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Water was dispensed for to long on Maytag Fridge water dispenser, model # MFI2266AES . Keypad has locked it's self out and the buttons and paddle only beep when pushed. There is no lock / unlock button on this model. How do I reset it?

Answers :

Call Maytag, 1-800-688-9900, try to get the automated system to connect you to a real person (try saying "representative"). Explain to rep that you are aware this is a common problem with the HV Control Board - Part number: 1206507. Maytag is aware of this issue and said to me that this is an "improved" part. For me, they shipped the part out Fed Ex and set up a time for a serviceman to come out and fix it - all at no charge. I didn't want the hassle of waiting around for a repairman so I replaced it myself. It's pretty easy. The part came with instructions for programming. Here's the steps to replace if you want to do it yourself.
\015\012Do this at your own risk. ***

1. Pull the fridge from the wall and unplug it.
2. Wait 15-20 minutes
3. Remove the screws securing the HV circuit board cover on the left rear side of the fridge. (left as if you were facing the rear of the fridge)
4. Remove the clear plastic cover.
5. Verify that the fridge is unplugged.
6. Remove the 4 wiring harnesses from the circuit board. Using your finger press down on the locking tab while gently pulling the wire harness out.
7. Once all the wires are free, remove the circuit board by pressing back the plastic retaining tabs while gently pulling the board out.
8. Insert the new board oriented the same way as the old. The board will snap into place.
9. Reconnect all 4 wiring harnesses.
10. Replace the clear plastic cover
11. Replace the steel cover and secure with the 4 screws.
12. Program the new circuit board according to the included instructions. Programming requires that you enter a specific number listed on the inside of your fridge into the front panel, this in turn programs the board. Without this step, the fridge will not work. It's the number after CODE on the tag that includes model/serial number
Programming Mode:
1.Press and hold the Door Alarm Keypad.
2.Press and hold Freezer Temperature Down Keypad.
3.Release the Door Alarm Keypad and wait 3 seconds.
4.The control will display PE to indicate the programming mode.
5.Entry is confirmed by pressing the Freezer Temperature Down Keypad - once more.
6.The control will display the current Program CODE.The value should be validated with the Program CODE printed on the unit serial plate.
7.Press the Refrig Temp Up Keypad or Refrig Temp down Keypad to change the digit value with each key press.
8.The decimal point indicates the selected digit. Press the Freezer Temp Up keypad to select the next digit.
9.Once the desired Program CODE is displayed, press and hold the Freezer Temp DOWN keypad until the Program CODE begins flashing indicating it has been saved.
\015\012note maytag is well aware of this problem there are hundreds of other people that have bought the same model yet the choose to do nothing to fix the problem yet call them first and see if you can get a tec from them to replace this board. Personally I am on my 10th year in repairing appliances and i would never buy a maytag due to there Its not my problem type of attitude if you have any further questions please message me back and please remember to rank how this opinion has helped in your appliance situation Thanks again
\015\012p.s call them first before you try to repair it yourself there very funny about customers replacing anything and like to throw out the words like voided warranty Merry christmas

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Water was dispensed for to long on Maytag Fridge water dispenser, model # MFI2266AES . Keypad has locked it's self out and the buttons and paddle only beep when pushed. There is no lock / unlock button on this model. How do I reset it?

Call Maytag, 1-800-688-9900, try to get the automated system to connect you to a real person (try saying "representative"). Explain to rep that you are aware this is a common problem with the HV Control Board - Part number: 1206507. Maytag is aware o ... Maytag MFI2266AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

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I have a Maytag Plus side by side refrigerator, model # MSD2756GE*. It has the indoor ice/water dispenser. On the dispenser panel, there are a total of 6 buttons with LED indicators: Crush, Cube, Water, Light, Change Filter, and Lock. We had a power outage last night and when the power came back on, the Lock indicator is now illuminated and the dispenser is locked. My owner's manual says to press the lock button 3 times within 10 seconds to unlock. I've done this, but it remains locked. H

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Front panel beeps when I push any button or dispenser lever,no water, no ice, no response from any button. Fridge and freezer are working temps are displayed. Filter replace light is on and won't reset, dispenser light is on and won't turn off. There is no lock/unlock button. Tried turning off power (pulled the plug) and resetting the code; nothing. Took off panel unplugged all conections to the control board and plugged them back in, nothing.

Possible bad dispenser board ... Maytag MFI2266AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

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I changed the water filter and now the control panel only has the temperatures and alarm button on. When you push the button it only beeps. There is no lock button. I did a system test and everything works. It's just not responding to the buttons.

For some very strange reason this happens with this product family so you sometimes have to power off the unit at the mains. Leave it standing for 30 minutes without opening the doors or pressing any button and then power it back on again to re ... Maytag MFI2266AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

The buttons on the control panel appear to be locked. I cant make any changes to the settings. If i push the "water" or "ice" buttons, the refrigerator just beeps at me. Refrigerator will power on/off through the button on the conrtol panel, but that is it.

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I filled up a 4L pitcher of water.It stopped filling and now it is locked I can't get Ice or Water. How do I unlock the control panel if I don't have an unlock button Model: maytag MFI2266AES Please Help

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How do I reset water filter light on Amana refrigerator model ARS9266BS? Pressing Light adn lock buttons does not work for this model.

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Maytag refrigerator model # mfi2266aeu touch pad is locked I need help unlocking it.There is no lock/unlock button on my model the frig works but there is no water or ice nothing on the key pad works

Hi sandee462,The reason why you experience this problem is because you have a control that if it senses the water is ran for over 2 min it shuts dispenser down , in order to unlock the control you have to reprogram it: ... Maytag MFI2568AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator - three door / bottom freezer (Model # 79575549401) About three months ago it went 'beep-bee' and then the display on the door went to all 8s. None of the buttons, for changing the temp or resetting the water filter, etc did anything. We switched the breaker for the frig / kitchen off and on again, and the display reset. Before we thought to do this we left it with the error message, and noticed the temperature inside was dropping very low very quickly. All seeme

Check procudure for removing the unit from "showroom mode" ... Refrigerators

I have a Bosch side by side refrigerator model B20CS81SNS /02. It does not make ice however, occasionally it will produce some. Occasionally water leaks out the door into the tray where the glass sits for water/ice. When I push the reset button on the ice maker, I get water shooting out the side/front of the ice maker. Not sure if tubing or ice maker is the problem.

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Water won't come out the door dispenser the ice maker works fine it is a side by side model# GSS251FPDCC, serial# DG211041 I know someone with the same model and it has the same problem. He has been trying to fix it. He has taken apart everything he can and he has the water coming from the hose when he pushes the button but it won't come through the door. He says he can't take the door apart. I can hear the motor when I push the button

Julia - I've just replaced my damper (fridge temp wasn't working..) water stopped dispensing, probably a frozen line in freezer ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I too am having problems with my Samsung RS2555SL ice maker. The tray twists to eject the ice, but then gets locked in that turned position and won't go back to the 'fill' position. I bought an entire new unit, installed it, pushed the test button & it all works perfectly! however, now it won't fill with water!!! I've checked the service manual and ran a diagnostic. I got an I/M function error code "5" which says the ice ejector and level failed 3 times or more but don't know how to 'reset'

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Hello I have a maytag model MF12266AEW..I was dispensing water in a large pitcher and it beeped. Water stopped and everything stopped.Now it beeps when you try to get water and it ,,,beeps..we press for ice and it just beeps. no light comes on,, ice to water won't change. It is making ice but I have to open from the inside ,pull the tray out and take the ice out. I have only have it for 21/2 years. The reset filter won't work. that whole panel where water and ice is does not function. it just b

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I pushed the lock button by mistake on the refrig/freezer door and now I cannot remember how to unlock so I can get ice/water

Cannot be used, press the _ pad 3 times within 10: seconds. ... Maytag MSD2756GES Side by Side Refrigerator

G E refridgerator, model # GSS20IEPH WW SER.# AH274075 has a water supply, it is making ice but will not despence ice or water. when you push the dispence button nothing comes out, the light comes on but is very dim and blinking. The mother board in back of ref. is making a ticking noise , but when you push the dispise button it quits but starts when you let up. Do I need to replace the mother board?

HI. Your symptom's indicate that the main PCB has failed. It may be weak relay action, or PCB circuit failure. In any case, the necessary actions, at this point, will be to have the damaged PCB repl ... Refrigerators

Samsung rf266 icemaker inside freezer refrigerator is only 3 weeks old icemaker worked fine initially , when we had enough ice we turned it back on after about 2 weeks ...... nothing happened pushed reset button ice tray emptied..... nothing else happened pushed reset button again and tray filled with water.... nothing else happened. what is my next move

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Beeping sound i replaced my water filter...then hit the reset button for 3 seconds. the frig continues to beep about every 30 seconds - like when the door is not closed. i have looked inside the two compartments (frig and freezer) and determined that the doors are closing properly. meanwhile...back at the ranch...the frig continues to beep... oh...i also disconnected the power for a minute or so to see it the system would reset...the beeping continues suggestions welcomed!

Do what I did - remove the alarm\015\012\015\012On the interior of the fridge side the alarm is located in the display panel where you set your temp control. Three screws hold this panel in - remove the screws. There will be a circuit boa ... GE Profile¿ Arctica® Energy Star® 25.5 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser, PSS26MSRSS

Our GE ESH25XGRE Refrigerator is not dispensing water. We pushed in the water button for 3 minutes and pressed reset the water filter button. We have checked the lines and installed a new filter and repeated the procedure and still have the same problem. When we removed the new water filter, there was a loud ''pop''. What should we try next?

Your water line is probably frozen in the door. ... Refrigerators

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