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Lg size by size gr-l207eq problem the compressor no turn on

\015 I replaced thermostat in compressor. the fridge run ok, but won't getting cool due to compressor wont't turn on/ start run. .on top of fridge,I found the electric board.maybe to do with it? please help\015

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Lg size by size gr-l207eq problem the compressor no turn on

... LG LSC26905TT Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator Problem I recently bought an Avanti 310SST refrigerator and I'm having a problem with it. The compressor will only come on when I have it set to 6, when I turn the temp setting down the compressor turns off. It works fine if I leave it set to 6, but then it freezes things in the refrigerator compartment. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with my refrigerator? Thanks.

Could be the temp control is not registering temps correctly. If you leave is below 6 does everything warm up? The compressor should only run when it needs to, not all the time. In other words, if you put it on 4 will the food stay cool (about 38F)? ... Avanti 310SST Compact Refrigerator

L.G.fridge/freezer GR-642 AP the control panel lights keep going out and the letter H comes on. IF I turn off the power & turn it back on the lights on control panel come on.after compressor runs & switches off maybe once or twice lights on control on freezer door go off again & show H. I have replaced the circuit board & the two pressure switches on the compressor but the problem sill remains. could you please tell me what to do to rectify this problem. Thank you

... Refrigerators

Compressor stops running and keeps cycling every few minutes. It buzzes as if the compressor is gone. the compressor is hot. If the thermostat is turned to off for 6 to 8 hours and then turned back on the compressor works fine with no buzzing noise for aprox two days and then it happens again. I thought maybe it was the relay on the compressor but it wasn't the problem. The compressor still froze after installing the new relay.

You can replace the relay with a 3 in 1 made by supco. i generally just use a supco 0410.www.supco.comit is a start relay, overload, and start capacitor all in one. works great for residential systems. ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

Good afternoon everyone, i have a coldtech fridge/freezer they run seperate compressors, my problem is with the 1/5 compressor on the fridge side. The problem is when the LCD display reaches 42 degrees the compressor fan turns on, but then i hear a click (like a relay clicking in, then out) then upon the 3 rd click the compressor starts.. for starters the coils are clean. ambient temp is 85. the unit has a dedicated 20 amp circuit, with a meter i 114.8 volts, so my question is am i drawing to mu

... Coldtech J4SRR-40B Commercial Refrigerator

I have been using Wirlpool ARC 4020/1 IX for two years. Recently the following problem started to occur at random times: it turns on normally and in a minute it starts beating. The noise, coming from the compressor, is regular and keeps that way on up to 1 hour. At that, the compressor is warming up and gets hot at the end of session, while the heat exchange grid on the back is cool. At last, its turns off and turns on in normal mode at due time. Because it happans at random, I cannot show an

It beats because the inflow valve on the compressor locks up. Since the valve is inside it, no way of fixing it. When this happens tap the compressor with something heavy, it might unfreeze the valve - but this is a temporary fix, in the end you will ... Whirlpool 17.6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator w/ Factory-Installed Icemaker

I have a problem with my refrigerator not cooling consistently. It seems like at least once a day it will start warming up but the compressor doesn't come on. When I turn the temp up control nothing happens. If I turn the temp control down then back up to normal the compressor comes on. Could this be a temperature control failure?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Compressor problem I have just (3 weeks ago) purchased a KIC supercool fridge. The compressor is making the most horrific gusseling noises. I called the supplier who said "you are not the first the report this, but there is nothing one can do they all have the same problem". Is this really the case? I have had another KIC fridge (much the same size) for the last 15 years and it doesn't make a sound?

... Refrigerators

Jenn-Aire Refrigerator Model JCD2389GEW Last spring, it would not defrost and of course the refrigerator was warm. I replaced the Adaptive Defrost Control (ADC)and that solved the problem. This week, the defrost problem returned. I defrosted the freezer with a hair dryer and reassembled and turned the freezer and slid the freezer and refrigerator controls back to the middle. The compressor did not turn back on. (It was working before I defrosted.)I pulled the ADC to check for trouble cod

Hi Tom, I am Kelly. \015\012\015\012 If the 60 Deg thermostat or wiring has failed it will never come out of defrost. The thermostat is what tells the ADC that the defrost cycle is complete. When the thermostat never closes.... the circ ... Jenn-Air JCB2280HES Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrig. Problem Wilrpool Mod.GS5SHGXLS01 Light & fan works but no the compressor. I belive its a faulty defrost timer control (Mech) and I turned manually but just turn on and off the fan and I hear its a click in the compressor (I noticed the comp. it's a warm) thanks . Hermann

Have you checked the start relay ? ... Whirlpool GC5SHEXNS Side by Side Refrigerator

Have an N'FINITY wine refrigerator. Just has a problem wtih it cooling and then warming up. Repair person came said it the start capacitor and fixed it. It now holds the temp, but the the compressor buzzes on and off every few seconds for about 5 minutes before the compressor turns on. Told that the compressor is damaged and needs to be replaced and told its $600. Fridge was only $700. Does this sound correct, and is there a way I can buy a compressor cheaper? Told its a standard 1/8 HP u

... Refrigerators

Have some problem with Frigidaire FRS26ZGG, when turned on compressor start correctly and after 15 min shut off everything even both fans, exept lights inside, turned off for few hours and turned on again, start correctrnafter 15- 20 min shut off and not started. Checked start relay and capacitor. Turn on again, but after 15min shut off again automatically

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

This is a Danby refrigerator model D1707W. It stopped working last night. I turned the thermostat inside the fridge from 5 to 6 and kicked the compressor a couple of times. It stared to work. Today the same problem. It was not cooling and compressor was not working either. I set the thermostat to Max (7); still did not work. I took the thermostat out and shorted the red and black wires connected to it. Compressor started to work and still working. I thought I was dealing with a faulty and needed

Fault is the thermostat. auto defrost on a fridge (but not a freezer) is a function of the thermostat ... Danby Refrigerators

I have a GE Profile PSS26SGPASS that stopped cooling on both refridgerator and freezer. The compressor was not coming on. I hit the turbo cool and the compressor came on and both sides are cooling down but while in turbo mode getting error message on refridgerator side. Turned off turbo and compressor keeps running and unit seems to be working again. What is the most likely problem?

... Refrigerators

Electrolux icon e42bs75eps. runs perfectly for about 18 hours, then stops running. compressor will not turn on after that time. If I press the on/off switch, it will re-cycle, compressor will run for 18 hours, then the same thing occurs. I have replaced the printed circuit board, still have the same problem. The compressor is fairly warm when the unit is running, my guess approximately 120 degrees farenheit. The unit cools, make 4 batches of ice, and works as designed, until it stops...then

Is the compressor fan running the whole time? are the door seals hot at all?oh wait a minute you said after 18 hours the compressor shuts off goes into its normal defrost mode around this time which shuts the compressor off and then the interior he ... Electrolux Icon 42'' Professional Built-In Refrigerator Free Delivery

Freezer problem I have Amana Model SQD23VW 25.5 cu ft side by side. Fridge and freezerstops cooling but the fan and compressor still runs so I have to shutthe freezer and fridge controls off and wait for a while to turn themback on for it to start cooling again, and the longer you leave thecontrols off before turning them back on the longer it cools when youdo turn it back on again, and the water in the door does not workeither. The ice dispenser does not work either unless you leave itturned of

Have you checked the Heater element for the defrost to see if it's good? It sounds like the coils inside your freezer are freezing over into a solid block of ice which in turn will cause it to stop cooling.....efficiently. When you leave the unit u ... Amana 22.6 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with FrontFill Ice and Water

Sr70f g4 refrig. 12v 240v. When turned on runs but does not cool, compressor keeps on running.keep turning off and on over a few days while travelling but to no avail. Then turned on today and it works perfectly. This problem has happened a number of times over th last year. Same senario.

Check to make sure the fan in the back is runing sometimes things fall off the back and stop the fan from running ie plastic bags ... Engel Refrigerators

HI: We have a 6-7 yr old TRUE single door, stainless steel fridge. We noticed yesterday ..that at "4" on the temp dial, the fridge is freezing milk in glass gallon jars. We backed the temp down to "2" and the problem persisted. I also noticed that the fan continues to run, although we ahve turned the temp dial to "0". The compressor does kick off when we turn the temp dial to "0", but the fan will not turn off...it runs constantly. Could we be in need of a temp control or fan switch? We are in N

... True Food VWR Storage Refrigerators with Stainless Steel Doors, 1 to 4°C T72NCVWR w/ FREE UPS

Have a LEC RT341AC retro style fridge freezer. Have just defrosted by turning off power to unit and leaving for 6 hours (doors open). Turned power back on and Freezer is working fine but fridge is not working at all. Both fridge and freezer were working fine prior to the defrost.The unit has a single compressor operating for both fridge and freezer. Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be?

... Refrigerators

Still are having a problem with our Kitchenaid built-in 48 inch Model #KSSC48MHS00. Had the defrost timer replaced by a licensed tech. Back freezer wall still ices/frosts up. If we turn off the power and let it defrost for a few hours, then turn it back on, the freezer goes to about 10º and the fridge gets pretty cold also, but not for long. It lasts for a few days, but begins to frost/warm up in the freezer, and warm up in the fridge again. The compressor on top never produces any warmth as

It seems that the problem is with defrost heater.\015\012Probably the defrost timer was not broken at all. So despite that the defrost timer switch on the defrost heater on if it is damage then it will not heat up to melt the ice.\015\012 ... Refrigerators

While my model 632 cools fine, it does make a low frequency surging sound. This sound resonates throughout the house and is quite noticeable in some rooms while not heard at all in others. One time the compressor made a loud roaring sound...I turned it off and then back on the next day. The loud noise was gone, but the surging sound remained. Is this a mechanical problem or a coolant level problem?

This is not a problem with the unit but the unit AND your floor,the resonance is amplified by your flooring and can be reduced by putting sound deadening pads under the feet.foam/felt work best.\012Did you load up the unit prior to the loud roa ... Sub-Zero 632 / S

By googchang on Jul 09, 2010 " " It stopped working a few days ago. When I turn it on it has no sound. The compressor is obviously not working. It makes clicking sound a couple of times but never starts running. For a while, the compressor will warm up indicating that the circuit is fine. Where do you think the problem is? Thanks. I have the exact same issue.

The compressor is trying to start....sorry sounds like it needs a new one....can be a expensive excise in some models. ... Haier HSB03 Compact Refrigerator

This is a old problem with maytag refrigerator, coil icing over I have changed the t'stat heating element assy,coil still ice over All fans are working, i removed adaptive defrost board and found it to be burnted by some resistors and I replaced with the substitute board (#61005899) but whe i turn on my temperature control nothing happens compressor will not start, so I install old burnt board and compressor starts it just wont activate the defrost cycle but ill do it if i jump it out by jumpi

Looks like the adaptive defrost board is a problem. The question is whether you had the correct replacement part. Best to confirm if the part shown ... Refrigerators

When it turns on, it makes a rapid, loud clicking sound for up to about 5 seconds (sometimes just one). Seems related to the compressor activating since the compressor sometimes does not go on, no click, and no cooling, so the fans just keeps running. Then I have to unplug so fan stops and let it sit for many hours, sometimes 24, then replug and the clicking starts and it cools again. What's the problem?

... Breezaire WKE 6000 Wine Cooler

Repair My temp readings on the front of my fridge read -18 and +3 but the temps inside both are not what it says, If I switch the fridge on and off the compressor kicks in and the true readings come up, once the temps come back down to -18 and +3 the fridge and freezer starts to become warm again but the temps for both stay the same -18 and +3. I have the same problem and I keep turning it off and on now I'm worried something else happens to the fridge.Could you help me solve the problem or get

Seems like its not defrosting in the fridge. remove rear panel and look for ice around the thermister. ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

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