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There is a huge scratch on my lg lsc26905tt and want to replace the refrigerator side door. I just want the door, don't need the handle or anything else. Where can I get this? Or, is there a wa

\015 Big scratch on refrigerator side door. Would like to repair or replace. Do not know where to get one.\015

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There is a huge scratch on my lg lsc26905tt and want to replace the refrigerator side door. I just want the door, don't need the handle or anything else. Where can I get this? Or, is there a wa

... LG LSC26905TT Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, I have a BEKO TLDA662 Tall Larder Fridge and trying to get the drain tray out of back at bottom of fridge as it has starting smelling & want to clean. Instructions say "push lug down with tip of screwdriver & pull out firmly" There does not appear to be anything I would call a "lug" ?, where the tray is fixed to the compressor & gives the impression it will slide out with a good pull, but I have reached that point where worried it will snap, I feel need to "release" something. Wo

... Beko TLDA662

Need to replace the fan motor on a Samsung RS2530BWP/XAA. Its the fan that blows on the compressor and also sucks air thru the coils. How does the fan shroud attatch to the evaporator pan, I dont want to break anything. Please help. dan

... Samsung Refrigerators

I have this refrigerator and the fan on the bottom is not working and the middle of the refrigerator is hot. Is this something I can repair or do I need to get a repairman. It is a samsung side by side model RS2630SH. It is only a couple of years old. I already checked the fan and I dont see any rodents or anything stuck in it.

More often than not, with the samsung id say get a repair man, heres the reason\015\012 with these units everything is low voltage, so trying to take a reading somewhere is sketchy at best, plus ive replaced those fans only to find out it was ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool gold 24.5 CF with long handles. Can see handles need to be taken off and attachment screws under handle need to be tightened. How do you get handles off? Tried lifting up...

These unit have a trim piece that has to removed first before you can get to the screws that hold the handle to the door.try to "slide" the upper and lower trim away from the handle, that will give you the access to the mounting screws. its not ... Whirlpool 21.8 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with EZ-Change Ice and Water Filter

I am inquiring about a Northland wine cabinet model CWC075B The cabinet section was damaged in shipping but is repairable, I need to replace a piece of trim and need a new handle. The door was dented were the handle is fitted but the insulated glass and frame are perfect. The side panel has 2 minor dents but they are not visible after the unit is installed or the optional side panel are added. Where can I get these needed parts and how much would it cost for the parts? Also, is replacing the abo

Http://www.appliancepartspros.com/ can help you with most issues and are reasonably priced ... Refrigerators

Moved frig a week ago and let it stand upright for 5 full days before i plugged it in... it wont cool now and dont know how long i need to run to tryn to cool, dont want to burn up comperssor??? And if oil didnt drain back into lines what do i need to do??

If for some reason the oil didnt drain into the lines then theres nothing you can do. Once the oil mixes with freon theres no turning back. You can remove the back panel and look at your frost pattern on the coils. If you have an even frost pattern a ... Frigidaire FRT21P5A Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool fridge /freezer model ED2FHK, & I need to remove either the doors or the door handles to get it out of my kitchen. How do the handles come off, or how do you get the plastic caps off the hinges on the top of the unit

... Whirlpool Centralpark 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Steel

How do I get the motor in the ice dispenser out to check it? Does it come out from the inside of the door (under the ice container) or do I need to get the dispenser panel out of the front of the door. I removed the four screws but it doesn't want to come out and I don't want to break it (it is plastic)

If you open the door, where the dispenser motor is, underneath, there is a panel with two screws in it. Take those out,and then remove the four screws holding the motor in. ... Kenmore 25.1 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Rotating Dispenser System

I have an Coldmate MR-128 Mini Cooler/Warmer Deluxe Mini Refrigerator. i dont have any power cords for it. i do know know where to find the cords to plug it in. the only place where a cord could go on the back of the mini fridge says DC 12 V and it has two metals things sticking out. i am guessing i need a cord with tho woles on one side, and the other side to go into the outlet. i need to get it working ASAP. Where can i get such cord, please!!!!!!!

... ThermoKool MR-128 Compact Refrigerator

I have a Magnasonic water cooler, hot and cold and the plastic handles need replaced How do I get them?

... Refrigerators

Loose handle can the handles be removed in step 2 of your solution on a side by side loose handle with no set screws? I do no want to have to take the inside door panel out. please help handle getting more loose daily. thank you jeff

Hi Thanks For The Question There Should Be An End Cap Which Can BE Removed And Tighten Screw .THanks The Appliance Doc ... Maytag MSD2656G Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, I have got a GE refregirator, Model # LW18JZARW-2 and Serial # LD308347V. Bottom screw of handle was looseand as a result the handle broke. I need a new or used handle. When I entered model number for search but this model is not available anywhere. I was wondering why. Can you please guide me as to why this model number is not found and from where can I get another handle? Thanks, Qasim

Find a local used appliance store. they will be able to match the handle for you. call first they fix an repair, appliances , plus they save all parts good luck ... GE Refrigerators

I want to switch the side that the door opens on my refrigerator. Everything looks simple enough except where the handle meets the door. My assumption is that once I unscrew the top portion of the handle I need to slide out, pull up, the plastic part of the handle until this screw is exposed. Is my assumption correct? If it is correct what do I use to pull the plastic part of the handle in order to expose the screw? A pair of pliers? How do I use the pliers without damaging or breakin

This is generic because you did not include the make and model number. Had you provided that info we most likely could have provided you with the installation instructions that would show you exactly what to do. \015\012\015\012Having s ... Refrigerators

Need to remove door handles in order to get it through the door.

You have to remove the screws under the magnetic door seal . The inner side of the door seal will \015\012lift up enough so that you can get to the screws.the screws hold the door seal and the inner plastic liner in place.When you have removed ... Frigidaire FRS23R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a new door to replace the right side one on this refrigerator but for the life of me I can't get the door handle off the old one. New one didn't come w/ the handles/hinges, etc, obviously. The owners manual says to just lift on the handle but that doesn't work...at all. There are no obvious screws or anything to release this handle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Are you sure...To move refrigerator through a house door, it may be necessary to remove the refrigerator door handles.NOTE: Handle appearance may vary from illustrations on this page. ... Refrigerators

I need to remove and change to the other side the GE GDL20KCSABS refrigerator door handle. The manual is unclear and there is no screw visible at all and trying to slide the handle up off the mounting is not working. I don't want to break the handle or the door.

The handle does slide up off of the handle bracket where a screw will be visible . Remove the screws and on the other side of the door , remove the faceplate for the top screw and the plug for the bottom screw . These should pop back in the screw hol ... Refrigerators

Refrig works when it wants to seems like compressor is working but runs for a little bit gets freezer dn to 10-15 degrees and then it will get up to 30 degrees if i turn that fridge control dial all the way down and then all the way back up the copressor usually kicks on not sure how long it runs thats when it usually gets down to 10-15 degrees but won't kick back on . the refridg is in my garage not sure if that has anything to do with the problem

Sure mght be the issue , newer refig's (energy efficiant models, may not run properly in ambient temps lower the 60 degrees, if it thinks its cold enough why bother runnig at all. non heated garages this time of year do this quite frequently! ... Kenmore 57029 Side by Side Refrigerator

The door handle is loose and i cannot tight the screws i dont want to call a repair man why would they make it difficult to tight the door handle .it cannot be difficult something to make a dollar this is ridoulous

I have a crosley refrigerator model ct15y5w that needs a new freezer temperature control dial. what needs to be removed to get to the damper screw ... Crosley CRFF16 15.9 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free Refrigerator with Recessed Coils in Stainless Steel

Fridge not getting cold but sounds like it kicks on thoe.as for the freezer its ice cold dont make sense to me can somebody help me pls my food I just bought is getting spoiled.help needed pls!

Ur freezer was choke,so call tecnician he do the gas charging ... Refrigerators

I have model 59592990 side by side fridge. I need to replace the spout that dispenses water. I don't want to get the complete tubing I just want the dispenser. How can I do this?

... Kenmore 44103 Side by Side Refrigerator

Magic chef mcbr1010w, fridge not getting cold. freezer is not defrosting ice blocking hole down to fridge. love the fridge dont want to get rid of it. but im having to defrost freezer by hand every week,....help please

Do a total, 24hour,defrost,with the doors open,(loads of towels)this should melt all the ice you cant see/get at.DO NOT use hairdryers/scrappers as they only do the surface ice.Wash out/spray all vents/drains with clorine bleach.(clorine is a gas and ... Refrigerators

Kenmore I have a kenmore side by side with the convienience door and it is digital system on front, problem is the freezer quite freezing and the other side is not getting cold enough to keep anything cold this refrigerator is at least seven years old , I need help quick, and do not know what to do or how to keep from paying for things I do not need ,HELP!!!

Problem has been almost certainly caused by freezer door not being completley closed allowing warm humid air into freezer, (do not say this could not happen because it often does), sollution, turn off defrost overnight, turn on following day, within ... Kenmore 52632 / 52634 / 52639 Side by Side Refrigerator

The fidge/freezer is switching on but is not getting cold. It is a new fridge that was replaced but never collected from me so now I would like to get it repaired. I am told that the fridge needs gas or a gas container, what I would like to know is how much would it cost to refill/replace container and also could it be anything esle that is stopping this from operating?

Well if it needs refrigerant gas it indicates a leak. 2nd is the freezer fan running?? 3rd your problems leading me to say to check if compressor turns on does it hum?? if so you have defective/ relay overload. ... Refrigerators

Door Handle My fridge freezer's door handle on the fridge side is breaking and needs replacing. I have no idea who to contact to get a replacement and fix. Fridge is now out of warranty.

If you enter the make and model no. then people may be able to direct you to a suitable website. Alternatively enter your make of cabinet and add freezer spares and Google search it. Hope this is of some help. ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

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