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I have a Maytag model RSW24EO refrigerator that seem's to have a bad Ice door selenoid. I believe it will be a fairly easy fix after I get the cover off. I would appreciate any information on removing the cover.

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I have a Maytag model RSW24EO refrigerator that seem's to have a bad Ice door selenoid. I believe it will be a fairly easy fix after I get the cover off. I would appreciate any information on removing the cover.

... Maytag 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White

We are getting terrible moisture on the top of the top panel (covering the lights) What would cause this and how can we fix it?

Close the door of the fridge while youre snuggled inside to see if the light is staying on causing it to condensate around that area...\015\012\015\012just kidding... to rule out the issue.. make sure the "button thing" is working to tu ... GE Refrigerators

I have a Hoover 34000055 (HCA 454) just fitted a new filter and the display on the front of the door still displays 'Filter' as it did to tell me to change it. I have removed it and re-fitted it. As luck would have it a couple of days later the bulb went and we can't get the cover off to replace the bulb

... Hoover Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side by side refridgerator, 2-yrs old, model #106 57378700 that has a problem with the door ice dispenser. It seems the trap door to control the delivery of ice from inside has come off it's hinge and won't operate. I think the trap door only needs to be popped back in place, but it looks like the entire dispensing unit front cover will need to be removed to get at it. Am I correct and is this the solution as described? How do I remove the cover (or whatever is required) to get

In order to remove the exterior trim, first remove the drip tray. At the bottom of the exterior trim you will find two slots. In order to disengage the engagement clips insert a medium flat blade screwdriver and pop them forward while pushing down o ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Removing front cover to fix non-closing dispenser door

If your talking about the disp/foutain cover for the ice door chute not closeing problem heres how its done.\015\012\015\0121 That cover is plastic and plastic flexs.\015\0122 There should be two notches in the bottom area of cover. ... Whirlpool GS6NBEXR Side by Side Refrigerator

Re:Model W210RWO Serial # LA23214707 Repairman told us compressor on this fridge is defunct. Fridge was in our basement and when we moved into this house, the movers had great difficulty getting it downstairs and told us we would likely not be able to get back up. My question is how we can dismantle or cut down fridge to get it up the stairs and through the basement doorway. I am told that even if the freon is removed there is other fluid that the freon is mixed with that would leave a m

Once you reclaim the freon the only thing left will be the oil if the fridge has been upright all the oil will be in the compressor cut the lines going to the compressor and crimp them off then remove the compressor ... Westinghouse Refrigerators

I have a Ge Frig. Profile Model 28. The flashing diagnostic code dE continusly flashs. I unplug the frig. and replug it, the flashing stops. System check/reset indicates eveery thing is OK. The unplug and reconnect fix last for at least 24 hours and recently two days. If it would just keep flashing and not respond to the unplug fix; I would call GE repair and get it fixed. What is the problem?

I\015\012 don't have manual here for that exact model, but the DE error comes up \015\012when the refrigerator has not detected a defrost current within a \015\012certain amount of time. This is most often the result of a burnt out \015\012def ... GE Refrigerators

My freezer compartment gets covered in ice requiring scraping to make the refrigerator compartment work. Repairman came out and fixed $300. Called Maytag and they told me to unplug and it worked for a week and now it is back to the freezer being covered in ice. How is this fixed?

... Maytag 25.1 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - Black

Hotpoint Frige My water stoped working and the ice would not despence, however the fridge and freezer werwe still working fine. about 36 hours later I heard a ticking noise coming from the circut board in the back of the fridge. At this point the compressor would not kick on. I took the back panel of the unit and found a mouse body wedged in the fan I removed it and i'm getting the same clicking sound. I thought it was the fan gone bad, but after replacing the fan motor I still get the clicki

The main computer is bad. the small square panel axcess it. Had 2 do this same thing. ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

Can anyone tell me the trick on taking off the plastic cover plate over the ice/water dispenser area? I have tried to look for the tabs to push out and then remove, but it is not working. One of the tabs is already broke and I do not want to break another one. It is not adhesive holding it on. I am trying to replace the switch for the water dispenser, so if you know how to replace that, I could use help there also, but first I have to remove the front plastic cover to get to it. It is on a kitch

Insert a butter knife between the dispensor grate and the dispensor cover about 1 " from the side and push inward , to unsnap the plastic clip on each side (at the bottom) . Then lift upward , to unhook the top portion of the dispensor cover . There ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

My daughter's Emerson CR500 compact refrigerator completely stopped getting cold about four months after we purchased it. It would cost me $57 to ship it to CA to have it fixed, so I'm wondering if it might be something to get fixed locally or should I just buy another brand? The fridge was $149 from a local Target.

My husband and I bought this same refrigerator around 11/2009 and it doesn't work now either. We too bought this refrigerator at a local target. Yikes. We bought ours for our daughters dorm room and it didn't stay working even one year. Is that how ... Emerson Refrigerators

Condensate drain plugged need to remove evaporatror cover to fix -- how to remove the cover ? no screws

Http://products.geappliances.com/MarketingObjectRetrieval/Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF&Name=39-6019 ... Refrigerators

I have a 1976 model Sears Coldspot that is making a girgling/grinding sound from the freezer area. I remove the fan cover plate and the fan was rotating ok but every so often it would hesitate and slow down. I remove the frozen food and put it in another unit I have. I was afraid that the temperature would fall and I'd lose my products. It seems to run continuously making that deep grinding sound. Any idseas?

If the temp has risen,check and make sure its not stuck in defrost mode,if it is advance the defrost timer ahead so the compressor again starts and runs,the only other thing would be the motor that you said is slowing down is getting noisy bearings a ... Refrigerators

I have a Winemate 1500CD cooling unit and the evaporator freezes front and back consistently. I've been told I have a freon leak but these units are not made for servicing - a tech would have to cut the line, install a valve, then clear and charge. At that cost, it makes sense to get a refurbished unit - but Vinotemp now says they no longer make them. Any thoughts? Would the fix definitely fix the problem? Thanks.

... Refrigerators

I bought a used GE GSS25JFMB WW and the frig side is cooling but it is freezing my food in the bottom of it. The freezer is cool but not freezing. The person I bought it from came back and looked and said he would get a new circuit board as it was damaged upon moving it in but I have yet to hear back from him and would like to get my frig fixed. What might the problem be?

... GE GSS25JF Side by Side Refrigerator

I am going to paint a room and would like to detach the light switch plate from the wall. I want to paint just under the area the light switch covers and when dry reattach the light switch plate. How do I get the light switch plate off the wall? There are some little buttons covering the screws holding the plate on. How do I get the buttons off please?

Very carefully prise them off with a sharp knife...\015\012be careful not to damage them oh so easy..... ... Refrigerators

I have GE ADORA DSS25KSRDSS FREEZER FAN NOISE, how do you remove the cover panel to get to the fan that hits the cover ?

... Refrigerators

I have a maytag fridge freezer model GC2225GEKS.....the fridge and freezer will not get cold.....I have removed the backing plate from the inside of the freezer and the 2 copper pipes get cold and the smaller one gets icy........the silver radiator/coil pipes they go into do not get cold....the fridge and freezer do not get cold at all.......any help would be appreciated.......regards

... Refrigerators

I need to remove the doors on a GE tfx25jr fridge to get it in my house. I can easily remove the fridge door but I am having great difficulty removing the freezer side. I have undone the electrical conection at the top but I can't figure out how to remove the door because of the water tube in the bottom hinge. The other option would be to remove the handles one each door but I can't figure out how they are attached. Please help.

Hi.\015\012\015\012\015\012To remove freezer door you will need to remove the water NUT ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE Profile Frig. Frig on top freezer on bottom Model #PDS22SBSBRSS The bottom of the freezer is collecting water and freezing. I have noticed a water stream coming from the far right back wall cover part # WR17X11594 EVAP FAN CVR ASM. The water is coming from the bottom of the cover to the right of the right louver, between that louver and the corner of the cover. Any ideas would be helpful I also am not sure how to remove this cover if necessary. Thanks for the help. Tim

Hi, it sounds like drain iced up in freezer section. if you can turn cab off, remove back panel inside freezer section, allow ice in drain to thaw, use hairdryer to speed up defrosting, be careful, water and electricity dont ... Refrigerators

We have this model GE gss201eta has been recalled at some point so this is the second one we have had. first it was making a lot of noise. now the coils in the freezer freeze up and the fridge gets warm. so we undo it and take the hair dryer and get the ice off the coils and it last about a week. do the same thing over again. it is really getting old doing this. do you know what the problem is and would it be cheaper to fix it ourselves or buy a new one?

... Refrigerators

I have a Fisher & Pykel C38OB Fridge freezer, the back of the fridge freezes up and I have removed the cover on the back of the fridge revealing the cooling plate behind it and there is a blue and white wire that has come off and I cant see where it connects to and I am not sure how to remove the cooling plate to look behind or if it can be removed, could the blue and white wire be the reason for it freezing and if so what does it connect to and how would I go about connecting it again

... Refrigerators

I have a mcclary fridge and i wanted to know if anyone else has had the glass (that sit on top of the drawers) shatter. i could not believe that it shattered like a car window. i would like to get in touch with McClary and inform them of the hazzard. It would have been terrible if one of my grandchild would have opened the door at the same that that it exploded. thanks for you help in locating a phone # or website

... Hotpoint Refrigerators

GE Adora Refrigerator DSS25KGR In the back of the freezer side (left door) is a small fan with a cover that sets above the light. The fan is loose and is hitting the cover. How is the cover removed to get to the fan ?

... GE Adora DSS25KSTSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Temperature in ref not cold took off the flow thru from freezer and it is blocked with ice I now need to get the cover on the inside of the ref to remove the ice from this side I can get it loose from the front but can't seem to get it loose in the back

Most times this is caused by a blocked defrost condesate or a defective defrost system. I will need to get your make and model number. You will need to manuall defrost by unplugging the refrigerator and remove the rear panel in the back of the freeze ... Refrigerators

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