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I changed the compressor

\015 Model MSD 2655HEW but when I vacuumed and charged the system the compressor seems to kick out on overload like there is a restriction in the system I checked the metering device and it seems ok but what else could it be I noticed to liquid lines going up the fridge behind but not the ones going to the evaporator does anybody know where they go please help!!!\015\012Joe\015

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5psi on the low side, any more and the compressor will choke down.

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I have a Maytag side by side refrigerator(PSD243LGRW), the compressor dosen't work, no cooling at all, even the fan is running. After I change a overload/relay, I can hear ''click'' sound every few minutes, but the compressor still dosen't work. Do you think the compressor dead or need change capacitor or other reason?

Hi,You can try the capacitor and relay first, but you may have a fried compressor...the click is the compressor trying to start...As the weather ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire M -FRS6LR5EW3 S/N 4863814836. Unit only gets 50degree in the freezer side. Ice accumlates in area of DFT about the size of a small fist. The compressor was cycling on and off, changed relay, compressor working, still not cooling. changed control board, still not cooling. Seems as if refrigerant is low or compressor has bad valves. Need help.

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a frigidaire model FRT21LRGW, the compressor was changed in 2005, evaporator& heat exchanger was changed in jan.2009. Last week apr.2009 the unit started giving problem AGAIN. Freezer and fridge not cooling enough. Fan is blowing air(but not cold air). I can also hear the compressor kick-in. I am not a mechanic but was hoping if someone can help before i buy a new fridge.

Do you know around how much will it cost to fix it in canadian dollars?\015\012and if it is even worth it? i know the sealed system is covered under\015\012warranty, but only parts and labor, not the service call charge ($95). ... Frigidaire FRS23KF7AB Side by Side Refrigerator

The refrigerator does not get cold. The defrost timer has been changed. The temperature control was checked and found to be ok. The compressor is fine also. I'm also planning on changing the capacitor. Could the compressor be low on freon? Sign desperate.

Either the unit is low, or there is a bad capacitor. You can use a capactior tester or mult-teser/ohmmeter to test the capacitors first, but sounds like freon if your thermometer and temp controls switch is getting and sending signal. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Refridge would cycle on, fan would come on relay would click but no compressor. relay kept clicking no compressor. I changed relay and capacitor on compressor plugged in all went well. after a few hours temps came down made ice fine fridge temp good. when it cycled off it cycled back on after awhile. Fan came on relay clicked but no compressor. Same problem. On a hunch I unplugged power line plugged back in and fan and compressor came on as they should Help would be appreciated. Frank.

You were lucky . compressor must run with fan or it will get too hot . if comp is running to hot it will not come on and the fan will . . do you have the cardboard back on frig . this helps direct air to cool comp .. reck ... Maytag 25.6 cu. ft. Wide-By-Side Refrigerator with PuriClean II Ice and Water

Whirepool Refrigerator Should the compressor fan blow air toward the compressor? I thought it should, but if so, my fan blows air away from the compessor, which I believe is the cause for the compressor not working. The refrigerator was working before, so what could cause the fan to reverse rotation. How can I change the fan rotation. I reversed the wiring (120 volt), but it did not help.

Single phase appliances only turn in one direction. Try cleaning your condenser to get better air circulation. Sounds like your compressor went out on head pressure. ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

Changing compressor How hardis it tochange the compressor

Well firstly you need to reclaim the refrigerant from the system and to legally do that you need a special certification from the EPA. I would suggest you call in someone to do it. ... Maytag MFD2560HES Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Bevairucr60a compressor running but not cooling the capilarry tube only gets cold about 3 inches evap does not get cold and condenser does not get hot but copressor is running jumped the thermstat think cap tube is slugged . costumer agrred to change of compressor but i would like to find the whole unit all together evap,comp and coil drop in replacement

Before you go replacing stuff, better check the freon level. It sounds that it may be low. Could be a leak in the system. I'd do that first. Symtoms point in that direction. ... Beverage-Air MT17 Refrigerator Commercial

My compressor is not runnning, when the unit is trurned on the compressor runs for about 2 seconds and then shuts off, the evaporator fans is not running either. A new compresssor was installed and the adaptive board was changed. However problem continues

Do you have an ampmeter? if so, measure the amperage,,the normal running amperage should be written on the compressor itself,,,this may sounds like your compressor start relay device or compressor went out.2 ways to check it, unplug ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

It's a manitowoc commercial ice maker.had a problem with not making ice. changed the capacitor then it worked for five hours. now its runs a cycle with no drops and the compressor shuts off after two trys of making ice because the water is not freezing. not sure if compressor is out or something else.

Are your coils clean and compressor not overly warm ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Compressor wont start, checked the capacitor, its good,changed the relay,compressor still wont start,it is a kenmore refrigirator

If the compressor is getting power and refuses to start it is likely stuck and smacking it with a rubber hammer may temporarily free it. It will ultimately need replaced. if there is no power the reason will have to be determined, start with the defr ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

OK History on refrigerator Kitchenaid counter deapth side by side 25cf do not have model# it is 10yrs old and has had the compressor replaced under warrenty (3yr old). First problem small amount of ice in freezer for week then not fully cooling in freezer (@40 deg) frig (@60 deg) Here is the sequince of events, repair tech came over replaced defrost control board in freezer, no change exept running quieter. Next time tech replaced temp control board on refrig, no change. Technition is stumped as

Hi,\015\012 \015\012The water shut-off valve may not be fully open, check to see if your refrigerator is connected to a water supply cold water\015\012line only) and that the water shut-o ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

My Kenmore Elite side by side model 106.56686501 was getting too cold. I was told by Sears the controller card had to be changed- did that ($375)- no change. It seems that the compressor is running continuously. The fridge section, initially too cold is is now warm. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Your thermistor's values are out of range, you need to replace all of them, fresh and freezers sections. Your tech sheet should give locations.You could buy the best tv on the planet but if it had no antenna it would still not be worth nothing. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

PDS22SBRLSS My GE Frdige is running warm. Been 2 days **w. 4yrs/old PDS22SBRLSS Settings are Freezer-0 Fridge-38oF. Currently reading 6oF, 43oF I've verfied the coils and dust areas are clean. I've unplugged the unit for 10min...** difference. GE changed mother board about 1yr ago for similar problem. Was also an "upgrade" mother board for transient **ise from compressor. Seems like problem has returned? I'm also finding the compressor extremely HOT. Too hot to touch.

Hi is there any ice built up at the back of the freezer. is the fan motor going if no ice or frost build up in freezer and fan motor is going . check the compressor. thanks the appliance doc ... GE PDS22SBRLSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This is a old problem with maytag refrigerator, coil icing over I have changed the t'stat heating element assy,coil still ice over All fans are working, i removed adaptive defrost board and found it to be burnted by some resistors and I replaced with the substitute board (#61005899) but whe i turn on my temperature control nothing happens compressor will not start, so I install old burnt board and compressor starts it just wont activate the defrost cycle but ill do it if i jump it out by jumpi

Looks like the adaptive defrost board is a problem. The question is whether you had the correct replacement part. Best to confirm if the part shown ... Refrigerators

I have a true GDM-12FC floral cooler that the compressor would not cycle. I just changed the thermostat but compressor would not quit.

You have not said if the cooler is cooling to the correct temperature or achieving the setpoint. Make sure that the correct thermostat has been supplied. Also that the sensor has been installed in the correct location. If all of the above is correct, ... True GDM-12FC Refrigerator

Compressor When the compressor is running it appears to be functioning properly. However, when it stops it makes a loud "clunk-a-clunka" sound that makes me think that it's on its last legs or, perhaps, it is loose from its mounting and that the change in torque is causing it to move about. It sounds like it may be trying to self destruct.

Steve, there is probably a broken valve spring in the compressor. This is more annoying than anything but it should be covered under the sealed system warranty of 5 years. I would inquire to Whirlpool about having the compressor replaced. You should ... KitchenAid KSRD25FK Side by Side Refrigerator

GE refrigerator TDX11SNYAWH. Light in frig. works. Refrigerator section not cooling. Freezer section (top) not freezing. Compressor not working. Compressor relay was replaced with not change. What do I check next?

Check your defrost timer and see if it is stuck in defrost. ... Refrigerators

Hi, My fridge side by side Mod 106.53532300, its relay has broken and I order start device kit (pn 8201786). There are two relays in the package_ pn 2188829 (start dev and 2188830 Start-device, combination (start relay and overload) for production compressor only). I am confused what part is OK with my fridge now. My fridge is original and not change compressor. Thank you for your help in advance

The manufacturer used 2 different runs of compressors during production. Consult the tech sheet that came with the part. Check your serial number. Take a look at your old part and match the new one with it. If it was me I would send that back and buy ... Refrigerators

Changed compressor relay, compressor comes on for a short time then turns off what might be the problem. side by side frigidaire modle # frs26h5asbo

It could be the condenser coil is dirty , the condenser fan motor burned out or the compresor itself is bad. ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I cannot change the temperature on my Maytag MFC2061HES. Whenever I try to change either the refer or freezer temp, it creeps back down to 33 with the freezer going to 6. I cannot turn it off. The compressor cycles on and off "normally" none of the alarm or mode buttons work but the temp +/- but the door alarm, which was already on when it broke, still works. Unplugging it for 10 minutes did not work. Thanks for your help.

It sounds like your fridge has problem with the damper stuck open. The damper is in the top-back-center of the fresh food section. I can't tell by the pics I have how to get to it, but looks like it's simple to get to it - just remove the damper cove ... Maytag MFC2061HES Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Amana French door, bottom mount freezer, Model AFD2535FES. Refrigerator and freezer are not cooling. Controls to set temperature of fridge and freezer (these are inside the refrigerator unit) appear to be working - that is, they are lighted and respond to changes in the settings. Fan appears to be running but compressor does not appear to start or run and refrigerator and freezer are not cooling at all. Is this possibly a control board issue or a compressor issue? If it is likely a control board

... Amana Refrigerators

Model 53544300 power module on compressor sparking and smoking. Can this be changed out and how? Or does the whole compressor need to be replaced?

If your compressor is grounded then you need the compressor. You can try to replace the overload and relay first. ... Kenmore 53542 / 53544 Side by Side Refrigerator

MY LG REFRIGERATOR GR-T542GV, its a no frost, pain back refrigerator. - problem :- compressor over heating and less cooling solution attempted:- compressor changed , no joy new diagonosses :- some restriction( oil) , as the refrigerator was laying upside down during transportation. suggested solution by a tecnician:- cut the plain back and lay a new tube bypassing the cloked one. DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE CORRECT SOLUTION

... LG LRTBC1825T Top Freezer Refrigerator

Both refrigerator and freezer have stopped cooling. The compressor sounds like it is working and then will stop. The fan is working. The copper pipes coming from the compressor are hot/warm to the touch. The cooling copper line is cool. Is there a reset? I have unplugged and waited a few minutes and replugged the unit. There is no change.

Hi,This sounds like your refrigeration unit is low on charge...there probably is a leak in the system...\012\012 Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings ... Kenmore 24.5 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with PUR Ultimate II Water Filtration

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