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The freezer doesn't seem to be working. All frozen stuff was thawed out and fridge doesn't seem to be cooling either. I haven't noticed it turning on lately. It's in the garage where it is already cold, so it hard to tell if it is working

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The freezer doesn't seem to be working. All frozen stuff was thawed out and fridge doesn't seem to be cooling either. I haven't noticed it turning on lately. It's in the garage where it is already cold, so it hard to tell if it is working

... Magic Chef CTB1502AR Top Freezer Refrigerator

Simpson N245CNZ fridge was leaking water into fridge part and this was icing over and food was getting frozen even though it was turned right down to warmest setting. Door would be very hard to open. Then it seems to have actually stopped working althogether as its not leaking and not getting cold. Light still comes on when door is opened. Freezer seems to be working normaly. Seal around fridge door has a split but still seems to seal OK.

... Refrigerators

Maytag rsw24a I have replaced the thermostat, heating element, and timer. It was working great, but then after two weeks we noticed that the center line between the fridge and freezer on the side by side was burning hot, but the refrigerator and freezer still seem to be working. I pulled it out and the condenser fan blade was not turning. I spun it with my finger and it is now turning. After about an hour of it running, the center console is now only very warm, not burning. It was working prior

Sounds like your humidity switch is "on", which is what warms the center post. Turn it off and see if the heat problem goes away, and if you get a buildup of moisture on the center post. If so, turn it back on. ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

When you open the refrigerator door the light doesnt automatically come on anymore, so in turn the water function doesnt work. if you hold the switch out with your fingers the light and water works. seems to be a bad switch? how do you bring that light/temp assembly down and how do you repair that switch. and if the switch needs to be replaced where do you get one?

Ok, the part number for that switch is C3680310, which is available at your local appliance parts retailer. That canopy is held in place with 8 snap tight clips and 2 tabs, 6 clips along the front edge, one on either side, and the two tabs in back wi ... Amana ARB2557CW / ARB2557CB / ARB2557CC Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Bosch Refrigerator at my church that is not cooling on the Refrigerator side, it is a Model # B20CS50SNW /02. I am an electrican but not an applance tech. The blower fan for that side is not turning, it does try to and it is getting about 12.6 Volts DC, also the Freezer side blower seems to be turning very slowly and seems to have a hard time stating. Also the ice maker is not working, and while the freezer side is still cold some icecream that is in it is very soft so i think it is not

Generally the fans use line voltage, but if you have a controller board and are getting 12 Volts this would be the correct voltage. The problem is the fans. You will need to replace these fans and defrost the freezer and fridge. When the evaporator c ... Bosch Refrigerators

Hi, I have a Bosch intelligent frost free 44 which I bought second hand a few days ago. Manufacture date appears to be 2006 and was told it works fine but I am not sure. When I first turn fridge on the motor and compressor dont seem to work straight away, this takes a while before you can hear running Then when it finally does click in it doesnt stay on constantly until desired temperature is reached. It seems to just keep intermitently cutting in for around 10 mins and then stays off for at

I think it's the freezer fan that stopped working,open the freezer and see if it goes you should hear it running and even see.This fan allows the cold air into the fridge compartment,without it it takes ages for the fridge to get cold.I've got the sa ... Bosch Refrigerators

The kegerator will not get cold. It seems to cool slightly but it wont get cold any longer. It does sounds like the compressor is working .. i hear it turn on and off as it did when it was working correctly. I was having issues prior to this with it freezing the keg so i'd been messing with the temperature gage quite a bit. Also, before it quit working, i moved it from a hard surface to a carpeted surface ... not sure if that would have anything to do with it. Any suggestions would be appreciate

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing thencheck out the last two tips. ... Beverage-Air BEVBM23 Commercial Beverage Dispenser

Hussmann uml 3 bs turned it off for a week and when we turned it back on the 3 upper fans do not turn on.. sounds like everything else is working. coils seem cool just doesnt blow at top of cooler

... Hussmann Refrigerators

Fridge and freezer warm. Mildly cooler air is coming out but the settings are on 7 for both fridge and freezer which are the coldest. Hard to tell if its actually cooler air or just seems that way because of the fan. Might just be room temperature. Fan is working. Every little while there is a buzzer sound that goes for about 5 seconds or so. Maytag MFD2560HES. It stopped working for a few days, we unplugged it for a day or so then plugged it back in and it worked for about a day but now its not

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing thencheck out the last two tips. ... Maytag MFD2560HES Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I recently brought a Crosley fridge and put it in my garage. A few days ago we opened up the freezer section and everything thawed out and spoiled and stunk. The fridge part smelled as well. We lost over $200.00 or more(hard to estimate)of meat, etc. The place where we bought this fridge didn't tell us that it ran by sensors and because the garage was too cold thats why it more less shut down. So now we have this fridge in the garage that doesn't work and we are out of pocket!!! No one wants to

... Refrigerators


Well Fred hows about a LG FRENCH DOOR MANUAL ... Refrigerators

I have a new frig that I keep in my garage to keep extra food and drinks in. Since the weather turned cold, the freezer is not working properly. The frig still seems to working great. Can you help with this problem?

If the ambient temp is below 52 degrees the unit will not work properly throught the cycles you will need to get what is call a garage kit to install in the unit. ... Frigidaire FRT21H8 Top Freezer Refrigerator

The fridge was turned off at the wall by accident, it is now turned on and has been for almost a week and there is still no ice in the freezer compartment and the fridge doesnt seem to be working either. Please help me. i have a Electrolux ERU6374

... Electrolux ERU6374 Compact Refrigerator

We had a new oven put in 2 days ago, and the installer turned off the circuit breakers. Ever since he turned it back on my side by side has been making a clicking noise (like a relay). Then it will hum for about 30 seconds and stops and clicks again. Then it does it again a couple of minutes later. Last night I noticed that all of my freezer food is thawing. Seems like fridge is working but freezer isn't cooling.

Remove the bottom front panel of the fridge and locate the defrost timer. This is a small circular motor with a screw slot in the center. Turn the slot CLOCKWISE ONLY and listen for a click. As soon as you hear the click stop, wait about five minutes ... Refrigerators

We have a GE profile PSS26LGSB side by side.Experiencing ice melting w/freezer temps above freezing when this occurs the fridge crispers freeze and top of fridge is warmer.water line in back of fridge freezes too.This seems to run on cycles & when fridge is shut off and turned back on it operates fine for a while again.Turbo cool feature doesnt seem to be working properly.Repairman replaced freezer evap fan, but still problematic. Was told circuit board may be bad.Does this sound like a good pro

... Refrigerators

Servis fridge freezer m7065 blue eco light on front not working fridge seems to be dead but when thermostat is turned to number 1 upwards fridge works but poor cooling hardly cold inside and freezer slow to freeze

... Refrigerators

The icemaker on my GE profile quit working a few days before the one year warranty ran out. By the time I noticed it wasn't working and got a repair man out my warranty had expired. He tells me I need a new ice-maker. That seems drastic and expensive. Am I getting ripped off.

Sorry, but no. The warranty is for 1 year - not a year and a day. You can't help but feel the way you do though, as it probably really did fail the day before but didn't notice until after. GE, like most big companies is very impersona ... GE Refrigerators

My refridgerator is not as cool as it use to be and the freezer is not freezing all that hard it completly melted 2 days ago and now its making ice cubes hard. I checked the power to the compressor and its working i also checked the power to fan I have power to fan. The fan doesnt seem to be kicking on Does all the wires have to be connected in order to have compressor and ice maker, and fan. Thank you Mary Im not sure how often the fan kicks on or does it stay on The only thing that I can see

Hi mary, you said there is power to the fan? which fan?..the one near the compressor or the fan inside the evaporator coil?if it is the fan near the compressor, it should be running if there is power. if the fan is sticky, lu ... Refrigerators

Model GSS22JF. Dispenser light issue. I trhopught it was burned out, but after installing a fresh bulb I noticed that it was barely lit. A small orange glow in the filament. Tried another bulb, same thing. Replaced the socket with no change. The dispenser seems to work fine and the LED indictors are all lit. Just can't seem to get the dispenser light to function. The switch does turn it on and off. Any ideas?

Hi,No there is no way to increase the brightness. This display ( and nearly everything else in the fridge ) is controlled by a main electronic board which is on the back of the refrigerator , behind a metal plate up a foot or so from floo ... GE GSS22JF Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Samsung RS21DPSM American style fridge. The problem is with the fridge side of the thing. I noticed the other day that the milk didn't seem as cold as it used to - so, what with the hot weather I tried turning the temperature down - I turned it down from 7 to 1 (the lowest setting) but no change - the milk has gone off. It has worked fine for about 18 months up until now. Any suggestions?

We have a similar problem ! bottom 2 compartments are cold but the rest including the door is not ! An engineer has advised us that due to excessive opening of the door we have caused an ice build up of approx 5 inchs at the back of the fridge! he ha ... Samsung Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire Refrigerator (side by side) - and both sides are not working. We noticed the Defroster-Heater was cracked and when we connected the cracked area the fan would turn on. We just replaced the defroster-heater, but now nothing turns on. Can you please tell me what I should check next.

Check the defrost timer, it may be stuck in the defrost mode. In defrost mode the heater will not come on unless the thermo disc is cold. This disc is attached to the coils close to where they come into the freezer. ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

MODEL: GE GSS25JFMD: Freezer seems to be working but refreegerator compartment gets worm. I noticed the condensor on the back is very worm, fan doesn't turn on. I ordered and installed a new motor for the fan, but it doesn't work neither.

... GE GSS25JF Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello, I have a Kenmore Side by Side refrigerator that is model # 253.54703409. The fridge is not working but the freezer is ok. There seems to be air ( not very much of it) flowing from the grill in the back of the fridge. The inner panel in the freezer does seem to be icing up. I defrosted and cleaned all the hair and gunk from underneath and to no avail. I did hold the door switch down and tried turning the temp control off and then back up. I noticed it makes a strange sound when the gate(?)

This diagram shows your damper which may be where the noise is coming from. It may not be opening all the way to let the air in. \015\012\015\012Did you look behind the rear cover inside the freezer to see if the evaporator coils are iced up bl ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrig works when it wants to seems like compressor is working but runs for a little bit gets freezer dn to 10-15 degrees and then it will get up to 30 degrees if i turn that fridge control dial all the way down and then all the way back up the copressor usually kicks on not sure how long it runs thats when it usually gets down to 10-15 degrees but won't kick back on . the refridg is in my garage not sure if that has anything to do with the problem

Sure mght be the issue , newer refig's (energy efficiant models, may not run properly in ambient temps lower the 60 degrees, if it thinks its cold enough why bother runnig at all. non heated garages this time of year do this quite frequently! ... Kenmore 57029 Side by Side Refrigerator

At first the entire unit was not cooling on either side (before that we noticed that it was making ice very slow) I found the evap fan motor was not coming on and the coils were about half way frosted over. I just removed the motor and reinstalled it (the old one) and then it worked. Now the Freezer and Refrigerator is too cold. I have both controls turned almost to zero. The damper door seems to not work. How can I test this? Could the problem be somewhere else?

... Kenmore 54662 / 54664 / 54669 Side by Side Refrigerator

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