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Ice maker won't work, it worked fine for 15 hrs, no water in water well. It use to make a sound as the water came on to make ice. Noe I don't hear anything. The bar in the machine is down in the ice making position. P

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Check water spout to make sure it's not frozen up. If it's not frozen, it's likely your icemaker is bad. ...could be the valve too.\015\012

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Ice maker won't work, it worked fine for 15 hrs, no water in water well. It use to make a sound as the water came on to make ice. Noe I don't hear anything. The bar in the machine is down in the ice making position. P

Check water spout to make sure it's not frozen up. If it's not frozen, it's likely your icemaker is bad. ...could be the valve too.\015\012 ... Magic Chef (CSD2610KRW) Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have Kenmore frostless 25 with an ice and water dispenser in the door. It does not makes ice, but the water dispenser works fine. I could hear the ice maker switch bar moves up and down in the ice compartment, but no water flows into the water reservior, so no ice being made at all. What's stopping the water from coming into the water reservior? How to repair?

Most times it's the water control valve on the rear of refrigerator and near the floor. And you can test the ice maker by filling with water. Let it freeze and if it dumps the ice and does not refill then the water control v ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I bought a 3 year old used Kenmore Trio Refrigerator. The water dispenser and Ice machine both worked at the former owners house. I have had it about two months and ran a water line to it. It will not dispense water (although I hear the pump trying to run) and it will not make Ice. If I take off the water filter there does appear to be water there. What should I do?

\015\012\015\012The water line that's attached to the back of the refrigerator. Make sure you have good water flow. If the flow is poor, repair, clean, or replace the tubing or the shut-off valve that supplies the water.\015\012\01 ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Ice maker my icemker has been working for along time now...just recently the icemaker just stopped making ice...I dont even hear the water going to the icemaker anymore. It's all hooked up in the back, the water dispenser works, but just no ice....can you please help me?

Lots of things can cause this. check the supply tube to i/m if frozen.first lift the shut-off arm up & down and listen for a clicking sound, should hear a click. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice machine doesnt make ice. The bar has bee up for awhile but now it won't produce. there doesn't seem to be water in the pockets but the water is hooked up and working

The arm has to be down to produce ice if you have water in machine and freezer is cold enough keep arm in down position and ice should produce ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a cm3 656 that i replaced the bin sensors in because it wasnt sensing ice during harvest. when i put my hand in there the bin full light flashs. It does not flash as the ice harvests. After a few cycles it shuts down on a two flash code, No ice sensed max harvest duration. Like i said, ive replaced sensors and it sees my hand when stuck in there. Ive also replaced water level bar and sensor to increase ice thickness thinking sensors couldnt see my clear ice. Had no effect. Machine makes

... Scotsman Ice Maker 600LB CM3 30inW Commercial Cubed Machine

My ice machine is not making ice. The machine itself is getting power, the blades rotate around but there is no ice. I unplugged the ice machine then plugged it back in and water came into the tray but only filled up enough for one ice cube. I disconnected the water hose from the wall behind the refrigerator and there is water coming from the wall connection. It seems not enough water is getting to the freezer through the hose. What do I do? Thank you

We need to check the dual water control valvesw on the back of your refrigerator. Is your model the GTS22KBP? Thanks, Sea Breeze ... GE GTS22KBP Top Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore 106.55536400, My ice maker is no making ice. The water valve was not working and I replace it but it still is not making ice. The rotating mechanism works, i can see and hear it moving around. It seem to make the call for the water. How do you test for this? I can switch the water valve terminals and push the dispenser arm down and fill the ice tray with water, then the rotating arms get frozen in the ice.

... Refrigerators

The ice machine is not making ice, however water does come out from the front water dispenser, why is the ice machine not making ice? The model number is GS5SHGXLS01

... Whirlpool GS5SHGXLS Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice machine I turned off water flow to the ice machine while on vacation. Upon returning and turning the water back on, the ice machince does not function. I do get water throught the door dispensor but no water flows into the ice making tray area.

More than likely the problem lies with the water valve. You have a double water valve on side/side and one of the solenoids are probably sticking. You may get it to start again by taking it apart ,cleaning or you may need a new water valve altogether ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a ge model GTS22KBMCC with a IM4 ice maker. the ice maker is not making ice. I checked the water line and it is flowing good . I hear it trying to pump water, but nothing goes in the ice tray. when I pour water in the ice tray, it makes ice.Is there a filter that could be clogged? If so , where is it and how do I clean thanks

Take the hose out and clean it with hot water replace and then try ... Refrigerators

My Profile Ice maker makes a very loud popping sound. Sometimes it makes ice and sometimes it will go days without making any. I hear it filling with water so I was curious where this water was going and I discovered a pool under the bottom drawer. On occasions when it starts popping I pull out the ice bucket and it will have several pieces of ice wedged between the wall of the dispenser that has gotten stuck and will not allow the ice to dump into the bucket. I don't know if this is all related

Did you ever get a straight answer? we are having the exact same problem. Kim ... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

I have a Hotpoint HSS25IFMC WW side by side fridge. Everytime the ice maker makes ice, some water leaks out, and causes a huge build up of ice cascading down the back of the freezer (which freezes all the ice together in the bin). Also, water occassionally drips from the water dispenser on the front (puddle in the front tray). I have replaced the valve assembly and that did not fix the problem. Now I think it's the controller for the valve: everytime it makes ice, I can distinctly hear the

In most cases the water fill valve is faulty causing the leak.If the fill valve is faulty it will not control the flow of water and it leaks,but as per you the fill valve is replaced.But if still the same problem then get the water fill tube checked. ... Refrigerators

I cleaned my GE Momogram Ice Maker with the Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner by Nu-Calgon and then lightly sprayed the interior with a very mild water/bleach solution to reach the mildow that I couldn't reach. After I wiped off the water/bleach and/or let it dry, I restarted the Ice Maker. The machine now is not making ice. It's running - the water reservoir fills with water, the grid that cuts the ice is warm, the metal sheet that the water usually goes down to freeze is icy cold, the engine

You have a water pump problem. The pump that circulates the water while the ice is being made is not running. If it ran before the cleaning process and did not run after there is a possibility that a chunk of calcium became lodged in the pump impelle ... GE Refrigerators

Kenmore refrigerator 71203100 ice maker does not make ice. I get water from the water dispenser inside the refrigerator, but no water in the ice maker. The metal bar used to turn the ice maker on and off is intact and set to the position to make ice.

The water inlet switch on the back lower is always the problem. It has 2 solenoids, 1 for water and 1 for ice. They never go out at the same time. Follow the water line to the frige and there it is. Turn the water off repalace the part and plug the f ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have an amana model AFD253DEW refrigerator. The ice maker recently stopped working. I shut it off while on vacation. When I returned and turned it back on it has yet to make ice. water dispenser on frig works. Ice maker will make and eject ice if I poor water in unit. I can hear hum of unit trying to receive water but none is being let in. What can I check and how do I check it?

The control arm on ice maker broke off ... Amana AFD2535DES French Door Refrigerator

Ice maker isn't making the ice, but the water supply is working to make water? does not seem like the water is coming into the ice chamber it was frozen at the end of the spicet, so I took everything out of freezer and shut it off to defrost it, also using my steam cleaner. Then I'll turn back on to see if the ice machine works or not. The motor was replaced last yr. under the warranty but now it's expired, should'nt the motor still be working? it has been about 1 yr. of life of it.

Check to see whether the ice maker has been turned\012 off. Here's how to check. Look for a wire along the right side of the \012ice maker that looks a bit like a coat hanger. If this wire is in the \012raised position, the ice maker is turned ... Kenmore 53542 / 53544 Side by Side Refrigerator

My Kenmore side by side refrigerator Model 106.53232300 ice machine will not make ice. There is no water coming down the spout. The motor for the ice machine appears to be working just no water coming down the feeder tube to the ice machine.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Icemaker inop I just replaced my water filter last week on my Whirlpool Gold side by side. After a week went by I noticed that my icemaker wasn't making ice. The best I can remeber water was still coming out of the door. But I didn't turn the filter all of the way so when I noticed the icemaker not making ice I check the filter and it was loose so I turned it on and could hear the water going in and I had to drain the door water spout until I got a full stream out of it. But the ice maker is not

... Whirlpool GD2SHGX Refrigerator

Ice machine I have a Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator.  The ice machine was not hooked up until several years after the purchase of the appliance.  It will not make cubes.  It will only dispense water which freezes in the bottom of the bucket.  It did make 2 cubes(!) the first day it was hooked up but that was the end.   I have tried every size cube, to increase the temp of the freezer, to set the "ultra-ice" option, waited 24 hours (and six months) since the ice machine was hooked up.  (

... Kenmore 76283 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hoshizaki Ice Machine -Our machine is doing everything apart from making ice - the machine is filling with water, etc, time passes, the platform drops to dispense the ice into the storage box, but only water comes out...then the cycle repeats...please help !

   Dear Customer, If your ice maker troubleshooting call is for a Hoshizaki, pay close atention to the strength of the water flow during the fill cycle when it starts up.They require a strong water flow for optimum ha ... Refrigerators

GE Refrigerator, model PSS26MGPBBB, stop making ice. Water dispensor works fine. Green light on ice maker is blinking. Have tried recycling power to ice maker no change. Have check to see if obstruction in ice tray, clear. At time sounds like is is trying to make ice but do not hear water valve come on.


I've got a GE /Hot point side by side with water flow issues. We moved to new house and the ice make and water stopped working. I have pressure coming into the filter. I removed the supply line to the solenoid valve and can blow through it freely. You can hear the solenoid valve working but when I disconnect the lines to the ice make and water there is nothing coming out when I hit the water button the door. When I disconnect the supply line to the solenoid pressure releases. I also tried to se

As you may already understand the issue is the solenoid valve. And this due to the movement probably some dirt block the valve passage with is a very small hole. Or the coil- magnet has gone bad. So either you need to disassemble the solenoi ... GE Refrigerators

We bought this refrigerator last fall and the ice maker worked for the first month or so but then it quit making ice cubes. Not sure why. I checked the water line and it's not frozen or clogged. Also checked to make sure the ice bar was done. Nothing in the tray that would interfere with the ice bar. Not sure what to do next....

... Maytag MFF2258VEB: French Door Refrigerator with Dual Temperature Zones

I have a maytag model MFI2067AES refrigerator and the ice and water dispenser is working intermitently. I sometime get water or ice but now most of the time I get nothing eventhough I can hear the switch when I press the dispenser lever. I also see that the ice maker is still making ice which leads me to believe that the water inlet valve is working OK. is there a common solenoid for the water and the ice dispenser that could be the problem? Is there a way for me to troubleshoot it to find out i

... Maytag MFI2067AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

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