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Rc224rd not cooling or freezing - Magic Chef Refrigerators

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Rc224rd not cooling or freezing - Magic Chef Refrigerators

... Magic Chef Refrigerators

My Magic Chef refrigerator has stopped cooling. When I unplug it for a few days, and then plug it in, it will work for about a week, and then quit cooling again. The freezer is perfect, and continues to freeze, unless, of course it is unplugged.

The most likely cause is that the defrost system is not working. After about a week it builds up with enough frost to stop the cold air from getting to the refrigerator section. The most common problem is the defrost timer, defrost heater or defrost ... Magic Chef CTB1502AR Top Freezer Refrigerator

Unit is not cooling or freezing. - Magic Chef Refrigerators

Hello,if the unit of your refrigerating system is not caring out it function as it is expected then the unit need to be change which mean that it is weak or bad that is the compresor or the carperstor need to ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

Magic Chef RB19HA-1A refrigerator cooling coils freezing up, both compartments warm, requiring defrost every 10 days. It was turned off for 10 hours, and this has appeared. Ran fine for 5 years, till forced power loss. Has been defrosted 5 times in 9 weeks, with associated food loss. How do I force a QUICK MANUAL defrost with internal heater, which I think inoperative. Timer may have failed. Any short term or long term fixes much appreciated. Where is timer located? This is an apartment, with an

... Refrigerators

I have a Magic Chef refrigerator. I recently moved and now the freezer will not freeze. The refrigerator section is cold and so is the freezer but meat is not freezing in the freezer.

Just a guess...You may need to redo the freeon (sp)\015\012or you may need a starter switch.\015\012\015\012Odd that it does not work after moving.Was it dropped, layed down etc ? ... Refrigerators

We have a Magic Chef model # RB23JA-4A The freezer seems ok but the refrigerator is not cooling, afew weeks ago we discovered the ice maker was leaking and turned off the water supply. What would cause it not to cool in the refrigerator compartment

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigerator not Coo ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

FIND DRAIN HOLE IN MAGIC CHEF RC224RD - Magic Chef Refrigerators

... Magic Chef Refrigerators

Magic chef MCBR980W not cooling - Magic Chef Refrigerators

... Magic Chef Refrigerators

Magic Chef refrigerator stop cooling

Check the fan relay and the compressor to make sure it is still working...if not there is a capasiter you can replace to get it to work again ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

MAGIC Chef refrigerator Model MCBR4155 does not cool.

... Magic Chef MCBR440 Compact Refrigerator

I have a magic chef refrigerator freezer model csd2725ar. Both the refrigerator and the freezer will run fine for a couple hours to a couple days. Then the refrigerator will start freezing things. So, We adjust it down. Then the temperature in both the Freezer and the refrigerator will increase to unsafe levels...the freezer stuff will start to thaw...icepops will melt. This happens off and on without us adjusting the temperatures, too. What do we need to do...any advice would be appr

Bad cold control needs to be replaced from what you are saying. ... Refrigerators

Magic Chef Refrigerator has stopped cooling adequately.

... Magic Chef MCBR170 Compact Refrigerator

Hole I used a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer to defrost the icemaker part of my Magic Chef 1.7 refrigerator. I accidentally punched a hole into the side of the icemaker compartment. I immediately heard a whistling sound coming from the whole that lasted for a good while and then stopped. Now my refrigerator does not cool anymore. I wonder if it is out of freon...and if so, how do I put freon back in it. I know that I can patch the hole up with epoxy.

You have punctured one or more of the refrigerant lines. Your chances of fixing this are slim, but if you can find the hole, you can solder it shut, then pressurize the unit with new refrigerant. The former you might be able to do yourself. The la ... Magic Chef MCBR170 Compact Refrigerator

I just sold my Magic chef refrigerator (20.8 cu ft). It was 2 years old . I plugged it in for the buyer. It got cold as it worked perfectly. the buyer said he was going to lay it down to transport it approximately 40 miles away. I told him he could ruin it by doing so. he said he done it before to other refrigerators with no problem. He laid it down in his pickup truck and drove away. Now, 2 days later he called asking for his money back. He said it will not cool. I used to move household goods

I have been i the appliance service industry for approx. 18 years and everytime i see someone lay a refrigerator down or talk about it i literally cringe.... it can be done and sometimes will work ,but what happens if it does not sit upright and noti ... Magic Chef CTB2125 Top Freezer Refrigerator

What would cause the inside top of a Magic Chef refrigerator model RBK21K-2A to freeze up and not keep items in the refrigerator compartment cold (temp doesn't drop below high 40s)?

Lack of sufficient air flow across the evaporator coils, clogged condensate drain, too much humid air (door open too much, bad seals, etc.), low refrigerant. ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

Refrigerator not cooling - Magic Chef MCBR445S1 Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator

If there is no cooling at all , before we go further we must confirm the first step of confirming the compressor and gas pressure. So shut off the fridge and leave it off while you clean and check the evaporator for frost. I ... Magic Chef MCBR445S1 Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator

Refrigerator not cooling - Magic Chef Refrigerators

Out of freon ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

I have a Magic Chef mini refrigerator with a seperate freezer unit on the top. This is kept in my garage (where it gets cold). This past week it just stopped working - the light comes on when you open the door so I know it's getting power but it is not refrigerating or freezing. Is there a reset button or something? HELP!!

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Magic Chef MCBR1000W refrigerator section freezes things. Temp turned all of the way down. Bought used (as is) and regretting it. I want to make it work if cost effective. It was very dirty. There is a lot of gunk (and a little mold, now) in the pass between the freezer and the fridge. Freezer over freezes at lowest setting also. Please advise. --KR

... Frigidaire FRT17G4B Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Magic Chef refrigerator MCBR1010W that the freezer freezes just fine and the refrigerator part is running warm. I unplugged it and cleaned the coil in the back. It is a little over a year old. Any suggestions?

... Magic Chef Refrigerators

Refrigerator not cooling - Magic Chef CTB1821AR Top Freezer Refrigerator

If the refrigerator isn't cool, you need to answer some questions, then see if the compressor is running.\015\012First, answer these questions:\015\012Is the refrigerator completely dead? If so, see \342\200\234It's stopped completely.\34 ... Magic Chef CTB1821AR Top Freezer Refrigerator

Magic Chef compact refrigerator MCBR1010W .Refrigerator seems to be running but not cooling.

... Magic Chef CTB1922 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Mcbr415s magic chef won't cool [email protected] This refrigerator stopped cooling a year ago. The light works. I tapped and pushed in on the knob. I have unscrewed the thermostat, but have not disconected any of the wiring. I have a multimeter. Can I use it while the thermostat is still connected? How do I do this? THank you.

... Magic Chef MCBR440 Compact Refrigerator

I have an apartment size Magic Chef refrigerator. The freezer works fine but the refrigerator is slowly starting to stop cooling. Now there is condensation forming. Turned dial up but does not seem to be helping.

There is a vent between the fridge and freezer. The vent will eventually have ice build up and stop the air flow to the fridge. It will need to be cleaned out thruoughly. ... Magic Chef MCBR440 Compact Refrigerator

Magic Chef compact refrigerator won't cool

... Refrigerators

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