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Freezer and Ice maker are working refrigerator is not what can be done to the vent thing at the top (center)? I have removed the cover. I have had this happen three times while under extended warranty which was up July 2010 lost everything in the fridge. The other three times it fixed itself about the 5th day so when the repairman got there he said it was fine and did nothing clearly something is wrong but what? Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Answers :

If your freezer side is capable of making ice, and that ice is dry and remains so,

the only issue you have is insufficient airflow to the reefer box section from the freezer.

The refrigerator section is 100% reliant upon the frezers side for all of its cold air.

The refer box has no evaportator of its own, There are 2 settings or dials.

One is the temperature thermostat, it actually controls the compresssor motors cycling,

thus the desired ice box temperature as well, it often says 1-10 and off as well, the reamaining setting, the one that cannot turn the compressor motor either off nor on is a damper door controller, that modulates the freezers airflow into the reefers box!This is where the problems occur, when one notices the reefers box is warm, they max both settings,which seems logical , and is for the thermostat dials setting.Where the major counter intuitive reality exists is the flapper dooors setting will say Colder and Warmer!!Colder of course!! right?? No, it actually means and usually does say, Colder Freezer!!not Colder Reefer! so you MAX or RAISE the thermostat, thats ok to do.But maxing or raising the other setting is just starving the reefer box section from sufficient cold air flow to maintain adequate temps.I have gone to hundreds of identical calls, Freezers ok, but Reefers warm! If the freezers making ice and the ice is dry, there is no problem with the refrigeration system, its airflow.when defrost timers or heaters fail the symptoms may be as yours, however the freezer will slowly warm in another day or so. But if the freezers making ice for days and never getting wet theres an airflow issue period, you may need to remove the back wall panel in the freeezer to see the coils condition , is it iced up or blocking airflow with icing/ is the ducting open between the freezer and reefer boxes?setting both dials to the midway setting should work fine. the condenser coils may be dirty/dusty too, is the cardboard backing still in place on back? it needs to be there intact.

is there product inside the reefer box? if not add 3 gallons of water.


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Freezer and Ice maker are working refrigerator is not what can be done to the vent thing at the top (center)? I have removed the cover. I have had this happen three times while under extended warranty which was up July 2010 lost everything in the fridge. The other three times it fixed itself about the 5th day so when the repairman got there he said it was fine and did nothing clearly something is wrong but what? Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

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Most Refrigerators have a defrost timer which cycles every couple of weeks, typically for several hours, in order to let any residual ice melt from the cooling system. If yours cycles long enough for the freezer items to melt, it should be replaced. ... GE Adora (DSF25KGTBG) Side by Side Refrigerator

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Original problem was ice maker only harvesting once or twice a day. Got the RO system checked, which was Ok for pressure. Replaced the water valve and ice maker. No change. Replaced the infra-red sensor (which was the problem) and is now harvesting every couple of hours but only 3 cubes at a time. Is there an adjustment on the ice maker to increase the amount of time for water to be dispenced into the ice tray?

This could be a control problem, or possibly a filter problem. Go to this site and look up the exact model for your unit:\015\012 ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool ev20inztq My standup freezer's temp. alarm is sounding and the freezer has a lot of frost on the top half of the unit. The contence of the freezer is still frozon but I am concerned. This is the second time in two days that this problem occured. I moved some of the contence of the freezer away from the the air intake and discharge in a hope of increasing the air flow but this is the first time this has happened in the three years we had the unit.

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I have a Kenmore side by side, Model No. 10659702992, purchased in Sept 2000. It leaks in the vicinity of the water filter at the bottom. The leaks are at random intervals. Sometimes several days will go by without a leak, then it will leak a couple of times in a day. The amount of water discharged is not great, perhaps a quarter of a cup, then the leak stops. If I turn the ice maker off, I don't get the leaks. A Sears repairman could not fix.

... Kenmore 53092 / 53094 Side by Side Refrigerator

Every thing in the refrigeraton is freezing. Lettuce carrots. I tried to turn temperature up, but it doesn't help. This happens not every day, but about two to three times a month.

Its because your defrost timer or defrost circuit or limit switches are weak or bad ... LG LFX25971ST Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Fridge freezer not cooling i notice the temp rising on the display.but if i turn it off at the wall for a few seconds it makes a click and jumps back to life.i need to do this two or three times a day. please help,the click does not come from the the compressor relay.it comes from around the pcb panel.

Have you ried to reset the controller by holding in the top two buttons until the display blinks and then it should reset. If not try it again. Please don't forget to rate the answer please. Have a Happy New Year!!!! ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

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Sounds like the problem is the cold control . I would clean the coils under neath and make sure the fans 's are both going . and then replace the cold control .. this will probably correct the problem .. **** ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool GS6SHA (XLL03), 8 years old this month. Came home and could hear the motor humming a little louder than usual. Opened the freezer door and noticed everything was thawed. Refrigerator seemed cool. Now, three hours later, refrigerator shelves and contents getting sweaty as if it isn't cooling as it should either. Time to call repairman? Tips, tricks to DIY first? Thanks..

May need to clean coil under refer check fan there to ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

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We have a Jennair Alaska Fridge (just over 3yo) with intermittent very loud fan noise. The fan has been replaced once after it finally stopped working at all when the fan had run continuously for a few days. At this time the freezer was no longer maintaing temp cold enough to freeze all items. About two months after the replacement it began again and the repairman came out and lubricated the fan. A few months later the problem is beginning again. It is intemittent but not related to ice on the f

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Got an american whirlpool fridge freezer, the alarm keeps going on the freezer, the digital display shows two flashing lines instead of the usual 18 degrees, then it works away until it acheives 18 degrees again, its happening a couple of times a day, the seals on the door looks ok, any suggestions please

May be a indication only but on many fridge-freezers, 2 flashing lines ,means power interuption ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I bought the fridge in 2006. In 2008 it began making a loud vibrating noise. Repairman replaced the fan motor blade.Took 30 days to get part! It was never quite right after that. Had problems with defrost not working properly. Lately it is struggling to keep the fridge side cool. It will get very hot, chocolate melts! then return to normal. Finally turned it off because it is making the same noise it did the first time I had it repaired two years ago.

Could all be in the fan motor. If it's bad again, I would change the motor and blade. Then fire it back up and test for correct cycling.\015\012That may take a week of running until you get a true picture of whats happening, but they do have a ... GE Refrigerators

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