it or should it work straight away? Or what am I doin wrong?

If the bulb screws in fully, it must work, unless there is a problem with the door switch or the wiring to the light. Try wiggling the door switch first, something may have got onto the contacts. It that does not work, unplug the fridge and check t ... Refrigerators

Hey, I have a Whirlpool refrigerator model WRT18YACQ and the other day the light bulb died. Therefore, I buy a new bulb but when I installed it it did not turn on. I tried several times with the refrigerator plugged and unplugged without success. Do you know what could be the reason for this? Thanks, Octavio

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have a 22 yr old top freezer fridge. I took it to my cabin last year when I bought a new one for the house. However, it does not work-get cold at all. We don't leave the electricity on when we are not at the cabin. Could this be the problem? When we get to the cabin we plug it in. But the 2 days we are in the cabin it will not get cold. Is it worth fixing it, or it too old. We do have another older fridge that the moment we turn the electricity in the cabin we turn the fridge on, it takes abou

Ok Sounds like a place i would love to go but ....\015\012First, if the trip to the cabin was very bumpy chances are it sprung a leak and lost its gas charge , if this is the case , repairing it may cost more than replacement depending on the locatio ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

Ive just bought a hot point ffa74 fridge freezer an it's now been plugged in for around 3/4 hours and the freezer isn't getting cool neither is the fridge, on the control panel there is a green light on at the left hand side an the freezer high temp button is on, can anyone please point me in the right direction to what the problem could be???

The normal cool time for a machine is up to 24 hours, so I wouldn;t worry about anything at the moment, but if the product isn'l cool by the morning I would return it as a defect ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

I know this is a vague question. (trying to help out hubby) I am currently at work, however, our norcold elect/gas fridge/freezer in our mallard camper stopped working properly. the lp gas light is lit, however, it iwill only work on gas if plugged in or hooked up to a generator. We are desperate. Any ideas what it MIGHT be that could be wrong?

Don't be despirate.\015\012\015\012You need a little more knowledge ... I'm here to give it.\015\012\015\012Your RV refrigerator requires 12 volts to operate; on gas or on electric ... it needs 12 volts - period.\015\012 ... Refrigerators

Yes I have a True 95 38 Beverage cooler and I bought it new 4 years ago , I have used it for 3 and 1 year it just sat not running , well I plugged it in the other day and it is only blowing warm inside and not getting cold , but the air is blowing out of the vents in the back and sides what could be causing it not to cool down and get cold inside ? I have checked the coils and they seem to be pretty much clean .

Could be many things... A bad thermostat, bad compressor, bad compressor start relay, refrigerant leak, moisture in the system, or even a blocked capillary tube. You would need a lot more information... mostly only the kind a technician can get by ge ... True TD-95-38-LT Beverage Cooler

I just moved my refrigerator from one building to another. It was running ok when I un-pluged it to start the move, and now it will not start when I plug it in in the new location. No sound at all, but the inside light comes on OK. Could there be a fuse or breaker that needs to be reset?

If the light inside the refrigerator is on ,that means that you have power coming to it.Check the cold control if not turned all the way to the off position if is off turn it to the oposite side increasing the numbers on the knob.If still doesn't wor ... General Electric GTR16BBSR Top Freezer Refrigerator

We bought a 2002 kitchenaid superba with aquasense In-Door-Ice. We were told everything works on it and it looks like a brand new fridge but we've had it plugged in for 48 hours and there is water but no ice. the dispenser has never filled with water and there is a blinking red light. The wire bar I noticed is missing and tried putting on a bar from our old fridge and put it in the down position but I don't know if that's why it isn't working? Any ideas?

... KitchenAid 22.0 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with AquaSense In-Door-Ice and Water

The light saying to change the filter came on so I bought a new filter and put it in and the light is still on. Is there a reset switch some where ? Ive never had this happen in the past. I would just put in a new filter and the light would go out on it's own.

\012How to reset the 'change filter' indicator light, at the front of your refrigerator. The procedure for resetting the change \012filter indicator light can vary from fridge to fridge. Typically, the indicator \012 ... Maytag MSD2432G Side by Side Refrigerator

Brand new never used Frigidaire model PHT219JSM2 sat for a year and when plugged in it does not cool at all

... Refrigerators

Just got a new fridge EW23SS65HS electrolux the freezer works great as soon as we plug it in but the fridge is barely cold after being plugged in for 2 hours and the 4 lights in the fridge do not turn on. last but not least, the panel control or wave touch does not light up and does not respond to touch. what is up?

I would call up Electrolux and explain this to them ! If its new they will help you slove this problem. ... Electrolux EW23SS65HS (225 cu ft) Side by Side Refrigerator

My Fridge where the doors close is hot to the touch. This is a new problem that prior to today did not occur. I bought a new fridge and put the old one in the garage. It is plugged into a dedicated plug. Professional movers from Sears did the installing so shouldve been correct. But now Im worried as to how hot is it. Its extremely hot to me, only on the part where the seals are between the fridge and freezer doors

The hot temperature that occurs in the fridge body is normal and you have nothing to worry. It is the result of the heat pumps during a normal operation. Once the fridges reaches the normal temperature it will automatically shuts off and the hotness ... Whirlpool 25.3 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White-on-White

I just bought a new frigidaire refrigerator. I plugged it in and it began to emit a large loud humming noise. It almost sounds like something is vibrating inside. Is this normal for a branc new fridge? Should a fridge be quiet after initial plug in?

Hi,It depends....it may be loud for a hour or so, but should quiet down as it cools...There is an explanation for this, but it is very long and would involve intricate details about refrigeration systems...If it does not quiet ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Hello, For the subzero 690 with the square door switches, is the light switch and the fan switch exactly the same. I am replacing my light switch and purchased 2 new light switches. I'm wondering if I can use one of them to replace the fan switch since I am already opening up the top of the door to replace the light switch. Or do I have to purchase the fan switch also.

Dear margidaniel,The light switch and fan switch are two different components. The light switch allows electricity to flow to the lights when the door is open. The fan switch allows electricity to flow to the fan when the door is clo ... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello, There is a bright pink light that has come on in the Fresh Select Zone. It is a small rectangle pink shape with a tear drop shape underneath it. I called Samsung and they told me it was the water filter change light. We put a new water filter in, and the pink light is still there. I also disconnected the refrigerator for about an hour and cleaned it out. When I plugged it back up, the pink light continued to stay on. Please advise.

... Samsung 24.6 Cu. Ft. 4-Door Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Steel

Light bulb I have a Kenmore side by side, do not know model number. Light bulb burned out, bought a new "appliance light bulb" put it in and it started smoking inside the light bulb and then burned out. Is there a specific bulb I should buy?

Sounds like you got a defective bulb. Make sure it is for 120 volts or thereabouts....not 6 or 12. ... Kenmore 22.0 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Filtered Ice and Water

Fride I recently purchased a Kelvinator Fride, it was delivered to me on the 25.10.07, my first installment only to be paid by the 01.12.07.The fridge has already packed up on me, I called the store, they said they would repair the fridge, can I insist on another new fridge, as that is the reason i bought a NEW fridge so I wouldnt have problems, i dont want it repaired.If they do bring me a new fridge can I tell them that instead of making my 1st installment on the 01.12.07 I am going to make it

Yes of course you can insist for another new fridge! you're paying for it! tell them your reason of buying a new unit. if they don't then ask them for a refund and buy to another store! talk to the manager! don't be scared! Scare them!!! ... Refrigerators

The light on the fridge side is out and there is a buzzing sound. Also the LED for the Temp Controls are out. When I take the light bulb out the buzzing sound goes away and the LED for the tempature controls come back on. I replaced the bulb with a new bulb and the problem does not change. It seems like something is wrong with the electrical system on the fridge side. It is like the bulb is loading down that part of the system. Also when I disengage the fridge light switch the sound goes away.

Try shutting down your unit, unplug it from the wall and wait a few minutes - plus it back in and turn on see if it solves the problem otherwise you may have a faulty board. ... Refrigerators

Just brought a second hand freezer for garage. It worked at the house but when I brought it back home and plugged it in it didn't get cold I had a green light on and a red hazard light on. Should I have let it stand for 24 hrs. It was moved upright in the car. Have turned off now and going to leave for 24 hrs and try again. Could this work and don't know what the lights mean.?

The green light means it has power . The red light means the temp is not satisfactory . If the freezer was laid on its side anytime and did not sit for 24 hrs before plugging it in , then it's no good anymore due to compressor pumping solid oil into ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool Frig I have a whirlpool which was not hardly making cubes and when it did would make small ones. I was told it was the ice maker, so I bought a new one and even a new line. Well it is making big cubes like when it was new, however, it hardly fills the bin. It use to fill the bin in approx 72 hrs or less. What is wrong now? Mdl # ED25DQXDN02, SER#: SE4911308

There could be so many different things that cause the problem. Service cost a lot of Money and I can think of about ten different reasons why the ice maker isn't doing it's job. If I was there I know I could find the reason. Like poor air circula ... Refrigerators

I have an LG lrbn22511sw refrigerator. bought an Ice maker as recommended by LG and the plug is wrong for the receptacle in the freezer. Can't seem to find the correct plug or adapter cord. Help

... Refrigerators

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