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I have model # MSD2542VEB01 REFRIDGERATOR and need to know how to remove the water filter to replace it. Do I also need a new cap or can I reuse the old one.?

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I have model # MSD2542VEB01 REFRIDGERATOR and need to know how to remove the water filter to replace it. Do I also need a new cap or can I reuse the old one.?

... Maytag MSD2656G Side by Side Refrigerator

THis last winter, our fridge line froze and the water filter froze and then broke. The end of it, that goes the deepest into the filter housing, broke off inside. Now, we can't get it out and therefore cannot put in a new one. The fridge thinks it has a filter there, so when you turn on the water it just spews out the filter line hole. Any idea how to get this piece out so that we can replace it. It is way in there, and I am assuming it would also need to be turned counter clockwise in order to

I would suggest setting it up for a warranty service call to have it fixed or the part replaced ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

Cannot get water filter to turn at all to replace it with a new one. What can I try? the replacement filter says to turn the old filter 1/4 turn to the left to remove the old filter however the old one will not budge.

Sometimes you have top get a pair of plyers to loosen it. Try that and see if that helps! Hope this gets the job done for you! ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have the Elextrolux EI28BS56IS and the filter was full so the ice maker quit making ice. Therefore I purchased a new filter and replaced the old one and the icemaker is still not making ice. How do I fix this? The the icemaker need a reset or something?

... Electrolux EI28BS56IS (278 cu ft) Bottom Freezer Commercial French Door Refrigerator

The water filter display on my whirlpool fridge showed F1% but the replacement whirlpool fridge filter that I ordered off the internet doesn't fit, so I put the old one back in and reset the display from F1% to F99%. Now I find that I can't take out the old one to put another new one back in. Is this because the display has to be on F1% before the filter can be removed?

Hi neil.i think you do mate from what i can rember doing that when i was servicing these type of frigerators.give it a trye and see what happens.what model is it.?stef ... Refrigerators

I have a kitchenaid kscs25inss00, I checked everyting. Water lines, changed filter, checked valve, ice maker control optics. Everything is working. I also used a Jumper for holes ?T? and ?H? to bypass the bimetal and start a harvest. The ice maker works only for one cycle. Then it stops in 10-11 Am position. What do I need to check, what do I need to replace? Please help. I also checked the ice maker, heating resistence and the timer. Everything seems to work for the duration of one cycle, then

... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

One year old GE french door bottom freezer automatic icemaker stopped making ice. Husband bought $40 new filter, installed it. Still not making ice. Green light which according to manual is supposed to go on, doesn't. Just warmed up the freezer section to see if perhaps the line is frozen? Also, the instructions say the filter blade should be installed verticlally or positioned vertically but not to force it. It is horizontal and was also that way when new. Prior to the icemaker not makin

Just by what you are stating about new filter, water dispenses, squeaking sound, I would start with the icemaker. I would take it out, usually two screws and a plug, pretty simple to take out. Sounds like something is stuck in blades. Could be as sim ... Refrigerators

Westinghouse WSE6070SA - My filter needed replacing so I bought a new filter from a local retailer. It is a genuine Electrolux part. Since replacing this filter I have had problems with the ice-maker in that it is not producing ice. Also the filter is very loose and keeps falling out of the housing. I wonder if the retailer has given me the wrong filter. The number on the filter box is 240396407K - WSE6070WA

... Electrolux 25.9 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Steel

Hi, Need help with My GE Frige GSS25SGSD water dispenser. I replaced a new Water filter then the water only dispense about 15 second and stop. Wait about 1 minute and the same thing happen again dispense water about 15 second and stop. Before replacingwith the new water filter, the water dispense continuously but slow. I put the old water filter back and water run for 15 second and stop. What's wrong with the water dispenser?

... GE GSS23SGSSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a whirlpool fridge with a water and ice maker in it and since new the light has flicked constantly. I have replaced the filter several times with no difference. I also need a new filter as it won't make ice or let the water through. The filter number is Part No: 4396508. I am in Logan Village Queensland.

What light are you refering to?? you can buy that part online at www.apdepot.com ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Our Kenmore Elite Side by Side refrigerator stopped cooling. I replaced the start relay device like suggested (it rattled). I put on the new one (no rattle) and the compressor still would not start. Just the clicking noise occasionly like before. If the compressor is locked up can I hit it with a rubber mallett to unstick it and order a new relay. Or should I just give up? If I need to replace the compressor that is more than I am willing to shell out. The fridge is only 7 years old.

On occasion your compressor windings can be damaged from the starting components going bad. Or like you said the comp is locked up which in turn damaged the starting components from them continually trying to start the compressor. Either way it sound ... Kenmore 73503 Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Have an LG fridge Model #LRSC 26941ST made in 2005. I now have two of the water supply lines leaking. One at the back coming from the filter and one inside of the freezer door going to the dispenser. Should I replace the tubing with the same type (PE) tubing or is there something better? Also, will I need to replace any of the fittings?

Replace with the same type tubing but replace the connectors with new ones. ... Refrigerators

Fridge is freezing in weird spots, the water filter froze, it was time to replace it, so I did and the new one froze as well. Also, are the water filters a one shot deal? I took it out to see if it was frozed again and now can't seem to get it snap it. Thanks for any suggestions on the freezing issues.

Make sure the evaporator fan in the freezer is running when the compressor runs and make sure the vent from the freezer to the fridge is open allowing for the air to circulate. There is also a vent at the bottom to allow the air to return to the free ... Refrigerators

Water Filter cartridge needs replacement, but can't remove the old one

Is it in the frig. or outside the frig.?-mike ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

When I take the water filter out of my Maytag Refrigerator, it sprays water, it has never done this before. When I put the new filter in the water flow from the dispenser is slow. I put the old filter back in with the same result, so I know it's not the filter. Does a valve need to be replaced or something? I am pretty handy, so I'm hoping it's something I can take care of myself instead of calling a repair person in. Thank you, Tina

... Maytag Refrigerators

Whirlpool says I should buy water filter number *4396841 or cyst reduction water filter 4396710. How do I know which one? Also I am advised that the filter needs replacement every 6 months. We use a limited amount of water. Filters are quite expensive. How long can I wait between changes?

... Whirlpool ED5LHAXW Side by Side Refrigerator

What is the purpose of protrusion on this valve over old style WR 57x90? The water inlet valve for GE icemaker leaks when only connected to water , no electrical or outlet tubing. Valve has been replaced twice with new one -- one was a UR , second one GE WR 57X95. Water system has three filters- no residue when run into glass. Can a WR57X90 or Whirlpool 4318047 be used??

All I know of is the valve body is blue on some models. Does the water line connect to it and out to the ice maker from it? ... Refrigerators

Need some advice. Have a 7-8 yr old GE Profile side by side. This past week have noticed that refrig. side has not been as cold as it used to, also the freezer side is not freezing new food put in and previous frozen food is thawing. Not making ice either. Had a repairman come by yesterday to work on it. First said the bi-metal thermostat needed replaced, the heater element is about to go out and needs changed, and the evaporator was froze up on bottom and top but not middle. So I unplugged it

... GE Profile PSS26MGS Side by Side Refrigerator

Where can I get a wiring diagram for a cold spot model 106.59597993. I need to replace the defrost timer and the new one has a different set up than the old one. The neutral side of the timer motor ha

The part number for that timer should be 482493. I'll venture to say that the black wire is throwing you off. Look at the timer, the pins to be exact, and notice how they are numbered. The black wire slides over pin 3. Once that is done cycle the tim ... Refrigerators

I have replaced the water valve twice on my frigidaire side by side. THe first time the water worked for a while to the water dispenser and ice dispenser, then it stopped again. The expert at fixya said I probably needed to do it again (after only 4 months). We did. No improvement this time. The filter is new, too. I replace that way too often also. Now what?

When you replaced the valve did you change the solenoid which controls the valve assembly? If not then the solenoid needs to be checked whether its working properly (opens & closes the water valve). The coils could have lost its electromagnetic c ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator I have 1 year old samsung side by side refrigerator. one morning I woke up and the food inside the refrigerator are warm. The refrigerator is still working but not cooling. I tried lowering the temp by pressing the digital button outside but it did not work. I turned off for about 12 hours with doors open and still did not work. Although, the water filter indicator needs to be replace. Do you think the water filter has something to do with the refrigerator not cooling? I am

This unit has a history of problems on the refrigerator side. the basic reset is press and hold down the 2 middle buttons on the freezer at the same time. As a general rule the number one problem is in the mother board. usually you can replace it ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Need to replace door seal but dont see how to remoe (no screws) old one and install new one

... Randell 2010 Solid Door Commercial Refrigerator

It is a Kenmore Coldspot (Whirlpool) side by side model # 106.57024601 a repairman replaced the ice maker circuit board which had shorted from washing the outside of freezer door with spray cleaner. After new board installed, the motor only rotates in one direction sending cubes of ice. The crushed ice opposite direction of motor rotation will not work. The repairman thinks that the motor needs to be replaced also or could it be the circuit board is bad ?

Its a tuff call but i think if the board has been replace and the motor runs then ck the touch panel that selects reg or crushed . . and if it is the board that has been replaced re ck all the connections .. mm ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Samsung SR-S22FTCS I have 1 year old samsung SR-S22FTCS side by side refrigerator. one morning I woke up and the food inside the refrigerator are warm. The refrigerator is still working but not cooling (AT THE SAME TIME FREEZER IS OK). I tried lowering the temp by pressing the digital button outside but it did not work. Although, the water filter indicator needs to be replace. Do you think the water filter has something to do with the refrigerator not cooling? THANKS VEDO

Dear friend\015\012The water filter doesn't affect the cooling perfomance of ref.ther may be problem of defrosting of ref.compartment.\015\012\015\012regards\015\012sandy ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Indesit fridge freezer A class. Interior light bulb needs replacing, but I dont know how to get the plastic covering off to access the old bulb and replace it with a new one.

... Refrigerators

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