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Water line hooked up to unit for icemaker but water will not travel up plastic line to the icemaker

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Is the freezer cold enough? Should be close to 10 degrees.
\015\012\015\012Is there water or ice in the ice mold? If not put water in\015\012it and see if it dumps the ice after it’s frozen. If there is ice, lift the cut off arm and let\015\012it drop to see if it will start.
\015\012\015\012If it does dump the ice but don’t refill with water.

Try swapping the wires on the dual water inlet valve. Then\015\012try the water dispenser. The water should go to the ice maker. This will tell\015\012you weather or not the ice maker valve is working and if the line is clear.
The water inlet valve on the back of unit opens when the ice\015\012maker needs water. If the valve doesn't seal good because of sediment or wear\015\012it will continue to drip and when the water reaches the ice maker supply tube\015\012it will freeze. You can take the water\015\012line off the valve and watch to see if it drips.

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Water line hooked up to unit for icemaker but water will not travel up plastic line to the icemaker

Is the freezer cold enough? Should be close to 10 degrees. \015\012\015\012Is there water or ice in the ice mold? If not put water in\015\012it and see if it dumps the ice after it’s frozen. If there is ice, lift the cut off ... Maytag MTB1895AE Top Freezer Refrigerator

Whirlpool icemaker Icemaker not working: changed power head at icemaker and changed water sylenoid. Still no ice. How can i check the wiring and door sensors to make sure they are working? Seems like its stuck in its sequence waiting to charge water. (Water line is clear) Fridge is a whirlpool model GS6SHAXLQ0 icemaker won't make ice checked line no frozen water in line but water will come out of dispenser whirlpool ed25rf Had this unit for almost 4yrs. Ice maker will not make Ice water i

Your unit has infered sensors on the frezzer left and right walls. There is a diagnostic test sheet brown in color in your kick plate.All you have to do is open frezzer door look on the right sensor it should blink twice followed by a 1-2 sec delay, ... Whirlpool ED5SHAXM Side by Side Refrigerator

Kitchen aid superba ice maker not getting water. model ksrg25fkss16 icemaker is not getting water to unit. Water dispenser works looks like water line splits at a pump or something at the back or fridge. seems like water is in line but nothing at icemaker

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Hooking up water line to LG LRSC26920TT - water runs great through line, but once connected to fridge, no water runs through line in fridge - no water comes out when trying to fill a glass. No water running through filter when we pull it out. Previous fridge with icemaker worked fine. Do we need a special kit when connecting the water line to this LG fridge? Previous refrigerator model - Amana.

Dissconnect water line coupling behind lower kick plate under door. push water dispenser; and sell if water flows out line. keep a towel handy. it there is water; then, the problem is in the door itself. of course, make sure the water solenioids a ... LG LRSC26925 Side by Side Refrigerator

The icemaker isn't working. The water line is hooked up and working fine when I want to get water, but the line isn't feeding water to the icemaker in the freezer.

HI. testing is needed at this time. There are some issues that concern the operational value of the inlet assembly. check the lines to make sure that they are not frozen. If the line that feeds the ice-maker is ok, and not frozen, proceed with the te ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Hello! I have inherited a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator with a manual that says the model is 106.5702*601 or 106.5703*601. This model has a built-in filter with "push button" replacement at the bottom of the unit. Instead of using this filter, I wanted to install my own in-line filter. Following the directions, I turned off the water supply; cut the plastic water line (at the back of the unit that runs from bottom to top); and turned on the water supply to test. To my surprise, no wat

He may have re designed it just as you are trying to do. look for a second line.Also the water may be frozen or clogged if it is still cold.let the water run for a while it may or does have a tank to store water in that's how she keeps it cold, allow ... Refrigerators

Icemaker installation my son in law connected the plastic water supply line to the frig water/icemaker. it has split and spewed water everywhere in basement. twice or three times . the plastic water line that he has used came from home depot. what is wrong.

Plastic ferrel, brass insert. can you get that at home depot or do yu have to have it ordered from kitchenaid? I bought frig on craigslist ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Fridgedaire frs23lh5db1 ice maker not working. this fridge is used and when i got it the green plastic line at the back of the fridge was cut and missing a 2' section of line. i spliced the line back together, hooked up the water ( i get water out the door now) plugged it in and flipped the ice maker bar to 'on'. after a few minutes i heard a noise that sounded like the 'pump' had kicked in and i noticed that the line to the ice maker at the back of the fridge had filled up with water. I waited

There is a fill solenoid in the system, however if you are hearing a "pump" noise then I suspect that the solenoid may be working. There is no pump in the system. The whole system and the cycle is controlled by the icemaker control timer which is o ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello and Merry Christmas to ya'll. I have a GE SideBySide refrigerator with SS Door panel cover and IceMaker. The water line that runs from the bottom hindge up to the dispenser broke. The stub is to short to fit a snapon. I need to replace the water line from the bottom of the freezer hindge to the water dispenser. I do believe that the best way to do this is to remove the door, remove the ss door panel, remove the dispenser unit to be able to reach this line. Is this the only and best way to

... GE PSI23SGM Side by Side Refrigerator

Amana ARB2557CB Icemaker.... Removed Icemaker to mend plastic anchor for on-off wire arm. (Second time this piece has been broken... First time under warranty, they replaced entire icemaker) I reinforced the pivot for the wire arm and this fixed the broken part OK...Reinstalled the icemaker, plugged cable back OK.. No ice after 24 hours...Water dispenser inside frige works. Don't know how or where water source for icemaker is located. Is it possible this line is frozen?

Check the solenoid that actuates the ice maker, there is also an inlet valve that controls water on ice maker lines, test that is not faulty by energizing it and reading continuity on valve solenoid.If you still cannot find out why the ice make ... Amana AFD2535DES French Door Refrigerator

I replaced the water filter on my frs22zrf side by side in hopes that the ice maker and through the door water would start working. I just purchased this unit used and the filter which was in it appeared to be completly stopped up. I can see the water in the lines about half way up the rear of the unit but it doesn't look like it is making it into the fridge. What should I try next to get the icemaker and through the door water working. Note: When I hit the button on the door for water I ca

Try swapping the wires on the dual water inlet valve. It's on the back where the water supply comes in. Then try the water dispenser. The water should go to the ice maker. This will tell you weather or not the ice maker valve is working and if the li ... Frigidaire FSC23F7D Side by Side Refrigerator

Top Mount Kenmore Refrigerator Model # 363.9731785 Ice Maker stopped working. I've verified that water is getting to the refrigerator (copper) and that the clear plastic water line to the icemaker is not clogged or iced shut. My guess is that the problem is in/with the blue plastic part between the copper and the plastic (with electric leads and a ground wire attached). Is this likely? Is it easily replaceable?

HI. First, you will need to rule out any standard issues that will cause this. Check the internal, and external feed lines for any obstructions. Make sure that the internal lines are not frozen, or kinked. If the lines check out ok, move on to the wa ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Hi, we own a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator model FRS3R5EMBE. We recently hooked up a water line to the unit to make ice cubes & drinking water. The problem is that when initially water flowed into the regrig, there is LEAKAGEfrom the filter unit inside the refrigerator. I lost the product manual and am in the dark as how to resolve the problem....so, is there a solution to the leakage? We await your answer. Thank you, John, Monrovia California

Very unlikely the couplings are loose, but i think the cartridge is not screwed in properly (all the way). Take the cartridge out again and inspect if seal is in good order. Almost certain problem is there.(screw nice and firm). ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

I would like to know something.I have a big plastic corel in the back of the crisper pan and I do not know where it go.I have a plastic tube which go from the water valve inlet to the drinking water line for the drinking water and the icemaker.

The coil of plastic tubing behind the crisper is your chilled water reservoir for the water dispenser. They use a coil instead of a tank because it chills the water more quickly and ensures good turnover of the water with less chance of stagnation. ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Jfd2589kes Ice maker quit making ice, no water in tray. Freezer is drawer type below fridge. Cold water maker inside fridge works fine, so I know water supply and valve are okay. Supply line to ice maker comes from line at bottom of back of fridge; don't know where it goes or how to access whatever it comes from. Should I just replace entire icemaker unit inside the drawer and is it accessible to replace completely from inside the drawer ?

... Refrigerators

I have an older Frigidare and would like to hook up the icemaker. In the back bottom left side I THINK is where I would insert my water line but the line is so much smaller then the blue plug area. does anyone have a picture or diagram of where the water line would go or should look like?

The water supply line is a small 1/4" tubing (soft copper or milky-white plastic) and uses a compression fitting. That is normal. You can go to most any hardware store and get a kit for connecting the icemaker. The kit has the tubing with fittings, ... Frigidaire 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with Factory Installed Ice Maker

I have water leaking in the freeer apparently down the back wall and pools on floor to form ice. Water has also accumulates under freezer on hard wood floor but not all the time. Model MSD27326R There is plastic tube running through the freezer door on left side I cant tell if this a drain line or the water line to ice maker. Have manual not much help..Is there a drain pan under the unit? Thanks

Water coming from the back of the refrigerator \012usually comes from either the ice maker water valve or line (if there is\012 an ice maker), or from the defrost drain pan.\012 \012 \012 \012 \012 \ ... Refrigerators

I just bought a used fridge of this model type. The problem I have is that no water is getting to the water dispenser, ice maker or even the water filter and reservoir tank. When I look the the configuration of the water system it seems that the following occurs: (1) my water line runs into one end of a diverter which is located at the bottom (and back) of the unit. The other end of the diverter has two openings which contain two water tubes that merge into one tub that travels into the water

This system is using the filter for both ice and foutain . if you have a ohm meter you can ck the two valves . or you can use a test cord to see if the buzz. .. the buzz does not mean they open but does mean they sho ... Jenn-Air JSD2789GES Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Amana Side by Side Refrigerator with an icemaker and water dispenser. I don't have a water line to hook up to the refrigerator. Is there an on/off switch for the icemaker?

There should be a stop control near the icemaker where it collects ice in the tray. It should be an L-shaped lever. move it to the stop position. ... Amana Refrigerators

Just developed a big leak in line that supplies water to ice maker. Pulled out unit and found line leaking and loose. Can not tighten it to stop. Is there an o ring or farrow that may have split? I can not find a diagram of that line to tell me if I am missing an o-ring but it is plastic and may have split to cause the leak. I took line off and wife decided to clean behind refrigerator and o-ring of farrow pieces may have been in dust she cleaned up.

Yes, this line does have an o-ring in the unit. Most of them do anyways ... Refrigerators

We have a kitchen aid refrigerator and we hooked up the copper water line. The water comes thru the door but it is not making any ice. We need to know if there is something more we need to do so that the ice maker gets water to it. We checked inside and it is not receiving any water to it. Also what is the white plastic tubing on the back of the refrigerator for?

First the white plastic tubing is the supply line inlet for the water to the ice maker. It should be connected to a water supply somewhere in the kitchen. This line goes inside the refrigerator to some relays that turn the water on and off to the i ... Refrigerators

Installed a new icemaker approx 36 hours ago and still no ice. I have water in the door. I took water line loose at back of freezer and can't get water to flow thru it. The unit is a whirpool side by side with model number ED0GTQXMQ00. I had the old ice maker out of freezer for about 1 week while waiting for parts. Everything worked until I broke the old one messing with it. Could a solenoid have went bad controling the ice maker water flow?

There is a wire lever that allows for the icemaker to be turned off. If it is in the up position the icemaker will not make ice. ... Whirlpool ED5HHEXT Side by Side Refrigerator

I know this is a stupid question but is the water supply to my ice maker(ed25ue whirlpool)connected from the back of the freezer at the top?If so does the supply that goes to it run through the filter first and get connected with the plastic line or is it a seperate feed from a water source?I ask because what looks like what supplies the water to the icemaker is like an open trough coming from the connection in the back to the ice maker. Any help is appreciated

Water enters from a valve through the filter through either of two valves to either the water dispenser or the ice-maker . The water enters the ice maker through the small tube running up the back of the fridge and then into a spout inside. ... Refrigerators

I found a thread on line while serching for a solution, and your part was recomended. I ordered the WR49X10173 kit which is the Dispenser Water Tube Heater Kit. It arrived the next day. The second instruction seems to be my problem, as it is plastic, and I already crack the plastic frame connectors, what is the trick to removing this part? 1. Pry off plastic frame. 2. Lift control board out. 3. Disconnect the 3 wire harnesses from circuit board. 4. Unscrew the dispenser unit. (4 Phillip Screws

Hi.The plastic frame is eld by clips located all over its perimeter. Remove the frame by prying the clips located on the frame edges with the help of a putty knife or similar tool. It is very easy to damage the frame. If you damage the fr ... GE Refrigerators

I moved my refrigerator to the other side of the kitchen, which involved adding adding a line to carry water to the ice maker. Now that it is all hooked back up, the ice maker won't drop its load of cubes (which were already there) and the water tap in the door doesn't work. (Water is coming to the nozzle in the back of the unit) I removed the ice blockage in the bin

Hello,If the ice cubes are smaller or larger than the normal sized ice cubes \015\012and the shape seems to be irregular, there might be problems with the \015\012water supply. The ice maker could be malfunctioning due to a faulty \015\01 ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

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